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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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am yet to read last 2 updates.. will read them all in a go... 

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Every inch of my body throbbed with pain as I struggled to open my heavy eye lids. My eyes opened to a different surrounding once again, it was just as it all had started. As my senses came back, I could only remember being dragged out of the house by Maan. How could he do that to me was still beyond me.! It had been 5 days I was yearning to see him and it all came crashing down as soon as I saw him. As the flashes of his assault came back from the dooms day, I could only bring myself to think, was it all an act to get closer to me.? What was Maan accusing me of hiding of when I had no clue about his true identity either? Didn't he ever love me.? I couldn't bring my heart to believe that it was all fake; however my brain refused to accept any explanation. I got up to my feet with great difficulty and looked at the surrounds, it was exactly like the place he locked me up initially. My mind had stopped working with all the events that had my life hell. I was unaware about how many days it had been since I was trapped here. Even after all that took place, I was only worried about how and where Maan was. It was stupid, but that's how it is when it comes to him. Everything about the place reminded me of the time I spent with Maan in that godforsaken place called his secret hideout. He had hidden me in his house all along, yet I could never suspect that he was doing it for a reason. I walked around the place, trying to figure out what exactly was sharpening with my life when I spotted a person lying on the ground in front of me, a few feet away. The moment my eyes spotted the body, a sudden fear crept up my heart and I tried my best not to think of that one name. Unsure of what I would see, I slowly walked towards the motionless body and kneeled beside it. My hands shook as I tried to touch the body and the moment I touched it, a shiver ran down my spine. It was the same feel that would always spread through me on touching him. With trembling hands I managed to turn the body around and I faced the worst fear of my life yet again. It was Maan. 

Maan.!! I screamed and I was madly shaking him trying to wake him up. Why did I always have to bear the pain of watching him half dead.? I shook him vigorously, trying to wake him up but he wasn't responding. His forehead had several cut marks and the blood was already clotting around his wounds. As I frantically checked him, I spotted a patch of blood around his abdomen, his wound from the bullet was bleeding. Without realizing tears streamed down my eyes as I pleaded him to wake up. For a moment, I simply wanted to run away from him and save myself all the pain he would always put me through but I knew I would be back to him the very next moment, there was no way I would be live without him now. I searched around the room for something that would help me wake him up when I saw the jig of water placed near the door. I grabbed it and emptied it on him unable to bear the pain any longer. As the water splashed across his face, his eyelids fluttered finally letting me breathe in relief. I cared less for what he would do after he was fully conscious, all I needed to know was his well being. My hands on their own clamped around his face and tired getting him back to his senses. Maan's eyes opened and found mine, they were the exact same ones I loved ; loving and warm with love reflecting off them. The way he looked at me was enough for me to know what he wasn't going to hurt me as of now. His eyes suddenly widened as he registered my presence and obvious to his wounds, he grabbed into his embrace and crushed me into a bone crushing hug. Although I didn't expect him to hurt me but his actions were a surprise after whatever happened at his house. I could feel him relaxing in the hug. My heart was at peace being in his arms but his cold behaviour hadn't left me either. Just when I was about respond to the hug, he pulled out of it, his hands went into my hair and his lips crashing against mine. I could feel the tension in the kiss, followed by relief. If he was so relieved to see me, what was with his behaviour the other day.? It took all my control to not respond to his kiss, I needed a few answers before I could get over with his bitterness. Seeing me not responding, he broke the kiss and looked at me in confusion. 

What's wrong Jaan.? Aren't you happy to see me.? I can't even tell you how happy I am to see you here. I thought I would lose you forever but I'm so grateful that I finally found you once again. I don't know what I would do if I didn't.. He spoke happily, pulling me into a hug once again. I heard the word Jaan from him after ages, it felt like an eternity. As I heard the word, his harsh words from our last meet came back flashing, he had called me a bitch. Everything about him was so confusing. Was it just a way to put me off for a while until he sorted his problems out, was he pretending.? There were so many questions that I haunted me but only he had the answers. He definitely sounded happy but he was also driving me crazy. I waited for him to calm down until I could demand my answers from him. Maan sensed my cold response to him and he once again broke the hug and eyed me questioningly. 

What.? Why aren't you responding to me.? Forget all that, first tell me how the hell did you get here.? I can't even remember anything, my head hurts like it has just been crushed into pieces. He asked looking around the place. I looked at him in anger as he questioned me after all that he did like I was the one who dragged him out of his house by his arm. Anger coursed through me, after all we had been through; he still chose to hide things from me. Pushing his hands away, I got off the ground and walked away from him. I just wanted to go hide into a nearby wall and avoid all the torment. 

