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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

DL#3His Lust Her Desire/Epilog pg.52/ (Page 39)

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Arjun didnt gave him even time to blink,grabbing his collar he stood him up & again gave him a hard punch on nose.Arohi went near Akhil to take him in her protective arms but one of da man kept knife on Akhil neck wid a warning look.While da other two man too join Aryan & attacked Arjun.No hurt,No pain. .The father inside him overcame on all da things.Pushing them aside he kept beating Aryan like an animal"tumhe mere bete k hr ek aansu,hr ek takleef ka jawab dena hoga.tumhari himmat kesi hui mere bete ko hath lgane ki."

Soon da three of them were on floor injured badly.Taking advantage Akhil bite on his captive's hand & flew away.He ran behind him but block by rib broking punch of Arjun.Arohi desperately raised her arms toward her darling son but her limbs frozed as instead of her he ran toward Arjun & wrapped his little arms around his neck tightly.He lifted him up in his arms.

Soothing his back he did rain of kisses on his angelic face:stop crying. .Sb theek hai.
Arjun hard punch had made him fall on floor.But instead of accepting defeat ..Aryan who was so much injured bcause of Aejun beating used his remaining strength.Streching his hand he picked up da sharp knife & before Arjun again attacked him.he threw it in his direction.
But thankfully Arjun gt its sight and turned to other side at right time.

It missed Arjun but didnt miss its victim.The soft flesh above heart horribly started bleed making everyone gasped in horror.

It hit Preet,whom Arohi had kept out for safety.Instead of her mama order she came inside hearing noises.Arohi ran to her wid a scream.Arjun hide Akhil face in crook of his neck to prevent dis horrible view.While his own eyes remain open in horror.Arohi tried her best to awoke her on finding her breathless.Nor she move,Nor she blink only her shirt soaked more & more from her blood.Aryan almost draging himself reached to lifeless body of preet.His face had turned white like a ghost.Taking her from Arohi he shook her in madness:Preet,mera bcha aankhen kholo.I know tum theek ho.Wake up.Abhi to hum ne disney He madly stared at his hand dt had her blood on it"nhi ho skta kuch tumhe.Please aankhen kese hogya mujhse.Preettt



Arohi opened her eyes wid great force.She deeply look around unable to recognize da strange luxorious bedroom.And dn da nurse shift behind & she caught sight of dadi.She tried to ask but her dry throat didnt allowed her.Dadi lovingly sooth her forhead & recognizing da worry in her eyes she assured:Akhil bilkul theek hai,neeche Arjun aur Kartar sahab k pass hai.

Amrit pressed juice to her lips but she moved away her face.In low,painful voice she whispered:Preet?

They became quite,Reading truth from their expressions tears streamed down from her eyes.Dadi sadly tried to console her:bche to farishte hote hen,unhe kbhi kisi chot se dard nhe hota.Unki takleef to sirf maa,baap k lye sza hoti hai.

Doctor pushed all away noticing her lowering blood pressure.She injected her again to calm her senses.



Three days had passed,Arohi was finally able to sit after lots of care & medicine.But da attack on her nervous system was visible in her docile state..her pale skin,hollow eyes.She came to know dt Arjun had brought her & Akhil in his home on da same night.But in all these passing days she didnt gt a glimpse of him.While she was aware of her Family constant visit but most of da time she was dozing in effect of medicine or pretended to sleep to avoid any kind of conversation.The disasters of passing days had shatterd her soul.

Purvi served soup to her as Arohi kept staring at ceiling quietly she tried to get her attention:doctor ne kaha hai tumne buht improve kya hai,jald theek ho jao gi.Than she added:Aryan ki bigerti halat ki wja se police ne usko hospital shift krdya.Doctor ka kehna hai apni hi beti ko apne hi haat se marne k shock ne mentally disbalance krdya hai finall report ka wait kr rhe hen phr use mental assylum shift kr dya jaey ga.Aryan ka lawyer bhi aaya tha papers le kr.bta dya usne tum dono ki koi shadi nhi hui thi.Trusty ho tum uski property ki to office,ghar vgera k issues k lye use tumhara order chahey.

