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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Posted: 07 April 2014 at 9:07am | IP Logged
awesome update
still no news of maan
poor geet

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Posted: 08 April 2014 at 4:43am | IP Logged
update soon dear
waiting really eagerly 

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Posted: 08 April 2014 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Waiting...update soon

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I opened my eyes and there was no one on the bed with me. I instantly sat up and looked around the room trying to figure out what took while I was asleep. There surely had been some movement around the room, his cupboard was open and things were scattered around the place, like someone had been looking for something. Getting down the bed, I was just about to walk towards the room when the door opened and Maan walked in. Time stood still for me as I looked at him from top to bottom, making sure he was fine. Relief washed over me as I registered his presence in the room, he was finally here after so many days. All I wanted to do was to run to him and hug him as tightly as possible, making sure he remains with me forever. Once into the room, his eyes found mine and I couldn't read them, they were emotionless. My steps halted on their own accord when he simply walked past me not even sparing me a glance.! I stood frozen at my spot looking at his coldness. I couldnt bring my self to gather what was bothering him that he couldn't even look at me or atleast assure me of his well being. My eyes looked longingly at his back waiting for him to atleast look at me. Minutes passed and he was still turning around the cupboard, searching for something. Anger coursed through me followed by hurt. I spent 5 days dying for a news about him, worrying for his well being and all I ended up with was his coldness and ignorace. Fuming with anger I walked upto him, turning him around and without realizing my hand swept across his cheek, with the sound echoing off the room. His eyes blazed with anger and he looked at me outraged. His hand clenched into fists by his side, but he only glared at me.

Who the hell do you think you are Maan.? You end up here after so many days and you behave as if you dont even know me? What are you angry about.? Do you have any idea of how I spent these 5 days without you, not even a word from you or any news about you. How were we supposed to know if you were dead or alive.? I should be the one who is supposed to be angry with you and don't you give me that bloody attitude of yours... I burst out glaring at him. My hand was about to grab his collar when the unbeliavble happened. His hand closed around my throat and pushed me onto the bed. I looked at him in shock but he was least effcted, his eyes held fire, a fire of hatred. Tears clouded my eyes seeing the hatred in his eyes, I winced with pain as his hand pushed me into the bed but he was uneffected. My heart broke into pieces looking at a cold Maan, he was least effcted by my pain. His hand pushed me further down into the matress and he was over me, supporting himself on his hand.

Shut up. I haven't come back here to listen to your nonsese. I came back here for something I needed right now. I can't find it, where  have you hidden it.? He barked at me, his hand loosening around my neck as he could see that he was choking me. I blinked at him in shock with the sudden turn of things. I couldn't bear to see the harted in his eyes for me, it killed me second by second. My hand on its own accord rrached up to cup his cheek and he simply pushed it away harshly. His hand came down to my throat again.

Maan, what are you doing.? Why are you behaving like this.? I don't know what you are talking about, I haven't hidden anything. I tried to explain myself as the tears streamed down my eyes. His teeth clenched at my words and he increased his grip on my throat. The pain shot to my brain and I could feel the choke coming around. My hand covered his trying to pry away his hand but the strength of his hand on my throat was making me weak. breathe. I spluttered, choking under his grip. He gave me a disgusted look and got off the bed cursing me under his breath. In a matter of seconds, my body became numb with the pain I felt in my heart. His coldness was killing me inside out. How could he behave with me the way he did.? Tears streamed down my eyes as I looked at him longingly. May be he was stressed about something and he couldnt share it with me.? May be something was really bothering him and he wanted to keep me away from it.? What was he asking me about, he hadn't told me anything for me to hide what he was looking for. A loud crash coke the silence in the room, I looked in the direction to find the mirror smashed on the floor. My heart leapt into my mouth as he thrashed the room like an angry tornado. I wanted to go to him, take him in my arms and calm him down but his coldness never let me approach him. He was far beyond my reach right now and it crushed my heart into pieces. But I couldn't leave him alone in too either, he was all I had. With great effort I walked upto him and put my hand on his shoulder.

Maan, what's happening Maan.? Why are you behaving so differently.? Has something happened Maan.? Please tell me, I cant bear to see you like this.? Please Maan... I tried reasoning with him but I only felt his body stiffen. A shiver of fear ran down my spine as he harshly turned around and the look on his face scared me to death. His hands grabbed the top of my shoulders, his fingers digging into my skin. I screamed in pain as the tinge ran through my senses. He looked at me in rage, for the first time in such a long time, I was scared to look into his eyes, scared to touch him, scared to even be around him. He was possessed..

