Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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I just loved this story Anu n enjoyed reading whole of 8 parts in one go of the first thread of this SS!! The suspense you had in this story got me really curious and i ended up reading it in one go and also the 4 parts of the second thread too!! EmbarrassedLOL

waiting for the next update.. do PM me!!

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Jaana what are you doing to me ?!
First you made me cry like an emo and as soon as I thought it would be over you reveal something new which made me cry even more...

Then you post this part with a naughty naughty Maan, all fun loving and besharam i'm both blushing and grinning at the same time...

yeh to mere saath kyaa karr rahi hai ??

Gosh, when you first started to write msk it became my favorite but then somewhere in between HUV became my nr 1 ff and now I'm loving this one the most again...

I bet when you update HUV I will feel the same thing again... Jaana how effin talented are you??
I'm Loving all of your ff's like crazy !!

Abh part 13 Jaldi update karna and it should at least be 10 000 words as you promised !! Can't wait for the next part now !!


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waiting for update...

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wow  the story has taken 180 degrees turn by just a past, but i think maan is keeping a secret away from her, continue soon...

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waiting for update Embarrassed

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Updating Today.! Smile

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Geet's POV

Just this.?? But... I started to protest but my protest died as he shoved the spoon into my mouth. With nothing left, I simply glared at him as he took the spoon out with a naughty smile. Before I could even imagine his devilish intentions, to my horror he smacked his lips on to mine. I gasped into the kiss as he probed my lips open, biting my lower lip harshly. Reflexively, I parted my lips as his tongue darted into my mouth. Realization splashed through me, as it finally sunk in what he was up to.! Like always all I could do was to blush helplessly at my shameless Maan.


Maan's POV

As realization dawned upon her, she securely wrapped her arms around my neck accepting my advances pulling me closer. The blush on her face was surely something to kill for, only I know how much I missed that hue creeping up her cheeks, just for me. With a jerk, I caged her slim and sexy waist with my hands crushing her to myself. How am I supposed to tell her, how her waist has tortured me all along with those pink supple lips of hers.? As my desires overpowered me, I dived into her mouth relishing the corners of heaven. My tongue relished the deliciously sweet strawberry jam which I just shoved into her mouth seconds ago with an intention of knowing which one of the two tasted sweeter. Of course it had to be my Jaan. Tracing her lower lip with my tongue, I could hear her low moans in the pit of her throat ready to escape those luscious and torturous lips. My longing ears, wanted that sweet moan from her. Her lips curled into a smile, as they moved along mine. Her sweet acceptance broke the last string holding me back as I harshly caught her tongue between my teeth, pulling it inside mine. As a reaction, her hands etched up to my hair, clutching and threading her fingers through them basically scratching me as a protest. I was lost in my own world of passion when she bit my lip harshly, totally taking me by surprise. Ahhha, so my Jaan could be a wild one too. Time to play.! 

Geet's POV

I could hear the laugh inside his throat, as I bit his lower lip. I had the sudden urge to giggle, but I couldn't break the kiss to giggle as his hold on my waist tightened sweeping my off the ground making me hold him tighter for support. 

Maan I giggled breaking the kiss, as he placed me on the counter, his lips still lingering on mine. Not saying a word, he wrapped my legs around himself, hitching it around his waist. Why am I so vulnerable.? That once act was enough to get me hyperventilating as my breathing got erratic with the kiss and his actions. 

