Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

DL#3His Lust Her Desire/Epilog pg.52/ (Page 52)

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Uuhh  aah aah aah aah...  Cry

Uuhh  aah aah aah aah...  Cry

Uuhh  aah aah aah aah...  Cry

Uuhh  aah aah aah aah...  Cry
Uuhh  aah aah aah aah...  Cry

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   Arjun was about to move away from dresser when his eyes settled on da reflection behind him in mirror.Akhil wearing golden sherwani same like Arjun,engrossed in brushing his hairs in order to copy his dad hairstyle.He gasped as Arjun picked up him from chair & made him stood infront him on dresser.Taking brush from him Arjun set his hairs while he stood still like an obedient boy.Akhil eyes wided in joy when Arjun turned him to mirror.Akhil sequeled in joy:ye to bilkul aap jesa hai.

Arjun smiled:to tum bhi to bilkul mere jese ho.

Akhil turned & wrapped his little arms around his neck:i love you papa.

He couldnt explain in words the joy he felt whenever he heared "papa" from his mouth.Taking him in arms he kissed his forehead:papa loves u too.
Jay came inside,admired Akhil & asked Arjun to come downstairs.

There was his dadi,whole Ahluwalya family but for him da world disappear when his eyes settled on Arohi.Shefali & Amrit made Arohi sat on mandap,next to him.She slightly slapped his hand & whispered:ye nhi dusra hath.
Arjun proudly:koi bhi hath ho,thamna to padega.
She smiled & pulled his other hand.She did all da rituals wid her heart & soul.The stamp of God on their love,all da little things were of very important to her.But it was only happiness in her eyes dt mattered to him.
Finally tieng in sacred relationship in a proper way dy got up to take everyone blessings.Kartar:wese meri ijazat se pehle bhi ye tumhari hi thi,pr ab men bhi ijazat de rha hun.isse sath le jao pr bholna nhi Kartar ki potti hai.itni si bhi shikayt milli to London aa kr pkr lunga.
Arohi hugged him,he pulled Arjun too & gave them blessings.After meeting wid everyone Arohi looked at Rajveer who was trying best to hold his tears:Arjun men sb ki trhan ye nhi kahunga,k Arohi ka khyal rkhna kyunke mujhe pta hai tum rakho bs yehi kahunga,hmesha sath raho aur khush raho.
Kartar laughed:wah..Rajveer to smjhdar ho gya hai.
Sudheer proudly:aakhir beta kiska hai.
Rajveer gave him wide smile but Arjun & Arohi could feel tears in his eyes:ofcourse..Sudheer Ahluwalya ka beta hun.
Arjun hugged him,whispered:Thanks... Bhai.
He tighened his hug,sometime actions speaking more than words.They parted,he hugged Arohi while Arjun eyes met wid Kartar curious gaze.His experinced eyes seeing the real brorthers,one blood.Arjun shook his head in no & gave him assured smile.
In matter of heart,sometime lies are better than truth.


Saleel joyfully:Welcome in your sweet home.
He opened his arm wide to Arohi:thank u Arohi,mere Arjun ki life men wapis aaney k lye.
She hugged him while Saleel teased them:abhi k lye itna kafi hai,Arjun ghoor raha hai.

They laughed,he carried stunned Akhil in his arms:wah mera bhteja kitna pyara hai,bilkul apne chachu pr gya hai.
They were about to step inside when Kumud appeares wid thali:haey ye mennu kya dikh raha hai,lgta hai sffar chdh gya.
Kumud smiled:bilkul sahi dikh rha hai nhi chahti,mere bete ki khushyun koi bhi nazar lge.
She did aarti & spoke to both of them:I am realy sorry.
They quite her by wrapping their arms around in a hug.She kissed Akhil:what a lovely gift i gt.beta men aap ki granny hun.
Dadi taunted:granny tumhare yahan hoti hai,hmare yahan to dadi hoti hai.
Kumud smiled lovingly:dadi to bs aap hein,aap k jesa koi nhi ho skta islye men granny hun.


