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Taarey:ur wish my command..

raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Hey guys I m writing a new os one shot based on taarey''..n do hit like n comment n guyz no bad words respect my work so story will move as n yeah sry guys but no PM 

Taarey are married from last 2 mnths bt unfortunately they didn't got tym to became one or go for honeymoon too'''''as on their wedding night the gang didn't spare them tym to be alone aftr tht swaron wedding was coming up so in tht preparation nd other things taani started to live with swayam nd her F*Ly''rey didn't stopped her as he knew wht swayam means for taani..'she thought tht aftr swaron marriage she nd rey would be free nd will go for a long break bt soon d3 received a huge dance concert for whch they had to put in lots of hardwork''..rey was so busy in this tht he always used to come late nd due to tiredness wud go sleep nd nxt day early he used to leave for work''..he wud feel guilty sumtyms for nt giving taani tym bt he was helpless on the other hand taani was feeling sad bt she didn't complain as she knew rey wud never do this intentionally''.she understood tht he is really damn busy nd due to this he sumtyms used to get frustrated''. ( guys we knw coz he has nt got his love thts y frustration ) so taani decided tht he wud take rey out this weekend to sum place wer they wud spend sumtym alone''.
1 nght taani came to pick up rey 4m academy actly she had packed their luggage nd booked an bunglow far away as she wanted to surprise rey''.

( rey & taani outifit )



Rey ' (surprised) taani tum yaha kya kar rahe hoon

Tani ' wo rey maine socha ke aaj maine aapko academy lene aaou''.come sit we will head towards our home

Rey ' (he sat nd taani was driving ) I m really srry taani tht aaj kal maine tumhe bilkul tym nai de para hoon''subah jaldi jana nd raat ko late aana I knw tumhe bura lagta hoga''

Tani ' (placing her left hand on his cheeks ) nai re maine samjhte hoon aapko 

Rey ' thankz taani''..mere bina kuch bole mujhe undrstnd karne ke liye ( with this he just went for sleep as he was badly tired )

Tani ' she just looked at his face whch was dull due to tiredness bt a small smile was thre on his lips''she just careesd his hairs nd cheeks nd started to drive again'''.she drove to an unknown place whch she booked for thm''.as rey was in deep sleep he didn't knew wer he was heading to''

( its nw mrng taani drove the full way til they reached their destination nd her pc was still sleeping with his cute smile on his face''taani was just adoring him as she miss ths thngs from so long''..aftr 10 mins rey slowly open his eyes nd found his angel staring at him''..)

Rey ' gud mrng taani''..

Tani ' gud mrng'''vaise rey raat ko neend to achche aaye na''.

Rey ' hmmm'..( nw he roamed his eyes nd found tht they wer in sum unknown place ) tani hum kaha hai''.hum to ghar janewale the na

Tani ' ( she step out of car nd was taking out their luggage ) 
rey for nxt 2 days ye hai hamara ghar'..

Rey ' (shocked) wht''.bt taani hum kaha hai nd u knw tht mujhe bht work hai hum aise kaise kahe bhi ja sakte hai 

Tani ' ( she opened rey side door) rey aap kitne ques puchte hoon dnt wrry aapka work affect nai hoga as maine sharon bhabhi se baat kar le hai nw cum lets just go in''.

( bunglow pic) : 

(they headed towards the bunglow nd rey was just starlet to see the surrounding''he went in nd was exploring each place of bunglow while taani was just noticing every expression cmng on his face''.)

Tani ' aapko pasand aaye jagah

Rey ' tumne choose kiya hai to pasand aayegi hi na''bt taani ye sab achanak se'..

Tani ' (came close to him put her arms around rey's neck ) maine aapko apke daily routine se bahar lana chahti thi as aap bht frustrated ho chuke thi nd iss bahane se hume tym spend karne milega

Rey ' (keeping his hand on her waist ) taani thanks mujhe aise yaha lane ke liye''.varna maine kabhi bhi tym nai nikal pata 

Tani ' ohk rey pehle aap apna cell phone dijeye

Rey ' (confusingly) ye lo phone par tumhe kyun chahiye''.

