CID/Adaalat Story - Senior Inspector Daya

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For a long time I had been thinking of writing a crossover story on CID and Adaalat and when Vis di requested it, I finally sat down and wrote this. Of course, as I was writing this Varun died in Adaalat. Cry So I made this into both a crossover but also a tribute to Varun. An Adaalat-only tribute will follow at a later date. I miss him so much!

Anyways I hope you enjoy this story and remember: I take criticism very positively because it helps me improve for the next time. So please, please, pretty please, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, do not say "sorry" or "NOM" or whatever you might say if you criticize my story. If you do then I'll take it badly. Tongue

And if you liked this crossover let me know! I might plan another one! I've been missing Khotey Sikkey for quite some time now...err...I mean, enjoy the story! *quickly runs off before saying anything else*

*comes back for a moment* Oh and even if you don't like crossover stories, I'm still writing more. So there. Tongue *runs away again*

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Senior Inspector Daya

Disclaimer: This is my style to always have a funny and interesting disclaimer at the beginning of all stories. So I just thought of saying that all names, characters, places, events, situations, styles, authors, pens, paper, books…wait, wait, wait…I mean everything is just my style and writing and it's not real. I don't know what those film disclaimers are. Like I actually read them. *rolls eyes* You get the point! Now move on and read the story.


Present day, 1PM, Police station

Daya looked around. He couldn't believe that everything had reached such a point. He had been suspected before and he had been shot at many times before as well. He had almost been killed by his own team as well when that behrupiya Rocky had entered their team and everyone had thought he had been Rocky. But he had never actually reached this point where he was in jail because of a crime he never committed.

Yep, Daya was in jail. At least, unlike last time, he had the team supporting him and working hard on finding the real culprit. But he still had to go to court for his bail hearing, so Abhijeet had gone out to get him a lawyer. And if Abhijeet was bringing someone, then it would only be the best. So he knew that if anyone would come to represent him in court, it would be KD Pathak and, his assistant, Varun. And sure enough…a few moments later, Abhijeet came down the hallway towards his cell with KD and Varun.

KD may not have a long association with CID, but he had already saved Abhijeet once and he had gone against them and proved Chitrole right. Chitrole and right? Daya chuckled at that thought.

He got up and hugged Abhijeet as he came into the cell. Abhijeet asked, "Kaise ho yaar?"

"Thik hi hoon boss. Yahan se nikal jaon toh aur bhi thik ho jayega."

"Dekho ab KD aa gaya hai toh tum yahan se araam se nikal jaoge."

KD and Varun sat down in the 2 chairs that the constables had just brought in. Abhijeet and Daya sat down on the bench that was part of the cell.

Just having Abhijeet there was enough for Daya. At least he didn't have to face this alone. That saddened Daya though because 2 years ago when Abhijeet was in a smilar situation he couldn't even do this due to orders.

KD said, in a joking mood, "Pata nahi kyun hum jab bhi milte hain tum main se koi jail main hota hai."

Abhijeet replied, in an equally jesty mood, "Aisa karte hain ke Daya ke nikalne ke baad hum sab ek picnic pe challenge. Kum se kum yeh court aur cases se door milenge."

Daya nodded his agreement. Then KD turned to business, "Acha yeh batao ke huya kyat ha. Aur shuru se batana."

Daya thought for a few seconds and then started, "Yeh sab do hafte pehle shuru huya tha. Hum log ek drug case ki investigation kar rahe the…"


2 weeks ago, 11AM, CID bureau

With most of the team in Delhi working on a case of missing Mumbai girls, Abhijetet, Daya, ACP Pradyuman, and Freddy were enjoying, like they used to long ago. While Dr. Tarika was also in Delhi for a forensics conference, Dr. Salunkhe was here and, just like before, was having an argument with ACP Pradyuman. ACP Pradyuman was saying, "Dekh Salunkhe yeh toh meri baat mann jaa warna teri chutti ho jayegi."

"Ho jaane do boss. Mujhe pata hai ke main sahi hoon. Bas."

Abhijeet came in and quickly asked, "Kya hua sir?"

Dr. Salunkhe held out a box containing bhindi and said, "Yeh chak kar batao. Isme namak kum hai yah nahi?"

Abhijet did so and replied, "Haan hai."

He looked at ACP Pradyuman almost laughing. Dr. Salunkhe gave a triumphant look to ACP Pradyuman and said, "Dekha? Main sahi tha. Ab kis ki chutti hogi?"

ACP sir started to object, "Dekh Salunkhe—"

But he didn't get a chance to finish. Dayan ad Freddy came in each dragging a man by the collar. Quickly becoming serious, Abhijeet asked, "Yeh kaun hain?"

Freddy replied, "Sir yeh dono hi hain jinhone uss Sandesh ko drugs ki laat lagi thi aur phir uss drugs bechne ko kaha tha."

Daya pushed one into a chair and Freddy forced the other to sit down as well. Daya pointed to the first guy and said, "Yeh Lallan hai aur yeh Sunny hai."

Lallan started crying, "Sir maine kuch nahi kiya hai. Mujhe chor do. Please."

Abhijeet said angrily, "Chup! Ek toh drugs ka ganda dhanda karte ho aur upar se pakde jaate ho toh rote ho?!!"

Sunny said, "Sir hum yeh sab majboori main karte hain."

Daya came around. "Majboori ek din ki hoti hai, ek mahine ki hoti hai, lekin tumhara toh pichle char saalon se chalta aa raha hai!"

ACP Pradyuman said, "Dekho. Saaf saaf hamare sawalon ka jawab do warna tum logon ki aani wali baki zindagi saalakhon ke peeche kategi. Samjhe?!!"


Present day and time, Police station

Daya paused. KD took this moment to ask, "Yeh Sandesh kaun hai aur uska iss case se kya lena hai?"

Abhijeet answered. "Sandesh ek 19 saal ka bacha hai jisse humne tab pakda tha jab hum ek khooni ka peeche padhe huye the."

Daya continued, "Usse pooch tach kit oh usne bataya ke woh yeh sab kyun aur kis liye karta tha. Tab uski jagah hum uske saathiyon se milne gaye aur Lallan aur Sunny pakde gaye."

Varun was taking notes as they spoke. KD asked, "Aur jab inhe dono se baat ki toh kya pata chala?"

"Dono ne yeh bataya ke woh ek bahut badi gang ka hissa the. Unhone yeh bhi bataya ke hum uss gang tak kaise paunch sakte hain. Woh ek area ke delaers the aur unka kam than aye logon ko pakdana jo unka maal istamal bhi karen aur beche bhi," Daya replied.

Varun asked, "Lekin yeh log inhe users ko dhoondte kaise the?"

"College ke bahar yah phir discos main."

KD asked, "Aur phir uske baad kya kiya tum logon ne?"

"Hum log inke boss ko pakdene ke liye gaya…" Daya started.


10 days ago, 9PM, Rainbow Club

Abhijeet came into the restricted area dressed as a security guard. He had gone to the club at about 6 and after a discussion with the manager had managed to become one of the security guards for the night. Daya and Freddy were out in the front: Daya as a bouncer and Freddy as a waiter. The 3 were waiting for Lallan and Sunny's boss. According to their statements, Lallan and Sunny met their boss at the time and location they were texted. Daya had tried to trace the number, but it was of a throwaway phone so that was a dead-end. In the end, they had decided to catch the boss this way instead.

Lallan and Sunny were outside with ACP Pradyuman and two constables. As soon as their boss texted them again and told them to come inside, ACP Pradyuman would bring them inside. He was dressed up as a small-time con who Lallan and Sunny would introduce as a new seller. Once ACP Pradyuman got to the boss and recorded the conversation, Abhijeet, Daya, and Freddy would attack and arrest the boss. That's why all 3 of them were in different areas because they didn't know where the boss would be. In fact, they didn't even know how he looked or what his name was.

Lallan and Sunny had never seen their boss's face. He always met them with a mask on his face and was called Anna. They just recognized his voice and that only because it was so unique. He had a raspy voice, which got pretty high-pitched when he was angry. You could say he sounded a lot like Lord Voldemort.

Abhijeet came back into the club, but continued to stand in front of the restricted area. A few minutes later, the first signal came in from ACP Pradyuman. They were coming in. Abhijeet watched ACP Pradyuman go into the separate lounge and saw everyone inside leave. He turned to Daya who was still standing at the door and the two shared a nod acknowledging that they were ready. Abhijeet and Freddy shared a similar nod.

About 20 minutes later, the second signal came through and the 3 went into the lounge. Inside the lounge was a masked man, another man who looked like a bodyguard, ACP Pradyuman, Lallan, and Sunny. The masked man asked angrily, "Tum log undar kaise aaye?!! Jaa kar aapna kam karo!"

Daya replied, "Hum log aapna kam karne aaye hain Anna."

Daya emphasized Anna. Anna got up, "Kya matlab hai tumhara?"

Abhijeet showed his badge. "CID."

Anna and the bodyguard tried to run, but Daya caught the bodyguard and Abhijeet caught Anna. Both were delivered tight slaps and then dragged them out to their Qualis.


Present day and time, Police station

Daya paused again, this time to answer any questions. KD seemed to be thinking something and he didn't look for quite a little while. Then he looked up and said, "Aage kya huya? Iss Anna ke kya kaha aur iska asli naam kya hai?"

"Anna asli main ek police officer nikla," Abhijeet started.

