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~Fawad-Sanaya FF~Love will find It's Way!!

-Marie- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 9:08am | IP Logged

 Hi few of you know me..I am Marie..I hope you guys are enjoying a good life..

On I-F if any actress is popular n known in true meanings is Sanaya irani who get her real fame as khushi from Iss Pyaar ko kiya naam doon.. while on Pakistan serial forum and various others specially pakistani or who watched pakistani content know Fawad Afzal Khan who also got his real fame as Ashar in Humsafar.Co-incidentally these two serials aired in respective countries during same period almost and got fame not only in their own countries but also across the border n almost in whole world.. And more interestingly both serials had main story of male lead doubting their love interest .I m not comparing both shows as both show's fans are known as most craziest ones who are much impatient and certainly know they n their celebrities created history no doubt n it would be always known as best period in respective industries n would be given as example for long time .. well i m one of them from both fandoms n i would proudly say i enjoyed both serials a lot.. this speech may gets longer so keep it short..Many fans of both serials mainly fantasise Fawad and Sanaya together sharing screen and no doubt it is their dream doubt both are flawlessly blessed with inner and outer beauty n their fans would agree with me.. So here Afreen Api [rainbowcolours] suggested me to write on these two as it is like rare dream coming true if we see both artist working across border together as both never showed interest in respective industry or might creative need guts to rope both of them in a show :) so wishing that we could see two flawless and professionals sharing screen someday ..i m here with a fan fiction which me n afreen api thought to write on Fawad and Sanaya.. If i offend any fan of respective fandoms then my apologies kindly let us enjoy this fantasy Thank You !! I hope you would like the concept and enjoy the story .. looking forward for positive feedback..criticism and suggestions are all welcome.. !! Thank you for the siggy maker who had made some stuff on them n made us realize how these two can set fire on stage by mere their presence together :) here sigy work is done by me n i m seriously a really lazy person n careless so whatever they are kindly ignore if you don't like them :P however i m in love with these two flawless Celebrities :P

Concept credit goes to Afreen Api and it is our combine work !!

                                Love will finds it's way !!
                                   A Fawad-Sanaya Fan Fiction!!

Fawad Khan as Arhem:

Arhem is a businessman own his own company Arhem Designers ..which is a boutique presents Asian traditional dresses in Toronto,Canada..He is a divorce since last four years ago.. He is a father of a seven years old daughter Imaan who is dearly loved n cared by his dad..Since after divorce his life had changed a much..a guy who was living an ideal life get betrayed and bitter realities snatch away his happiness .. the only reason of his living and smiling is his daughter..He is extremely honest , humble , reserved kinda person...a true gentleman...he is not short temper but he doesn't allow anyone to enter in his life any more...a complete professional businessman at office..while a complete jolly chilled person at home...who is still trying to accept the realities..and may be he thinks with his daughter his life is complete..but his heart somewhere craves for love and care...his life is just reserved from office to home n home to office..his daughter is studying in fourth was someday his passion but now he just distanced himself from every single thing that reminds him of past..

Dakota as Imaan [Daughter of Arhem]:

Imaan like anyother daughter consider her dad as an ideal one..loves him ..cares for him..and adores for him..since not having an ideal childhood without mother she is attached to his father who is a mother to him too..she miss the presence of her mother..but as never met so just happy to be with her dad at least..currently studying in fourth class..she has interests in her make overs clothes and all that stuff..

Sanaya Irani as Jhanvi:

Jhanvi is a single mother of Amman who is now seven years old...She is a  fashion designer n living in suburb..she is crazy about such stuff that related to this field..She is doing job in a small company there who's boss is hell bent on taking benefit for her but she still is going there for sake of her child..She is fed up of her job but is unable to decide..looking for a good job anywhere else..she is a mature girl who knows her responsibility ..she is a really easy going chilled person..she let go things n move on..considering life is just too small for complaining..her life revolves around amman and is quite satisfied with life..but still like a young girl she loves to dream about a perfect charming day to rescue her from every worry n make her life a heavenly beautiful..fantasy doesn't harm for sensible person..she is selfless,honest,soft hearted n a really chirping personality..with a class..she is an ideal perfect woman..her parents are dead..n she lives all by herself with Amman.

