Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

DL#3His Lust Her Desire/Epilog pg.52/ (Page 28)

.Safina. Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2013 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
So much has happened in one update!
I can't wait for my Arjun to beat the hell out of that Aryan! 
Finally Arohi knows the truth! OMG I can't wait for the next update!
But hopefully her family won't think that Arjun told her that she is an orphan!
Please Mahiii update sooner this time <3
Love you!

MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2013 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
thappad,punch aaye haye after a long tym dil jeet litta mahi :)
or thoko is nalayaq ko...waah saro ne arohi ko blame kia another superb turn in stry
mere arjun ko itta sataya kuch to return me milna hi tha
poor akhil baby chala tha angel se milne pahonch gaya hell huh
update nxt jaldi se

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Ye konsi marathon race thi ?
Teri update se lag raha he ki next chap epilogue hi hoga !
Huh n jab I started to enjoy punchn kick to aaryan !, you stop there ???? How rude r u ?
N pleaseee next I want this otherwise m not gonna comment any of your ff,ss
Aweee my poor baby Akhil ! Grrr kill that aryan n how dare how dare arohi slapped my Akhil !!! Finally andhi ki aankhe khul gayi !!!
Wahhh mere sher ka gussa !!!
Aor Mahi tu muje ye bata , tuje ullus aor aryan se Itna pyaar kyun he!!!! I mean why you drag zoo family in shimla???
Ab dekhna Rahi sahi kashar bhi nikal dege faltu ke emotional drama me
I want hottt reunion of arjohiii n yeah I f u continue with my Arjun hot fatasyyy next 10 12 chapter more , I don't mind !!!!
Muahhh Jaan we'll come back
N shopping ki pic bhejiyo , baki ka adee pe aa Jana

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AAKMH2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Posted:13 September 2013 at 9:25am| IP Logged
First of all I don't like the title...kitna bura sound karta haiOuchsorryEmbarrassed
So I'd first read the 1st part in the 3rd thread & out of curiosity went back searching for the 1stone. You dint provide any link to the prev threads in this thread.. :/ and I'd forgotten it would be there in the thread shona had made(sticky topic).

Tumhe title bura lga? Oh god shibx itna deyr krdya btane men...pehle btana men.kuch kr bhi.nhi.skti.
Phir kya title hona chahey tha..btao :)
3rd thread?...end se start :p
Glad u found it readable :)

Aah...its all credit goes to minuu jii .mera thread lock kr deti hai hr baar :(

Anyhow I found it & I started to read..

OMG! What an entry..Angry young man cum Hot cum besharam cum bindasCooland what not?BlushingTotally drool worthy..Day Dreaming

Complete package..dts wjt our arjun ;$

How he says the toughest of the things with easeLOLthat too making poor Arohi embarrassedLOL

Glad u like :D

His one linersShockedToo good ya.. tu sabke dialogues itne perfectly kaise soch leti hai? Like seeing things from all the characters' POVs? Awesome!

Thank u :*

Arjuhi's first kissBlushing

OMG Aryan & GauriAngryMorons! Love that Arjun kept an eye on these 2 & takes Arohi awayWinkbut I dint understand..Arjun loved Rashi so much..yet he takes the risk at her wedding?Confused

Arjun is expert player..isnt he?;)

Iss FF mein toh sabka sense of humour ek se badkar ek hai..bas express karne ka tareeka alagROFL ff men.aap ko.entertainmnt mst millega :)

I'm a Big fan of ur sense of humour MahiROFLanother reason why I love this ff.. Saleel, Shefali, JayROFLSuperb! And ofcourse Arjun is unbelievableROFL u

Poor Jay & ShefaliLOLBut Simmi & Tina? Ye dono toh beginning of the ff mein bhi Singhu & Ahlu haveliConfusedn jo office mein the wo different log the?Stern Smileya tumhe bhi yahan Balaji writers ki tarah partial amnesia hogaya thaLOL

Ahem..acha? Name same hogaey girs r dffrnt :p

Office Romance..ahem.. soo Hot!BlushingAll the Eena Mina Dika's cracked me upROFL

Haha...thank u jii

I love how Arjun always kept an eye on Arohi with Rishi around & always came to her rescueHug

Arjun.kesa bhi ho possesve to hota hi hai

OMG!! Arjun the culprit</3 It was all his game plan for the property?? I soo hated Arjun here!Angrylike A LOT!