He looked at Daya, who added, "Senior Inspector Vikram Saxena. CBI Homicide Department…" He paused and then continued, "…Woh phir Drug Department main transfer ho gaya aur bas lalchi ho gaya."

"Aur usne bataya kya?" KD asked.

"Usne kaha ke ek case ke investigation karte huye woh Baba Bhruji ke ganga tak paunch gaya tha. Jab usse pata chala ke isme kitne paise hain woh lalach main aa gya aur bas woh bhi yeh sab karne lag gaya," Daya answered.

"Baba Bhurji kya pehle koi chatwala tha? Varun asked, hiding a laugh at the name.

"Nahi woh bahut saal pehle ek bhelwala tha. Wahani se uska naam yeh pad gaya," Daya replied with a laugh. He continued seriously, "Phir jab uske paas Vikram jaise aadmi aa gaya woh paunch gaya Switzerland. Ab woh wahani se kam karta hai aur bas kabhi kabhi India aata hai."

"Toh phir tum par uski maut ki ilzaam kaise laga?" KD asked.

"Wohi toh samjh nahi aa raha hai. Haan woh yahan aaya aur humne usse pooch tach ke liye bulaya tha lekin main usse nahi maara. Aur woh toh mara huya tha jab main usse bulane gaya tha," Daya replied.

"Thik se batao. Huya kya tha?"

"Vikram ke arrest hone ki news kisi taran se Baba Bhurji ke paas paunch gayi aur hamare ek khabri ne hume bataya ke Baba Bhurji India aa raha hai. Toh bas humne saare Switzerland se aane wale planes pe nazar rakhi aur phir woh do din pehle plane pe aaya. Hume pata chala ke who kahan thed raha hai aur main aur Daya wahan paunch gaya usse pooch tach ke liye bulane," Abhijeet started.

Daya took over, "Abhijeet gadi ke paas hi ruka taki agar woh bhagne ki koshish kare toh koi ho usse pakdene ke liye. Aur main upar chala gaya uske kamre ki taraf…"


2 days ago, 11AM, Taj Hotel

Abhijeet said, "Dhyaan se. Main chalun?"

"Nahi tum yahani ruko. Main jata hoon," Daya replied.

Daya went into the hotel and asked at the front desk, "Yeh BB kaunse kamre main hain?"

Baba Bhurji may be known to police, but due to lack of evidence no one had ever been able to catch him and so he easily traveled on his own name of BB. The receptionist said, "Lagta hai unhe se bahut log milna chahta hain. Aap paanchwe insaan hain jo unhe se milne jaa rahe hain. Aur unhe yahan aaye huye hi do ghante huye hain."

"Room number?" Daya asked again.

"Ji…" he checked the computer, "…303."

Daya nodded his thanks and went upstairs to floor 3. As he searched for room 303, he accidentally knocked into a construction worker who dropped his hammer. Daya said, "Sorry. Kya aap bata sakte hain 303 kis taraf hai?"

Daya picked up his hammer and gave it to him. The worker pointed towards the right, "Uss taraf."

Then the worker went back to work. Daya headed towards the right and then turned down the hallway this time knocking into an old lady. She fell down and her cane also fell. Daya helped her up and gave her cane back to her. Then he went down the hallway checking the room numbers. 310…308…must be on the other side…yep, he reached 303. He was surprised to see the door ajar.

He opened the door and went in with one hand on his gun. He was ready to draw it if necessary. He found the room in a mess, but he didn't see anyone. He checked the bathroom but there was no one in there either. He went out to the balcony and that's where he found someone lying on the ground facedown. He checked the body and found the man dead. Turning him over, Daya found the man to be Baba Bhurji. He quickly called Abhijeet.


Present day and time, Police station

KD said, "Aur phir tumh par ilzaam kaise laga?"

"Khoon ke weapon pe mere fingerprints the. Mujh se pehle jo BB se milne gaya tha usne kaha ke woh usse zinda chor ke gaya tha, aur ek eyewitness hai," Daya replied.

"Yani woh cane aur chashmaded gavah tumhare khilaaf sab se ahem surag hain. Uss aurat ko dhoonda?"

"Dhoon rahe hain lekin problem yeh hai ke hotel main kisi ne bhi aisi kisi aurat ko nahi dikha hai," Abhijeet replied.

"Toh phir? Aage kya kar rahe ho?"

"Do kam. Saare hotel walon ko check kar rahe hain. Employees aur guests. Aur doosra unhe chaar bandon ko dhoond rahe hain jo BB se mile the. Ek toh mil gaya. Ab baki dhoond rahe hain," Abhijeet replied.

"Yeh toh saaf hai ke woh aurat yah toh khooni hai yah uska haath hai inke sab main. Ho sakta uski koi purani dushmani ho BB se," KD suggested.

"Haan aur unhe dushmano ki list kafi lambi hai. Usme haar woh insaan hai jisse koi nuksan huya hai BB ki kam se."

"Sir aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai ke woh Daya sir ka koi dushman ho," Varun suggested to KD.

"Lekin usse pata kaise chala ke main hi jata BB se milne?" Daya asked.

Somehow the 4 had decided to call Baba Bhurji BB. KD replied, "Lekin kisi ko yeh toh pata chal sakta hai ke CID wahan jayega."

"Tab bhi. Usse kaise pata chala ke hum kab jayenge aur jayenge bhi yah nahi?" Abhijeet asked.

"Tum logon ko pata kaise chala ke woh kahan se aayega aur kahan rahega?"

"Hume BB ka naam kisi taran se Swiss flight pe dikh gaya. Humne uske peeche aapna ek khabri ko laga diya jisne hume bataya ke woh ruka hai," Daya replied.

"Aur agar tum yeh kahoge ke khabri mila huya tha toh main bata doon ke woh hamara khabri pichle dus saalon se hai," Abhijeet replied.

"Lekin phir bhi woh mila ho sakta hai," KD asked. "Paison ke liye aaj kal kuch bhi ho sakta hai."

"Lekin tab bhi. Usse kaise pata chala ke hum kab jayenge?" Daya asked.

KD said, "Iss baare main sochenge. Abhi ke liye kal ke liye tyar rehna. Tumhe bail main dilwa ke rahonga."

KD and Varun  got up. KD said, "Fikar maat karo. Tum yeh kar hi nahi sakte ho aur yeh main sabat kar ke rahonga."

The 2 left and a few moments later, Abhijeet left as well.


6PM, KD's office

KD sat it his chair thinking about the case. Varun asked, "Kya soch rahe ho sir?"

"Varun yeh toh saaf hai ke Daya ne kuch nahi kiya hai. Lekin yeh kis ne kiya hai aur kaise?"

"Sir yeh sab uss khabri ne hi kiya hoga. Usne kuch paison ke liye kar diya hoga yeh sab."

"Nahi Varun. Abhijeet ne sahi poocha. Usse kaise pata chala ke woh log hotel kab jayenge. Aur tu hi soch. Woh yeh sab 10 saal se karta hai aura b jaa kar uska imaan bikhta hai? Isse pehle bhi woh yeh sab kar sakta tha. Toh ab hi kyun? Nahi yeh sab uss khooni ko kisi aur taran se pata chala hai. Ab yehi pata lagana hai ke kaise," KD thought aloud. He leaned forward and said, "Varun ek kam kar. Tu hotel jaa kar yeh pata laga ke kya aisa koi tha jo wahani hotel ki lobby main ghoomta rehta tha."

"Thik hai sir."

Varun left and KD sat back again in thought. Then he thought of something and phoned Varun about it.


6PM, CID bureau

Abhijeet and Freddy were going through the names on the list. The list had the names and contact information of those people who had been staying at the hotel at the time of the murder. There were about 600 rooms in Taj Hotel and only 15 had been empty. Then there were the 200 or so staff members to check as well.

But Abhijeet wasn't actually going through the list. He was thinking about what KD had said. Someone else committed the murder, that was for sure. But was that a person a CID enemy or an enemy of Baba Bhurji? Abhijeet looked at the other list. This was a list of all of Baba Bhurji's known enemies, that is, known to Vikram and informers. And it was 20 pages long and had about 400 names on it.

But the question wasn't just that. How did the murderer know when CID would be there? After all, if the person was a CID enemy, then he or she had to know about their movements. That's when it struck Abhijeet. Freddy cut into his thoughts, "Sir kya soch rahe ho?"

"Freddy tum list dekhte raho aur sab ko check karo," Abhijeet said. Meanwhile he quicly wrote on a paper and gave it to Freddy. It read:

Mujhe lagta hai bureau yah hamari gadi main bug hai. Tum yeh ACP sir aur Dr. Salunkhe ko dikhayo aur phir bureau aur gadiyan dhoondte hain. Aur haan lab ko bhi search karna parega.

Freddy nodded and went to show the paper to Dr. Salunkhe and ACP Pradyuman who were in the lab.


6PM, Forensic lab

ACP Pradyuman asked, "Salunkhe kya yeh sach main Baba Bhurji hai? Koi aur nahi hai?"

"Yaar maine check kiya hai aur jahan tak mujhe samjh aaya hai yeh Baba Bhurji hi hai. Naa koi grafting ke nishaan hai aur naa hi police records se cher char ki gayi hai," Dr. Salunkhe replied.

"Aur iski maut issi cane se huyi hai?"

"Haan boss. Murder weapon toh yehi hai. Lekin ek baat hai."