Jaan.? He called out, it was more a plea. My heart clenched at that one voice but I crushed the urge to run back into his arms. He owed me a lot of answers before we could be back to normal. I ignored his voice and dragged myself to the other corner, facing away from him. 

Jaan.? He called once again and I ignored it once again. 

Geet.? He called out more sternly this time but I chose it ignore him once again. He called out to me a few more times, every time anger rising in his voice but I cared less. I wanted him to feel the same pain of ignorance I felt when he ignored me, if this was the only way of making him realize then that's what I would choose. Before I could think any further, his hand grabbed my arm and briskly turned me around, his blazing eyes inches away from mine. 

Why the hell aren't you answering me.? Look Geet, save all your anger for later but just tell me how we got here and also that you are okay.! Did you hear me, answer me god damn it. He barked, his fingers digging into my arm. I glared at him but his grip didn't loosen on my arm. Frustrated with his behaviour, I simply tuned my face away from him pushing him off the edge. 

God damn it, answer me.! I am asking you something, why can't you just answer me.? He barked, his hand making me face him. I lost the cool I tried maintaining all along, but his stubbornness to hide his identity irked me off to no limited. 

What the hell am I supposed to answer when you were the one who dragged me out of house by my arm after drugging me.? How the hell am I supposed to know how we got here when the last thing I knew was that you were treating me like some filth in your life.? I screamed pushing him away. Maan looked at me stunned as he stumbled back a few steps with my push. He looked like he had been kicked in his guts, his face was pale and his eyes wide in horror as he heard me scream. I looked at him in disgust as tears streamed down my eyes.  

What nonsense.?? Are you out of your mind Geet, how can you say all this.? He blanched charging towards me and trapping me between him and the wall by placing his arms on either side of my face. Even though he was so close to me, I could feel the distance between us. His denial about all the incidents only confirmed that he didn't trust me enough to share his pain with me, even if he did it under compulsion, it was just for him to say and I wouldn't question him anymore. 

You are right, I am the one who is out of my mind. I should be out of my mind for waiting and yearning for you for every second of the 5 days I spent thinking about how you are or where you are, if you are alive or dead and receiving nothing but your coldness. I should be out of my mind for still being madly in love with you even after you almost strangled me when I came to you with the happiness of finally seeing you safe and sound after so many days. I should be out of my mind for still loving you when you slapped me for something only you knew instead of assuring me that everything will be all right. I should be out of my mind for still caring for you when you called me a bitch and dragged me out of the room like I was some filth you were tolerating all along. I must be out of my mind for still being with you even after all of it and yet you stand here pretending to know nothing. Why Maan.? Why are you doing all this.? I cried as I saw shock flicker over his face. He was speechless, his arms dropped from my sides and cupped my face. 

Jaan, what's all this.? What happened.? Believe me, I can't even do any of this to you even in my nightmares.! How can you think all this Jaan, tell me who was it who did all that.? Answer me Geet, please.! He pleaded. 

Enough Maan.! Please stop it, I can't take it anymore. My life has been hell since the time I met you, please stop all this now. I pleaded pushing his hands away once more.  For a moment I wanted to believe him, but the fact that he hid his identity from me was not allowing me to let it go. He could as well be lying now. 

Geet listen to me.! He said placing his hands on my face once again. I tried pushing him away but he was strong and wasn't letting me go. His hands grabbed mine pinned them behind my back and his other hand rested on my cheek. 

Jaan, please listen to me. You have to listen to me for this mess to clear. He said once more but I was too hurt by all the events to even give him a chance to speak, afraid if me might lie once again and I would be hurt in the end once again. 

I am begging you to leave me alone ACP Khurana, I don't want this anymore. I don't care about anything now, all I want is some peace of mind for a while. If it's not too much to ask, can you please leave me alone for sometime.? I spoke vehemently and it was enough to break him. His grip on me loosened and he stepped back from me in shock. I saw a flicker of pain across his face but he quickly covered it up and moved away from me. Turning away from me, he walked over to the corner and his hand came down banging onto a drum and it crashed into the wall with a thud. I sank to the ground with tears streaming down my eyes and sobs escaping my lips. I tried stopping them but it was beyond my  control as the pain that was vented up in my heart since so long was finally finding its way out. I saw him looking at me with concern evident on his face, my heart knew he wanted to come and wipe my tears away but I also wanted him to tell the truth. I had nothing left in me to take any more lies. I didn't want to even the consider the possibility that he never loved me and was pretending all along. Unable to take my sobbing anymore, he marched towards me and lifted me off the ground by my arms and pulled me against his chest. 