Tani ' ( she switched off bth cells ) lo ab ho gaya'..maine hum dono ke cell switch off kar diye hai so tht no1 will disturb us for 2 days'..

Rey ' (smirkly) iraada kya hai princess''

Tani ' apke darane ne ka''

Rey ' tum to meri angel hoon so I wont be scared from you''

Tani ' (smilingly ) ohk ab jaye fresh ho jaye maine kuch order karti hoon 

Rey ' (like a kid ) no pehle maine full place dekhunga fir I will go nd freshen up

Tani ' ohk u go nd check out I m heading towards shower''
(she went to her room nd took shower nd came out in mean while rey was exploring the view''he came in room with excitement taani noticed it ) rey kya hua'..

Rey ' taani yaha kitna achca swimming pool hai''wow aftr so many days I will swim''

Tani ' gud thn jaye'.

Rey ' (cutely) akele tum nai aaouge mere sath 

Tani ' rey maine abhi to shower liya nd fir swim pool pls aap jaye

Rey ' tani u tld tht hum yaha tym spend karne aaye hai aise tym spend karna tha thn ghar pe hi thik the

Tani ' rey aap naraz kyun ho rahe hoon''pls na samjho I just had a bath'..aap joau nd relax yourself'..nd mujhe to swimming bhi nai aate aap mere vajah se enjy bhi nai karenge pool mein

Rey- tumhe meri kyun fikar hogi''.( with this he went in washroom changed in swim wear nd headed towards pool )

Tani ' ye maine kya kar diya''taani tu yaha rey ke sath tym spend karne aaye thi na ki naraz karne''.ab kya karo''.

( she thought for a sec nd decided to change in swim wear nd go in pool meanwhile rey was already in pool as he was angry rather upset on his angel'..)

(Swimming pool pic):  

(Rey swim wear):  
( I luv dis pic of amar he look damm hot haaye kkk girls let control :P but he is damm hot n se

( taani swim wear) : 

(she came to swimming pool covering herself  4m bathrobe''..rey gave an angry glare to tani while taani just removed her bathrobe nd was taking steps into pool''.rey was starlet to see her in this''his eyes wer glued on her nd his gaze was making taani more nervous nd shy''.she was just abt to slip in pool wen rey holded her from waist'..(llhh)  )

Tani ' thanks rey aapne mujhe bacha liya

Rey ' (teasingly) kya karo ab tum jab dekho tab kahe na kahe slip hoti hoon thn mujhe hi save karna padega''.actly ab to ye mera part tym job ban gaya hai

Tani ' (angry) kya kaha aapne''.rey ek to maine yaha aapke liye aaye nd aap mujhse aise bol rahe hoon''.mujhe aana hi nai chahiye tha chodiye mujhe I m leaving

Rey ' aise kaise chodo swthrt kitne tym baad to tum mere paas aaye hoon''.aaj to jane ke baat sochna bhi mat

Tani ' (blushing) rey aap bhi na'' aap relax hue pool mein nd iss environment mein'''

Rey ' (hugging her 4m back)  tum mere sath hoon to maine relax feel karunga hi''.vaise taani ye chize mujhe karne chaiye thi nd tumne ki''.

Tani ' matlab

Rey ' matlab I shud have taken you for a holiday bt I failed'..

Tani ' (turned nd faced him cupped his face) rey dnt say tht again''.aap kabhi kisi bhi chiz mein fail nai hue aur maine karo ya aap baat ek hi hai na''..atleast hume tym spend karne to mil raha hai''(she thn kissed his forhead) 

Rey ' (he leaned dwn nd kissed her cheeks thn neck nd was giving wet kisses to her shoulder''.taani closed her eyes nd was shivering nt coz of cold pool water bt coz of his lip touching her skin'''nw rey came up nd placed his lips on her''taani 1st didn't respond bt soon she too melted in his love nd nw they wer sharing a passionate kiss''.they broke nd rey was nw kissing her face like mad he was nt in cntrl''..taani just pushed him and splashed sum water on his face''..)  what d hell taani''.