Arohi words cut her in between:leave me alone.Akele rehna chahti hun men.

Purvi:par Arohi.

Arohi:please. .

She left while Arohi shudered as da slide show of the night passed away infront of her eyes.She pushed away da blanket & stepped down in comfy slippers,new bt deir size assured dy were only bought for her.Tieng da robe of her white silk gown she went out.In empty hallway she luked for Akhil.She went to open door room hearing his laugh.His sound worked like a fuel to her motherly burning love.But she paused at entrance on founding him in Arjun lap.

Both men engaged in playing video game,their laughter,da happy glow on their face priceless.The sight was not what she fear of,Akhil was safe,healthy happy dt he was never before wid her.She silently stared at them.As she knew. .Arjun is a successful, wonderful father not like her. .A horrible mother!

Holding back her tears she ran away from there.


The lights went away wid da next lound thunder.Gushes of wind informed da arrival of heavy rain.Feeling da pressure of air Arjun opened da door completely & as he expected windows were wide open.He walk inside,da door shut on automatic lock.Placing da candle safely he walked to window where she was standing quietly."Arohi" The sound of her name from dt magical voice brought her on earth.And dn da sudden lightening outside made her jump back,cause her back to crush in his chest.The muscles gt even more strength during these passed years.In worry she spoke:Akhil.

Arjun:dadi k sath so rha hai.

She nodded but didnt turn,in effort to hide her red swollen eyes which was result of her painful cry.Instead of all da masks she put,she was looking familiar to him...the same Arohi he knew once.She tried her best to remain still but da fear of storm was visible in her shiver.He extended his strong muscular arms around her & closed da window.As his arm kept their cage around her for too long she lifted up her eyelashes & met dose brown deep ocean.His stuble,his ruffled hairs state of his open buttons shirt making it sure she was nt da only one who found da night sleepless.

After a long moment he stepped back"tufan hai..tham jaey ga"

he was about to walk away but stopped hearing her words"par phir sb kuch bdal jaey kuch apne sath le jaeyga phir kuch bhi nhe bche ga"

Wrapping arms around herself she pressed her lips together to prevent da sob.She melt like ice feeling warmth of his touch on her arm.In next moment her face hide in his chest as she brust into terrible cry.The tears which was she holding from years.His arms wrapped around her protectively.His fingers sooth her back.Ache of his heart visible in his tone:Arohi. .

"mene sb galat krdya. .mujhe kuch smjh nhi aaya tha.mujhe nhi pta tha..

He made her sit next to him on bed,made her drink water but she chocked on it:men kbhi khud ko maaf nhe kr paungi..kbhi bhi nhi.

Placing glass aside he took her face & wiped her tears.He made her lay back.His lips pressed against her forehead as his thumb stroked her cheeks:bhool jao sb kuch. .Sb bhool jao Arohi.

"men sb bhoolna chahti hun"her broken voice whispered.Her arms wrapped around his neck.With all her strength he pulled him against her in desire to lost...

His arm slipped around her while his lips not left an inch of her face.The kisses conveyng assurance,protectiveness,trust,forgiveness.As his lips brushed against her she parted her lips & capture him instantly.

Their mouth crushed against eachother in battle to svour their tounge danced together.Her fingers ran in his hairs,on his back in desperation.He kissed her chin,jaw to sensitive flesh of neck.His tounge kept playing wid her ear till her whimpers of pain replaced by of pleasure.She remain clawed to him,not risking a mere moment of distance from him.He pushed down da gown from her shoulders,driving crazy in her scent.Her head threw back feeling roughness of his stuble against delicate flash of her bosoms.She hugged him even more tightly.She felt alive after so long feeling his breath wid her heart beat.

She welcomed him even more dn wilingly.The perfections of their limbs together brought tears of unbearble pleasurble.He drown* into her with all her passion hushing her melodious sound in a deep soulful kiss.


' Love only happen once so how can she fall for him again & again'The though again strike her as she watched him sleeping next to her.His handsome face so peaceful,so carefree,so in love.

LOVE? She slowly moved away his arm from her waist & slide down from bed.The magic slowly started to slip away as knots of past started to strong again.