Arjun walked inside his bedroom & found Arohi standing near da window:Akhil aur mom ki to bateyn hi khtm nhi horhi,sonne ka naam hi nhi l rhe.bechara Saleel to sofa pr hi so gya.
He went close to Arohi & found her so lost:kya hua?
Arohi smiled:kuch ye soch rhi thi k mohabbat kitni ajeeb hoti hai,kya se kya bna deti hai.
She looked in Arjun eyes:jb men first time London aai thi to sare raaste roti aai thi aur aaj men yahan aa kr itna khush hun k lg rha hai is khushi men pagal hi ho jaungi.
Arjun eyes too became dazzed remembering start of their journey.She continued:mtlb men kbhi soch bhi nhi skti thi,k mujhe aese ladke se pyar hoga jo mere nahate waqt washroom men jhank skta hai.
Arjun smile disappeared & he raised his eyebrow:mene intentionaly nhi jhanka tha,tumhare towel kheichne se meri shirt slip ho gai thi.
Arohi did her best in hide her laughter.She continued to teased:acha ye soch kr k mujhe english nhi aati,Saleel se mere bare men kesi battein ki?aur bottle bhi jaan kr todi thi.aur terrace pr jb men paint se slip ho rhi thi to fayda utha kr kiss bhi kya tha.
He stopped her words,pulling her close:mujhe koi sharam nhi aai,ur effort is wasted.And I dont regret a   single moment spent wid you.
She too wrapped her arms around his neck:me too.
Roaming his hand over her back he innocently inquired:to kya special rituals hote hein?
Arohi confused:kis key?
Arjun with mischivous glint in his eyes:wedding night k.
Arohi slipped away from his arms,teasing:aaj ki century men bhi kya koi rituals follow krta hai?
Arjun:oh really?rituals follow nhi krte?phir aese hi tumhari haldi,mehndi k chakkar men ek hafta lgaya India men.ussi din naa utha kr le aata?
She brust into laugh when he carried her in arms & dropped her into bed.Arohi laughing:aese nhi krte,men btati hun.
Capturing her lips in his he announced:Arjun Singhania never need lessons.


   Arohi dreamily:its beautiful.
Arjun:not more than you.
She was dressed in white cinderella gown for their wedding reception,christan wedding theme.Arohi surprise had no limit on finding dis gown on her bed, in morning.Everything of dis house grand hall turned into 80s english style.Before all the guests dy exchanged da rings & cut a lovely strawberry cake.She twirled in his arms on beat of musics:men soch bhi nhi skti thi,tumhe mere ye childish wish yaad hogi.
Wrapping arms around herself he whispered from behind:Arjun saans lena bhool skta hai,pr Arohi k baare men kuch nhi bhool skta.
Saleel came wid Akheel,Arohi ruffled his hairs & Arjun picked him up in arms:mera baby enjoy kr rha hai?
Akhil joyfuly:its winderful.Saleel set camera of his cell:hum ne hall ka koi corner nhi choda aur bride groom ko hum bhool hi gaey.
After capturing of few pics Arjun took camera from his hand:bs ab ye mujh pr chod do,tum jao.
Saleel confused:kahan?
Saleel:wo kyun?
Arjun:Purvi aa rhi hai,apne parents k sath.
Looking in Saleel wide eyes he added:flight land krne wali tyarian puri hai,raat k haldi k function ki bhi sb preparation hogai hai.
Saleel speechless in disbelief:tu mujhe pehle to btata,men apni halt achi kr leta.
He rolled his eyes on his friend stupidity:tu kuch bhi krley,aesa hi dikhe ga.aur agr pehle se bta deta to phir tu mere function ki preparation kese krta?
Saleel:tu buht hi..
Looking at laughing Arohi & Akhil he gave him a tight hug:akele men bolunga.
He flew away from their.Akhil slipped arms around his laughing parents & took da most memorble selfie.


Arjun picked up sleepy Akhil in his arms.Arohi pushed away da luddo board & adjusted his shirt:Good night sweetheart.
Akhil mumble in sleep:Akhil loves mama.
Arjun carried him to attached room:acha?holiday plan papa ne ki,surprise birthday party bhi papa ne di,itne sare gifts bhi dey.phir bhi mama ko love,unhune to koi gift bhi nhi dya.
Akhil smiled in sleep:unka gift sb se best hai,hmara secret hai.
Soon his breathing confirmed his deep sleep.Turning lights off of his room he walked back to his room & found Arohi lyng on her elbow near da head side of bed.Her seductive fingers playing wid texture of one red"gotti" wid a silly smile on her lips.

He sat on other side wid a groan:You have ruined reputation of an innocent game,isi dekh kr bhi mujhe torture hota.mujhe pta hai,mene kese brdasht kya.
He grabbed her silky ankle but she pulled her leg back,wid a teasing smile:to phir ek hmari wali game ho jaey phir?

