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thanks snigdha di...Clap for adding my request Smileand whatever u write is awsom as always... update soon ur both ff and Os ...Embarrassed

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Thanks EveryoneTongue!!

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lallontop update poor hero every gals r behind him Embarrassed

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Part 7:
M:Hey don't take it seriouslyShocked..I was just kiddingLOL.the way u asked my bf's name as if you would know him if I tell his nameEmbarrassed.he's a celeb but I don't want to mention his name right now..sorryTongue!!
PG:Oh god u gave me a mini heart attackShockedShocked..thanks god it's not Arhaan.LOLno problem..just go ahead..Tongue
M:Heart attackShocked??why??did I miss anything???Arhaan and uShocked??
PG:Arey naShocked..u r too much..LOL
M:sorry I m too muchSilly.Actually I m really very curious to Know his love lifeLOL.really..he's a gentlemen so just wanna know who's the lucky girl..thats it..Tongue
PG:hmm same hereErmmthats why I  got curious too when u said it..Wink
M:Yah got it!!what do u think??is he singleTongue??
PG:Yah I think so...Tongue
M:he's that much decentConfused??I think something is fishy.Geek.that we don't know..maybe we will get to know in it's better to wait than guessing..rightLOL??
M:Even I googled it many times..but no results..Ouch
PG:why don't u ask himTongue?
M:Do u really think he'll tell me the truthDead??huh! his and my relation is like-hi how r u??whats up!!not more thanStern Smile
PG:Wow..TongueI mean  thats funny..EmbarrassedBtw why r u that much interested in his personal lifeConfused??
M:don;t know..just like thatConfused..u know when someone tries to hide something it's always a fun to find out mayb thats why..LOL
PG:I m liking uLOLLOL..u r a cute girl ..and our pov kinda same..Shocked
M:ReallyTongue..thats great..Big smileI am a big chatter pls bear with meEmbarrassed..this is the main problem..I love to talks and Arhaan loves silence..If i ask him 3 questions..he'll answer in one lineShocked but the interesting part is I will get all answers in one;s something like magic.Tonguecan u believe it..??
PG:Hey I did work with him almost 3 years so I know him..I faced exactly the same problem!!Ouch
M:Oh ya,,me silly..u know him better than me naEmbarrassed
OK here starts the romantic scene..PG was sitting on the chair..
Arhaan and Mansi will do one romantic scene..Arhaan was nervous..he was literally sweating!!LOLLOL
Di:R u ok ArhaanConfused??
AB:Yes I m fine..Tongue
Di:Ok both of u got it na??how to do the scene??And I want an eyelock moment too!is it clearGeek??
M:Yah got itTongue!!
Arhaan could see Pg's face through the mirror as she sat over opposite the mirror..that makes him more uncomfortableTongue..Even pg was feeling awkward..she was just looking here n there...pretending of using mobile only to ignore the whole things..
Mansi came a bit close to AB..Pls don't go&don't leave me alone..I can't live without's all her dilacts..she was about to hug AB..but director sadi-cut it!!
M:What happenedConfused??
Di:Whats wrong with u Arhaan??I told na I want an eyelock moment then the hug..why were u looking at the mirrorConfused??U should have looked at Mansi..OuchAB was still lost in his world.LOL.director hold his shoulder..hey??then he came back to his sense..Tongue
AB:yah!tell me what to do..Embarrassed
Di:What happened??r u ok??
AB:Yah i m fineSmile!
Di:Ok..I told na I want an eylock scene then hug..Confused
AB:Yah I did it na..Confused
Di:When??you were looking at the mirror..Shocked
AB realised then he have to do  eyelock scene with Mansi not with pooja.LOLas when director said light camera,action he was eyelocking with pooja through mirrors..Wink. he was embarrassed
Sorry sorry..Embarrassed
Hmm no problem..let's do it again..Big smileBig smile
Di again said light camera,action ...start
Mansi repeated her dilacts..Tonguethis time AB didn't repeat the mistake..he looked at M's does she..then she almost hugged him ..was about rest her head on his shoulder..PG shouted-Hey Arhaan..
Everyone looked at pg..Confused
AB:Yah..he pushed Mansi away..Mansi was stunned..Shocked
director again said cut it...this time he was irritated..Ouch
AB:ShockedSorry!!R u okay??
M:Yah..i m fine..what happened pooja?Confused? actually director was wanting one eyelock moment..don't u think it was a very short eyelock..u should have continued..I mean hug came so fast..!!
AB:What r u saying poojaConfused??
PG:I don't know..sorry for disturbing..OuchI just felt it wasn't good enough..Confused
PG took her purse..and stood up.. I have to go important work...see you all..bye..
PG elft..
M:What happened to herConfused??
Di:Shall we continue???
AB:Yes pls...
PG:Silly girl..she just can't horribly she was touching Arhaan..doesn't she have manners or whatAngryDead??
At Evening:
PG home:
Rsa called her up..
Hello..where r u??ready??
PG:Emm..all of a stomach is paining..Ouch
RSA:WHy??had medicine??
PG:No actually today I m fasting so..
RSA:U fasting??r u kidding meShockedLOL??
PG:No I m serious..
RSA:U never do such silly things na then whats wrong this timeConfused??
pG:This year no tension of work..I m free thats why fasting..any problem??
RSA:For meWink??Wait..I 'll come and pick you up..Wink
PG:No pls u go on..I will join u after a while if i feel better..
RSA:R u sure??
PG:Yeah!see you there..
RSA:Okay I m
he disconnected  the line..
PG:Thanks God!!Ouch
She swtiched on the tv..starts changing channel..