Dr. Salunkhe paused for maximum effect, but ACP Pradyuman was not patient. "Kya baat hai? Jaldi bata Salunkhe mere paas waqt nahi hai."

"Iss cane pe do alag insaano ka DNA sample hai. Baba Bhurji ka khoon aur ek aadmi ka thuk."

"Aadmi? Lekin yeh toh kisi bhudi aurat ke haath main tha," Freddy said from the door.

He quickly came in and gave ACP Pradyuman the note, which both read. ACP Pradyuman played along as the search started for the bug. "Haan Salunkhe. Yeh toh kisi aurat ke haath main tha."

Dr. Salunkhe replied, also playing along, "Main ek baar phirse dekhta hoon. Shayad mera test galat ho gaya ho sakta hai."


9PM, CID bureau

The 4 had finished searching everywhere, including their clothes but had failed to find any bug. Abhijeet said, "Toh phir yeh khooni Baba Bhurji ka koi dushman hai jisse bas kisi aur ko phasna tha aur isli Daya ko phasa diya."

ACP Pradyuman said, "Abhijeet uss chashmaded gavah ke baare main kuch ajeeb pata chala?"

"Nahi sir. Uske bank account main koi paise nahi aaye hain aur naa uske kisi bhi bayan ke hisse main kuch gadbad mili hai. Woh hamare koi puranadushman nahi hai, uska koi criminal record nahi hai, aur naa uske phone pe koi changes aaye hain callers main," Abhijeet replied.

"Lekin phir usne Daya sir ko khoon karte huye kaise dekh liye?" Freddy asked.

"Woh jhoot bol raha hai, lekin samjh nahi aa raha hai ke kyun?" Abhijeet wondered.

From the door, "KD said, "Kyun ki shayad woh khud khooni hai yah khooni ko janta hai."

KD came in and after greeting everyone, got down to business. Dr. Salunkhe mentioned, "Waise ho sakta hai kyun ki uss cane pe ek aadmi ke thuk ke samples mile hain."

KD nodded and said, "Iss chashmaded gavah ka naam Dhanush Kharbanja hai aur yeh keh raha hai ke usne Daya ko khoon karte huye dekha. Lekin kya kisini yeh socha ke woh Baba Bhurji ka duhsman hai aur shayad usne khud koon kiya hai aur Daya ko phasa raha hai?"

ACP Pradyuman asked Abhijeet, "Kya iska naam aaya hai?"

"Nahi sir. Lekin aap toh jaante hain ke hamare paas uske dushmano ke saare naam nahi hain. Aakhir drug addicts koi records toh nahi rakhenge naa ke unke clients kaun kaun hain," Abhijeet replied.

The team knew that every client's family would be an enemy of Baba Bhurji's for sure. But, of course, like Abhijeet had said, it's not like drug sellers kept any records. KD said, "Toh phir DK Binda ko dekho."

Freddy said, "Ek minute. Yeh naam toh main pehchanta hoon!"

Freddy flipped through the hotel guests' list and then said, "Room no. 330 main ek DK Binda thera huya hai. Lekin maine usse check kar liya hai. Woh isme shamal nahi hai."

"Uski tasveer dekhi hai?" KD asked.

When no one responded, KD put a photo down on the desk. It was Dhanush Kharbanja. Varun had given it to him and had then stopped downstairs to make a quick call to check something. He would be coming up soon. Abhijeet said, "Ek minute. Agar DK hi Dhanush hai aur Dhanush hi DK hai toh phir Dhanush jhoot bol raha hai."

Varun came in and said, "Nahi sir. Dhanush DK nahi hai."

KD looked up at Varun expectantly. Varun expanded, "Sir maine hotel main check kiya hai aur phir Delhi main Binda parivaar ke ek sadasi se abhi baat huyi hai. Dhanush aur DK bhai hain. Dhanush ne aapna naam badle liye tha kisi ladai ke chalte. Woh hotel main ek cleaner ki hasayte se kam karne lag gaya aur DK ek bahut bara businessman ban gaya. Yeh sirf ittefaq hai ke DK ussi hotel main theda jisme Dhanush kam karta hai." Then to KD, "Aur sir maine woh bhi check kiya jo aapna kaha tha. Hotel staff ka kehna hai ke unhone aise kisi insaan ko nahi dekh hai."

Because Varun and KD had come separately to the bureau and met downstairs in the parking lot, Varun hadn't had a chance to tell KD this before.

Dr. Salunkhe asked, "Iska kya matlab huya?"

"Maine Varun ko kuch dekhne ko bola tha uska jawab tha yeh," KD answered cryptically.

"Matlab yeh bhi dead-end hai sir," Varun said. "Waise sir inki gadi yah yahan bureau main koi bug bhi ho sakta hai jisse khooni ko sab kuch pata chal jaata hai."

"Nahi ho sakta hai kyun ki hum abhi yehi dekh kar chuke hain," Abhijeet answered.

Dr. Salunkhe asked, "Toh phir iss khooni ko pata kaise chala ke tum hotel jaa rahe ho?"

ACP Pradyuman asked the same question that was bothering everyone. "Aur kya yeh hamara dushman hai yah Baba Bhurji ka?"

KD looked up and answered that. "Shayad dono ka."

He stood up and Varun followed suit. He said, "Kaal court main milenge. Varun chal. Mujhe tere se ek do cheezein karwani hai tu woh kar aur jald se jald mujhe bata."

With this the 2 left, leaving the 4 officers confused as to what KD had meant by that statement.


Next day, 8:55AM, Courthouse

KD checked his phone one last time, but there was still nothing from Varun. He said, "Kahan reh gaya hai yeh ladka? Court ka time ho raha hai."

He checked his watch and then turned off his phone and went inside to start the bail proceedings. The 4 officers were already sitting inside.

After the court settled down, Jaiswal began the proceedings. "Your Honour aaj ka yeh case kafi dilchaspt hai. Ek drug addict ko pakdene ke baad, CID ke kuch jaanbaaz officers ek international criminal tak paunchte hain jo khud yahan India aata hai uske ek khaas aadmi ke pakde jaane ke baad. Usse international criminal se yeh ek dum dhaaso CID officer akele milne jaate hain, unhe se kuch pooch tach karne ke bahane, aur wahan…bari behremi se…uski HATAYA kar dete hain! Aaj waise toh sirf bail hearing hain lekin main dus minute main yeh sabat kar doonga ke yehi khooni hai aur aap isse yahani saza suna dena!"

KD got up saying, "Jaiswal saab, Jaiswal saab, Jaiswal saab."

Jaiswal turned slightly towards KD. "Ji Pathak saab?"

"Shanti rakhiye. Aur naye di moh de ko yeh maat bataye ke unhe kya karna chahiye aur kya nahi. Aur jahan tak aapke who dus minute ka sawal hai toh woh aap haar baar kehte hain. Kabhi karke bhi dikhaye dus minute main sabat."

Then quietly to Jaiswal, he continued, "Kitni baar aap yehi kahenge aur haarenge? Ab toh maan jaaye."

Jaiswal replied quietly, "Nahi maanonga. Iss baar mere paas saboot aise hain ke aap kuch nahi kar payenge Pathak saab."

"Jaisi aap ki marzi," KD said shrugging. He went back to sit down.


9AM, Taj Hotel

Varun checked his disguise once more and then went into the hotel dressed as a Punjabi journalist complete with a beard and moustache to hide his face. He didn't want to be recognized from yesterday. He went up to the receptionist and said, "Namaskar. Sada naam Happy Singh hai kudiye. And what is your good name ji?"

The receptionist replied with a smile, "Sundari."

"Arre balle balle. Sundar kanya ka naam Sundari hai. Dekhiye Sundari devi main KDV Station se aaya hoon siddha Switzerland vich. Aur mainu iss hotel ke manager se milna hai."

"Ji kis liye?"

"Arre sade ek citizen di maut huyi hai! Arre uss naal story toh banti hai! Ki baat karti hai kudiye!" Varun said, pretending to be indignant.

"Ji main koshish karti hoon."

Sundari went to the back and Varun quickly looked around and then went around and plugged his USB key into the computer and downloaded all the files. It took almost 5 minutes, but luckily no one came out in that time. He had just gone back when Sundari came back out and took him to the manager's office. Varun put on his fake accent again. "Oh ji baadshah sasriyakal. Sada naam Happy Singh hai. Aisi KDV Station, Switzerland se aaye hain."

The manager, Ravi Patel, looked rather suspiciously at Varun and asked, "Swiss ho kar Punjabi accent? Aur maie toh kabhi KDV Station ka naam nahi suna hai."

"Arre main abhi do saal pehle hi Switzerland gaya tha toh isli main Punjabi vich hi gal karda hoon. Aur KDV Station wahan ka chota sa news station hai. Arre mainu bas kuch sawal karne hai thwade naal."

"Agar sawal hamari image ko kharab nahi karenge tab."

"Oye nahi karenge ji. Nahi karenge."

Varun asked a bunch of questions and then quickly escaped to check what he had downloaded. He had wanted a copy of the guest list because KD had suspected that the list given to CID didn't have all the names or the correct names on it. He was now going to cross check this list with another list he had obtained last night after breaking into a restricted area. He was looking for something that KD had told him to look for.


