OS-Feelings!!updated-pg 36 (Page 27)

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ROFLYah really very yummyEmbarrassedthankooHugSorry Mr.DougLOLsorry like button not workingOuchConfused

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Awww   our poor Arry got tears in his eyes...Cry..
love PG's kartoot...aha red mark on his forehead...oop hope its on his cheek..&...Day Dreaming Wink Blushing...

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Very cute last scene... and how its gonna unfold in the next chapter... waiting eagerly... loved it Sniggy sweeto... Thank U Hugs...

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Part 10:
I think you're overcooking the food.Confused..weird smell is coming na...
OH released him..her attention went back to the food she's making..
she rushed to the stove...I was making one delicious food but u spoiled it happy??Angry
MeConfusedConfused??ok i m going...
PG:yah U better go from here..Ouch
she turned off stove..
after a while she recalls AB came there..oh no he has gone!!?he has seen it already i guess..she started biting her nails...huh whatever!!why am i being nervous??I didn't do any crime...she was  talking to herself..
Exactly!!u didn't do any crime...afterall ur husband..u have every right on him...AB was saying it who was standing right behind her..
PG was shocked as she thought he'd gone from the kitchen to freshen up..she turned..arey u here??u were going to freshen up??
It's all done...after waking up me rush to bathroom first then only do other things..
R u sure??
Hmm I think u didn't clean ur face properly...Embarrassed
I know i know... u r talking about lipstick mark on my forehead..Evil Smile.i didn't clean it up intentionally..just wanna know from u first how did it happen??Tongue
PG turned away her face from himLOL..huh I don't know..rather i was going to ask u about it u know...Embarrassed
AB:reallyEvil Smile??
PG:Don't tease me...anyway wait i'll go and get tissue for u..
AB held her right hand from the back..hey wait wait,,why tissue??PG turned to him!!
AB:It's ur kartut so u will pay for it..Wink
AB took one side of her stole in his hand and started removing the mark from his forehead..
PG:HEy what r u doingShocked??u r making my stole dirtyAngryeh..pls leave it...
he left it..Hehe done..Tongue
PG:Stupid..I didn't even do it..Ouch
HEy...AB pulled her closer to him..don't lie..I realised it last night itself...
pg started laughing...u r a drama king.LOL
.and u r queen...both laughed..Tongue
AB:Seriously it was too much..i don't believe we were fighting for such a silly's not my way atleast...anway shall i help u??
PG:YAh sure..pls cut some onions..Big smileBig smile
AB:OnionsOuch??Tell me some other thing..I don't like doing it..
PG:I know thats why saidLOLU better go from is not ur cup of tea..
AB:not ur either..i know u r not a good cook so it's ok..
blah blah..PG gave him a disgusted look..ok bye,,AB was about to leave..
PG:Give me 5 mins..ur breakfast will be ready..
AB:NO problem..whats the hurry??take ur's sunday na..
PG:What?? what won't go to work??what m i doing in kitchen then??AngryAngry
AB:don't blame me for that..I didn't tell u to prepare breakfast for me...anyway yet I will eat the breakfastLOL...he left..
PG became upset..thats not fair..he should have gone to work atleast today...Dead
AFter 1o mins..
AB was readig newspaper and pg was keeping all the foods to the table from kitchen..
PG:Arhaan u know..Dad called me up last night..
AB:Nice,,,how's he??
PG:Hmm fine..
AB:Btw u know that na u have to got to know RAj's real face??
PG:YEs yes I told him everything...he was very much happy hearing that..
AB:Wow thats the news.he's relieved now i m sure..
PG:YAh..btw i m going to my hometown day after tomorrow..
PG came towards him n sat next to AB on sofa..
PG:NO was saying if u r free then come here..i said ok..
AB:Hmm u should go..
PG's phone rang..who's calling ??
PG:It's unknown number..PG answered the call..Hello??
HEllo Pooja??
Me Anjali...Raj's sis...remember me??
PG:OH ya...hey how r u??Sorry wasn't expecting u so got confused...
An:HEy it's ok..actually I collected ur no from raj last night..
PG:Oh ok,,,how's going life??
An:yah good..I wanna ask you u know Armaan??
PG:No..who's heConfused??
An:But Raj said he was ur co-actor..Confused
PG:OH I think u r talking about ArhaanSmilehis name Arhaan not Armaan..
An:oh sorryEmbarrassed
AB looked at pg with confusion...
PG:Yah I know
An:Actually raj wants me to meet know why right??Raj told u na...
PG:yah I heard it from ur bro..
An:Hmm but i m confused..shall I meet him??how's he??
PG:Confused??what for??yah he's okay..
An:OK..honestly speaking I have no idea who was ur co-actor in pratigya as I didn't see that serial ever..u know me..u know him too..thats why asking shall i meet him?what do u think??
PG:Sure..just go ahead..r u being nervous ?
An:Not really!!but i m not at all interested..i hate such culture of weird...
PG:Oh ok got it..don't think too much..just meet him..if u don't like him then there matter ends...right??Tongue
An:Yah but like or dislike doesn't the meeting will be formal...u know I have a bf Embarrassed
PG:Oh exactlyBig smile..thats what I wanna ask you..u have already ur man,right??then why all this drama??Confused
An:yes I m very helpless poojaOuchOuchu know my bro..he doesn't listen to anyone..Angrymy bf n bro old enemies..if raj comes to know i m dating him he'll kill me...
PG:but someday u will have to tell him..why not now??Confused