OH SBs segment..she was watching the show..Wow segment of do dil is comingTongue..finally she got something interestingTongue..reporter was saying about the current track of the show...Tongue
So here is a good news for all the viewers of do dil...romantic track is on the way..Let's have some chit chat with the lead pair Arhaan&Mansi..hi guys..
AB:HiBig smile
R:Ok before going to the point we wanna ask something to Arhaaan..
AB:Sure!! go ahead..
R:Okay..we heard that pooja gor came today here to meet u??is it true??
AB:WhatShocked!!no way..why would she come here??wrong info..Confused
R:Ok then we heard it wrong i guess..Actually we tried to connect with Pooja since long time but she was unavailable and she's  out of limelights these days..why?have u  any ideaConfused??don't mind we r asking far as  i know U r her good friend so we thot u may give us some info about pooja..Big smile
AB:thats Okay! I am not in touch with her..I guess one year ago we met in one get-together..Ermmthats all..I have no idea how's she doing!!Anyway just wanna say her good luck for her future worksBig smile..It had fun working with her,,miss those days..All the best poo..Tongue
mansi was rolling her eyesWacko..LOL
R:Why r u silent ??
M:Nothing!!just like that..Embarrassed
AB:U better come to the pointBig smile.let's talk about do dil..then only mansi will talk..Tongue
AFter seeing the segment PG was mad at AbLOL..she switched off the tv..
PG:What the hell!!.what is he saying??he's saying good luck to me,he's not in touch with me blah blah!!what the hell..??AngryDead
Her phone rang..
Arhaan was calling..Tongue
PG answered-hello..Stern Smile
AB:Where r uConfused??
Pg switched on the tv again and increased the volumeTongueTongue..Can't u hear the noise??I m at party!why did u call meConfused??
AB:What the hell!!send me the address right now..I m coming there..
PG:Sorry I didn't hear u??What r u saying??
AB:I said send me the address right now.Ouch
PG:No!!I don't want u itOuchOuch??she disconnected the line..
AB:Huh!!this girl never listen to meAngry.I m tired now..anyway I need to calm down's not first time..she had gone with him many times..Ouch
After 1 hour...
AB was making noodles..someone knocked the main door from outside.. he was  Pooja..Tongue
AB:What r u doing here??
PG:Let me come in first..
she came in..
AB:Party over that soon??
AB:so what r u doing here??
PG:Why??I will stay here tonight!!
AB:No pls..go to ur home..Ouch
PG:Ur home,my homeShocked? what the hell!!
AB:Yah u heard it right!!ur home, my home..just go away from here.when u don't listen to me then no need to come here..Dead
PG:It's enough ArhaanAngry!What do u think of urselfShocked?I am already mad at
AB:You're mad at me??thats shocking!!
PG:I shouldn't have come here..I knew that u will do rude behaviour with me..yet I came..dunno why!!for ur kind info--I didn't go to the party..why would I go with  that idiot??btw tell me what were u saying u r not in touch with me??really??what r u up toShockedAngryDead??
AB was relieved after hearing she didn't attend the party..
AB:Pooja I had to do it..sorry but..
PG:And ur co-actress..very irritating girl she horribly she was touching u..stupid girl..
PG:WhenShocked??u have forgotten today;s so called romantic scene..
AB:Oh pooja it was only a scene of the show,right??what did she do wrong??Confused
PG:U just keep quiet.Angry.let me speak..I just couldn't tolerate dare she!!
AB:R u alrightConfused??
PG:No I m not..I just can't take it normally when any girl..
PG:I don't know what to say and how to say..I didn't like it thats it..u better tell her to mend her ways..
AB:ShockedOk ok fine..just sit down here then we will talk..!!
PG:No I won't..u just told me to leave na..!!one more information-I m fasting today..u didn't even offer me water!!
PG:U have forgotten today's festivalShocked??Why not ??Afterall u r a busy person!!Anyway it's all sounds silly that Pooja is fasting..but I m serious..I know our mrg is only a compromise..but we can't deny the fact that we r married..and U have done so much for I just wanted to do something for u..but u don't care it seems//
AB:U r fasting for meShockedShocked?Oh no...Pooja .
PG:I just don't wanna talk to u Arhaan..I m leaving..she turned away her face...starts crying ..Cry
AB:Hey Pooja I m sorry..pls don't cry...U didn't tell me about ur fast,did u??
PG:It's all pointless now!!she was about to leave..
AB:Hey don't go..He followed her...stopped her..&hugged her from the back..
PG:Arhaan pls let go of me..leave me..
AB:No way..he whispered..ur today's quota is enough..Now I will talk..U keep quiet..

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great part,awesome read ClapClapClap, pg jealous of mansi n ab LOLOuch aww pg she fasted for ab and he made her cry... Ouchn  snigs why did you end there, such a important part jaldi update karbo next part looks very interesting, ab being nice n arja acting compassionate towards each other so sweet to read Day Dreaming

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Great UpdateClap

When the director asked for an eyelock between M and AB, he did it with PG in the mirror loved itLOL
Her feelings for AB are surfacing wonder if AB's will once he talks to her.

Enjoying your OS very much.

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Enjoyed thoroughly... waiting for Arhaan's speech... reminds me of those days... September days...

and the back hug... hmmm.. elaborate jaldi...Blushing

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