Ummm He moaned as a response, his lips still searching for mine. Without wasting a second or giving us time to get our breathing normal, he pulled my lips into another passionate kiss. This time I could taste the strawberry jam, which was mixed with both our saliva. Why did he even do such a weird thing, but it indeed was sensual. His hands pulled me closer along my waist, our lower bodies grinding together. Heaven forbid I might as well faint with the feeling of my sensitive areas grinding against his. I could feel the blood flowing up my cheeks, as his actions constantly made me blush. Momentarily, I felt my lungs running out of air as his kiss was knocking our breaths out, but he seemed oblivious as he continued with the assault. I fisted his hair between my fingers, indicating the lack of air. With another sharp pull on my lips between his teeth, he parted from me allowing both of us to calm our breathing. As I saw his face, I could see a smile forming on his lips, following his gaze I realized it was on me or more precisely my cheeks which were now red with blushing. He left out a chuckle seeing my flushed face, bending towards me. Was he up to something again.? I backed away a bit with an intention of teasing him but ignoring me, he put his hands on either side of my face and pressed his lips on the tip of my cheeks, the exact spot I felt myself blushing. I closed my eyes as his lips parted, wetting my cheek as he placed a gentle open mouth kiss on my blush. That one kiss was enough for expressing his love, and it did. I could feel his emotions seeping through my skin, reaching my heart. Feeling awed, I instantly hugged him from his shoulders burying my face in his chest my hands wrapping around his shoulders. His body was bare, and I could feel the heat of his skin on my face, along with his enchanting fragrance. Unable to hold back, I too pressed my lips on his chest, right over his heart and felt him smiling as his cheek was pressed into my hair. Just as I thought it was over, I felt his hands tracing down my back towards he hem of the shirt I was wearing. I felt him lifting my shirt as his hands grazed across my bare skin, bringing my senses alive as I could clearly feel his eagerness as well as hesitation. With an effort of not offending him as well as listening to my erratic heart, I sat limply in his arms with my face pressed into his chest. Slowly and sensually his hands traveled across my back, towards the nape of my neck his fingertips brushing across my bare back sending a shiver down my body. For a mere second, I feared his next move but thankfully his hand faltered against my nape pulling my face apart from his chest.

Parting away I gazed at his face, as he neared me. His lips pressed against my eyes, which were closed now. Moving from my eyes, his warm lips traced along my forehead, nose, and lips; lingering on them for a moment. His tongue licked the corner of my mouth before it traveled down to my jaw, that's when I realized he was licking off the jam on the corner of my lips. He sensually traced his lips along my throat to my shoulder blades. Simultaneously his hands came down towards my curves which were only hidden from his desirous eyes by the thin fabric of his shirt. Why did it have to be today that I put away my inner for laundry.? Before I realized his true identity , it was less awkward as there would be the physical distance between us, but now the case was different. I enjoyed this closeness as much as him, yet I couldn't think of my reaction if he saw me in such a state. His hands which were  inches away from my curves snapped me out of my thoughts, while his lips were still busy with my throat and shoulders. I inhaled sharply as his teeth pieced my skin near my collarbone while his hands captured my curves giving them a gentle squeeze. I tightened my hold around his waist, neared his face and harshly bit his earlobe unable to hold back my emotions in repose to which he squeezed my curves once again. Saving me from the devil in front of me, the toaster beeped loudly making both of us snap out of our passionate moment. He looked up from my shoulders, eying me with a cocky smile while I couldn't help but blushing. Slowly he withdrew his hands from my shirt, wrapping them around my waist as his lips found my skin again. I sighed in defeat, unwrapping my legs around him and tried to unwrap his hands from my waist. Expectedly, his hold grew tighter as I tried more. The toaster screamed again, succeeding in irking him off. He looked up from his craziness and glared at the toaster, like it was going to shut up. Giggling, I pushed his hands away as his hold had loosened and pushed him away slightly. He made a cute baby face as I pushed him, making him look adorable as hell. I blew a flying kiss to him as I prepared to get down the slab as compensation at which he beamed widely. I hurriedly jumped off the slab in a hurry to get to the toaster failing to realize that my shirt was stuck in a hook projecting out. Just as I landed on the ground safely on my feet, I heard a ripping sound from my back, scaring me for a second. As I was on the ground, I could feel the cool air touching my back making me realize that the force with which I jumped off caused the shirt to be ripped till my waist line. I gasped as the cloth hung down from its edge, making me fume in anger. I hardly had any clothes, on top of that the ones he lent me were suffering this fate. Breaking my thoughts, he laughed loudly seeing my red face, angering me even more. I glared at him in anger but it rather had the opposite effect as his smile became wider and laugh ended up being louder. Did I really look that funny.? Giving up, I walked away towards the toaster and that moment I heard him quietening. I grabbed a plate on my way to the toaster and walked back towards the counter with the plate holding the toasted slices. I quietly started making my favorite sandwich  when his hands again snaked around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder. 