Aman as Jhanvi's son:[I used Real life Fawad Khan's son in siggy i apologise if someone feel it offended..]
An extremely adorable n obedient child of his mother..loves n care about his mother...for him his father is an unknown whom he never met..and as with passing age he certainly doesn't wish as very happy with his mother..who is ready to share anything with him...and is currently studying in fourth guys stuff games are all his interests...



A single mother n a divorcee father come across each other...n filled emptiness not in each other lives...but also in their far destiny help them to be together ? would they fall for each other n confess ? or the life will continue betraying them n testing their selflessness and patience... !!


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-Marie- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 9:08am | IP Logged

Part One- Page one 

                                                            PM list 

Kindly press like button if you wish to get pm for this FF <3

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-Marie- IF-Sizzlerz

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Part One
A girl dressed in a yellow kurta and blue jeans along her medium length hairs walked in small buliding..She seemed in hurry..she was arranging her stuff...when hit a guy n all her stuff laid down on floor..while the two persons held their heads in pain..
Both cried..
"I am extremely Soory"
The Sweet girl spoke quickly as she get his senses back and looked above saw her collegue their grining..
"It's quite okay Miss.Jhanvi and it was my mistake..You got late today too ?"
Both smiled at each other as helped to gather the stuff from floor..
"Anything new in this Mr.Khan..I m just so much pissed off right now at my son's bus driver..he is always late to pick aman.."
She frowned while mentioning about they got up...
"Oh Poor You! Well Boss already called for you many times.."
He looked at her with a small grin..which she return with an upset face..
"What? Jesus Save me from him now !"
They exchanged their stuff..
"Good luck..I m sure you will handle him..because in this office it is only you who is still not on his done list."
"You guys are so mean..catch you later in lunch break"
They started to move in opposite direction..when her college informed her..
"Sure ..remember it is birthday of Lisa too.."
"Yah i remember just let me free from my so called boss then i would come n wish her.."
She get in her cabin..placing her stuff..she get the required stuff..take a deep breath..n prayed to her God..n walked towards her boss room.
"Imman baby get up sweety..i m getting late from office.."
A guy dressed in his bussiness suite,full sleves white shirt and grey pants, was tying tie around his neck...turned to look at his daughter who was still lying on their bed which was a mess..
"Let me sleep daddy you daily says it.."
She mumbled while placing pillow on her face once again...He sighed and as done with tie..he moved to her ..n removed pillow
"My Darling daughter please i have a metting..and you are getting late for your school too.."
"Daddy i don't want to go school today.."
She make a face as looked at his dad who were creasing her hairs lovingly..
"Aw Why My baby doesn't want to go ?"
He took her in his arms..n lovingly embrace in hug..
"Can i go with you today please? I don't want to go school it is boring.."
She stated while getting settled on his lap looking at him for an approval..
"And what about your studies ? Weekened is coming you can come to my office with me.."
He tried to make her get agree to go schooll
"No i wana come today..and you would make me study na please i would get notes from my friends please today let me come to your office.."
Like a princess she insisted..and her dad couldn't help without smiling...n nodded in yes..
"Okay okay fine. you can...first go n get ready..i will wait for you downstairs for breakfast.."
"I love you dady you are the best.."
She hugged n kissed his cheek..n he smiled in return as kissed her forehead
"I love you too baby.."
He stares smlingly at her as saw her leaving to get ready.He breathed deeply with small smile thiking now his daughter gonna make him wait till she finds herself perfect in mirror..
I m sick of this daily encounter.. This man would be killed by me someday.. I just can't take this job any more.. i have to find new job soon enough..or this man would make my life more is eight pm dam...he makes me work like an idiot for so long..just to drop me at home himself..crap..! i feel so disgusting i m letting him to lure of me ..Ugh!! Why God ? Please help me.. I can have better job at least..I never complained you about anything..but this? Do u think i deserve to be treated like this ? 
