Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

DL#3His Lust Her Desire/Epilog pg.52/ (Page 19)

MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 5:04am | IP Logged
inteha ho gai intezaar ki
aai na kuch khabar mere yaar (mahi) ki
ye hume hai yaqee'n bewafa wo nahi
fir wajah kya hui intezaar ki???? ;)
bolo bolo :P

AAKMH2 IF-Rockerz

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Hello my lovely ladies...hope u all r doung well.

Having net problem so not able to come online

bt will updt tonight

thank u so.much for ur lovely worda

love u all
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Originally posted by AAKMH2

Hello my lovely ladies...hope u all r doung well.

Having net problem so not able to come online

bt will updt tonight

thank u so.much for ur lovely worda

love u all
i hope night main update mil jaye
Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by AAKMH2

Hello my lovely ladies...hope u all r doung well.

Having net problem so not able to come online

bt will updt tonight

thank u so.much for ur lovely worda

love u all

eagerly waiting fr arjun reaction,action n result Big smile
MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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yeee 9t ho gai ab lao update ;)
AAKMH2 IF-Rockerz

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Updating in 5 minutes

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AAKMH2 IF-Rockerz

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The clock strike 12"One day had passed,Three are remaining"Her thoughts abrupt wid thunder outside making her shuder.Slipping away from Akhil She got up to close window.It was raining again.Seems da sky too was crying wid her.Old pain seems to blosom under soft rain drops falling on her cheeks..
Wandering on silent roads of Chandigarh her body was feeling numb even in heavy rain.The sudden blast of revelations frozed her all senses.Her mind couldnt able to stop da chantings"men men nhi hun?mera kuch bhi mera nhi hai..Aur Arjun?"Her head shook & she fall down or road.
Her eyes slowly opened in a comfortable bed.She tried to register da strange place wid her heavy head.Ending her confusion Aryan appeared infront of her:ab kesa feel kr rhi ho?
She sat up,remain quite.Aryan quickly:doctor ne tumhe rest krne ko kaha guzar raha tha wahan se to tumhe dekha road par.Rajveer ko phone nhe kya mene.tum khud hi apni family ko bta do preshan ho rhe honge.
She slipped out of covers,thinking too deep on"family"
She got up but her feet stopped on his info:you are pregnent Arohi.
The way her face became white & eyes popped in horror,didnt left anything to him regarding her patethic state.He frustated ran fingers in his hairs as her rubber legs made her fall on bed again wid da expression nt any woman gv in dis happy moment.
Aryan:i am realy realy sorry Arohi. .mere ek jhut ki wja se tumhari life khrab hogai. Aur men tumhare lye kuch nhe kr ska.mujhe buht pachtava hai,men buht shrminda hun.
He kept asking her forgvness while she remain like a statue.


Rashi softly:kb tk aese barish ko dekhte raho ge,aa kr so jao.
Rajveer staring in space,asked:Arjun se bat hui?
Then she found him again lost.Face painted wid regret,eyes shining wid pain. .A image of him from last 5 years.Rashi before leaving,whispered:sb theek ho jaey ga.
As she left tears fall down from his eyes:kuch bhi thek nhi hoga ab,mene sb galat kr dya. .


Rajveer furiously paced around:unbeliveble! Ye CD dekh kr,sb sch jaan kr bhi dadu ko Arjun ki padi hai.wo aur dad ab bhi Arjun ko murder k case men innocent smjhte hen,usko bahir nikalne ki padi hai.par men itni dur aakr wapis nhe ja skta.
He went to Arohi room who had just arrived back.Walking in her room he kept divorce papers infront of her.After all da truth he told her,he was simply expecting her to sign but still a fer made him came wid all da possible lies:dekha Arjun ki aslyat?jese hi use pta chla tum se use ab koi fayda nhi,usne divorce bhejh dya.
Rajveer watched quietly as she signed wid shaking hands.Before she changed her mind Rajveer rushed out of room.
Wiping away her tears she touched her stomach softly:sirf tum hi to jo sch men mere ho. .aur men tumhe kisi keemat par nhi kho skti.
She picked photo frame of her family for which she came here for da last time.