Where is it.? Tell me and I will let you go, but if you don't..I swear you will see the worst of me. He threatened me in a voice so dark that it reached my soul. A shiver ran down my spine as his dark eyes bore into me, scaring me to no limits. He was not my Maan, he was a possessed Maan. I could never have thought even in my wildest dreams I would see this side of him one day.

I dont know what you are talking about.? Why are you asking me, I dont know anything anyway. You never told me anything. So now why are you asking me.? I answered him calmly, trying to keep the shudder out of my voice. Eventhough my heart was gripped with fear and the pain of his hatred, I managed to keep my voice cool. A sudden darkness covered his face. He suddenly released me and I stumbled back two steps.

You aren't going to talk that easily eh.? Your wish you bitch. He barked at me and his hand came crashing against my cheek. I fell back several steps, my head hitting the side of the bed as I sank to the floor with the pain and shock. My cheek was numb, I couldnt feel the pain of the slap, it was the pain of the fact that he slapped me. There was a faint trace of 2 pains that errupted in my body, one from my head which hit the bed post and the other one was the one where I just got slapped. The most evident pain was the pain of my heart,which was still struggling to keep up to the face of the events. Maan had slapped me.! I felt warmth covering my palm which covered my cheek. Looking at my hand, I saw blood spatted on it. I was bleeding because of the force with which he slapped me. Tears streamed down my eyes, had it been someone else, I would have beat the shit out of the person but I was too numb to even sob. I even didnt care of the fact that he called me a bitch, it didnt even matter. How much more could he hurt me now.? Kill me.? For once, my heart preferred that over the way he was behaving with me. It hurt, everything was hurting but the voice dried my throat and I didnt have the will to try to find it. I was staring at the ground when I felt his hand pulling at my other arm and I was being dragged by him out of the room. There was nothing left in me to pull my arm out of his grip and one part of me also feared of what he might do to me next, I shuddered at the thought. My foot hit the wall as he dragged me out of the house, but it wasnt even hurting now. It only pinched me like a small needle but the pain that was hurting me was far off this one. I suddenly felt him leave my arm but I cared less if he decided to tie me up in some corner of the house, for the first time I wanted to him be away from me so he wouldn't hurt me in a way which would haunt him more than me. Out of no where, I saw a white cloth in front of my eyes. I looked up to find him smiling wicedkly at me and he pressed the cloth over my nose and mouth. My eyes widened in horror as the smell hit my senses like a wave of hangover and I could feel my eyelids getting heavier.

That ought to shut you up for a while. I heard him last as my eyes closed with the smell. One last thing my heart knew even then was, I could never be wrong in knowing him. The only thought that haunted me was, what could be bothering or compelling him to such an extent that he was treating me that way.? I could see his cold face before my eyes closed, I only wished it had a pinch of remorse or regret for me. If only I could read his eyes, I would have been able to understand him but alas, he was unredable and beyond my reach now. Would I ever be able to get him back, the thought was haunting me and I lost the last of bit conciousness I had left in me. Once again darkness took over and this time it felt like it would rather last rather for eternity.


Hey guys.!!! I will be honest, I am really upset with the likes. I know I am not too regular with the updates as I have been a bit busy with my exams but still its the likes that keep me going. If after a span of a week or 2 if I see hardly 100 likes, its obvious I wont be interested in writing more. I haven't been demanding about likes till now but looks like I will have to start demanding.

Target : Atleast 130 likes for the next update.!

Will be waiting to read your response.!

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile





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Maan is really behaving bad with Get.. but what's wrong with him.. ? what's that he is blaming her to hide from him... ? Confused may be he is faking only for her safety.. don't know..?Angry CryBig time confused now... plz update soon..waiting for next one.. at least reason of his behaviour..
priya111111 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2014 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
yeh kya aaj dono updates mein sirf shocking hi diya kaise sambhalengeLOL
change the page no. dear 

maan aisa kyun behave karraha hai and what he is talking that geet has hidden kahi yeh maan ki humshakal tho nahi haina jo maan ki place mein aagaya kuch important cheez leneOuch
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Posted: 09 April 2014 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
my my...what a shocking update...
i mean what has gotten into him?
is he really suspecting her or putting up some kind of act?
or geet was really hiding something from him...
this is sooo confusing now...
can't rest before i read the next
another updt today pleeejjj..

and dont worry about the likes..same things happening with me as well.
it will be need to give time. write for urself and those who read, comnt and likeHug

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Posted: 09 April 2014 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
maan is back but what had happened with him
why is he behaving like this with geetOuch
and what is he searching?????
poor geet!!!Cry

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