I cn feel..hw much angry u ff men.jitni gaali arjun ko padii hai shayd hi kosi ff men padi ho :p

As if all that he did wasn't enough, he also plans to sleep with her out of lust? I seriously Hate him soo much for this! Even when he knew what kinda girl she is.. when he dint let that B*****d Rishi touch her, how could he with a similar intention?

DeadHe thought she would forget it & he too..even when his conscious pinches him..? My heart goes out to ArohiHugIf I were one of the regular readers I would also kill him with my gaalisStern Smilebut after reading all the chaps, I totally believe that he had started to fall for her(if not completely in love) when she was head over heals in love with him.. True to his character he was bad at expressing it.. he let his mind take over his heart.. he felt a pinch in his heart that he hurt her & holds her close shows that he subconsciously dint want to lose her..he probably did not want to accept if afraid of falling in love.. but eventually he becomes vulnerable and loses his heart to her..Best thingBig smile

I realy wish u were one of da regular reader...kitna enjoy tumhare comments.
Kitna nda reder chupa hua tha tumhare under..hw deeply i translate meaning of his simple action.m impressed ;)

"She is my Wife" One of my most fav chapters<3 I was dancing when Arohi slapped & Arjun punched that B*****dSilly

Glad u enjoy :D
I too enjoy writing it.

Arjun's shameless kisses in front of his office staffLOL.. Wedding Anniversary mein toh just the kiss part was the best part of the wedding for Mr. Besharam SinghaniaLOL

Haha..character ko.maintain rkhta pdta hai ;)

All their LM scenes were so Hot.. sooo RomanticBlushing
Their honeymoon...awww<333 I love you for giving so many memorable scenes for our Arjuhi before dropping the big bombStern Smile

Glad u like :) :$

Arjuhi were soo sweet in the India scenes.. aww Arjun goes to Shimla for a project.
That Loser Aryan even after being married calls his affair with Gauri a silly affair..

Marriage k.baad hi use ehsaas hua hoga :p

Arjun wanted to fly back to London along with Aro asap far from this place that could separate them.. My heart went out to ArjunHug

Lo.pehle gaalyan ab arjun k.sath ka mood chage hota rehta hai :p

And then..Tadaah! What was that! Here I felt just the way I felt for KMH every time there was a sad track!

Thank u.for such big complimemt ...mean alot to me

If I were a regular reader..I would go into depression waiting for ur following update/sCryAs if Michael destroying Arjun's business was not enough, police arrests Arjun for Michael's murder..Arjun ko dikhaya bhi nahi..typial KMH(Balaji) jahan Arjun ko nahi dikhate the towards the end mostly when in jail..

Hahaaa...u r comparimg me wid balaji..wht a compliment :p

Tumhe bda shock hai arjun ko arrest hote hue dekhne kaa?

Kitna sab hogaya iss epi mein.. Michael's murder bhi!! So unexpected! Typical Balaji twists jahan pata hi nahi chalta kab kahan kya hojaye.

I love twists!!! <3 :p

Arohi was so supportive when she wanted to help Arjun out of it.. but to both Arohi & Arjun's bad luck, Arohi comes to know the truth at this critical time!Disapprove
What a sadist MahiAngry

Wo.pyar hi kya jahan.dard naa ho ;)

Tumhara Love impossible prh k.kya itne se twist se tumhara ye haal hai :p

Oh! How much I love to hate RajveerDeadWhat an idiot! He is more happy having discovered Arjun's truth & revealing it to Arohi not once thinking of her state of mind!

Ulluwalya jo.hai :p

I wonder if he is really Rudra's & Amrit's child? Or Kumud's?Stern SmileLOL

Pehle hi.bda chkkr hai tu aur naa bna :p

How insensitive! Yeah I know Rudra was also in the wrong for leaving his wife & newborn baby for his career but Rajveer? He thought he was helping Arohi with his stupid revelations? JerkAngry

Kuch to.baap.ka asarr hoga naa ;

U ll love him

Hypocrite himself who spends money on illegal bets hiding from his family & ungli uthaying at Arjun!Thumbs Down

Wah aai arjun ki dewani

I'm really surprised..for the first time I love "Sudhir" in any storyLOL


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Saleel<3 & Purvi is also so sweet and understanding<33
I Love that he was by arjun's side & fights his case :') Dil ko bohut sukoon mila.. warna mera arjun kitna akela hota..