His fingers were slowly creasing her jewelry from last night,scattred infront of him.The outside weather was not differnt from his inside.He walked further on terrace wid hope da water can bring some sooth to his burning heart."itna gussa,itni naftrt k bawjod bhi tumhari aankhon men sawal tha. .par men cha kr bhi tumhe koi jawab nhi de ska.Kyunke tumhe pane k lye men tumhe khud se nhi tod skta. .Tumhe ye nhi bta skta tum adopted ho"


Arjun luked up on hearing noise.Seeing Rajveer he went to jail bars:Arohi thek hai?
Rajveer snapped:bs drama bnd kro,ab iski koi zrurt rhe divorce paper.
To Arjun confuse stare he added:sb sch pta chl chuka hai hume. .tumhari mom ne sb bta dya.
Arjun face turned white:sb sch?. .Arohi ko bhi bta dya?
Rajveer:oh to use pta chalna nhe chahey?
Arjun:wo toot jaeygi.Plz use kuch mt btana.
Rajveer:sch kitna he karwa ho,samne aa kr he rhe ta hai.
Arjun restless:please tum aesa nhe kr skte.Arohi ye baat kbhi brdasht nhe kr paey gi,wo adopted hai.Dad aur mom ki vja se tumhare aur tumhari mom ki jo haq talfi hui hai men uske hr sza k lye tyar tumhara step brother hun,tumhari dushmani mujhse hai,is men Arohi ka to koi kasoor divorce dene k lye bhi tyar hun par Arohi ko kuch btana.
It was now Rajveer turned to froze.


Aryan look at door through mirror as Arohi walked in.Aryan:Good morning Arohi.Bche uth gaey school k lye?
Arohi:nashta kr rhe hen.
Aryan tieng his tie:kya hua?Tum preshan lg rhi ho.
Arohi:mujhe tumse baat krni hai . .After a long pause she added:men Akhil ko boarding bhejna chahti hun.
Her clentched fingers,her shivering lips but still her tone determint.A sudden ray of hope emerged from his heart-Arohi Akhil ko boarding bhejna chahti hai?Arjun ko bhul kr hmare rishte ko ek chance dena chahti hai?Finally"
Holding back his smile he replied:uski shaitanio ko dekh kr to men tum se ye kb se kehna chahta tha par dar rha tha,tumhe bura na lge.
Arohi softly hold his hand:tum ne aesa kyun socha?agr shayd tum mujhe us waqt sahara nhe dete to shayd Akhil ko is dunya men lana buht mushkil tha.gauri ki itna buri halt thi,itni zimedari thi phr bhi tum ne mera itna khyal rkha,itna support kya.Men tumhara ehsan kbhi nhi bhul skti.
"hmare rishte men ehsan kesa?"then he changd his meaning:tum ne bhi Gauri ki death k bad Preet ko itna pyar dya. .
"tum mere sb se ache dost ho Aryan. .Thank u" She went out,leaving him disappointed.


Jay parked car infront of Arjun house:mujhe to kuch smjh nhe aa rha.
Shefali assured him:dnt worry,keh denge hum dadi se milne aaey hen.aesa preshan hone se to behtar hai hum khud hi pta kr len k Arjun aur Arohi k bech men kya baat hui hai.
They stepped out wid Sam.
Dadi was so happy to see Jay & Shefali.Purvi welcomed dm wid warmth while Arjun uttering a soft hello went to his study.So calm,So composed mkng sure of coming danger to Jay.
Purvi:no way,dinner ka time hai,khana kha kr hi jana.
Jay:nhi please rehne de. .I just.
He finally asked:kuch btaya Arjun sir ne Arohi se kya baat hui?
Dadi & Purvi looked him in shock"Arjun Arohi se mil chuka?"