9:30AM, Courthouse

Jaiswal started with his first proof. "Your Honour yeh mera pehla saboot hai ke Baba Bhurji ko Daya ne hi maara hai. Agar aap yeh jagah dekhen toh yahan pe Daya ke ungli ke nishaan milenge aur yeh khoon ka nishaan. Baba Bhurji ke khoon ka nishaan."

KD stood up. "Ek minute Jaiswal saab."

"Ji Pathak saab?"

"Agar aap mujhe isse marna chahiye toh aap ke haath ke nishan ispe kaise aayenge?"

"Kya matlab hai aap ka?"

"Aisa ki jiye ke aap yeh uthaye mujhe marne ke liye."

Jaiswal tried to object, but KD said forcefully, "Uthaye!"

The judge objected and said, "KD yeh sab kya hai?"

"Your Honour main kuch sabat karna chahta hoon. Bas do minute," then he turned to Jaiswal and said, "Uthaye naa. Dekh kya rahe hain?"

Jaiswal sighed and picked up the cane as if to hit KD with it. KD grabbed his hand and said, "Haan toh yeh dekhiye. Aap ke ungli ke nishaan kahan lagenge agar aap mujhe marne ki koshish karenge iss chadi se. Pure force se maarne ke liye aapne isse beech main se pakda hai. Lekin Daya ke nishaan iss handle pe paaye gaye hain. Aap zara haath aise ki jiye," KD moved Jaiswal's hand, "aur bataye ke kya aap aise mujhe maar sakte hain?"

Jaiswal tried but couldn't get a proper grip to hit with force. KD said, "Toh ab batao ke Daya ne yeh khoon kaise kar diya?"

"Pathak ji aap yeh…yeh…yeh experiment Daya ko le kar kyun nahi karte hain?"

"Acha chaliye. Aap ke liye yeh bhi kar dete hain."

KD gave Daya the cane and said, "Ab tum mujhe yunh maaro."

Daya tried to hit KD with the cane while holding the handle, but wasn't able to get enough force either. KD turned to the judge, "Main sirf itna sabaat karna chahta tha ke ungli ke nishaan se yeh sabat nahi hota hai ke Daya hi qatil hai. Aur ek aur baat. Daya ek CID officer hai. Agar usse khoon karna hi hota kya woh haath main dastane nahi pehenta? Jab ki usse pata hai ke ungli ke nishaan liye jayenge aur woh match bhi ho jayenge."

"Pathak ji isse kuch sabat nahi hota hai. Kabhi kabhi insaan bhool jata hai. Ho sakta hai ke Daya bhi bhool gaya ho aur ungli ke nishaan laage reh gaye."

"Hone ko kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Lekin kanoon saboot mangta hai. Aur yeh baat kafi hai ke koi bhi insaan iss chadi ko yahan se pakde kisi ko maar nahi sakta hai."

"Toh yeh chadi hai naa! Ab ispe ungli ke nishaan yahan pe hain yeh Daya ki galti bhi ho sakti hai. Aisa bhi ho sakta hai ke Baba ke upar hamla yunh kiya woh dastane pehen kar aur phir jab isse thikane laga rahe the tab dastane nahi pehne the aur yeh nishaan lag gaye. Lekin jo bhi ho inke ungli ke nishaan ispe hain yani yeh qatil hai!"

KD shook his head and said, "Lagta hai aap ko kuch dikhana hi parega," KD dropped the pen he had been holding, and said, "Arre zara dena Jaiswal saab."

Jaiswal bent down, picked it up, and gave it back to KD. KD took it with his handkerchief and showing it to the judge, said, "Your Honour iss pen pe Jaiswal saab ke ungli ke nishaan hain. Iska yeh matlab hai ke inhone mera pen churaya hai. Isli meri adaalat se—"

Jaiswal cut him off. "Ek minute Pathak saab. Abhi abhi maine sab ke saamne aap ko yeh utha ke diya hai. Toh meri ungli ke nishaan toh hoyenge hi inhe par!"

"Lekin abhi aapne kaha naa ke kyun iss chadi pe Daya ke ungli ke nishaan hain isli woh khooni hai," Jaiswal nodded his agreement. KD continued, "Waise hi kyun ki aap ke ungli ke nishaan mere iss pen hain isli aap ke chor hain."

"Lekin yeh kya saboot huya? Ungli ke nishaan toh kisi taran bhi padh sakte hain iss par," Jaiswal objected.

KD smiled. "Main bhi toh yehi kehna chahta tha. Wah aapne toh meri moun ki baat cheen li. Your Honour, jaise iss pen ke girke uthane pe Jaiswal saab ke ungli ke nishaan inhe par aa gaye, waise hi Daya ke ungli ke nishaan iss chadi pe bhi aa sakte hain. Yeh koi saboot nahi hai. Isli meri yeh adaalat se darkasht hai ke Daya ko zamanat di jaaye taki CID asli khooni tak paunch sakhen."

The judge nodded, made some notes, and then said, "Yeh pehli daleel se hi adaalat iss nishkarsh pe paunch chuki hai ke jo saboot Daya ke katil hone ka saboot ban sakte hain woh kafi nahi hain. Isli yeh adaalat Daya ko zamanat deti hai aur kaal agli sunavi hogi. Kaal yah toh prosecution koi aise saboot pesh kare jo Daya ke khooni hone ko paka karte hain yah defense koi aise saboot pesh kare jo kisi aur ke khooni hone ka praman dete hain. Yeh adaalat kaal tak multawi ki jaati hai."


10:20AM, KD's office

Varun opened the guest file list on his computer, but as he tried to open the list of criminals who CID had arrested in the past 2 years, he faced an error. He tried several times to open the file, but it kept giving him an error. It seemed that even the downloaded file was restricted. Varun needed to get this information fast as KD was in court fighting the case and needed this information.

However, Varun was quickly proved wrong as KD, Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy, ACP Pradyuman, and Dr. Salunkhe came into the office. KD asked, "Kya huya Varun? Tumhe information mili?"

"Sir hotel ki file toh khul rahi hai lekin yeh doosri file kam nahi kar rahi hai," Varun replied.

"Kya paa karne ki koshish kar rahe ho?" Abhijeet asked.

KD explained, "Jaise maine kaha tha ke yeh khooni shayad dono ka dushmain hain isli hum hotel guest list ko tumhare 2 saal ke criminal database se match karne ki koshish kar rahe hain. Lekin woh kam nahi kar raha hai."

"Ek minute. Tumhara yeh kehna hai ke koi humpe nazar rakhe huya tha aur jab usse mauka mila usne Baba ko maar kar Daya ko phasa diya?" Abhijeet asked.

"Haan. Kya pichle kuch dino main tumhe aisa laga ke koi tumhara peeche kar raha hai?" KD asked.

The 5 didn't even think for a moment. They shook their heads. KD said, "Toh phir woh hotel main yeh toh reh rhaa tha yah kam kar raha tha."

"Nahi KD. Kam karne wala nahi ho sakta hai kyun ki usse kaise pata ke Baba kahan rehne wala hai," Abhijeet said.

"Lekin haan rehne wala ho sakta hai. Bas Baba ka peecha kiya aur usse hotel main ek karma le liya," Daya added.

"Aur agar woh hum dono ka dushman hai iska matlab yeh hai ke woh kahin aise tha ke woh araam se Baba ke kamre main ghusa, qatil kiya, aur phir aurat ka bhes main bhar aa gaya aur Daya ke ungli ke nshaan le kar wapas aapne kamre main chala gaya," Abhijeet said, as everything slowly fell in place.

"Isli kisi ne ek aurat ko ek chadi le kar chalte huye nahi dekha," Varun said.

"Lekin phir toh woh aapne asli naam se bhi nahi reh raha hoga hotel main. Sir hume unhe insaano ko dekhna chahiye jinhe humne abhi tak check nahi kiya hai," Freddy said.

Dr. Salunkhe finally cut in. "Tum log bhool rahe ko ke agar woh CID ka dushman hai toh yeh matlab hai ke woh koi purana paapi hai. Lekin woh thuk se mila huya DNA sample hamare records se mel nahi khata hai."

"Toh kya huya Salunkhe? Woh koi rishtedaar bhi ho sakta hai," ACP Pradyuman replied.

"Kyun naa aisa karen ke 3rd floor pe rehne wale logon ko check karen aur saath hi saath sab ke DNA samples laa kar Dr. Salunkhe ko den de?" Abhijeet suggested.

"Lekin teesre maale pe hi kyun sir?" Varun asked.

"Kyun ki kisi insaan ka gayab hone ka sabse asaan tareka hai ussi floor ke kamre lena," KD replied.

Freddy objected, "Sir uss maale pe sau kamre hain. Sab ko check karne main hi ada din lag jayega."

"Freddy tum ek baat bhool rahe ho. Woh khooni Baba ke saath yah baad main aaya hai. Ab sab toh baad yeh saath main nahi aaye hoyenge," Daya cleared.

Varun quickly filtered the guest list and said, "Sir teesre maale pe paanch kamre construction ke liye band the aur baki kamron main se 62 kamron main log Baba ke saath yeh baad main rehne aaye the."

"Yani 62 kamron ke logon ko check karna hai," Abhijeet said. "Chalo shuru karte hain."

All 7 got up and left.


12PM, Taj Hotel

After much discussion it had been decided that Varun and Freddy would go undercover into the hotel as hair oil salesmen and get hair samples from all 62 rooms. Since some were double occupancy rooms, they may have more than 62 samples, but at least they would cover all 62 rooms.