She thought while feeling crap sitting next to him in his car...and then she just felt that No!! it is only she who is going to take herself out of this mess..
"Stop the car"
Her voice was cold enough to alarm the next person..
The voice sounded like to get a shock..
"I said stop the car Sir ..I can go home alone.."
This time she looked directly to him to let him know she is saying this actually
Just then as it was a trafic  signal n the car came to a halt..she quickly opened door n get down..
"Thank You."
She closed door n quickly moved to pavement..She took long steps..with heavy breath..but as soon as she take a turn n entered in a busy street..she breath deeply..and a smile came on her was reality check to her boss..she knew she should have done that really back..but when you are surrounded by many is hard..she smiles widely as saw colourful shops..she loked through displays..n smiled...she passed by a music shop..n saw a guitar there..she rememberd Aman telling her about this..she clutched her purse and tried to figure out mentally can she buy it ? there was a disappointment..n then a small smile as she stepped in the shop..n could literally imagine his excitement..
As soo as she unlocked the door..n get in..she found him hugging her..she smiles as creased his hairs..n kneed down...gave him a wide smile which he reutrned equally..
"Did you missed me a little?"
"I missed you so much jia..and you are asking me this ?"
He frowned quickly n get himself distanced ..and she smiles..
"So Macho kid is again angry from jia? Now to whom she will give guitar?"
She got up..started to arrange things on counter..while hiding the guitar behind herself..but aman was quick to glance it..
"Guitar? Mom you got me a guitar ?"
He moved near to her..but she didn't let him to be near..
"No .. You are a mean boy.."
"Mom i was just kidding give me na i want to see.."
He winked at her mom..and tried to melt her..She smiles n quickly gave in him..and showed him..he exctiedly opeend the bag n almost scream in joy..she smiles as hugged him from back lovingly.
"How is this my son ?"
"WOW.. mom you are the best.."
He quickly turned n hugged her mother more tightly n lovingly..letting her know her affection n love for him is more than any thing else..
"I Love you My baby.."
"I love you too Mom"
She smiles at him as both get excitied to play the guitar..Her son knows playing guitar a bit..unlike her who preferred to just watch her while preparing for dinner..just to see this smile n excitement..she could do anything..
"Oh Daddy ! You are the best.. Today it was so fun !"
Iman cried on top of her voice as soon as they get in their room n retired on their bed...while servants placed all the shopping bags on floor n left while closing the door to leave them two all alone..
"I know baby.. that was so fun when your ice cream dropped on road.."
He smiled at her..and as she heard..she frowned n then smile as she get herself shifted on his tummy n tried to trickle which she failed yet he laughed..
"No that was fun when i snatched your one.."
"You naughty quickly change your night dress and get under covers.. tommorow no excuse is going to let you be away from school.."
He trickles her a bit as managed to get up n made her sit beside him..
"Fine fine ! i would not insist you.. as you gave me your full day today.."
"Good girl.. "
He creased her hairs n kissed her she smiled..
"Arhem Sir.. The metting is in half an hour.."
He heard from other side as recieved call..he looked at his daughter who was in her sleeping pajamas laid down in bed waiting to hear up the bedtime story..
"Miss.Sophie I would be there..Thanks for Reminding bye!"
"Are you going anywhere dad ?
She inquired but arhem just smiled n shake head..
"No sweetheart i m going to read your bed time story .."
"And after that ?"
She was already frowning..but he acted like he didn't realize..
"I would sleep.."
"Ya like you will.. or will sneak out of bed room to do your office work ? Say I am wrong?"
She challanged him..n he sighed as realized from his daughter he is always going to losse..
"Soory Miss.Dedective.. but daddy promise you he will be sleep early "
"Fine.!! only today ! From Tommorw i would sleep only then when you wil sleep with me"
She demanded promise which he clearly gave as crossed on his chest letting her know he mean  it..
"OKay should i read story?"
