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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A).

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:42am | IP Logged




The writer smiles at the viewer then look up.

Reads what is written up.

Third thread? Haila!!!!


She looks at the viewers and grin.


The writer gets up and start to dance around while shouting at the top of her voice, "Main Behosh Nahi Huyi! Main Behosh Nahi Huyi!" After jumping around like a monkey for few minutes, the writer calms down and sits back on her seat.


Hey Friends, How are you?

DFL was started on 16th April, 2012. And today, on 16th August, 2013 it completes 16 months and hence I have decided to start this thread today as a celebration.


Before the writer could say anything more, someone taps her shoulder. She turns around to see a teary eyed Khushi and crying Geet. The writer is surprised. Khushi speaks up, "Yeh kya kiya aapne, Writerji? Humaare naseeb mein Arnavji se juda hona likh diya! Yeh kyun kar rahi hai aap, Writerji? Kyun? Humaara dil todke kya mila aapko? Aur humne jo Arnavji se vaada kiya ki hum kabhi unke dukhi nahi hone denge, uska kya, Writerji? Bataayiye!"


Geet decides to share her woes too, "Kyun Writerji? Kya aap hum sabko khush nahi dekh sakti? Aapne mujhe Maan se alag kyun kiya? Kya bigaada tha mere Maan ne aapka? Aur maine bhi toh vaada kiya tha kabhi unko chodkar nahi jaaungi, is vaade ka kya, Writerji? Bataayiye!! Jawaab dijiye!"


Both the girls continue to sob and the writer is almost sad when a thought occurs to her. This is my story and I can write it the way I want, right!!


The writer rolls her eyes and tries to justify herself, "Dekho Khushi! Main jo bhi kar rahi hoon, soch samajh kar kar rahi hoon!" Khushi and Geet look at the Writer curiously. "Ab tumhaare Arnavji ko hi le lo, kitna arrogant hai aur tumpar kitna raub jamaata hain, uske is ghamand ko main thoda kam karna chaahti hoon! Par uske liye tum dono ka alag hona jaroori hai!" Khushi remembers how Arnav had harassed her on many Sundays and becomes happy at the thought harassing Arnav too. But she frowns as she remembers Geet, "Par Geet ko kyun yeh sazaa? Usne kya kiya hai?" The writer huffs, "Arre! Pagli! Geet ko Maan se pyaar kyun hua? Kyunki woh Maan ko apna fianc samajh baithi thi! Is pyaar mein uski apni koi choice nahi thi! Main Geet ko pyaar mein girne ka choice dena chaahti hoon! Is liye Maan aur Geet ko bhi alag hona padega!" Geet frowns but Khushi grins, "Hum samajh gaye! Jaise shaadi ke baad pyaar hone mein, patni ko aur koi choice nahi hota sivaay apne pati se pyaar karne ke! Aur jaise shaadi ke pehle waale pyaar mein, ladkiyon ko pyaar mein padne ke liye kitne saare ladkon ka option hota hai! Right!! Yahi aap kehna chaahti hain, haina!" The writer nods but Geet is confused (and the readers too), "Matlab?" Khuhsi rolls her eyes, "Matlab watlab kuch nayi! Tum bas yeh yaad rakho that in the end tum aur Maan saath honge!" Geet grins happily at that thought. Both the girls thank the writer and walk away.


The Writer turns back to her thread when her door is banged open. She whirls around in her seat to look at the entrance and her eyes widen in shock!


There in the doorway stand Maan Singh Khurana and Arnav Singh Raizada in full fledged angry avatar. Maan glares at the writer and the writer shrinks away. Arnav hisses through his teeth, "Toh tum ho woh jo mujhe aur Khushi ko alag karna chaahti hai?" Maan roars, "Tumne yeh socha bhi kaise ki Geet aur main alag honge?" The Writer gulps. Both the angry young men march into the room and tower over the writer intimidating her. The Writer starts hyperventilating and soon faints away in fear. Arnav raises an eyebrow while Maan frowns. Suddenly, both men are grabbed from behind and turned around. Right in front of them stood Geet and Khushi glaring at them. "Yeh kya kiya aapne?", Khushi questions. Geet narrows her eyes, "Writer ko behosh kar diya?" Maan shrugs, "Par yeh humein alag kar rahi thi!" Khushi slaps her forehead, "Hey Devi Maiyya! Humne Writerji se baat karli thi aur unhonein humein sab kuch samjha bhi diya lekin aap!" Geet continues, "Lekin aapne Writerji ko itna daraaya ki woh behosh hogayi!! Aap dono ko toh sazaa milni chaahiye!" Khushi nods, "Aur sazaa humne soch liya hai! Aapne writerji ko behosh kiya na, ab aap hi is thread ka intro kijiye!" "What the!", Arnav shouts. "Kya?", Maan roars. Geet rolls her eyes, "Haan! Ab yeh kaam aapko karna hai, Chal Khushi!" Both the girls march away angrily while Maan and Arnav stand stupefied.


