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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Rohit he was her ex na?
Uff now we hav to see jealous maan...
Update soon

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waiting... Day Dreaming

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Updating Smile
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waiting eagerly...

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I lay on the bed immersing myself in the extremely interesting book I managed to grab from Maan's book collection. It surprised me that he possessed such a good taste when it came to books. His hobby of reading was new for me as well, had we grown up together I might have known about him better. It was spooky how he knew almost everything about me proving the fact of how much he spied on me without letting me getting any hint of it. My thoughts shuttled from him, to the book to the memories of our childhood which no longer existed except in our hearts and I never realized when my eyes gave up after the long hours of reading and thinking. Though time seemed to fly away, yet I was aware of Maan being away for a long time until I drifted to unconsciousness. My relaxed sleep was hindered when I subconsciously felt a different sensation on my skin. As my sleep faded and consciousness kicked back in I felt something heavy on my stomach. The stupor was slowly fading but the sensation wasn't so surely I wasn't dreaming and it was actually happening. It took a few more seconds for my confusion to be cleared as I felt his presence through my skin. I didn't have to open my eyes to realize it was Maan, doing whatever he was trying to do.! My eyes fluttered open to find Maan hiding his face in to my stomach, his face nuzzling my skin tickling my senses making me giggle. 

Maan.! Stop it... I giggled in half sleep, my hands trying to push his face away. I could feel his grin on the skin of my tummy, tickling me more. Breaking the silence my tummy grumbled loudly and I snapped my eyes open in shock, it was shrieking in protest for the loss of my appetite which was justified as I just realized I slept off without eating anything. That was loud and embarrassing.! And Maan was laughing his heart out, embarrassing me even more. Frustrated, I turned away to the other side letting him enjoy his good hearty laugh. I was clueless about how long I slept off reading the book, hadn't it been Maan I would still be sleeping. I closed my eyes again but soon felt his hands snaking around my body, around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder. 

Wake up sleepy, how long will you be in bed.? Its been an hour I am back, and you were no where near waking up, so I had to try my way. He whispered in my ear. His words actually made me think back to the time I slept, it might have been one or so. I snuggled back fitting myself into his embrace with no intention of moving. It was the perfect place. 

What's the time.? I asked him after a few minutes of silence; least bothered to see what he was doing while I had my eyes closed but somehow guessed he would be watching me, that's what he does most of the times. 

It's 7 in the evening. Sorry I am late, the work was urgent. He answered my question giving me the much needed jolt. Seven.? I slept for around 6 hours.? I instantly jerked away from his embrace sitting up in shock. He looked at me confused.

What.? He asked raising an eyebrow. I didn't realize when my shock turned to a pout and his smile became wider. 

I just can't believe I slept for so long. Damn it. I whined in anger. He chuckled and pinched my nose, pulling me closer and encaging his arms around me. 

Well I will agree, all I have seen you doing is sleeping ever since I got you here. Tell me honestly Jaan, do you really sleep this much normally too.!? How did you ever manage your college.? He laughed, making fun of me. 

Not funny. Well I will blame it on you, ever since you got me here, my sleep is messed up. I know why, because I have nothing to do, so I end up sleeping. Had it been my normal routine, I would do something or the other. So it's entirely your fault. And by the way, I was always punctual for my college in all my years, not late even for a day. I stuck my tongue out at him but every word of it was true. 

Convenient.! Now you are sleeping so much while I have no hand in it and you are blaming me, tomorrow of I don't let you sleep, then also you will blame me for it.? Right.? How fair is that.? He asked me tightening his hold on me.

Why won't you let me sleep.? I asked out of sheer stupidity unable to understand his intentions. I looked back at him with my eyes narrowed in confusion when I saw him staring at me with some naughty expression. 

Do I have to tell you why.? You can't be that innocent. He winked and that's when it hit me what he was hinting at. I gasped and smacked his arm as we both laughed out loudly. 

Just for curiosities sake Geet, how long did you sleep today.?? He questioned me. My grin faded, how was I supposed to tell him I was the new sleepyhead.! I hung my head and stared at our entwined hands, when I felt his hand lift up my chin and he smiled his dazzling killer smile, making my heart go crazy. 

Hey, you don't have to be embarrassed. I swear I won't laugh.! It's just me Jaan, but it's okay if you don't want to tell me.! 

No, nothing like that. It's just that even I can't believe my habits have changed so much. Can you believe it, I slept for 6 hours.? I guess I am the new sleepyhead in the city. I said with a frown and looked to to see his lips pressed into a firm line, like he was holding back his laugh and would burst out any moment. 

You don't have to control so badly, you can laugh. I said with a straight face my voice full of sarcasm. I knew he would burst out any moment getting my permission, and right I was as within seconds the room echoed with sexy and charming laughter. I looked at him with a glare as he laughed hiding his face in my shoulder, shaking me along. I waited it out. Finally his laughter ended and he faced me with a straight face, trying to be serious. 