Sorry Jaan He softly said holding me tight. 

It's okay.! I said twisting my lips and continuing my work, not paying him the heed he desired. 

Jaan, are you angry.? 

No.! I replied sternly. What did he expect.? I'll be happily laughing with him when he is making fun of me.! 

Sorry baby.! My intention wasn't to make fun of you, but I couldn't hold back my laughter when I saw your puffed face. He pleaded with a soft voice. 

Whatever.! I replied and walked out of his embrace. Just as I was about to exit the kitchen, he scooped me up in his arms. I shrieked as I felt the floor under me disappearing, as he walked towards the couch placed in the centre of the living room. He sat on it, with me cuddled up in his lap. Maan being the devil again.!! 

Geet, what happened.? Why are you angry.? I said na I am sorry for laughing, but what could I do.? Tell me what happened.? He said, caging me in his arms his breath fanning my face. He looked so adorable, I wondered how he managed to be so devilish at times. My anger mellowed a bit seeing his innocent little complains. 

Firstly, my shirt gets ripped because of you and then you laugh at me.? I said with irritation coated in my voice. His expressions changed from apologetic to amused. 

What did I do.? I didn't rip your shirt.! He said a bit loudly, with a pout and an accusing look. 

But you made me sit on the were the one kissing me everywhere and then because of you I forgot about the toaster and when it rang I got down in a hurry to shut it off but you held me back and my shirt got ripped as I jumped down. It's entirely your fault. Already I don't have any clothes except for my one and only pair of clothes and on top of that you behave like this, calling me all alluring in your clothes.  What am I supposed to do now.?? I ranted uncontrollably .When I stopped I saw him looking intently at my face with a weird expression. 

You keep talking and I'll keep admiring you. How about that.? He asked burying his face in my hair. 

No deal.! I said, pulling away from him. I got up to leave when he pulled me back and with a thud I landed in his lap, my head colliding with his chest. As expected his  hands went around me once again and he started laughing. 

All right.! What do you want.? Tell me.! He said, putting his one finger under my chin lifting my face up so I could see him. As my eyes saw his face yet again so closely, I again couldn't stop myself from admiring this sexy man who had his arms around me. His face held the Greek god look which would kill any girl. God must have patently carved every one of his features, be it his deep oceanic brown eyes to his perfectly shaped nose to the remarkably shaped M shaped lips which could make anyone lose their saintly; as of now it was me. Next came his strong firm jaw and the list had to be endless. Everything about his face had its own charm, while his body was something beyond any of it. Do I even want to go there without losing myself.?? I guess not. I started at his perfect face, losing myself in it. He might have noticed my staring as he slowly blew on my face snapping me out of it. 

Bola na.? He said huskily again, that's when I realized, he was waiting for an answer. But what was the question.? I looked down in embarrassment, scared that he might read my cluelessness and feel proud as usual realizing my drooling session. As he waited it finally came back to me. 

I want to go shopping.! To buy myself new clothes. I said, raising my eyes as well as finger pointing it in his direction as a warning. His smile widened hearing my words and his hold tightened. 

What's the need for them.? I think we can do pretty well without them or with the ones we have here. You look quite a thing in the ones you are wearing now, so can't we manage.? He said winking. I wish I could strangle him, but I would be the one regretting later.! 

Not funny.! Yes there is need for them. I can't roam around everywhere in your clothes. Definitely not after your too alluring problem.! And moreover I also need my... I abruptly stopped. Though I knew of him being aware of my lack of lingerie, but do I have the need to say it out loud. Who knows what naughty ideas I might give him. 

Yes.? He asked expectantly.

Nothing. I need to go shopping , that's it.! No more discussion on this. I made my stand final. With a cute smile, he nodded and went on to bury his face in my hair again.

Okay, we will go tomorrow. Promise. He smiled.

But why not today.? Why till tomorrow.? I objected. I needed my clothes badly, why did he want to wait another day.?

Jaan, I said we will go tomorrow. That's final, no more arguments on it, please.! He sounded serious. His expression made it clear, he wasn't ready to budge, so no point in arguing.

Okay, tomorrow then. I agreed. He smiled nodding.