 After few minutes, Maan and Arnav look at each other and shrug miserably. They sigh and look at the viewers.

(Arnav fans start drooling while Maan fans swoon)

Maan growls: Main Maan aur yeh Arnav

Arnav smiles sarcastically: And we welcome you to the third thread of DFL!

Maan continues: Agar scenes achche lage toh taarif kijiye!

Arnav speaks up: Aur bure lage toh chappal phekiye!

In Unison the men turn and glare at the writer who is awake by now and smiling sheepishly. The men march away and the Writer notices the viewers.


Hey Bhagwan! Main phir behosh hogayi? Hey Babaji! Hey Devi Maiyya! Agli baar nayi thread ki naubat aayi toh please mujhe behosh mat karna!


Writer slaps her forehead, takes a deep breath and then smiles widely at the readers.


Hello people! My name is Kalpana and I am the Writer of Destiny, Fate and Love.

I am really thankful to all my readers for making my story reach third thread.

Thank you guys for your continuous support. I really love your reviews and appreciate the few moments you spend on not only reading my work but also pressing 'likes' and commenting on it. Thank you, guys! And thank you IF for making a fanfiction forum!






Next post has the index where you will find the link to the last thread, new chapters and hopefully next thread too.


The third post has the wish list. Please check it out!






P.S. If you like this story, then check out the rest of my creations at

Entertainment Galore!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Dear new and old friends,

For those who don't know this is a special post called wish list!

Any scene my readers wish to see all you have to do is mention it through your review or mail and I will try my best to fulfil it. This post will contain a list of all your wishes!

I will also note who has requested it and when it was requested.

Once it is fulfilled, I will note it as fulfilled.


I have taken the note of all the wishes made by you guys until now in the first thread and half of second thread and have it posted it below! I will post the remaining wishes soon!


Now I cannot guarantee that I will put each and every one of your request in the story but one thing I can promise and that is that if I cannot add it into the story then I will write it as one shot dedicated to the person who requested it.

Thank you for your constant support. Love you guys for it!

Thank you!




1. Chhavi16 : Page 25 : Wanted to see romantic scenes if not from main leads then from supporting characters

 Fulfilled in Chapter 19 Thread I Page 29


2. Chhavi16 : Page 39 : Geet should meet Khushi

Fulfilled in Chapter 35 Thread I Page 89


3. Spvd : Page 40 : Wanted Popcorn to be included

Fulfilled after Chapter 23 Thread I Page 41


4. Chhavi16: Page 42 : Wanted the boys to fall first in love

Fulfilled in Thread I Chapter 28 Page 58 and Chapter 30 Page 68


5. Chhavi16: Page 45 : Wants to see jealous Maan and Arnav

Unfulfilled : Will be fulfilled after the big twist


6. Spvd : Page 47 : Wants Arnav Buaji Comic scenes

Fulfilled in Thread II Chapter 53 (A) Page 121


7. FragileAngel : Through Mail : Separate Posts for Maaneet and Arhi once!

Fulfilled in Chapter 25 (A) & (B) Thread I Page 47 and 50


8. Spvd : Page 65 : Exclusive Post just for Maaneet (the way ch. 28 was dedicated to Arhi)

Fulfilled in Chapter 30 Thread I Page 68


9. Spvd : Page 65 : Icecream scene for Maaneet

Fulfilled in Chapter 37 Thread I Page 100


10. Suhaaana : Page 67 : Exclusive Post just for Maaneet (Check Wish No. 8 for details)

Fulfilled in Chapter 30 Thread I Page 68


11. Spvd : Page 69 : Deepu wanted to kiss Dadi's and Maan's cheeks

Fulfilled after Chapter 31 Thread I Page 72


12. Chhavi16 : Page 73 : Wanted the girls to fall in love slowly

Fulfilled (Atleast I think it was slow enough! Not sure about her though)


13. Spvd : Page 78 : Wanted Khushi to tell Arnav she thinks Chote is a 11 yr old kid.

Fulfilled in Thread II Chapter 54 (A) Page 135


14. Chhavi16 : Page 90 : Wanted to see all four leads in the rain.

Unfulfilled : Cannot put it in the story. Will write it as a one shot later.