KD was working on his arguments for the next day as well as assisting the rest of the team in doing background checks on the 62 rooms. On comparing the guest files, Abhijeet had found that their file had been tampered with and a bunch of rooms' information had been deleted. They were going to question the manager, but to avoid Varun and Freddy's cover from being blown, Abhijeet and Daya would go separately.

However, at this moment, both Varun and Freddy were making their way to the third floor. Varun said, "Sir aap left lenge yah right?"

"Main right jaonga," Freddy replied.

"Kyun ki aap hamasa right hote hain?" Varun asked, jokingly.


Varun hid a laugh at this, but Freddy understood and said, "Dekh tu meri tang maat kheench."

"Main kahan tang kheench raha hoon? Main toh yahan khada hoon."

"Dekh main tere ko…"

Freddy trailed off as the elevator stopped on the third floor. It was time to get into their roles. They got off the elevator and went in opposite directions, Varun to the left and Freddy to the right.


12:15PM, Taj Hotel lobby

Abhijeet and Daya had arrived at the same time at the hotel as Varun and Freddy had, but to keep their cover from being blown had waited outside. Now, 15 minutes later, they were coming inside. On a preset arrangement, Daya was standing by the door, while Abhijeet went to the counter to ask for the manager, Ravi Patel.

3 days ago, when Abhijeet had asked Ravi for the guest list, he had gone into his office and spent almost 20 minutes in there before coming out with the list. At that time, Abhijeet hadn't thought much of it because he had assumed that no one had such a list already made and ready, unlike what they often showed on crime shows or movies. But after Varun had bought a readymade list, they had realized that some hotels did.

While the receptionist went inside to get Ravi, Abhijeet had a careful look around the hotel lobby. If their latest theory was correct, then the murderer had probably seen Daya came in and then made his way upstairs to kill Baba. But when did he dress up as an old woman? No one recalled seeing an old woman in the lobby and the construction workers didn't remember seeing any old woman getting off the elevator at any time. Then Abhijeet saw a young girl dressed in a salwaar walk past Daya and realized how the man had gotten away or disappear.

He had probably rented a room on the third floor and used that as his regular hideout and dressing room. He would change into a young girl's dress with wig and all and then sit down here waiting for one of them to come. When Daya got there, he quickly went upstairs, committed the murder, changed his hairstyle and posture, and became an old woman. Once he got Daya's fingerprints on the cane, he then went back into his room, became himself once again, and pretended to be a good citizen.

Ravi came out at this point. He said, "Yes sir. Ab main aapki kya madat kar sakta hoon?"

"Shurawat ke liye tum hume sahi aur puri guest list de sakte ho," Abhijeet answered with a grim face.

The smile faded off Ravi's face. "Ji…main kuch samjha nahi."

Abhijeet sighed theatrically. "Hamasa yehi kyun hota hai? Jaise hi koi pakde jane wala hota hai usse kuch samjh nahi aata hai."

Ravi realized he had been caught and ran towards the door. However, this is why Daya had been standing there. Catching him by the neck, he said, "Abey machar, CID se aaj tak pata nahi kitne logon ne bhagne ki koshish ki hai aur sab pakde gaye hain. Tu aapne aap ko bada Milkha Singh ji ki ulaad samjhta hai jo padka nahi jaayega?"

Ravi tried to pull Daya's hand off, saying, "Dekhiye main complaint karonga ke aap ne mujhe torture kiya hai. Aap bachenge nahi."

Abhijeet came over and said, "Kyun aapni hadi pasli turvane ke liye maara jaa raha hai? Hamare sawal ke jawab de de aur aapne aap ko chudwa le. Bas itni si baat hai."

Ravi saw a ray of hope and said, "Agar main aapko sab kuch bata doonga toh aap mujhe chor denge naa?"

"Haan haan chor denge," Abhijeet said, with an almost sly look.

"Ab bol!" Daya demanded.

"Ji mujhe aap logon ke aane se pehle ek phone aaya tha. Mujhe kaha ke agar main kuch rooms ki details nikal kar aapko list doon toh woh mujhe har room ke liye 1 lakh degi."

"Degi? Yani koi aurat thi?!!" Abhijeet asked.

"Haan sir ek aurat thi. Usne mujhe 20 room numbers diye aur kaha ke yeh rooms ki information yah toh nikal doon yah badle doon. Main paise ki lalach main aa gaya aur kar diya. Aap ke jaane ke baad hi mujhe mere paise mil gaye."

Even though they already had a list of those 20 rooms, Daya still asked for it for obvious reasons. Ravi brought it out along witht eh money. Abhijeet said, "Acha ab chal. Tere ko obstruction of justice ke tehat arrest karte hain."

"Lekin sir aapne toh kaha tha ke agar main aap ko sab kuch bata doonga toh aap mujhe chor denge," Ravi objected.

"Haan kaha tha, lekin ek dum chor denge yeh toh nahi kaha tha naa? Saza kat ke phir chor denge," Daya replied.

They took a stuttering Ravi away with them.


3:30PM, CID bureau

Varun and Freddy had just come back with all the hair samples they could collect. They had missed only one room, but since they knew that the person in that room would be back by 5, they would go back at 5 to get his hair sample. Until then Dr. Salunkhe got to work matching the 81 samples they had brought. 20 rooms had been double occupancy so out of 61 they had 2 samples from 20 rooms.

Though they had a list of rooms where information had been changed or removed, they couldn't base their investigation on these rooms alone as the murderer may not have had his/her's room information changed or removed to confuse the team. And neither could they base it on the list of those people who had asked for a room on the third floor specifically because many people did that for various reasons.

But they could investigate the occupants of the 62 rooms based solely on their theory. And that's where the DNA sample and background checks came into play. At least now they had a working theory that they all could believe else before it was all too confusing.

Once Varun and Freddy had given Dr. Salunkhe all their samples, they went on a quick lunch before getting back to work.

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5:10PM, Forensic lab

Just as Freddy had been heading out to get a hair sample from the final room, Dr. Salunkhe had called them all into the lab.

In their background checks, the theam had found 4 such people who could have had a reason to take revenge from CID. Whether they wanted to take revenge from Baba Bhurji as well was a bit harder to check, but hopefully they wouldn't have to.

As everyone came into the lab, they were surprised to see Dr. Salunkhe dancing. It was extra shocking for KD and Varun since this was the first time they were coming into the lab. ACP Pradyuman said, "Lo. Iska dimak toh hil gaya hai. Abijeet mental asylum main phone kar aur Salunkhe ke liye ek jagah book kar. Isse abhi dal kar aate hain wahan par."

Dr. Salunkhe stopped dancing and said, "Pradyuman jo baat main batane jaa raha hoon uspe toh tumhare baal tak khade ho kar bhangra karenge."

"Acha aisi kya baat hai? DNA samples match hogaye?"

"Sirf match nahi huye hain boss. Aapne records main ek rishtdeaar bhi mil gaya hai!"

ACP Pradyuman said, happily, "Acha! Yeh toh sach main nachni ki baat hai!"

Abhijeet, Daya, and Freddy took this to mean that they could dance and started dancing. Dr. Salunkhe joined them again. ACP Pradyuman watched with an amused look until he noticed KD and Varun. The shock had worn off their face and now the 2 were looking at all this with confusion. He quickly became serious. "Acha bas. Salunkhe yeh bata ke kis ke saath match huye hai DNA."

"Haan aa jao. Dekhta hoon," Dr. Salunkhe replied, also becoming serious.

He didn't need to understand why ACP Pradyuman had become so serious because he had seen KD and Varun's expressions as well. The 6 came around and Dr. Salunkhe explained, "Jab maine yeh DNA hotel ke DNA se match kar liya tab mujhe Pradyuman ki baat yaad aayi ke shayad yeh koi rishtedaar hai. Isli maine isse phir se system main feed kiya aur ek familial match dhoonda. Familial match yani DNA similar hai aur yah toh maternal side ki taraf se hai yah paternal side ki taraf se he. Ek naam bhar aaya aur woh yeh tha. Yeh DNA jis ka hai woh iss apradhi ka bhai hai. Dono maternal aur paternal DNA match huye hain."

Daya read the name. "Amin Verma."

Abhijeet recognized the name almost immediately. "Arre yeh toh woh wire murderer hai jisse umar ked huyi hai."

KD seemed to know a bit more because he added, "Aur yeh Baba Bhurji ke liye kam karta tha. Yeh case jitne dino ke liye chala utne dino yeh ek hi baat karta tha ke Baba isse bachne zaroor aayega."

"Aur Baba aaya hi nahi. Warna isse saza nahi hoti," Daya mused.

"Sir phir toh yeh wajah ho sakti hai ke iska bhai Baba aur hamara dushman hai," Freddy said.

"Salunkhe yeh kaunse kamre main hain?" ACP Pradyuman asked.


"Sir yeh toh wohi karma hai jiske bahar main uss aurat se takarya tha," Daya said.

"Toh jao. Usse pakde ke laayo," ACP Pradyuman said.

Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy, and Varun quickly left at this. When the 3 noticed Varun, they tried to stop him since he wasn't a police officer, but he didn't listen and so they finally allowed him to come along.