Haey...glad u like

Whao! what brilliance Mahi.. 2 years in jail for no murder committedCry& 3 more years in London away from Arohi out of majboori.. but m so glad he works hard day & night to build his empire again :')

Lea le kr..bcha bda nhi.krna tha?? :p

It's so inspiring.. he makes use of his stay in London even when he was so desperate to meet Arohi..all for their future.. Such a confident Man.. I'm so proud of him<3

Dts wht he is used to do from choldhood..a strong man

And then the way u showed Arjun's entry after the leap! Sigh! Again gave me Balaji feel.. Heart felt heavy.. I did not expect a 5 year leap! That was really so long for my ArjunCrybut he comes..he comes searching for his Arohi :')
It was overwhelming to see him...his efforts<3

Tune Arjuhi ke first LM flashback mein dikhaya! Wah wah! Balaji writers need to learn from youStar

Ek baat mera aur balaji ka comparoson...tu tareef kr rhi hai ya burrai? ;(

Ab sa track men thoda to relief dena tha mene..

Sam, Akheel & Preet are supercute kids<3 Jay is so funnyLOLI wonder how Aryan can be such a loving father to Preet!
He scared Akheel & Akheel would vent his anger at kids in schoolOuch

Glad u like...apne bche se to janwar bhi.pyar krta hai

Oh! How much I hate Arohi for living with Aryan of all the ppl..I cant believe she is married to him..if she has that is.. I still feel there could be some Mahi twist hereWink
Arohi thinks Akheel is dangerous just like Arjun & punishes himOuch

Apni mahi pr bhrosa rkho ;)

Does Arohi & Aryan Kiss?Shockedwo scene wahan cut kyun kiya? Kitna sab hai reveal karne ko n u r rushing MahiEvil Smile

No way...arjuhi k.millan men bola to arohi sirf hai ;)

Kya dimag paaya hai MahiClapisi tarah hume entertain karti rehnaTongue

thank u for such lovely beautiful.comment...cant tell u hw happy i am.ur time..ur lovely words mean alot to me.m so happy u enjoy reading to read ur feedback further

So sorry for late reply...was inactive

Love u so much


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AAKMH2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 7:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shibz

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#666666">btw..the first thread has titles for every chapter.. 2nd thread has chapter number only & 3rd has page number alone in the indexStern Smile n Payal aur mujhe lazy kehti hai!</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#666666">pata hai 2nd thread dhundne mein kitna mushkil hua? u dint paste the link in first thread index nor in the 3rd thread!</font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#666666">both #1 & #2 i searched on google.. #1 toh milgaya but #2 k liye i had to try all combinations with title in google.. wo bhi phone se i couldnt access toh i had to see n type the exact title again in jaake direct link mila.. Phew!</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#666666">Wo sab update karna... if ppl would want to read just like me!</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#666666">see mai itna bhi lazy nahi hunCool</font>

err...lazy nhi ots just mood Sleepy

bt da goes to my internet cnnction...home ka net connevtion.khtm no lappy aur cell se format and all settle krna biht mushkil hai :(

is se pehle men index set krun...minuu thread lock krdeti hai ;( fr dt.

pr tum mujhse bhi to bol skti thi! men de deti.

hehe..nhi tum to meri jaan ho

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kavyasam

me too waiting to read  Arjun ki hatho Aryan ki dhulayi  Dancing
observation : when I typed arjun with small a it just showed a red line,when I typed Aryan with a small a  it automatically changed to caps.  isn't that unfair.   Jitna Maahi ke ff mein Aryan ki importance hai isi se pata chalta hai Confused
is it?Evil Smile
shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 10:51am | IP Logged
YAYY!! Mahi ka updateDancing  & Mahi ka reply!!Confused samaj nahi aaraha mera line kahan end hota hai n tumhara reply kahan startLOL

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 11:08am | IP Logged
oh shibzy, now I get it - was mahi replying to ur comment - I was a bit confused with that post - wanted to go back and see the comments to understand whats going on - but u have saved me from doing that
I think mahi is having some formatting issues since she is browsing through phone
anyways, thx for the update mahi - btw, when is the next update dear

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