15. Spvd : Page 96 : Wanted to see Geet in office bringing lunch for Maan

Unfulfilled : If I did this, there will be lot of plotholes. Will write it as a one shot later.


16. Spvd : Page 96 : Wanted to see a tie scene between Maaneet

Fulfilled in Chapter 43 Thread II Page 8


17. Spvd : Page 96 : Deepu wanted to kiss Arhi

Unfulfilled : Small scene 3 coming up soon!


18. Arshi_1982 : Page 97 : Wanted a scene where Geet is bold and Maan blushes

Unfulfilled : Not sure where to put the scene!


19. Arshi_1982 : Page 97 : Wanted to see a retro party at KC with Geet and Khushi dressed in modern style

Unfulfilled : Not sure where to put the scene!


20. Arshi_1982 : Page 97 : Wanted to see Khushi and Arnav dhaaba scene with Deewana tera' in the background

Unfulfilled : The song does not fit the story. Will write it as a one shot later!


21. Maaneet099 : Page 102 : Want to see Anjali and Maan Scene

Fulfilled in Thread II Chapter 44 Page 17 & Chapter 53 (B) Page 127


22. Spvd : Page 102 : Want to see Geet / Soni in KC

Fulfilled in Thread III Chapter 57 Page 58


23. Arshi_1982 : Page 112 : Wanted dance sequences in engagement

Fulfilled in Thread II Chapter 54 (A) Page 135 & Chapter 54 (B) Page 144


24. Chhavi16 : Page 144 : Wants guys to confess first.

Fulfilled (I Hope so)





1. Maria_awan : Page 2 : Wants Arhi & Maaneet Confession soon!

Unfulfilled : Confession took a lot of time!


2. Maria_awan : Page 2 : Romance on any song of Salman Khan

Unfulfilled : Will try to fulfil it!


3. Chavvi16 : Page 3 : Boys will be the one to say I love you first.

Fulfilled in Chapter  48 (A) Thread II Page 51 for Maan and Chapter 54 (B) Thread II Page 144 for Arnav 


4. Fffan123 : Page 3 : Night Time Romantic scene with old songs

Unfulfilled : Will fulfil it as a one shot later!


5. The Dark Knight : Page 5 : Want a jealousy scene of Maan!

Unfulfilled : Will be fulfilled after the big twist!


6. Flowers4u : Page 5 : Double date of two jodis!

Unfulfilled : Will write as a one shot later!


7. Sonarajasingh : Page 5 : A jealous Khushi!

Fulfilled in Thread II Chapter 54 (B) Page 144


8. Spvd : Page 12 : Arnav gets a chance to get jealous!

Unfulfilled : Will be fulfilled after the twist!


9. Spvd : Page 12 : Wants Maan to propose in proper style

Fulfilled in Thread II Chapter 48 (A) Page 51


10. Spvd : Page 12 : The Raizadas should get to know Arnav's job as driver

Unfulfilled : Will write as a one shot later!


11. Mina420 : Page 20 : Wants Geet to get hold of Maan's baby photos!

Fulfilled in Thread II Chapter 45 Page 25


12. Mina420 : Page 20 : Wants Khushi to see Arnav's baby photos!

Unfulfilled : Thinking of a way to fulfil it!


13. Spvd : Page 29 : Wants to see Geet seeing Maan's dusht daanav avatar at Office

Fulfilled in Thread III Chapter 57 Page 58


14. Spvd : Page 49 : Want Arhi romance with phone interruption (like during Payash First date!)

Unfulfilled : Will write a one shot later!


15. Spvd : Page 88 : Want someone to record Arnav's antics with Khushi during their romance time before the big twist and show it to Raizadas.

Unfulfilled : Will write it as a one shot later!


16. Spvd : Page 88 : Want Thoda Sa Pyaar Hua Hai & Tu Jahaan Main Wahaan picturised on Maaneet.

Unfulfilled : Will be fulfilled soon!


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shiv456 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:15am | IP Logged
nice plz update soon

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teja21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:24am | IP Logged
congrats fr d new thread dear

thanx fr d pm

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fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Congrats on new thread dear.

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
congrats on new thread
kya aap phir behosh hiyi
but then thats all those heroes fault
ja dekho tab kuch naa kuch karte rehet hain dono
good you made them understand why the separation
and wishes i have none left as you fulfill them without even asking
and am sure this one will be rocking too
so 16 months huh that sure is something
cool cant wait for more
cheers for pm

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 12:00pm | IP Logged


 beautiful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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