Done making fun of me.? I'll leave you to laugh a bit more.! I said, starting to go away when he held me back. 

Okay okay I am sorry. It wasn't your sleeping hours that made me laugh, it were your expressions.  You looked like you could kill someone out of frustration. How can I make fun of you..? He smiled, grazing his hands across my cheek and like always the blood rushed up my cheek. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, yet the reaction was more prominent. He laughed lightly seeing me blushing. 

Is this ever going to change? I don't want it to; I love it the way it is. He said titling his head, his eyes fixed on my lips. Just as his lips were inches away from mine, embarrassment knocked my door again as my stomach growled in hunger yet again. He moved away eying me with a frustrated look. 

You and your hunger. You always know how to ruin the romance right.? Did you eat anything after having the breakfast in the morning.? He asked me questioningly and seeing my expression he rolled his eyes in defeat. He dragged me out of bed, down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Geet, Tum bhi na. You're impossible. You actually forgot to eat in your sleep mania.! Let's make something to eat. He started preparing when I stopped him. 

You go and sit, I'll make. Enough of your pasta, time for something new. I said hopping down from the slab he had me sitting on. I rummaged through the counters finally finding what I was looking for. I was missing my parathas. 

You're making aloo parathas.?? He asked amusingly. I noticed his expressions which scared me to some extent. I could read the naughtiness in his deep orbs, if it were in his hands; he wouldn't let me make anything. 

Yes I am. Time for you to go out now. 

What.? Why.? That's not fair Jaan.! He said with cute face. I giggled seeing him so desperate. He looked so cute that I couldn't resist myself from pulling his cheeks. He groaned as I pulled his cheeks and started pushing him out of the kitchen.

I know you won't let me work so now go and let me make the dinner. I said and pushed him out of the kitchen. He tried his best to protest but I wasn't the one giving up today. Giving me one last glare he went out of the kitchen leaving me to work peacefully. After about an hour I was all ready with the food and we both sat together eating the parathas, which were exceptionally tastier than ever before. Maan like always found it hard to keep his hands off me to which I responded equally with the way his touches were driving me insane.! Both of us drifted to sleep in each other's arms as we fell asleep chatting. It was Maan who slept of first result of his tiresome day, I lay there wide awake due to my excessive afternoon sleep watching him sleep but with a frown. It bothered me. I got up to place a kiss on his forehead trying to get it out of there and instantly his arms tightened around me making me grin wider than ever, I was madly in love with him. I laid my head on his chest and sleep took over soon enough.

Maan's POV

Are there no good clothes these days.? I have all of these.! She cribbed fishing through the line of clothes in one of the shops of the mall we came to, unwillingly. I stood casually by the pillar looking at her cribbing and making faces with my hands crossed across my chest. She was looking hot and sexy as ever. I was hardly concentrating in what she was cribbing about; I was more preoccupied at the faces she kept making. I shook my head hearing the same thing from her for the nth time regretting the moment I promised her to take her shopping. Shopping with girls is impossible, they can go on and on for hours. 

Geet, please choose something.! It's been so long we have been here and you have just chosen one dress. If you go by this speed, we can happily spend the whole day here which I don't approve of. I told her calmly as she started at a particular dress.  

Then what do you approve of Maan.? What do you expect me to do, chose anything random and regret later. I am very picky when it comes to clothes. Please don't give me those tough looks. It's your fault you got me to this boring place. I wish I could go to my favorite place.  She blamed it all on me, throwing a glare in my direction. Was I hallucinating or was she really blaming me.? 

I can see you are very picky. Are you serious.?? How is it my fault that you are not able to choose anything for yourself. And Geet, clothes are clothes it doesn't matter where you take them from ! I did my part and picked out so many clothes for you, but you didn't even look at them. Now I am not helping you, you choose. I told her with an equal annoyed expression. As my talk ended, I could see her mouth taking the famous O shape. 

Of course it matters what clothes I wear and it also matters to me where I take them from. As for the ones you picked out, don't even mention them, your choice sucks big time. I am not asking you to anything, just don't whine and be patient. She snapped back at me. Whine.? According to her I was whining, I guess that was the cue for me to shut up. I stood there with a zipped mouth while she walked around the place looking at dresses from every possible angle, cribbing about them if they were not appealing and stashing them back in place with a irritated expression but eventually picking them back making me giggle often. This was just the 1st shop and I stood there clueless of now many more shops she would visit. I regretted my decision of not allowing her to get her belongings from her place, had I listened to her we wouldn't be here. I wasn't ready to let her out of my sight which is the reason I chose today. The thought of spending more time publicly did worry me out, but the happiness and excitement that reflected off her face settled everything. I stood there looking at her every action making her look more adorable by the minute. How could someone be so perfect.? She definitely was in every way be it, looks, attitude and antics. I was so lost in my own world that I failed to notice her calling me until she tapped my hand. 