Tani ' nt so easy reyaansh singhania''..

Rey ' (angry) tani romance spoil kyun kiya''kafi tym ke baad to mujhe ye chance mila tha'.

Tani ' (teasingly) aww rey bt as its said nthng cums easy to your way

Rey ' tani tumhe ye mazak lag raha hai'..

Tani ' rey ye kya hua hai aapko''.baat baat pe bacho ke tarah naraz hote hai''maine to sirf aap se mazak kar rahe hoon

Rey ' (angry) har baat mazak nai hoti tani''.bt tum ho ki samajhna hi nai chahti'''(with this he just left the pool''taani called his name bt all in vain''.nw taani had tears in her eyes''she too went behind him)

Tani ' (bth are in their room rey is changing while taani had covered herself from bathrobe) rey meri baat ka wo matlab nai tha'.

Rey ' tani pls mujhe kuch nai sunna'..

Tani ' rey maine sirf mazak kar rahe thi''.

Rey ' he didn't listened to her nd took his car keys went out of bunglow''here taani was just numb as she never thought her lil joke wud hurt her pc so much'..she was nw crying sitting on bed''.

Tani ' I m srry rey mere baton ka ye matlab bilkul nai tha'..(wiping her tears) bt agar maine aapko naraz kiya hai to maine hi manaoungi''.she decided sumthng nd started her preparations''

On the other side :

Rey ' (stopped his car ) ye kya kar diya maine''..taani ko itna sab bol diya itna naraz ho gaya''galti kya thi uske'.wo to sirf meri sath thoda sa mazak kar rahe thi mujhe chidha rahe thi''.usne itne achche se sabkuch plan kiya hum dono ke liye nd maine ne sab ruin kar diya'''I m srry swthrt''pata nai aaj kal mujhe kya ho gaya hai''..(he was  feling guilty so he went bck to bunglow to apologise taani nd make it up for this thing'')

[ it was evng 7 as rey reached home he called out taani many tym bt thre was no response of her''he checked everywer bt taani cud nt be seen''nw he was so restless tht he just bark into room nd was glued at his place as he saw the room ]

( taarey bedroom pic) : 

he was just looking at the surrounding while taani quietly closed nd locked the door 4m his back nd just came nd hugged rey 4m back''..her touched gave a smile on his face''he knew tht taani has done all this to manofy him''so he thought of a plan as to tease her more' fakely in anger he just removed her hands from his chest' our taani knew her prince charming very well tht he will nt easily get patao aftr all he is reyaansh singhania''.so again with lots of love along with sum flirt nd seductiveness''she again hugged him nd her hands started roaming around his chest''.her touch was making rey go melt'..he was enjying it''.so he just pulled her infront of him nd nw he was just numb to see her in tht attire''

(taani dress ) :  

Rey  pov :
1st the surrounding made me go mad nd wen I saw her in front of me tht too in this attire I was literaaly numb at the moment''she was looking hell gorgeous'.no no she was looking freaking hot''dress suited her body curves so well tht it nly describe this dress was made nly for her''.her hairs wer flowing on her face adding a compliment''..her face reflected a diff glow''her eyes had love bt a lil mischievness whch made me go wild''bt I had to cntrl as I wanted to see hw my angel manofy me''so I cntrlld myself and agin started to act as if I m angry on her

rey dress) :  

Tani pov :