Please stop it Geet, do you have any idea how miserable I am feeling to see you like this and not being able to help you. Why can't you trust me just once.? Don't do this to us Geet. Please stop crying.! He pleaded to me, rubbing his hand along my back trying to soothe me. I tried getting out of his hold surely pissing him off but the memories of the previous events wasn't letting me open my mind to any explanations. Seeing me thrashing in his arms, Maan pinned my hands behind my back once again and his hands clenched into my hair holding my head in place. I knew what he would do and much to my horror, I didn't want him to kiss me until he was my Maan once again. Much to my annoyance his lips came crashing against mine and his lips nibbled mine. I tried getting out of his grip but all my attempts were futile as he kissed me passionately while I thrashed in his arms. I stopped struggling and he felt me relax under his touch making him loosen his hold on me. As soon as I felt his grip loosen I yanked my hand out of his grip and pushed him away with all my might. He stumbled back once again, stunned by my behaviour. I couldn't believe my uncontrollable emotions when my hand came flashing across his cheek. I stood there stunned as I watched him stumble back, hurt and in shock as he realized what had just happened. My hand was still ringing with the pain of the slap, I could only imagine how hard I had slapped him. As my eyes locked with his, I could see the pain in his eyes. It didn't take my heart one minute to realize how much my action had hurt him and for a second I cared less about the pain I was in. Maan looked at me one last time and walked away from me. 

Maan... I called out but it was of no use as I knew he wouldn't listen to me. I watched him as he smashed everything around the room looking for something. My heart leapt in fear as I watched him trying to break the door using his arms. A shiver ran down my spine as I heard him yelp in pain and fall back. No matter what it was, I could never see him in pain. I ran towards him to find him lying on the nearby stuff with a piece of metal rammed into his arm.

Maan, your hand.! I screamed as I moved towards his direction to help him but stopped myself as he raised his stop, stopping me from coming any closer. 

Don't.! I don't need your help. You have helped me and done enough.! He said as he tried getting up using the same hand, making it bleed even more. I winced in pain as I heard his scream in pain as he pulled the metal out of his hand harshly making his wound tear apart and the blood flowing down his arms. Without even caring about his pain, he got back to breaking open the door while his hand kept bleeding. I wanted to stop him but I couldn't step forward afraid of his reaction, he might as well push me away without thinking. A loud noise broke my thoughts and the next moment I saw Maan lying on the floor as the door flew open and he was thrown away with the impact. I was just about to rush to his side when a voice stopped me from doing so. 

Don't move Geet, or else I will blow his head off. Relax and stay where you are.! A voice threatened me and I looked in the direction trying to find the source of the voice but I could see nothing. Maan signaled me not to move and I made sure I obeyed him and I simply stood there watching Maan trying to struggle to his feet but suddenly I saw him going rigid and falling to his feet. My heart clenched in fear as I saw few men coming in and dragging him out of the place. I ran towards the door but I was too late as I banged right into it and was hauled back by the impact with which I hit the door. I scrambled to my feet and banged the door frantically calling out to him but I could have been screaming at the walls as I could only hear my voice. The thought of Maan being alone and injured was haunting me. It felt like an eternity I was screaming and crying for Maan, when a shot echoed through the place freezing my senses. I sank to the ground fearing the worst when it was followed by six more shots. My heart even refused to consider the thought but the scream which followed the shots was enough to kill me inside out. It was the end of our world.


Target : Atleast 130 likes for the next update.!

Will be waiting to read your response.!

Anu Heart


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wow loved there emotions 
awaiting for next part
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Glad to know that was not maan!
Waiting for the mystery to unfold!Smile
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what the heck???  So it was not Maan?  A look like?  

New twist???  'Our' Maan has to be alright!  I have the faith!  Smile
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awesome update.
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loved the updt
i wonder who that person was who dragged geet to that place
is it a maan lookalike?
who is conspiring?
its getting addicted to it...
update another one today pleaseee

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I can't write anything more.. I am confused now... What's with that Maan in that palce.. then who behaved with her rudely..? Get can't she tell him directly how he did hurt her last day..? Confused.. jaldi do update...Ouch

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