Maan.? Where are you lost.? She said standing infront of me, waving her hand infront of my eyes. I snapped out of my thoughts with the tap. 

Was thinking about a very hot girl I know.! I winked jokingly, obviously referring to her but regretted it the very moment as her expressions changed and her hands were on my collar pulling me with anger. 

What did you say.? How dare you.!? She fumed at me. 

Geet, hadh hai.! Tum pagal ho kya.? Obviously I am talking about you silly. You really know now to ruin romance. Why will I think about any other girl.? I shot back. Was she really that pissed off because of the clothes that a mere joke pissed her off so much.? 

Maan, you are just impossible. She stomped on my foot and walked away. God, did I really have to piss her off more with my jokes when she was already angry. I smacked my head and walked silently towards her. Slowly I tried to snake my hands around her waist and to my shock she jerked my hands away and threw a glare in my direction. I stood there baffled at her anger; this was a new side of her, she was really irritated.  I thought for a while and decided that maybe it was best to keep quiet for a while. 

How's this.?? She asked me out of the blue. Wasn't I supposed to keep my choice and opinions to myself.? I kept quiet while she held out a floral dress, which I could bet would look astonishing on her. 

Well.?? She asked again not getting my answer. 

I thought you asked me to keep my choices and opinions to myself and you didn't need my help.! So why are you asking me now.? I shot back with a grin. Her smile turned smug and she walked off towards the trial rooms. The 2 or 3 salesmen in the shop smiled at us as I walked behind her towards the trial rooms. Being, The Maan Singh Khurana it wasn't difficult for me to make sure the store is empty while Geet was shopping however,obviously I couldn't keep the mall empty because of which the threat still remained. Had it been in my hands, I would have arranged everything in the house itself, but Geet being Geet was stubborn enough to drag us here. I stopped a few steps behind her as she entered the trial room, closing the door behind. I waited outside, staring at random thing when after a few minutes later the door opened much to my surprise; I thought she would take much longer than that. She emerged out looking stunning in a long skirt and top. I gaped at the beauty in front of me knocking me out of my senses as I realized how absolutely gorgeous she was, drugging me with her immeasurable looks and beauty. I gulped hard, suppressing my urge to crush her in my arms. 

How is it.? She said with a smirk. I opened my mouth to shower her with praises genuinely when I saw that smirk on her face confirming this to be one of her antics for making me talk. She was rubbing the wrong side, if I can be uncontrollable I can be equally controlled at the same time. I returned back the smirk and turned my face away with which I am must have pissed her off. Next moment I heard the door shut a little louder than normal and laughed to myself. For the next 15 minutes or so she repeated her antics, coming out in all beautiful outfits loosening my control which made me think about how many dresses she actually took inside. I prayed she stops this nonsense before I end up losing it completely, but something else was in store for us. I heard the door open and preferred to ignore her next antic and kept looking away from the trial room. A few seconds passed and I expected the door to shut louder this time given my ignorance but that didn't happen. Instead I heard her talk. 

Maan.??? How's this now.? She crooned in a totally different tone, which sounded more seductive than anything and caught my attention. Gathering my guts I turned back to face the shock of my life. My eyes popped out seeing the epitome of beauty who stood in front my eyes, looking fatally gorgeous. I couldn't believe what my eyes saw, as she stood at a distance of a few inches from me, seducing me with the very lop sided smile she was giving me let alone her attire. Her attire.!!! As my eyes scanned her attire grazing over her ostentatious form and my brain actually registered what I witnessed, snapping me out of my trance thereby flooding my body a new sensation; sheer rage and anger.

Precap : Teaser & Attack Ouch


Next part coming up in the evening.Smile Guys what happened to the comments.? Ouch Though I don't reply, but I do read each and every comment. Its good to know what you guys feel, so please leave a comment as it means a lot.! And yes do hit the like button too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile





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me first...yuuhooo

i loved the update so much yaar
their nok jhok...sooo cutee... the way he laughed at her..
i know its silly but even tht i find cute.. seriously anyone could kill to get kidnapped by such a charming n sexy kidnapper...
and mall wala part was like...LOL
both know how to test each other's patience...
and the last outfit... hmm..sumthing skimpy sort  of thing...
cant wait to read next
jaldi jaldi update karoo

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That was an awesome blossom update... 
both these people are damn cute.. their nokjoks are just amazing...
Poor maan... phas gaya with the shopoholic geet...
but inspite of all the goody things, they are in still high danger.. even i was wondering as to how he came out with her when there is threat lingering in the corner...
am getting very anxious with the attack now and i cant wait to know what made maan so angry??? with geet's dress...
eagerly waiting for the next one..

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