He was a dream of every girl bt still aftr 2mnths of our marriage I still cant believe tht the world most hot handsome guy was nw her''.he was looking so hot in his white kurta tht it was making me irrestable''I knew he is testing my patience''he is acting infront of me just to see hw can I manou him''bt the mistake was mine I had made him angry so I had to make it up for it''.bt I can do anything for him as long as he is with me''I just took my steps nd got close to him''.i started roming my finger on his face wth this he was hell shock thn my bth hand came to his chest nd slowly I unbutton 1st two buttons of his top nw his bare chest was seen I roamed my hands on his chest making him more seduce''.with this he just closed his eyes'..clutched his fist as he didn't wanted to give in so easily'..taani noticed this'..nw she came more close to him''.her hot breathe was nw on his bare chest making him to go wild''..with this she just placed her soft lips nd started kissing in decending order 4m chest towards his neck nd thn his face'''nly rey was knowing hw badly he was cntrlling at tht moment''she came to his ears nd whispered''..tonight is our nght my sexy hubby''..with this she just placed her rozy lips on his hard lips''she was just giving small kisses to tease him''nw rey gripped his hands on taani waist nd wth his touch on her'..she realised tht she had been successful'..she nw just placed and gave a passionate kiss pulling him more close to her '''rey to responded'''he too was pulling her more reducing the gap btwn thm''his hands wer nw moving from her waist to her thighs'''nw taani just placed his legs around his vaist nd her hands wer on his neck''rey carried her towards the bed without breaking the kiss'.nw they fall on bed'''.bt still they wer so engrossed in their kiss tht no1 wanted to get separated bt had to wen they felt short of breathe'''bth wer looking into each others eyes''.

While taani just pushed rey nd she was on top of him''.she started to caress his cheeks thn her hands roamed around his top nd was removing it while rey was holding her 4m waist''.tani started to kiss his forhead thn eyes thn neck thn his bare chest''while kissing she was struggling in opening his jeans' rey helped her lil nd thn she removed his pants'''her every touch was nw making rey go wild so rey just pushed her on bed nd nw he started to place wet kisses on her neck shoulder''.while his ryt hand unzipped her dress from back nd was removing her dress''.he went dwn to her jawline thn to cleavage''.taani hand was roaming in his hairs she was moaning his name''this was making him more out of cntrl nw he removed her inner nd started to give wet kisses on each part of her body''..she was enjying this''.his love was making taani more impatient nd was pulling rey more nd more''.rey just went dwn nd started to kissing her legs while he was massaging her inner thighs''.he nw went up nd removed her panty nd his boxers too''..he came to her bare stomach first he bitted her navel she moaned in pain thn he was just licking it through his tongue''.to ease her pain'..nw he came to her breast he was sucking it biting it just to make taani more wild''..along with this he was constantly massaging her inner thighs''.nw taani was out of cntrl she just pushed him nd started to give intense passionate kisses to him along with her ryt hand she was giving him blow job''.rey was knw cmpltly lost in her love''.he never knew tht his shy taani can ever turn into bold taani bt he was damn happy to see her like this''he started roaming her hands on her bare back whch was making taani more shiver nd shy''.she just thn look into his eyes''.bth eyes wer reflecting immense love for each other tht they wish to share life long in each others arms''.nw rey just turned her to opposite of him nd started placing wet kisses on her bare back'''rey started to make taani relax so tht she loosen her body'..nw he slowly turned her nd insert his finger into her vagina''.this made her pain''.soon in no tym he just pushed himself into her''..nd interwind his hands with her for support'''in this beautiful nght they shared their immense nd unconditional love nd became one''''nw rey took blanket nd covered themselves nd was knw kissing in her crook of her neck''..tani was caressing his hairs nd was placing wet kisses on her shoulder''.nw his lips touched her nd they had a passionate kiss for 10 mins''..he thn broke nd cupped her face

Rey ' thankz taani''.for giving me so beautiful surprise'.

