Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Thanks Guys Smile

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it's really disapointment for the writers who puts lot of efforts in writing stories...i maximum tries to comment on each and every story that i read and  tries to give big comments...

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confution confution
so its maan's lookalike!!!!!
now where he is taking geet??!!!!!!
where is real maan??hopefully all will be fine...

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Reading the past few updates, it was like an roller coaster ride..
Geet meet a guy like Maan, but he torture and beat up Geet... Sadly Geet assume it was Maan ..
So now she is locked up , and Maan is aliveBig smile I'm really glad.. 
If Maan is here, then who was the another guy look alike Maan?? I'm confused.
Feeling bad for Maan and Geet. One side Geet is angry and upset on Maan, she refuse to talk to Maan.. she doesn't want to give a chace to Maan to voice his reasoning. Maan is clueless on the surrounding.. He kissed with passion, but Geet slapped him in anget.. it hurt Maan more... 
Geet realise her mistake ans tries to stop him from hurting himself...
Who was the guy entered in the room and drag Maan. And fire shots soundOuch I hope its Maan who shot the guys there..

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Updating in a while Smile

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Waiting.. Eager to know next part
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My heart clenched in fear as I saw few men coming in and dragging him out of the place. I ran towards the door but I was too late as I banged right into it and was hauled back by the impact with which I hit the door. I scrambled to my feet and banged the door frantically calling out to him but I could have been screaming at the walls as I could only hear my voice. The thought of Maan being alone and injured was haunting me. It felt like an eternity I was screaming and crying for Maan, when a shot echoed through the place freezing my senses. I sank to the ground fearing the worst when it was followed by six more shots. My heart even refused to consider the thought but the scream which followed the shots was enough to kill me inside out. It was the end of our world. 

It could have been seconds, minutes, hours but it felt like eternity and dreading sound of the gun shots still echoed in my ears making every inch of my body numb. I was too scared to even try and open the door afraid what I might see. I couldn't even bring myself to think about my worst fears. Before the thoughts could haunt me anymore, the door flew open and a man walked furiously towards the place I sat. Before I could make a move to save myself, he grabbed me by my hair and tried dragging me out of the place. I held on the pipe that was next to me, not ready to give up. Somehow the thought of going outside felt like the end of my world. If I was to die, it would be the very place I spent my last minutes with him. More than the place, it was the imagination of the sight outside that scared me. What if it was Maan who was shot.? As soon as the thought crossed my mind, pain gripped my heart. There was no way it could be possible. I fought back the tears as the pain coursed through my veins. The pain of being away from Maan for so long and the pain that screeched through the roots of my hair. The man left my hair and dragged me by my arm and the pain that shot through my body was too much to bear. My hand snapped away from the pipe I held on to and I felt myself being dragged way from the place. I pleaded and cried while he dragged me harshly out of the room. My leg caught around the corner of the room, yet another pain shot through my body when he ignored it dragged me ahead. Tears blinded my eyes as the pain was unbearable but I could see the cold place. It was a mess from every corner, until my eyes caught the one face I was looking for. I could see him through my blinded vision as well; there he lay on the floor with a pool of blood of beside him. My already aching heart froze with shock. Gathering all my strength, I yanked my hand out of the man's grip and crawled towards his body that lay on the floor. 

Maan.! I called out shaking his body madly but it only lay lifeless in front me. I didn't even want to think of the word but my mind screamed the word at me pushing me off the edge of sanity. I didn't want to consider the reality, I was happy trying to wake him up but he was being the usual Maan he was, stubborn. Tears dried my eyes, my voice ditched me but the only thing I knew was I had to wake him up. I was clueless about the man yanking on my arm until I heard his words.

He is dead. Now it's your turn. He said yanking me harshly by my arm. The word *dead* was the word I was trying to avoid and his words undid my patience. I didn't know when I stated wailing, and when my heart accepted the fact that my world had ended. My eyes caught the sight of the gun that lay by Maan's side and without thinking once, my hand grabbed it. The gunshots echoed though the empty place as I emptied the gun into the goon's body. He fell to the ground with a thud, with blood oozing out of his fresh wounds forming another pool of blood. Realization washed over me as I saw the man's blood red body in front of my eyes. I had killed him. It was a moment of madness that broke the moment the gun landed on the ground with a thud. 

Maan.. I... Killed... I mumbled looking at his face but he didn't respond.

Maan.. I killed him... Maan.. I killed him... 

Maan.. He said you are de.. De.. Dead... I killed him Maan, help me... 

Maan.. Please... Get up.. My legs gave away and I fell right next to him, his face inches from my hand. My hand shook as I extended it towards his face, I didn't have the courage to even touch him. His lifeless body once again shook me inside out. Realization washed over me like a black wave, ready to drown me in an ocean of pain. My Maan was dead.! 