Their caged passions had now turned into storm.Love & happiness were like a fuel to their burning craving.

As Arohi was the first whose first gotti got defeat,Arjun proudly asked for:your robe?

Her fingers untie da silk knots & slipped it from her creamy shoulders,slowly slowly revealing sheer black lingere in beneath.How all da wicked deeds seems so right wid him.His husky voice raised goose bumps on her skin:I surrender.
Arohi gave him warning look:Puri game krni hai.
Next time Arjun was out,she teasingly whispered:your shirt.
His eyes were looking inviting fire in dim golden lights:Always at your service.
His muscular,delicious body was great distraction but still this time she succeeded in wining.Arjun showing her fake sadness reached to his belt but Arohi shook her head in No.To his questioning gaze she raised on her knees & moved to him:kiss.
Slipping her fingers in his hairs she pulled him closer & crush her mouth to his.Their lips seems in war wid eachother,fighting to drink more & more.She punished him wid a sweet bite when pulling her in lap he tried to be dominant.
Breaking da kiss,she turned but wrapping his arms he kept her in his lap.His lips leaving marks on her neck & shoulder.She tried to free herself:game to complete kro.
He groaned:us game ka khyal tha to ye game start nhi krni thi naa.
He pinned her to bed , their lips locked in a demanding kiss.As their tounge was busy in salsa their hands ran on their own.She moaned as he showered kisses on her chin & neck.Licking,biting driving her crazy wid his each move.He pulled away da barrier of fabric between them,worshipping every exposed inch.She pushed hin on his back,determinant to taking lead.They rolled in rhythm of passions.

Friction of her soft skin against his rough one creating unbearble burning fire.She kissed his face,his neck,his shoulders.He pulled her closer,pressing her to him:what a lucky day,aaj to buht hi zyada pyar aa rha hai.
Kissing his chest she whispered:i am pregnent Arjun.
Feeling him freeze she moved up & look in his eyes:u r going to be father,again.
She added shyly:islye tumhare gift se mera promise Akhil ko zyada pasand aaya.
Arjun overwhelmed by da emotions,kissed her forhead:men hmesha sochta tha,agr life chance deti to tum mujhe Akhil k baare men kese btati,kesa hota wo moment.and see how lucky i am..mujhe life ne dubara chance dya.thank you.
He pulled her in arms.Arohi too wrapped arm around him:mene tumhe hr pal yaad kya tha Arjun..Akhil se related hr moment men,men tumhare lye tadpi thi.ab men tumhe khud se pal ek k lye bhi dour nhi hone dungi.
He tightened his arms:hum kbhi alg nhi honge Arohi,kbhi bhi nhi.


Akhil:papa ye dekho Preet ne smile kya.
Arjun quickly picked his camera but his darling daughter like his dad preferred sternd faces instead of smiling.Akhil ptotested:aap ko camera ready rkhna tha naa.
Arjun pleaded:please smile,once more.
Arohi was laughing unconditionally on their silly efforts.This lake side had so many memories & will have many more.Arjun tired again rested his head in Arohi lap:ye mere bche bhi naa
Arohi completed:tum par gaey hein.
Arjun teased:haan jese unki mom ko to men janta nhi.
Arohi challenged:acha jii...aur tum to jese...

Love makes life beautiful.

Sorry if nt cm on ur expectation.Hope u like.

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1st :D

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fell in luv wid dis arjuhi all over again
ri8 nw feeling lyk m watching a dream...A PERFECT DREAM awieee PREET came back again lovely
mai sochta tha k agar qismat mujhe mouqa deti to tm mujhe kese batati akhil k bare me...seriously hw can u write dese kind of so much emotionally lines
MAHI I FELL IN LUV WID U AGAIN...kash ye 7 samandar ka fasla na hota hamare darmyan to aj ek kiss to pakka tha...arey cheek pe yr..kuch b mat socho haan lol

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aesa hai once is nt enough...going to read dis epilogue again :*

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Love u Jaan
Puri rat bana di
Ye Arjun sabse hot he ab tak ka
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Kahin yeh sapna toh nahi ..? Some 1 pinch me please ...this ws so so cute ..finally arjuhi god married with proper rituals ..
Akhil is just like arjun ..
Finally jay ko purvi mil gayyi ...
I loved arohi's bold side ..last part
Ws incrediblely cute ..I cant dl is over
It wiill always remain special for me ..
I so wish this never ends ..;)

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