Arjun woke up & found her lost in thoughts.How much his heart was aching in desire to see those beautifullips stretched in smile.And after last night he was sure da moment is not far.All da fog had cleared He got his heaven back..
But to his surprise noticing him she stood & turned away from him.Before he could wrapped her in his arms she utterd:please leave me alone...

Realizing she was da one in his home she chli jaungi kal.
After a long silence he left while she brust into tears.


Arohi turned her face away from grand window hearing Rajveer voice.The pain was visible in his voice:jb tum choti thi,to zra si baat par bhi mujhe aakr jga deti thi.Jb bhi problem hoti thi men kahe bhi hota tha tum wahe pounch jati thi.Aur ab itna kuch saha,itna kuch hua tum ne mujhe kuch bhi nhe btaya..tumhari galti nhe,men he acha bhai nhi hun.

Arohi gave a sad smile:ache to hen. .par bhai he nhi hai.

Rajveer read her deeply dn spoke in a carefree tone:tumhe Preet k marne ka itna afsos kyun hai?Wo Aryan ki beti thi.Acha hua use aesi sza mili.

The injured mother snapped back at him:wo meri beti thi.beshk mene use janam nhe dya par mene hr pal use apni aulad ki trhan pyar kya hai.

He walked to her:tum Preet se pyar nhe kr skti.Agr mom,dad,dadu,dj,men tum se pyar nhe krte,hmara tum se koi rishta nhe to tum bhi Preet se pyar nhe kr skti.

His words hit her like a realization.He continued:is dunya men kuch rishte khon k rishte se bdh k hote hen.Kbhi kbhi apne bhi gero se zyada zalim ho jate hen.tumhe kahi na kahi ye lgta hoga shayd tum apne apno se kho gai hogi,koi tumhe yad krta hoga,tumhare lye rota hoga par mujhe dekho.mere pass to kisi khush fehmi ki bhi gunjaysh nhe..

To Arohi confused gaze he replied:men Sudheer Ahluwalya ka nhi. .Rudr Singhania ka beta hun.

Arohi luked him in disbelief.He continued:yeh sch hai mujhe usi raat pta chla jb tumhe pta chla chup islye nhi rha k sch k samne se darta tha blke islye men apne dad k aankhon men hmesha yehi yakeen dekhna chahta tha jo itne saalo se hai.Aur aaj jb mujhe pta chla jo Aryanne Akhil k sath kya..apni beti k sath kya mujhe dad k lye aur bhi zyada respect hogi.Arohi hum dono buht lucky hen jo hme itne pyar krne wale parents aur family milli hai.Arohi please in khushion se munnhi mohabbtonko apnaa lo.Arjun ko apna lo.
She luked up in his eyes:Arjun tumse buht pyar krta hai Arohi..hmesha krta tha.mujhse buht bddi.galti hogai thi.jis k pchtave men hr pal tadpa hun.Arjun ne tumhe kbhi koi divorce nhi bheja tha.usne kbhi tumse alg hona nhi chaha tha.
Arohi luked him in disbelief.Rajveer:usne ek galtfehmi ki vja se sign kya..islye k tumhe kbhi tumhari adoption ka sch pta naa chle.tumhare rishte ki shurvad kisi bhi vja se kisi bhi mqsad se sch yehi hai wo tumse hmesha se buht pyar krta hai.
Tears of regret fall down from Arohi eyes.She turned away from him"meri galtiki sza khud ho.arjun ko mt do.please mujhe maaf krdo"Rajveer pleaded & left.


She ran out & at da moment hear voice of driver:jii Arjun sahb ko airport chod aaya.flight time par hai.
Arohi indisbelief:kyaa
Dadi luked at her & sadly informed:Arjun wapis london ja rha hai.
Her heart sank,her legs became like rubber as she felt life slipping away from her.Arjun had left wid Akhil...leaving her in poison of deeds.Ofcourse da pain she gave dm & all she deserve nothing but dis punishment.Sitting on stairs she started crying just dn Akhil voice shocked her:mom kyun rhi ho?please mt ro.
She pulled him in hug:tum nhi please i m sorry Akhil please mujhe maaf krdo.please mujhe hate mt kro mujhse nhi brdasht hota.
He wiped her tears:papa ne mujhe bta dya hai aap buht achi ho,mujhse buht pyar krti ho.wo aap se kho gaey the aur aap monster k pass phss gai mene papa se promise kya hai men aap ka khyal rkhunga..hmesha aap k pass rahunga.aap ko kbhi tng nhi krunga.
Arohi painfully sighed:mujhe sb kuch loota kr mera sb kuch le gaey...