So now, let's get back to business. The business which the toaster ruined. Shall we.? He said, pulling me closer if it was even possible. I groaned as my stomach growled in hunger.! He was going to starve me to death. 

Don't you think of anything else, let's say eating.? Cause may be you don't have to eat, but I surely do before I starve to death. I chided, as I could feel his nose nuzzling my skin. He stopped and lifted his face to meet mine. Oh no.! 

Don't be so harsh on me Jaan, I missed you very much. He said innocently with a sad face. I regretted my words as I could clearly read the disappointment on his face. As an instant reaction my hand cupped his cheek and I pressed my lips tightly on his forehead. 

Sorry.! I didn't mean it like that, but it's just that I am really hungry. Please can I have my sandwich.? You can have some too. I added with a grin. His expression was neutral so I guess he didn't mind either. I reached over to the plate next to him grabbing the sandwich eagerly. I hurriedly started eating as it was already among my favorites and also my stomach starving. I didn't bother to look at him as I enjoyed my sandwich, forgetting that I offered him to share but now was eating it all away. I felt a small movement, opening my eyes I saw him shaking his head laughing. Embarrassed I too gave in and offered him the small left over piece of the sandwich. He shook his head in a no, taking the piece from my hand and stuffing it in my mouth. 

Sorry for keeping you away from your sandwich. I see you really were hungry, do you want another one.? I can make you one. He withdrew his hands from my waist, ready to leave but I wasn't up for it. Though I kept cribbing about him not letting me go, but I had to admit I was enjoying it : may be the crankiness was because of hunger which was in control now. The moment my waist lost contact with his hands, I didn't want the distance. Just as he was about to get me off his lap to get up I stopped him. 

No.! Stay.! I don't want the sandwich, I want to sit like this. I said wrapping my arms around his neck and hiding my face in his neck. It truly was heaven, sitting in his arms like this. I reckon I didn't need anything more if he held me forever like this. I myself had no clue where, when and how I fell so deeply for him. Could it be possible that my love grew ten folds as I realized he was my Maan. Was it because I was always craving for his glimpses no matter how much I tried to convince myself that I had buried my past in some deep corner of my life. I was positive I was getting attracted to him as my kidnapper, may be falling in love as well but the moment my heart learnt he was my Maan whom I lost long back, the feelings were uncontrollable. Now it dawned up on me, this indeed was the love I always had for him buried along with everything which was pouring out now and I had no reign over this. No matter how much I tried burying my feelings off all these years, but they did find their way back to my heart. Human heart and emotions have to be most complicated thing ever existing. Our bond was unreal from the very beginning, a thing which we knew always but now it's quite evident, to me at least.

What's got into you suddenly.? Weren't you just scolding me for keeping you away from food.? He said too surprised by my reaction. I could feel my eyes filling up, as the pain was resurfacing. The pain of all those years was filling my heart unknowingly, filling my eyes up as a result. I wanted him to crush me to himself tightly, and here he was busy talking. The last barrier gave away, as my tears slipped out wetting his skin. I felt him stiffen under me; maybe he realized I was no longer in a normal mood. It just took him second to unhook my hands from his back, and he pulled me away from himself. His eyes reflected horror as he saw my tears streaming down my  eyes.

Geet, what happened.? Why are you crying.? He asked me cupping my face, wiping off my tears with his thumb. I gulped back the nausea as I wiped my tears with the back of my hands. He made me look into his eyes, as he stared at mine with his own. I guess he might have read the emotions in my eyes, as the very next moment he fulfilled my wish and crushed me tight in his embrace. It gave my heart the peace I was searching for a few minutes back. 

It's okay Jaan.! Neither am I going anywhere leaving you, nor will I let anyone take you away from me. Please don't cry, I can't bear it. He said kissing my hair softly. I obeyed him and just sat there holding him close and letting him hold me closer than possible. It could have been minutes after which I heard him in his usual tone.  

I thought I would need to inform the city about the flood that was about to hit. But I guess it's not needed anymore, since you have stopped crying. What the capacity of your tear tanker Jaan.? It would be really interesting to investigate. He mocked openly, getting my smack on his arm as a response. Apparently, he did manage to make me giggle. 

