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Episode 352 Discussion: 16th August 2013

-MAS- Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Episode 352 Discussion: 16th August 2013

Welcome to the Episode discussion thread which we call as Viewer's and Reader's Respite.  That's very apt, don't you think ? Wink. And that proves our objective.

Objective behind the thread is 
  1. It helps in keeping the forum clean without much litter. People just need to fall in a habit.
  2. We can have it like breathers at first followed by analysis. 
  3. It also helps like-minded souls and pals bond and gel together to drop in their thoughts for themselves as breathers and for their friends as a peep into the episode and for others to post their reviews. 
  4. And those from different time-zones, who do not get to watch the episode at this time of telecast (Indian 8:30 PM), without any worry to trace or keep track of all their buddy's posts, they can come here, read with leisure and later post their analysis after watching it from their Time zones. 

Note for Newcomers to this thread.
Extremist thoughts and moralizing thoughts are not welcome over this thread. It is entertainment show we are watching. The channel calls their programs as entertainment and we are watching the show. Discussions are welcome in light hearted and in realistic manner. Moral policing is not appreciated.  We do not want to feel stifled into that kind of atmosphere here. 

There are several other social welfare sites that are there to discuss the genuine issues.  If for some reason, it is felt that social concerns have to be addressed and ethical and moral responsibility needs to be exercised for watching entertainment, then; certainly the forum is an open place to create separate ATs and build up that kind of propaganda.

Please heed to this as direct request and conditional requirement to participate in this thread. Strong words such as psychopaths unless used in show, need not be used to instigate riotous atmosphere or start sermonizing.

POINTERS for Writing/Posting of your reviews and thoughts over this EDT
  1. Do not litter the thread with chit-chat conversations. A little is permitted to have the friendly atmosphere, but when you feel like chatting more, it is desired you take your conversation with your buddies to alternate venues like chat clubs, pm mode etc.
  2. Quoting Policy: It is desired that people refrain from single, double, triple and multiple quoting of posts on a repetitive basis. They can pick out the parts that they like to quote as opposed to quoting the entire post. It is often seen that we have  to scroll through the pages when all they have done is quoting and more quoting with one line response to the actual post. IF has a rule that more than three times quoting is not allowed. But nowadays as people read IF posts over phone, it is preferred that people do not quote longer posts and just extract the portions of the post that they like to respond to and if they still find it relevant to their thought process then get the entire quoted text.
  3. Regulate the font size. Keep remembering that. It is really not pleasing to see big bolded letters for no special reason.
  4. The thread becomes a mess when you give your review and do not REST for sometime until others have posted. Please understand, respites or reviews; once or twice are good for few pages...don't make a regular chat thread with your reiterating/whining/complaining on the same point. For the online readers, the thread becomes unpleasant read. There is a separate Complaints thread in Main Forum.
  5. When episodic content is emotional, take a deep breath, give a good lengthy review; that acts as your vent in one single post...and make an exit to calm down your nerves if you still are possessed by only what you've seen.  

For those who cannot watch can have the Live/Written Updates.
Today's LU from : Armu4eva

  • There are various other threads all over the forum. Please check out those as well. This is just one choice out of so many.
  • Readers are encouraged to post links of other members posts which had been "delightful read" towards analysis of episodic event/s or character analysis. It becomes an easy navigation in the myriad of posts and pages and can easily be overlooked.
  • The link to present day ED thread is always provided in the previous one discussed.Those who participated in previous thread can go to my posts and check the previous thread to get access to new link. 

MAS will also maintain sister threads of Daily EDTs
  • Can't Stop Discussing and Thinking About MBVerse

Link for May 2013  - Index -


-MAS- Senior Member

Joined: 02 April 2013
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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 9:33am | IP Logged
TRPs and GRPs: Week 32, August 4th - August 11th, 2013

Originally posted by river123

Updated the weekly TRP chart.  The top 10 chart is now a top 15 chart, since MB at #13.

MB TRPs are approx. 2.2 rounded (based on rough conversion from TVTs to TRPs.)  TVTs were 4,396 vs. 4,884 the week prior.   The TRP chart tells its own pathetic story, no words are necessary.  

However, can't resist saying this to the channel and PH: 
  • You had THE superstar on your show, interest in his new film was sky high (look at those box office collections) and you totally messed up.  
  • Dragging this track interminably (even with spoilers of LV's potential exit) is not going to get TRPs back.  Close this out, redeem the lead characters that you have successfully butchered, and come up with something cool (that does not mean cringeworthy or disgusting) for your next track.   
  • And please do make a note to self - women do not like to see a woman being terrorized, victimized and manhandled for episodes on end.  

Note: Data converted from TVTs to TRPs from week 31.  Does not take into consideration impact of adding new markets at various points. Size of these markets, viewing patterns, demographics, level of digitization etc. of those markets would impact TRPs.  Also, hard to judge IPL's exact impact. 

The two charts below show: 1) Top 10 shows TRPs and 2) TRP increase/drop for those shows, compared to the week prior. The blue bars on the second chart are the ones that did better, the red are the ones that did worse, and the no bars are the ones that were the same.  

Most shows did worse compared to to the week prior.  But MB's situation was different because of the big ME that was promoted, but that did not seem to have raised TRPs overall.    

PS: all my usual caveats apply - this is a rough analysis etc. etc.  Feel free to point out the holes (I freely admit there's probably some!) 