MAAN.!!! I screamed as loud as I could with my lungs running out of air. I was panting, sobbing and dreading every minute of the life I would have even to spend without him. Life meant nothing without him. Only I knew how much I wished the goon just wakes up and shoots me, ending the painful life that awaited me. I didn't want it without him, after all it was Maan who was striving to keep me safe. He was the one who leaped for the bullet to save me. Heavy sobs escaped my lips but I couldn't hear my own voice. I didn't know when I sank to the ground and his blood touched my hands, it was the last straw. A pair of hands cupped my face and tried to get me to open my eyes but I had seen and been through enough to fight against the pain that gripped my soul. It was then that the voice came back again..

Geet.? Open your eyes. His voice commanded and I didn't need to even open my eyes to know that it was him.  An excruciating pain gripped my heart and I closed my eyes letting it consuming me. I knew nothing besides darkness once again, it has chosen not to leave me. 

I felt a hand caressing my skin with warmth touching my skin for long but I wasn't ready to open my eyes to meet the light. It would only make me aware of the reality which I didn't want to face even in my dreams. If the reality was torturous, even the darkness wasn't helpful. The flashes of his lifeless body lying in the pool of blood flashed in front of my eyes confirming that I was still alive living the moments which he wasn't, breathing the same air which he wasn't or rather couldn't. I sat up screaming out his name when a pair of hands grabbed me into a tight hug. I cared less who it was, I just needed the chance to vent out the pain that had gripped my heart. I held on to the person and sobbed continuously, heavy sobs choking me every second while the person just held me, letting me sob violently. 

Maan.. The sob escaped my lips and the hold only grew tighter, caressing my hair and trying to calm me down. But nothing except for him would have been able to calm me down, but he wasn't even around to assure me. 

Calm down Jaan, it's all right. His voice came like bright sunshine shining through the abyss of darkness that surrounded me. It was a voice I would recognize anywhere. My heart had found it's beat as the voice rang through my senses. I looked up, his face was inches from mine. His face was clear even through the blinding layer of the tears that enveloped my eyes. Happiness ran through me, I was dead after all, I wouldn't have to live in the same world where he wasn't there with me. Any place with him around was the place that would keep me happy. I hugged him tightly and cried invariably, my tears knew no end by now. It was a dream I would want to live forever. 

It's okay Geet, it's all fine now. You need rest, go back to sleep. I am here. Maan said caressing my hair and placing a kiss on my hair. It took me a minute for me to realize that it wasn't my dream and he was really here. Everything about his presence seemed real, his warmth, the feel of his lips against my skin, his touch. The moment before I fainted came back to me, sending a shiver down my body. Neither it was a dream now nor it was a dream at that moment,  I had seen his lifeless body in the pool of blood, then how could he be here assuring me.? I broke the hug and crawled a few steps back looking at him in shock. He just sat there without moving, shocked at my reaction. I watched his expressions soften. 

Jaan, it's me. I promise I am okay. He assured me, holding his hand out. I wanted to take it that moment but all my logics and thinking capacity had gone for a toss after being through so much.

I beg you, please don't make me go through this torture. I can't take this anymore, I need to know the truth please, please tell me where is my Maan. I saw him.. Blood... I.. Shot.. The man.. Maan.. Pool of blood.. I sobbed into the corner, trying to get away from the person who stood in front of me looking exactly like Maan. I saw pain flicker across his face and in a moment, he was right in front of me pulling me to his chest. 

Jaan, believe me. It's me, your Maan, I am fine Jaan, I promise I am fine and so are you. I will explain everything but please stop crying. I can't see you like this.! He pleaded still caressing my back. My heart wanted to believe him instantly there was nothing more than him I wanted at this moment. If there was any chance this all would be lie, I wasn't sure I would be able to take it. 

Maan.. Was the only word that escaped my lips, I could only manage to take his name. I broke out of the hug and scooted back to the corner looking at him with pleading eyes. He seemed hurt by the distance but I needed it before I could give myself any hope. 

Don't Jaan, don't push me away. Please believe me, I didn't want all this to happen and I wanted to come back to you from the moment I left the hospital but it all tuned against me. Believe me Jaan, I missed you more than you know. I never wanted to hurt you, I wouldn't harm you even in my  dreams. Trust me Jaan, it's me.! He said with his hands still extended towards me. His eyes were pleading me to trust him. I had already pushed him away once and lost him, I wasn't ready to lose him again. It would only mean killing myself with my own hands. Without thinking I hurled myself at his waiting arms and hugged him tightly. His hands wrapped around me tightly, crushing me closer to his body. The love with which he hugged me, I didn't need anything else to realize that it was indeed my Maan and he was fine. I broke the hug and grabbing his face into my hands, kissed him all over his face. Maan held my face in his hand and placed his lips gently onto mine. It was my heaven again, the only heaven I knew; in his arms.

Precap : Passion takes over.! Embarrassed


Well, he is back afterall.!! I would reveal all the suspense in the coming parts and would also be wrapping the story up soon.

Target : Atleast 130 likes for the next update.!

Will be waiting to read your response.!

Anu Heart


Please follow this thread for regular updates Smile


Thanks Smile






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oh god..poor geet had to go through sooo much..finally our maan is back..amazing part..pls cont soon..

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