She snuggled in his chest as he started narrating her story..
"Mom today you are not getting ready for job ?"
Aman ask while getting ready for his shool as saw his mom still in her night dress laid down on bed after giving him breakfast..
"No i quit."
She spoke with out any expression...
Aman looked shocked..n walked upto her..
"Yes Aman.. but don't worry i have applied at various places i would get anywhere else soon.."
Jhanvi knew it wouldn't be easy...and after last night..she was unable to be relax seeing every time it make her realize ...she is the only one for him to be there..
"Mom it's fine..i know best things would happen to just seem restless ? and don't deny you know me.."
Aman sighed at his mom who is always more worried for him..he creased her hairs foreahead lovingly..with her tiny hands...and jhanvi held his hands kissed them affectionately feeling so blessed to have him..
"I can hide nothing from you.. it's fine..just a bit stresed.."
"Then i think i should stay at home today.."
He spoke while placing bag aside...
"No son you need to go.."
Jhanvi got up as she knew he wouldn't listen to her eaisly..
"I m not going to listen you Jia.."
She frowned..he always call him jia whenever he wants her to nod in his favour..
"Stop calling me jia Aman.."
"Then stop acting like me kid mom.."
He said while getting relax back in t shirt n shorts..where she sighed looking at him..
" what you will do all day?"
"Umm..we will play video games mom.."
She showed him eyes ...and ordered him..
"NO way aman...bring the posts son.."
"Yes mom.."
He smiled as get his slippers he moved out to bring post...
"Hi..I hope you are fine n enjoying the life.. I m writting down this mail after long time to let you know tha I and Aman are leaving i have got job in tronto and we are shifting there on weekend..i would give you address of our place in tronto if you any day wish to meet aman..he is fine n happy..he is in fourth grade now n is good in studies and sports..he would continue his studies in toronto now.. don't be worried about him .. Take Care..
Good Bye
She closed down eyes as get in bed...she wished someday he would come n play role of being his father...even if she is trying her best to provied every comfort love care still how can she not see his life is incomplete with a father's affection , attention and care..
today after a long time she had felt herself light because now she is going to make life more easy for her son..she had got job as desginer in a good comany in tronto..all things had work out quickly in a week and she was really happy n satisfied as thing have turned really good for them...certainly her paryer was answered...
sitting on a rocking chair..he was trying to relax himself..but it was just too hard to relax...since some years..his life was never able to get stable after what he gets back in return of all his love,care and trust on her...she left him n his daughter on mercy of God..n never much he ignored or hate her..seeing his daughter's growing up now..reminds him..that she deserve to be loved n cared by her mother too..he is just so helpless father in this matter..even being a rich person..he can buy her anything she wish..but from where he could buy mother's love for her.? even if his daughter never mentions his mother ...still her life would always be incomplete without mother's love n care...

To be continued ... 
Kindly drop few lines to let us know if it is worth reading or not ! Thank you for giving us your time ! Soory if offended you !

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rainbowcolors Senior Member

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Thank dear for the pm Hug

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SanayaFlawless IF-Sizzlerz

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This is amazing story ..i lovedEmbarrassed
looking forward to read the whole storyDay Dreaming
Idk much about Fawad but gossh he and sanaya looks damn good together and i ship them from nowLOL
Darling thankzz for the pmHeart

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AdorableDevil IF-Stunnerz

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first of all thnx for pm, loved the concept, omg SI and Fawad Smile

great job Marie Clap

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ZumSrK. IF-Stunnerz

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Ahh Fawad-Sanays FF <3

Really liked the FK concept of the story <3 loved the ch 1 :)) ahh fawad and sanaya Day Dreaming

Waiting for next part <3

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