6:30PM, Taj Hotel

Daya braked hard in front of the hotel and the 4 sprinted into the hotel. This time they didn't bother with the receptionist and went straight to the elevators. On reaching the third floor, the 4 went past the construction workers and down the hallway. As soon as they reached room 320, Varun stepped to a side, while Daya, Abhijeet, and Freddy drew their guns. Abhijeet knocked on the door and said, "CID! Vikas Verma hum jaante hain ke tumne kiya hai sab kuch! Darwaza kholo!"

As expected there was no answer. Abhijeet knocked again and then finally nodded at Daya. The two broke down the door and then cleared the area. Vikas had escaped. Freddy came out of the washroom and said, "Sir undar woh toh nahi hai lekin do wigs hain."

Varun also came into the room to help in searching it. The first thing he found was an envelope with "CID" written on it on the corner of the TV table. He showed it to Abhijeet who called Daya and Freddy over before opening the envelope. Inside was a letter and a photo. Ignoring the photo for the time-being, Abhijeet first read the letter:

Namaskar CID officers,

Kya laga? Yeh chidiya itni asaani se pakdi jayegi? Nahi. Jo main chahta hoon wohi hoga. Baba Bhurji toh maar gaya hai ab bas Daya ko phansi lag jaye mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye. Mere bhai ka badla pura ho jayega. Chalo. Tumhara kam asaan kar deta hoon. Meri ek photo undar hai. Dhoond sakte ho toh dhoond lo. Dekhte hain kuan jeeta hai.

Vikas Verma

Abhijeet now took a long look at the photo. Varun recognized him immediately. "Yeh toh abhi bahar tha! Woh workers ke saath dekha tha maine isse!"

Abhijeet dropped the photo and letter and ran outside with Daya. But Vikas was long gone. The workers didn't know anything about him either, except that he had stopped to help them pick up some supplies. Abhijeet hit the wall in frustration. They had about 14 hours before the trial began. They needed to find Vikas before that.


8PM, CID bureau

KD and ACP Pradyuman were talking about the letter, when Abhijeet came over and said, "Saare jagah naka bandi ho chuki hai. Vikas yahan se nikal nahi sakta hai."

"Nikal sakta hai Abhijeet. Woh ek theatre group main makeup department sambhal tha hai aur unhe ka kehna hai ke woh aise bhes badle sakta hai ke ek dum naya insaan lagta hai," Daya said.

"Uska number mila?" ACP Pradyuman asked.

"Mil gaya hai aur Freddy track karva raha hai," Daya replied.

Freddy came over as well. "Sir phone abhi toh off hai lekin aakhri baar yeh Bandra West main tha ek Lakshmi Narayan Mandir ke bahar."

Abhijeet said, "Yeh toh wohi jagah hai naa jahan pe Amin pakda gaya tha?"

After Amin's name had come into the case, the whole team had quickly read up on his case to refresh their memories. Now they remembered everything as if it was yesterday even though it had been a whole year since everything had happened.

Freddy replied, "Ji sir."

"Toh chalo ab wahan chal kar dekhte hain."

"Ek minute Abhijeet. Woh toh yehi chahega. Agar hum iske kadamon ko samjh kar agli jagah usse pehle paunch jaaye toh?" Daya asked.

"Lekin kisi ko toh jaana parega Daya."

"Main jata hoon sir," Varun put in. "Agar kuch bhi hoga toh main aapko bata doonga."

"Aur agar wahan kuch bhi aisa mile toh hume bula lena," Abhijeet said.

Varun left for Lakshmi Narayan Mandir. Daya said, "Ab woh wahan toh jaa chuka hai jahan pe Amin arrest huya tha. Ab aage kahan jaayega woh?"

Freddy said, "Shayad jahan Baba aur Amin milte the."

"Nahi. Woh ab court jayega," KD interjected.

ACP Pradyuman agreed. "Haan. Kyun ki uske liye sab kuch Amin ke baare main hai. Baba ke baad ab bumse badla reh gaya hai. Aur woh usse tab milega jab woh ussi adaalat main Daya ko saza milte huye dekhega."

KD nodded. "Haan aur iska matlab hai ke woh kal subah tak kisi hotel yah agar woh yahani ka hai toh ghar main rukega."

Freddy said, "Woh toh Delhi ka hai. Toh shayad hotel yah lodge main rukega."

ACP Pradyuman said, "Aisa karo ke abhi se lag jaayo aur har hotel aur lodge main phone karo aur pata karo ke koi aaj hi aaya hai aur kal subah hi checkout kar raha hai."

Even though there were over 100 hotels and lodges, Abhijeet, Daya, and Freddy didn't say anything and got to work.


9:20PM, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir

Varun stopped his bike right by the steps and got off to check the surrounding area. One man, a street vendor, noticed him right away and motioned for him. Varun went over to him and the man asked, "Kya aap CID se aaye hain?"

Varun lied and said, "Haan."

"Ji mujhe ek aadmi ne yeh letter di thi CID waalon ko dene ke liye. Aap mujhe lage CID waale isli aap ko yahan bulaya."

"Acha letter do."

The man gave it to Varun who read through it. It read:

Kya socha tha? Ke main itna bhudu hoon ke itni sab planning karonga lekin aapna phone band karna bhool jaonga? Yaad hai yeh jagah? Yeh wohi jagah hai jahan tum logon ne mere bhai ko giraftaar kiya tha. Ab kal Daya ko saza hogi wahani pe jahan kabhi Amin ko saza huyi thi. Kal CID tarpayegi jaise main tarpa tha. Kal mera badla pura hoga aur kal main tum logon ke saamne aaonga. Kal hoga sab kuch.


Varun put the letter in his pocket and raced off to give it to CID. What he forgot to question was what a vendor was doing outside a mandir at 9PM. But then there were 2 other vendors there. But still, the guy wasn't a vendor, but rather…Vikas gave a smirk as Varun drove off without giving a second glance at him.


10:25PM, CID bureau

Abhijeet realized today how many people came to Mumbai just for one night as a stopover. He had called just 10 hotels in the past 2 hours because at each hotel he found at least 10 people who were there just for that one evening and night. And most of them were either business people who came for a meeting, were staying the night, and then leaving in the morning or people who were facing connecting flight delays. And so far everyone's story checked out. He looked around. Daya and Freddy had been on the phone for the past 2 hours as well. Dr. Salunkhe was helping check the stories. He was on the airport's internal website where all the flight and passenger information was. Since most of the stories had to deal with a flight, this was important. ACP Pradyuman had gotten them that access by explaining everything to someone. They had access until 1AM and so far they had only gotten through 45 out of 111 hotels and lodges. Actually even ACP Pradyuman and KD had been helping for a little while until KD thought about talking to Dhanush.

Obviously Dhanush's eye-witness statement had been wrong. Now all that remained to be seen was why he lied. In the rush of everything they had fully forgotten about Dhanush, but now that KD had remembered, he and ACP Pradyuman had gone to talk to him.

Varun came rushing in at that point with the letter and came over to Abhijeet since he was the only one not on the phone. Abhijeet read the letter and asked, "Yeh kaise mila?"

"Ek vendor ko main dikha aur usne poocha ke main CID wala hoon. Information pata karne ke liye maine haan keh diya aur usne mujhe yeh chitti de di," Varun replied.

"Itni raat ko mandir ke bahar koi bechnewala khada tha?"

"Haan. Teen khade the."

"Kya woh sab iss waqt bhi bech rahe the yah band kar rahe the?"

"Do bech rahe the aur ek band kar ke jaa rhaa tha. Acha ab main kya karun sir?"

Abhijeet explained what they were doing and Varun also grabbed a list of hotels and lodges and started working. When all 5 had been calling they had each taken 5 letters and made that their list. Now Varun took over KD's list and started dialling, while Abhijeet went back to his list.


12:10AM, CID bureau

It was midnight and they were still calling. With 5 of them calling and 2 doing verification checks everything was moving a lot faster. They now only had 10 hotels left to check. So far they had found 10 such hotels where they suspected at least 1 person. Once this was done Daya, Abhijeet, and Freddy would divide based on how close together places were and actually meet each person in person. They had a sketch artist making a few basic changes to th efface so that they would have a good idea of what they were looking for. Varun and KD were going to leave after this because they needed to prepare for the case. They only had 9 hours left to find Vikas.


3:10AM, Welcome Lodge

Freddy went into the first lodge on his list. After they had finished the calls at about 1AM, they had then marked all the suspect places on a map and divided based on region. Freddy had gone west, Daya east, Abhijeet south, and ACP Pradyuman and Dr. Salunkhe north.

Now Freddy was at his first location to meet Mrs. Sheetal Dubey. The good thing about coming at 3AM at night was that no one could say they were out to take a walk or do shopping. Everyone should be in bed sleeping or at least in their room because no club was open so late either. The bad thing, however, was that almost everyone got angry for being disturbed so late at night or so early in the morning, whichever you wanted to look at it as. But they were still doing it.

Freddy knocked on Sheetal's room door and after a few knocks she finally opened the door sleepily. "Ji? Aap kaun hai aur kya hai?"

"Ji mera naam Fredericks hai. Kya aapka naam Aarti hai?"

To avoid people from getting angry they decided to act like day-night courier deliverymen. Then they would pretend to be looking for another person to get a good look at the person and compare it to the photo and sketches on their clipboard. She replied, "Nahi mera naam Sheetal hai."

"Aur kamre main koi Aarti nahi hai?"

"Ji nahi. Main akeli hoon."

"Acha. Maaf ki jiyaga. Hamare courier se yeh urgent parcel aaya tha Aarti Chaddha ke naam aur yahan ka pata tha. Isli aap ko pareshan."