An:Cause it's not right time now..anyway I was asking about Arhaan only because I wanna know how's he??I mean I met 2 guys earlier..One guy was shameless u know..I meanI rejected him but he kept calling me..let's be friends blah was hard to kick him out from the life..even he created some misunderstaing b/w me and my bfDeadDeadthats why asking Arhaan not that type right??
PG:LOL how cheap way..He's a good human beingTongue..if u r tensed about such things then I assure you just go ahead and meet him..then you'll understand...very polite but one bad thing is very boring as well..
I mean he doesn't talk much..LOL
An:OH thats what i want..not talkative..fine then..I will meet him..thanks pooja..Big smile
An:Ok one more he good looking??sorry m feeling like i m taking ur interviews..LOL
PG:Thats ok..Emm..Average...not bad not good..3 out of 5..Ermm
AB couldn't control at this comment...
AB:WHat rubbish...LOLwho's there??
An:Who's talking??Raj is there??Shocked
PG:No no..none is here..Tongue
An:Ok give points to raj on his look..then I will judge u...
An:it sounds biased pooja Evil comments then.. ..his full name??
PG:Arhaan behll..
AN:ok thanks dear..I will hang up now...enjoy ur day..
PG:OK bye..Smile
AB:HEy who was thereConfused??u were telling my biography...
PG:Arey raj's sis..she's going to meet u soonWink
AB:OH god...Sleepy
PG:I was talking nicely but her question u good looking or not that annoyed me huh.Ouch.she;s not interested then why did she ask it??thats why said 3..don't mind..Embarrassed
AB:Mind??I was come u gave me 3??i thot 2LOL
PG:u r too much..LOL
AB:Btw do u know why she asked my full name??
AB:Cause she'll google it right now..mark my words..Tongue
PG:How do u know??Shocked
AB:I Know..very easy guess..even I feel she's interested too..just pretending...
PG:No thats impossible..she has bf.4 yrs..long time
AB:Sorry to say but her bro is in relation since 5 yrs but is he loyal???u know the answer better than me..anyway maybe i m wrong...but i felt so... why she was asking so many questions..when she's not even interested??
PG:Then what now??I was relieved so said her to meet you..Ouch
AB:NO's only a formality..let me meet her..Tongue
PG:What if she becomes interested and doesn't reject you??thenDead??
AB:You r very innocent pooja.when I said I Won't reject her...??easy solution..Tongue
PG:Thats right but i don't want any 3 person between us now..thats it..
AB:None will comeEmbarrassedanyway leave it now..what we were talking about..yah u going to ur hometown..
AB:Ur dad must be very happy...I so wanna see his happy face..Day Dreaming
PG:OH how sweet..then join me..Tongue
AB:I wish I long will u stay there??
PG:1 week...
AB:Wow great...why not 1 monthTongue??
PG:R u kidding meOuch??
AB:NO i m serious..if u r free then u should stay there atleast 1 month..
PG:WHat rubbish..Dead.PG gave him a disgusted look and started walking towards dining table...
AB followed her...hey what happened??Did  I say anything wrong??
PG:LEt it be...I don't wanna talk about it..let's have is getting cold..
they reached the dining table..PG was about to sit but AB hold her from the back...
AB:Tell me first..what did i say that hurted u??I just said u should stay with ur parents atleast 1 month..
PG turned to him..yah u want peace in ur life thats why u want it..
AB:Huh I didn't mean it..u r mistaken..
PG:I m mistaken??U say u understand my feelings...but I don't think u do..U know I was expecting that u will say 7 days oh no long time..but u saying i should stay there 1 month???anyway not ur's me who can't stay away from you even 1 by day i m becoming more crazy dunno why...I just can't stay one day without seeing u...i know u don't likewhen I come ur  home but even then i do come here shamelessly only to see you..tears rolled down her cheeks..Cry
AB:HEy silly u crying?ShockedSorry ..I didn't mean to hurt you..don't judge me before knowing why i said it..Dead
PG:let's change the topic pls..
AB:NO.,.listen to me..I said that only from another angle..i thot thanks  god she'll be safe from that monster atleast 1 in mumbai u face him everyday even if u don't want..thats why i said...In that sense i said u should stay there 1 month..
PG was kinda convinced then..but yet she was looking dull..
PG:OH sorry..
AB: Tell me what do u want??how shall i prove my love for you..??you always take my love as sympathy??I know not ur fault too..maybe because I don't express thatswhy u become confused..I won't see you 7 days..I won't be happy either..
PG held his face with her hands..
I m sorry...forget him..he can't harm me when my hero is here with me but won't u miss me if i stay there 1 month??
AB:1 month..??i think after 10 days u will get me in ur's not possible for me to wait 30 days to meet you
PG:Wow then I will stay there more than 1 week this time..Tongue

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wow snigdha awesome update lubbed it  
aww arja r so sweet Day Dreaming missing them even moreUnhappy 

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wow...super update...
AB is right...this bro-sis jodi is showing villainous sign...liars...

so PG is away from him for 7-10 days...he is here alone...Hope AB shoe away this that Bro-sis jodi by his jugaad...they never ever want to meet him again...& whatever AB does told all to RAj won't misguide her parents abt Arry...

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Day Dreaming lovely, feels so natural their nok jhok and yet their real feelings coming out, pg going hometown will ab join her later Wink i look forward to reading more cute moments Tongue

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