Maid answered da ringng phone.Akhi on da other side:mene Arjun se baat krni hai.
The expressions she saw on her sir face & da guests & dadi busy convo made her reply:sir is busy.Aur guest bhi aaey hen.Call later.
Akhil:no mene abhi baat krni hai.Unko bolo Akhil ka phone hai.
The phone he stolled from living room slipped from his grip as Arohi on light of his room.She walked inside wid Aryan following behind"kis se baat kr rhe the?
Akhil face pale on being caught:apne friend se.
Her heart beat wilder on da hint of lie in his tone."konsa friend hai jo is time jag rha hai"
Akhil:wo schol men aate hain mujh se milne. .Buht ache hen.
Arohi:nam kya hai tumhare dost ka?
Akhil:Arjun. .Arjun Singhania.


Sam wanderin around,peeped inside Arjun study.Getting Arjun gaze he walked inside playfully:aap ko aap ki Arohi mil gai?
He tried to mk convo as he remain quite.Wid a giggle he said:papa ki dost ka nam bhi Arohi,aap jise dhundh rhe hen wo bhi Arohi aur Akhil ki mom ka nam bhi Arohi.
He frozed. .The image of Akhil appeared infrnt of his gaze.A sudden realization hit him.
Sam on his fierce gaze replied:jb bhi wo schol aati hen. .Teachr unhe yehe kehti pgen to. .
He got up & his hard fist collied wid table.

Facing internet issue. .So cant able to reply.Thank u so much for ur lovely comments.
Hit like. .Do comment

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-pranjal- IF-Dazzler

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Gosh Ab kya hoga?? ConfusedConfused

This made me worried Both got to know everything, Shocked mainly i am scared about Arohi's reaction now till date she didn't wanted Arjun to know About Akhil and this made her take decision of sending him away from her on boarding Ouch And here they are meeting regularly Akhil trusts Arjun he believes in him and turns to him for every issue. His wish of having Loving Father is unfulfilled and he asks God for Father like Arjun but here this innocent Soul doesn't know that Arjun is His Dad Cry but Misunderstandings and this cruel Destiny had created so many issues that his Own Mother is Scared that Arjun will take her Akhil Away from her Cry The way you have described everything and Specially Little Kiddo my heart went out for him every time i think of him Ouch he is just a kid but the reality around him is so messy and scary the person who married his Mom hates Akhil and doesn't leave a single chance to threaten him, Angry where as his Dad Arjun is dying to be with his Love he doesn't know Akhil is his Son but unsaid bond had tied them strongly in a relation. Smile I just loved the way you have written these characters and their nature. Kids are Super cute Akhil, Sam and Preet Big smile

Finally Raaz saare khul rahe hain and i just loved the way you have showed us their past Clap while reading past never felt detached from present even for a Moment ClapClapClap thats a beauty of your writing Clap Arohi had seen a worst of days and felt betrayed by Arjun she was brokedown totally after that Vid she was lost and aryan supported her than. Arohi thinks he is her Best Buddy but Aryan has different plans Angry he want Arohi to love him too for this purpose he is faking love for Akhil infront of her. Angry Gosh Rajveer got to know everything from Arjun ShockedShocked thats shocking but i guess he was too late to regret what he did. before he could understand anything he had Lost Arjun and Arohi Both Ouch

Jay and shefali Coming to Arjuns place to know about everything written beautifully Clap  but i wonder why he simply didn't call Arohi when he is close friend of her while he and Arjun still shares a relation of Boss and Employee Confused Purvi and Ddi was shocked to know Arjun knows everything. LOve Sam for his innocence Smile At Least Arjun got to know that Akhil is His Son now he will Save him from Aryan Big smile Akhil will be super happy to know his Angel is Actually his Papa

Cant wait to read Hoa Arjun is Going to strangle Aryan Now I want a Solid punch for him. that Good for nothing creature deserves to be Beaten Smile

Awesome update Mahi ...Sorry comment karne ki aadat bhoot gayi hain toh Thoda wired hain Comment. 

Waiting for next 

Love you 

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