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hansa22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:15am | IP Logged
  • Guys, I was right. I said yesterday that Sikky would have a confrontation with Madhu...i was not too wrong,Big smile Dipali has her confrontation with Madhu!!  Another one of those yuck scenes. She taunts Madhu and behaves really badly, lying on RK's side of the bed, and making vulgar insinuations. AngryAngry. Sultan and Dipali are fit for each other, why don't they start a new track with them?? 

  • Clap to the MB creative team..100 ways to drag a track...please learn from them. 

Again scene of the day for me: Raji-Madhu-Dipali

Rji stops Madhu from leaving, and tells her she will not leave RK mansion till she says so. Madhu walks down the stairs in a daze, and what else...falls into RK's arms...share an eyelock. Rji notices. Rji calls Madhu into the kitchen, and tells her she has to take up RK's dinner for him, she has to perform her duties as a wife till they are divorced. Rji snubs Dipali very badlyClap, who was actually planning to take up RK's dinner herself. Angry

  • RK-Madhu have a confrontation...I don't want to talk about this at allOuchConfused. The most ridiculous dialogues were exchanged with each other.

  •  RK bumps into Dipali outside their door, she gives him his poison, and leaves. 

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river123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:16am | IP Logged
How much are they going to stretch this nonsense, without moving the story forward? I feel like leading a protest or something.    All right, and here's some random thoughts:
  • The Matriarch.  I'm liking this Radhaji - the take control, and try to fix things woman: 
    • Forcing Madhu to stay back.  Saying she is going to get to the bottom of it all. 
    • Watching Madhu in RK's arms when he saves her from tripping.  
    • Asking Dips to focus on her own husband - nice!  By any chance did Radhaji overhear Dips muttering about Sultan?  Am too dejected with this show to hope for it.  
  • Rishbala: 
    • RK saves Madhu from tripping on the stairs.  Hum hai deewane BG.  Poor RK's expression as he holds Madhu - spot on.   Radhaji watches. 
    • Did like the RK-Madhu scene, because it reminded me of why I watch this show (Rishbala.)   RK tells her about the love he has for her, and pain that will remain in his heart after she leaves.  VD was really good.  Some of the dialogues were neat - like the "utna hi dard do, jitna tumhare naam par bardaasht ho." At this stage though, between yesterday and today, I think we've seen just about enough of the RK-Madhu pain-filled scenes, thank you very much.  Time for story to move on beyond talk of deceit, pain, betrayal etc.  
  • Delusional Dips:  thinks she has a chance with RK now.  
    • Dips was unbearable, rubbing it in to Madhu.   And getting comfortable on the bed. Gross. 
    • Dips eavesdropping on RK-Madhu convo.  So what's new.   She gives RK a huge bottle of liquor.
The Precap: Radhaji trying to talk sense into Devdas, oops, RK (who's drinking said liquor)  

For those viewers still watching, get really for this mind-numbingly, TRP killing, ridiculous track to continue for a long long time.   Unless CVs decide to take note of the dismal TRPs and figure out that the audience wants this wrapped up - fast!

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Rishabala693 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:18am | IP Logged
When will this track end ?Sleepy.Its driving me insane nowSillySleepy

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Vipisa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:29am | IP Logged
I am tired of criticizing the characters, tired of waiting for something good to happen, tired of feeling disgusted with every episode and tired of asking the CVs to end the track. What I am waiting for now...I don't know. Unhappy

Madhu lost all my sympathy for her today...she won't get it again until she herself shoots that creep down. I don't think Sultan is needed anymore to evoke disgust in me...Madhu and Dipali are more than enough to do the job. Dead

The makers - Hope they have a strong heart to see the TRPs of the upcoming weeks!

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cardio21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vipisa

I am tired of criticizing the characters, tired of waiting for something good to happen, tired of feeling disgusted with every episode and tired of asking the CVs to end the track. What I am waiting for now...I don't know. Unhappy

Madhu lost all my sympathy for her today...she won't get it again until she herself shoots that creep down. I don't think Sultan is needed anymore to evoke disgust in me...Madhu and Dipali are more than enough to do the job. Dead

The makers - Hope they have a strong heart to see the TRPs of the upcoming weeks!

@bold, I hate to agree with you, keeping madhu n Dips in one list.. yuck!!  Madhu is doing the same thing that RK did to her during the unwedding, no matter what the reason is. I can never accept or appreciate her decision. 
And RK now has an excuse to put his 2 n 2 together in a different direction altogether...Angry

RJ was the only one who I could appreciate in today's episode, I loved her bbb to her DILs especially Dipali.
but RK had some good dialogues..

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Hi2life Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Dipali and her perversion doesn't evoke the disgust madhu does with her fake claiming of u know what,,, madhu lost all sympathy,,, is she gaining some sadistic pleasure in hurting RK

I keep a straight face when dips said all her nonsense, she is harmless and is always kept at her right place by everyone, 
Radhaji seems to be in her senses, trying to do the right thing, though I don't know what does she want Rk to do to stop madhu,,,,beg her plead for mercy, when she is the one walking out of the relation

I felt really bad for Rk, when Radhaji said " he is been eating jail food till now and though he is home he dint eat a grain" , 

CVS ARE THE BIGGEST SADISTS EVER,,, though their track is a super flop they still r not giving up

The small fraction of audience watching the show are people in love with the leads

All Rk need to do to call madhu bluff off.  is get himself into hospital and let Bittuji tell madhu that he met with an accident while driving drunk,,,,,,,oh no that is for the old smart Rk, now here it is the new renovated Rk, who lost all his grey cells

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