"Koi baat nahi."

Sheetal closed the door and Freddy crossed her off the list. She didn't look at all like Vikas. Next room.


5:55AM, CID bureau

Everyone had just gotten back and were comparing notes. Everyone had been checked except one person. He had been on Daya's list by the name of Ankush Chatterjee. When Daya had gone to his room, there had been no answer. And on entering the room no one had been found either. Since he had paid in advance no one in the hotel had thought much about it. But for CID it meant a lot. Now they had to either trace him before 9 or everything relied on KD finding the culprit in court. Once court began, CID would have no authority to check anyone. It would all depend on KD, Varun, and Inspector Dave.

Abhijeet said, "Freddy uska phone trace karo phir se."

Freddy did so and a few minutes later came back and said, "Sir uska phone abhi bhi band hai aur last location wohi mandir hai."

ACP Pradyuman said, "Ek kam karo. Abhi jaa kar Amin se milo. Agar Vikas yeh sab uske liye kar raha hai toh iska matlab hai ke usne Amin se baat ki hogi. Uske moun se uglao."

Abhijeet and Daya left to do that.


7AM, Bandra West Jail

After clearing all the security clearances, Abhijeet and Daya were led to a small holding cell to wait for Amin to be brought in. No one had slept for the past 3 days and nights and it was showing, but no one was giving up. And neither was it slowing them down. Daya smiled weakly at Abhijeet, who was thinking something. "Kya soch rahe ho?"

"Tumhare baare main soch raha hoon Daya."

"Daaro nahi. Main itni jaldi haarne wala nahi hoon."

"Main woh nahi soch raha hoon. Tum bahut himmatwale ho. Itni jaldi kya, tum kabhi nahi haar sakte ho."

"Mujhpe itna bharosa?"


"Kyun boss?"

"Tumhe 14 saalon se jaanta hoon. Aur inhe 14 saalon main tumhare baare main mujhe sab kuch pata lag gaya hai."

That one line said it all. They weren't just friends. They were there for each other no matter what.

At this moment, Amin was brought in. Both became serious. Amin just smiled on seeing them. "Ah toh aap logon ko mere se milne ki fursat mil gayi."

"Amin dekh tere se hum koi timepass karne nahi aaye hain. Tu bas itna bata ke Vikas yahan pichle kuch dino main aaya tha ya nahi?" Daya asked.

"Kyun bataon?" Amin asked, mockingly.

Abhijeet grabbed Amin angrily and said, "Dekh mere paas teri yeh bakwas sune ke liye waqt nahi hai. Yah toh tu baat karne lag yah yahani teri laash becha doonga!"

Amin freed himself from Abhijeet's grasp. "Toh maar do. Waise bhi umar ked toh kaat hi raha hoon."

Abhijeet pulled out his gun. "Toh thik hai. Teri yeh khwaish bhi puri kar dete hain."

Daya grabbed the gun. "Pagal hogaye ho kya Abhijeet? Yeh maar gaya toh tum phasoge."

Abhijeet took the gun back. "Nahi phasonga. Keh doonga self-defense main maara. Aur phir jaise isse maara hai iske bhai ko bhi maar doonga aur bas khel khatam. Aur phir tum bhi azaad ho."

"Acha aisi baat hai? Toh maro isse."

Daya stepped back and this is when Amin started getting scared. Abhijeet cocked the gun and Amin yelled out, "Main sab batata hoon!"

"Haan toh bol!" Abhijeet demanded, keeping the gun trained on Amin.

Amin told the duo everything and once he finished, Abhijeet put the safety lock back on his gun and said, "Mujhe nahi pata tha ke khali banduk se bhi koi maar sakta hai."

Amin looked at Abhijeet in shock. He had been fooled. Abhijeet and Daya had planned this.


8:20AM, KD's office

KD was on the phone. "Haan…Acha thik hai…Nahi tum log kuch maat karna…Nahi main usse sahi waqt pe sab ke saamne laaonga…Acha thik hai."

KD hung up and Varun asked, "Kaun tha sir?"

"Daya tha. Vikas ka pata chal gaya hai."

"Toh phir usse pakdte kyun nahi hain?"

"Usse pakde bhi lenge lekin adaalat main. Varun tu ek kam kar."

KD explained his plan to Varun. They need to catch Vikas unprepared and that would be in court with the proceedings well under way.


9AM, Courtroom

Everything was as the day before except this time the case had been solved and the criminal was soon to be revealed. Once everyone sat down Jaiswal got up and said, "You Honour kal Pathak saab ne bari asaani se mere saboot ko galat sabat kar diya tha lekin aaj kuch nahi hoga kyun ki aaj mere paas ek chashmaded gavah hai aur woh sab sach bateyega."

KD got up and said, "Araam se Jaiswal saab. Kahin uske sach se aap ke pedon ke neeche ki zameen naa hil jaaye."

"Kya matlab hai aapka?"

"Abhi pata lag jayega. Dhanush ko aane do," KD replied with a smile and twinkle in his eyes.

Jaiswal nodded and the judge asked for Dhanush to be called. Dhanush was brought in but before Jaiswal could ask anything Dhanush said, "Judge saab main sab sach bataonga."

Jaiswal started to say, "Haan batao tumne kis—"

Dhanush continued as if not hearing, "Main koi eyewitness nahi hoon. Maine jo bhi bola tha pehle woh sab galat tha. Paise diye gaye the mujhe sab bolne ke liye."

Jaiswal was shocked dumb. KD got up and said, "Aur woh paise kahan hain?"

"Mere kamre main. Mujhe kaha gaya ke woh paise main aapne account main dalun case khatam hone ke baad."

"Ek baat batao, woh khooni tumse baat kaise karta tha?"

"Woh hotel main phone kar ke mere liye poochta tha. Uska kehna tha ke iss taran agar police ne mere phone records check kiya toh uska naam saamne nahi aayega."

"Aur woh ek aadmi tha yah aurat?"

"Aadmi tha. 100% aadmi tha" then he leaned forward and said almost conspiratorally, "aur pata hai woh haklata tha."

"Usne tumhe hi kyun chuna iss kam ke liye?"

"Kyun ki teesre floor pe main hi saaf saafi karta hoon. Rooms 300 se 350 tak mere hain."

KD turned to the judge and said, "You Honour yeh point note ho ke khooni ne Dhanush ko isli chuna kyun ki woh uss hotel ka karamchari tha, unhi kamron ki saaf safi karta tha jahan Baba Bhurji ki maut huyi hai, aur iska record saaf hai toh CID ispe shaq kar hi nahi sakta hai."

The judge made a note of this. KD continued, "Aur Dhanush ki iss gavahi se yeh bhi sabat hota hai ke Daya ko khoon karte huye kisi ne nahi dekha aur main thodi deer main yeh sabat kar doonga ke Daya ne khoon kiya hi nahi. Agar aap ki ijazat ho toh main Taj Hotel ke manager, Ravi Patel, ko bulana chahta hoon."

"Ijazat hai," the judge said.

While KD was fighting the case, Varun and Inspector Dave were sitting in a separate room doing facial recognition on each person in the court. They were matching each face to Vikas's face as KD had wanted them to do. He had asked them to do one more thing as well, which had been done.

Ravi was brought in and KD now questioned him. He gave his statement as before, but when he said he had talked to a woman, Jaiswal jumped in. "Ek minute. Tumhe ek aurat ne paise diye?"

KD said, "Jaiswal saab aap thik se sunte nahi hain. Ravi ne kaha ke isse ek aurat ne phone kiya tha aur paise iske office ke bahar koi chor gaya tha."

"Toh bhi iska yehi matlab hai ke isme koi aurat bhi shamal hai. Ab Pathak saab ek khoon karne ke liye koi hakala aur ek aurat itna sab kuch kyun karenge?"

"Jaiswal saab thoda dheeraj rakhiye. Aap bhetiye main sawal pooch loon?"

Jaiswal went and sat down again.


10AM, Public seating

Vikas was fuming in his seat. After so much careful planning, KD would free Daya. It had taken him a whole 6 months of careful planning to do everything and because of these 2 bloody people he had paid, everything had fallen apart.

He couldn't even get up and leave because he didn't want to draw attention to himself. So he sat there in his disguise waiting for lunch so he could escape. He would be back, make no doubt about it, but with more careful planning.


10AM, Separate room

Varun and Dave had just finished going through the first row. Now they were on the second row. That's when the constable brought in the second computer. They now had 2 computers where they could run the facial recognition program. As the second computer set up, Dave asked, "Varun tumhe lagta hai Vikas wahan bheta hoga?"

"Haan hona chahiye Dave. Kyun ki usne challenge kiya tha ke woh hoga aur koi usse pakde nahi payega."

"Yaar yeh KD ko main bilkul samjh nahi paaya hoon. Ek hukum ka ika hai uske paas lekin woh phir bhi iska intezaar karega. Ika phenko baat khatam huyi."

"KD sir toh aise hi hain." Then Varun exclaimed, "Dave mil gaya woh!"

Dave came over from the second computer to see the computer blinking 100% match. Facial matching could range anywhere from 0 to 100% depending on face structure. The computer looked for many different matches, such as nose width, skin depth, face width, and other such parameters. Everyone had some similarities, but 100% only came up when a person matched themselves or their twin. And even a twin was never 100% but rather 90 to 95%. Facial matching was quite like DNA. To see 100% here meant that they had found Vikas. Dave said, "Toh ab KD ko batao."