Tani- rey aap ye kya thanxz nd srry bol rahe hoon''..hum alag nai hai maine jo bhi kiya hamare liye kiya''I knw aftr our marriage you wer craving for my love nd so do i'''.nd aapka frustration anger iska reason yahi tha tht we didn't got tym alone'' today I wished to end this gap btwn us permanently''..aap meri liye bht special hoon''..apke har choti se choti chizo se mujhe farak padta hai'''I love you lots rey''

Rey ' I love you too''.i m so lucky to have you''..pls always be thre with me''..nd promise me you will always love me like this nly'..wildwala love (naughtily)

Tani ' (blusingly) rey kya aap bhi''I m always your's nly''.nd I promise to love you ever''.

Rey ' (teasingly) vaise agar roz mujhe aisa hi love doze milta raha thn I m sure maine kabhi bhi frustrated nd angry nai ho sakta nd tired to bilkul nai

Tani ' aap jante hai rey''.kuch din se jo aapka change of behaviour tha was nt due to your over work load bt coz you wer craving for my love'''.hume alone tym spend karne mila hi nai''nd I was nt able to see you like this so I just planned this weekend outing for ourself  

Rey ' taani tum meri liye kitna sochti hoon'''srry tumpe gussa hone ke liye''''

Tani ' she just placed her lips on his'''nd gave a passionate kiss

Rey ' (shocked) ye kiss kyun''..

Tani ' wo kya hai na''(pulling his cheecks) mere pyare se cute se hot sexy husband mujhe thank you nd srry bolke paraya kar rahe hai''.so unko rokne ke liye ye trick

Rey ' (smirkly) agar tum aise hi karogi thn mujhe everytym tumhe thank you nd srry bolne mein koi problem nai hai

Tani ' (hit his chest) rey aap bhi na kitne naughty bante ja rahe hoon day by day

Rey ' mujhe to naughty banna bht pasand hai aur ye to tumhe mujhse pyaar karne se pehle sochna chahiye tha

Tani ' aapke iss naughtiness nd pure heart se mujhe aapse pyaar hua''..nd aap jaise hoon vaise pasand hoon (winking at him) cute naughty handsome hot sexy

Rey ' so mrs. Singhania ko maine hot nd sexy mein achcha lagta hoon''

Taani ' ha bht zyaada''.

Rey ' thn let me show sum more hotness wht say''

Tani ' (blusingly ) I m all yours rey'''ye 2 days hum dono ke life ke best days bana dijeye''.

Rey ' ur wish my command''..

he leaned nd started to kiss her wildly''..taani was pulling him more close to her'.nd rey was placing wet kisses over her bare body'''.they made love whole nght in each others arms'''soon they got tired nd slept rey placed his head on her chest nd his one hand on her stomach while taani careesed his hair nd was looking at his pc'..slepping peacefully with a sweet smile tht formed on his lips''she too hugged him in tht position nd slept''.

I end this os here''..srry if I had done any mistake'' was just mine thought whch I wrote''..

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lovelysweet Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 4:18am | IP Logged
yay me first
sooo freakin hot sexy update radhi really loved it omg soo hot my screen is burning really loved it soo much omg please keep writing more romantic updates i beg u really loved ur work omg plz make this 2 shot and show second day romance as u said that they took a holiday for 2 days plz plz plz u know i cant describe i just loved this update sooo much. loved the naughty taani and rey. aww tani is so nice she planned everything and love ur title ur wish is my command really loved it soo much its wonderful hot sexy aamzing cant describe more anyways loved this os keep writing more plz

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falgunirajpara Newbie

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
whats yaar update dikh nahi raha. wjats wrong . can u plzz update again nnplzz pm n me.

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taarey_vrimar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 12:51am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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priyal_TaaRey Goldie

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Awesome os dear Heart Heart   

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 5:30am | IP Logged
i gess tune yeh already pm kiya, maine padha bhi!!! 
waie its ossom 

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-Glitz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Wow Raddhi its juzz awesome.
Its Hot aswell as cute.
Lovely update
Thanks for the Pm. Wink

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Missu_TR IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 10:06am | IP Logged
hot and sexy update ...
awesome os ... 

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