Saleel finally asked:Kumud aunty kyi baar pouch chuki..tum arohi aur Akhil ko to sath la rhe ho naa.
Arjun:nhi wo Akhil k bger nhi reh paeygi.
Saleel irritated:tb to tumhe Akhil ko le kr aana chahey tha.Arohi khud hie tyar ho jati tunhare sath aane par.
Arjun gave sacrastic laugh:kbhi bhai,kbhi fanily,kbhi izzat,kbhi dadi aur ab beta...hmesha blackmail hi to kya usko khud se jodde rkhne k lye.ab men use aur kisi majboori k bahane qaid nhi krna chahta .meri galtyun ki yehi sza bnti hai..Mohabbat ka mzaq udaya tha to ab Mohabbat ne mzak bnadya mujhe.
He cut da call as his heart swolled in pain of helplessness.Just dn his eyes noticed her standing infront of her.He watched her in disbelief as she walked to him & dn in same innocence she asked:kya tum mujhe maaf nhi krskte?
He pulled her in arms as dy both brust into tears:u dnt have a 2nd chance to back away mrr jaunga.
Arohi:i ll never..i cant.mrr jaungi tumhare bger. I love u Arjun please mujhe apna bna lo.
He whispered wid a teary smile:tum hmesha meri thi...hmeshaa

~~~The End~~~

tum khud ba khud utar gaey dil se rooh men...
   hum soch k kbhi mohabbat naa krtey

   Here is the last chapter.Hope it nt sounded too disappointed.Thank u all silent,vibrent readers for making this journey successful.Thank u for ur love & support.

Dont forget to hit Like & please do comments.

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Wicked taste of Love-

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Me first? :O

OMG Mahi! Why is this the final chapter? Cry
I loved it, but I wish it had been a little longer. Because you know, I'm a very greedy reader! LOL
I thought the knife would hit Akheel or Arohi...
But it killed Preet! :( Idiotic Aryan killed his own daughter! May he suffer for a very long time!
Poor little Preet didn't deserve to die... :( She paid for her father's sins. Unhappy
Arohi knows the entire truth finally! It was time Rajveer spoke up!
Arjun and Arohi are finally together! :') Heart
Now nobody can separate them, ever! 
A happy family of three: Arjun, Arohi and Akheel. Embarrassed
Thank you Mahi for such a beautiful story! Heart Clap
I'm looking forward to your new FF!
*tears of happiness*

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YAY!! you updated!
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preet ko maar dia???????????? Ouch
arjun arjun arjun why m falling in luv wid u after every passing min...koi inna achha kese ho sakta hai Day Dreaming
waah rajveer beta first eva dlg of urs jo mere dil me utar gaya...kya sahi dlg maara hai Clap
pr fir b d ened itni jaldi abi to poora year b cmpl8 ni hua Pinch
nd ya its a last warning to u mahi do not start any new ff until or unless u havnt finished ur last 1 Dead
i want DTADHN nd KAK update asap bcoz as u said unke kuych hi chappy remaning hai nd i want LFL ka fast update to m nt gonna cmmnt on any of ur stry Broken Heart Angry

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Resss Ouch
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Ouch what the hell was this!!! Confused
mahi tumha marathon race ma participate karna hai kya...why so rushed yerErmm   

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Broken Heart
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oh mahi, this is concluded CryCry - I will miss them
u killed preet - oh no mahi - why did the poor girl had to suffer for aryan's wrong deeds - it should be Aryan who should have been killed - may preet's soul RIP
lovely journey mahi
thank u dear for this awesome story
give us a epilogue whenever u find time - I would like to see how their small family is getting along

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