"Aur tum bhi tyar rehna. Yeh bhagne ki koshish karega."


10:20AM, Courtroom

As Ravi was going to sit down, Varun came in saying, "KD sir."

"Your Honour ek minute main zara aapne shayek se baat kar loon."

The judge nodded and KD went to talk to Varun who told him about the match in an undertone. KD nodded. He went back and said, "Your Honour ab main usko bulane wala hoon jo yeh case ko ek dum saaf kar dega aur jo khooni ka parda fash kar dega. Main Amin Verma ko bulana chahta hoon."

As KD was saying this Varun went to stand near one door and Dave came in and covered the other door. Now the escape routes for Vikas were blocked.

In the public area, Vikas was in shock. They were bringing Amin in. But how had they gotten him to speak? He was his brother and he couldn't just open his mouth like that!

Amin was brought in and he went to stand in the dock. KD said, "Yeh Amin Verma hai. Baba Bhurji ko maarne ka plan aur CID se badla lene ka plan iske wajah se hi tha. Ab yeh hume khud sab kuch batayega."

Amin said, "Yeh sab kuch tab shuru huya jab main India se Switzerland gaya tha ek conference ke liye teen saal pehle. Wahan meri mulaqat Baba Bhurji ke ek aadmi se huyi jo mujhe Baba se milwane le gaya aur wahan paison ki lalach main aa kar maine Baba ke liye khoon karne shuru kar diye. Jab main pakda gaya toh Baba ne aapne ek aadmi ke zariye se yeh baat bheji ke agar main chup raha toh woh mujhe nikalwa dega. Lekin mujhe usne nahi nikalvaya aur mujhe umar ked ho gayi. Mujhe pakdene wale yeh CID officers the aur mere ko jail bhejne wala woh Baba. Jab yeh bat mere bhai tak paunchi woh aag babula ho gaya aur usne yeh saara plan banaya."

KD said, "Iske bhai ka naam Vikas hai aur woh abhi iss adaalat main hai," turning to the public area, KD pointed to the second row, aisle seat, "woh raha."

VIkas realizing he was about to be caught made a run for it, but Dave who was standing at the door, caught him. There was a scuffle between them, but Dave overpowered Vikas and he finally allowed himself to be caught. Vikas was brought up to the dock and after catching his breath, said, "Haan yeh sab mera hi kiya dhara hai! Maine hi maara hai Baba Bhurji ko aur maine hi Daa ko phasaya hai!"

Jaiswal got up and asked, "Aur woh tumhare do saathi? Woh aurat aur hakalata wa aadmi?"

"Woh bhi main hi hoon," Vikas said in a girl's voice. Then stammering, "M-M-Maine ek m-m-makeup designer ke s-s-saath ek m-m-mimicry artist bhi h-h-hoon."

Jaiswal sat down again. KD said, "Haan toh Vikas judge saab ko tum puri kahani shuru se bataoge yah main bataon?"

Vikas smiled and said, challengingly, "Tum aapne aap ko bahut bada lawyer samjhte ho naa? Toh tum hi shuru karo."

KD smiled. "Main toh sirf sach ki khoj karta hoon. Chalo main hi shuru se bata deta hoon. Yeh sab che mahine pehle shuru huya jab tum Sandesh naamak ek yuva se mile aur tumne uska istamal karne ka socha. Tumne ek plan ke tehyet Sandesh ko drugs ka adi kiya aur phir usse Lallan aur Sunny se milwaya. Amin ke wajah se tum jaante the ke Lallan aur Sunny, Vikram, jo ek CBI officer hai, ke liye kam rahe the. Aur tum yeh bhi jaante the ke agar Vikram pakda jayega toh Baba yahan zaroor aayega."

As KD had spoken, Vikass smile had faded away. KD said, "Aba age ka tum bataoge?"

"Batata hoon. Jab main tyar ho gaya Baba ko marne ke liye tab maine Sandesh ko pakdvaya aur uske zariye se CID Lallan aur Sunny tak paunche. Aur unhe dono se yeh log Anna yani Vikram tak paunche. Aur Vikram pe pakde jaane pe Baba yahan ke liye nikal pada. Mere ek dost ke zariye se mujhe Baba ki flight details pata lag gayi aur main airport paunch gaya. Wahan maine Baba ka peecha kiya aur ushi hotel main ek karma liya jahan woh tha. Phir maine CID ka intezar kiya. Jaise hi maine Daya ko undar aate huye dekha main upar bhag gaya Baba se milne. Kyun ki main ek jawan ladki ke bhes main tha isli usne mujhe turant undar le liya aur maine usse maar diya. Phir maine aapni wig aur chal badla aur baha gaya aur ek bhudi aurat ke bhes main Daya se takdaya aapne kamre ke bahar aur uski ungli ke nishaan aa gaye chadi par. Phir maine Dhanush aur Ravi ko paise diye aur unhe se mera kam karva liya. Uske baad toh bas CID ko idhar se udhar bhagvaya taki woh kabhi Daya ko bacha hi nahi paaye."

Jaiswal got up and came over. "Lekin Pathak saab yeh toh ek itni ache disguise main tha. Aapne isse pehchana kaise?"

"Jaiswal saab, Varun aur Inspector Dave ek baju wale kamre main the. Jab hum sab bhete the tab Constable Harvinder ne sab ke chehre record kar liye the aur bahar jaa kar unhe de diye. Unhone sab ke chehre ek facial recognition program main dala aur wahan se mil gaya."

"Aur aap Amin ko shuru main hi kyun nahi laaye?"

He whispered to Jaiswal, "Agar shuru main hi liya aata toh aap ke chehra nahi dekhne ko milta Dhanush ke bayan par."

Jaiswal looked at KD, who said aloud, "Kyun ki main Vikas ko chetvani nahi dena chahta tha. Usse pehchane ke baad hi main Amin ko saamne lana chahta tha."

The judge asked, "Aur Vikas tak kaise paunche?"

"Your Honour woh ek bahut lambi investigation thi," he paused for any more questions, but there were none, so he finished, "The defense rests."

The judge made some final notes and then said, "Yeh adaalat iss nataje pe paunchi hai ke Baba Bhurji ko Vikas Verma ne maara hai. Lihasaya yeh adaalat Vikas Verma ko phansi ka hukum sunati hai aur Daya Shetty ko baa izaat bari karti hai. The case is closed."

Banging his gavel once, the judge dismissed court. Daya got down from the dock and went to hug his team, while KD smiled from his seat.


3 days later, 11AM, Pune

The 8 were out on that promised picnic enjoying a week away from the bureau, the courts, and the police station. Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy, and ACP Pradyuman were in one boat while KD, Varun, Inspector Dave, and Dr. Salunkhe were in the other. Dr. Salunkhe called out, "Kyun Pradyuman? Isse pehle aakhri chutti kab li thi?"

ACP Pradyuman called back in a joking mood, "Jab tere haath ki dal kahi thi. Do din tak pet kharab raha tha!"

Everyone laughed at this. KD said, "Kabhi Dave ki haath ki dal maat khana. Woh do hafte tak pet kharab rakhega."

Today everyone was in a happy and joking mood. Even the normally serious KD and Dave. Dave said back, "KD mere haath ki dal kum se kum Varun ki banayi huyi coffee se better hai."

"Meri banayi huyi coffee main koi problem nahi hai Dave. Tumhare taste buds main problem hai," Varun retorted.

Freddy got up in the boat. Abhijeet said, "Abey Freddy kya huya?"

"Mujhe bhi kuch kehna hai," Freddy announced.

"Haan toh bhet jao. Bhet kar baat kar sakte hain," Daya said.

"Nahi," Freddy refused. "Pehle meri baat suniye."

"Freddy bhet jao. Dekho woh aage nikal rahe hain," ACP Pradyuman said.

"Nahi sir. Pehle aap meri baat suniye," Freddy repeated stubbornly.

The 8 had been having a race and because Freddy had stood up the other boat was now pulling ahead. Varun called back, "Sir aap khade rehna! Taki hum jeet jayen!"

Abhijeet said, "Jaldi bol Freddy. Woh log aage nikal rahe hain!"

"Sir yeh ab tak ka sabse acha picnic aur trip hai," Freddy announced.

And saying that he sat down. The trio exchanged glances and then burst out laughing. Yep, this was the best picnic ever. Then they heard loud cheers from the other boat. They had reached the end and Varun and Dave were standing up and cheering. Even KD and Dr. Salunkhe were clapping to celebrate their win.

Yep, these were the joys of being in CID or in court or in a police station. At the end of day it was one big happy family. And that's what made them so unique.

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visrom IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Thank you for writing this Shreya. I'll read it sometime today...I am on leave for a long weekend...a thrilling cid-adalat will be fun to read. Big smile

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome update Clap
Loved it Smile

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Reserved_angel IF-Rockerz

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will be reading it soon...

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tripti123 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Just loved it...!!!Smile
I was imagining all the characters...!!!Thumbs Up
especially loved the last Picnic part..!!Clap
amazing writer!!Big smile
must sayClap

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SalluTheUllu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:02am | IP Logged
this is the first time I'm reading crime related written story m a big time Fan of Romantic fiction but this is intresting feel like watching instead of reading LOL
good job Shreya *Clap*
hv you ever tried your hands writing romance?

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