There you are.! Finally.! Jaan, do you know how cute you are. Unbearable sometimes.! He said, pushing a lock of my hair behind my ear. His hand caressed me cheek lovingly. 

I know.! And do you know how unbearably sexy you are.? Jerk.! I blurt out, regretting my own words as I felt him shaking with laughter. He never gets tired of his own praises, sigh.! 

I know, have it heard it loads of times.! He replied making my eyes widen in anger. What, loads of times.? From whom.! 

What.?? What did you just say.? I shouted, breaking out of this hold. My eyes narrowed as his grin annoyed me. His smile vanished as he saw my angered face. Regret washed over his face, making it look like he was hiding something. 

Nothing Jaan.! I was being the usual jerk.! He tried changing the topic. 

Yeah right.! Now tell me what you meant.? Now.! I said pointing my finger at him. He faked a scared expression as he saw me in my anger mode. He made a baby face, but he wasn't going to get away with this in any way. I held my finger higher. And he proved yet again that he can be unbearably sexy sometimes, as he placed his lips on my finger, taking it in his mouth, to make it worse his tongue lashing over it. 

Maan.!!! You are impossible. I chided, pulling out my finger and smacking him again. He grabbed me and rolled over on the sofa with me under him, his weight pressing into me. It churned my heart with blood rushing into my face. The usual blushing.! The plate fell down, it might have cracked as well since Maan literally pushed it off the couch. 

I know baby. But don't worry, I know you are jealous as I can see it on your face. But trust me, it's nothing. Only you have been this close. And when I say no one means no one.

But what do you mean by this close.? Does that mean someone came close to you, like even a bit close.? I snapped quickly. Why was it so hard to brush off the thoughts that some girl could have been close to him while I wasn't there.? Who would be able to resist his charm.? The thought itself flooded horror through my nerves. 

Oho Geet, I work with females too and I have been around some so I have heard about my sexiness but it never got this close. You can breathe now. You look so pale. Relax, no one is taking me away from you.! He chuckled. How mean, here I was  freaking out at the thought and he was laughing it off like it was some kind of joke. 

Maan, if not for the pain I would go through seeing you in pain or for the fact that you happen to be everything to me, I wouldn't mind strangling you. You can be so annoying at times. Can't you tone it down a bit.? Like you know, being the jerk thing. I said sarcastically but saw him staring at me with a serene smile like there really was something amusing in it. 

What.? I asked raising my eyebrows. 

You just said what I always wanted to hear from you.! It's okay you said it in anger, but I am glad you said. He beamed with a smile. What did I say, did the thought of being strangled amused him.? 

Are you that eager to die.? I asked dubiously, confused by his vague answers. Hearing my words he left out a sigh of what-am-I-to-do-with-you and pressed his face into the couch. 

What now.? I snapped. 

You really know how to ruin romance.! You ruined such a cute moment for me with that tacky joke of yours. Geet.! He whined. I was still confused what I did because I still was clueless about what he was talking about before as well as now. He rolled his eyes at me, bent his head down and placed it right over my heart. 

You said I am everything to you. I always wanted to hear that from you, I always wanted to tell you the same. I never knew if I will ever be able to find you, be with you or take care of you like I promised myself. When I did find you, I was still far from reaching you. Now when you have said those words, I can't ask for more. He murmured to me softly, as his face was away from me. As his words reached my ears , it finally sunk in that I was the one who spoke those words. I could feel the pain in his voice, a pain which wasn't there a minute ago. I always cried remembering my past, but I never was aware of the darkness in my past but he was aware of it all. All these years, he was striving alone with the past and his loneliness. Did my pain even exist compared to his.? Comfortingly I wrapped my hand around his head threading my fingers through them. I thought of staying quiet, as my action seemed to comfort him ; he seemed to relax. I was ready to sit like this forever, if it lessened his pain even a bit. Minutes later, I could feel wetness over my shirt. I felt someone had stabbed my heart as I realized he was crying. Grabbing his face, I made him look at me and those tears killed me. Is this what my tears did to him, because I could feel the pain now.? 

Maan.? I chocked. He smiled, trying to hide his pain. He should have known it was of no use, I could clearly see through him. I hugged him tight, holding him to myself. His arms wrapped securely around me, while he relaxed. Neither of us knew how long it had been since we sat there, tight in each other's arms when the phones ring broke through the silence. I nudged Maan to make him aware of it ringing, but he was not intending to leave me or maybe he was too lost to hear it. Hesitantly I reached to my back, grabbing the phone and pressed it to my ear to attend the call. The moment I pressed it to my ear, a shrill and panicked voice reached my ears. 

Where the hell are you.? I have been trying your mobile since an hour but neither are you answering it nor are you calling me back. It's urgent. Hello.? Are you listening to me.? She screamed deafening me for a second. My temper rose, as it was a girl's voice, and what was with the bossing around. 

Excuse me.?? I snapped. Maan heard me as his head snapped up at my voice. His eyes caught the phone in my hand. He immediately sat up straight, pulling me along. 

Maan.? Ohh sorry, can I speak to Maan.? I mean, Maan sir.?  She spoke with a slow voice now. I looked at him and he already had his hand held out. I placed the phone into his waiting hand with extra force. I waited till he finished his conversation, but I couldn't figure out much as all he said was hmm and uh-ummm's. The last line made it worse than necessary. 

I am coming. Till then take care of it. He ordered, and devilishly gave me an unknowing happiness. So much for bossing on your boss's phone. Serves her right. I felt childish, like a child who feels happy when the teacher scolds their enemy. I saw Maan putting the phone back in its slot and looking at me with an apologetic expression. I understood what he meant by it. 

It's okay. You go, I'll manage and pass my time somehow. I smiled, but I guess it wasn't the one he wanted as he moved closer and pulled me closer again. His hand went into my hair, holding my head in its place while the other one was again at my waist. 

I won't be long I promise. Will wrap it up soon and come back. He assured me and leaned down to kiss me but he stopped abruptly inches from my lips. Did my face give away my disappointment.? I didn't want him to neglect with his work for me, so I tried not voicing my disappointment. 

She is just an employee Jaan and a good friend too. Like I said, no one.! He said before smacking his lips on mine softly yet passionately. I smiled wide into the kiss, he indeed was a charmer. He knew exactly the thing that bothered me along with the leaving part. Not deepening the kiss, he parted from me to leave. 

I love you.! I said giving him a quick peck on his cheeks. It was both for easing out his pain, and listening to my heart. 

I love you too.! He replied and with one last wink, he left me smiling on the couch to get dressed. A few minutes later I saw him striding down the stairs in his style, looking no less than a greek god descending down from heaven. I couldn't help but pity the females around him, how would they even work with him around.? Well, it was not something I should worry about as he was mine.! Soon I was alone in the big house and I decided to go eat something yet again, before deciding what to do for the time being. I came back with some food and a book in my hand, and soon I was into the book forgetting my surroundings. 


Precap : Time for some action Smile


I tried to give some more romance guys, as now some parts will be some action and some pain again. But don't worry.! Smile And after a few req, I also added Maan's POV in this.. though its very less in this..but you will definitely see more of it in the future Embarrassed

Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile







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Blossoming Relation#2 (19 part ss) completed** :)

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Author: -Mitu-   Replies: 1536   Views: 108567

-Mitu- 1536 108567 16 April 2016 at 6:33am by himani02
The Locket (8), MG FF, thread 9 link pg 1, COMPLETED

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Author: dqno1   Replies: 1316   Views: 64111

dqno1 1316 64111 03 October 2014 at 1:30pm by MC092126
MG OS: HIJACK - EPILOGUE(Completed) PG 8 - 11th April 2014

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Author: RedLips   Replies: 104   Views: 17615

RedLips 104 17615 11 August 2014 at 12:49pm by devishree
MG SS || MY SEXY KIDNAPPER || New Thrd Opnd-NT-PG141 ||

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Author: ..AnushaGeet..   Replies: 1115   Views: 82425

..AnushaGeet.. 1115 82425 13 October 2013 at 10:48pm by Padfoot_Prongs
link for- my iresistible kidnapper

Author: forevermaaneet   Replies: 3   Views: 661

forevermaaneet 3 661 25 November 2012 at 8:19am by -misty--love-

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