Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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waiting dear!

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read all the 11 parts & it was amazing...U r really talented & the concept is unique...plz continue soon...Smile & pm me plz...

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Updating Today.! Big smile

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I squeezed my eyes tighter as something warm touched my skin, something that was not normal when I usually wake up. I fluttered my eyes open, only to be taken aback by the new surroundings yet again. Light, warm sun rays were seeping through my skin as I lay on a comfortable bed rather than the little couch, where I would usually sleep. I jolted up from my sleep, as I scurried through the contents of the room. Could it be possible Maan reined in some comfortable furniture? My assumption was ruled out, it was a different room and as usual I had no clue of where I was now.! I looked around the room, only to find myself in a bright room, which clearly was different than what I was living in till now. I saw myself, tucked under a soft quilt, as the space beside me remained empty, though the crumpled bed shoot indicated someone was there beside me. The last thing I remembered was sleeping in Maan's small room, in his arms. Panic coursed through me as this was precisely not the place I was supposed to be.

Maan.? I called out, but the dreaded silence answered me back. My heart shivered in fear, what if he went away again without telling me.?

MAAN.? I called out yet again a bit louder, just about to get off the bed when I heard a door opening. I glanced towards the source of the sound, only to see Maan coming out through the door with a confused expression. Without thinking further, I sprang off the bed hurling myself at him. I crashed into his taut chest, my hands wrapping around his neck simultaneously his one arm wrapping around my waist, as the second one lovingly spread across my head, pressing it more into himself.

What happened Jaan.? He asked as he pressed his lips into my hair. My heart skipped a beat as I felt his lips brush across my hair for that matter. I couldn't help but wonder why does my heart overreact at his touch, despite us sharing some passionate kisses.?

Where were you.? I asked my voice breaking with the sudden gush of emotions, which flooded through me a few minutes ago.

I was right here Geet, where will I go.? He said, with a small laugh in his voice. His casual answer made me wonder, did I over react.? Absolutely not.!

 I just got scared, not seeing you and well.. um.. the new surroundings. I murmured into his collarbone, as I inhaled the fragrance off his skin. It was electrifying as it sent a shiver down my spine. The fragrance was indeed mouth-watering.

Jaan, I was just in the shower. He said, shaking his head which I could feel. I was positive he was laughing too, as I felt his body around me shaking. I momentarily pulled myself apart from the hug, to see him teasing me with that stupid grin plastered on his face. Well, he didn't realise it but he was going to have it from me soon enough. I was just about to retort back, when I noticed him. He was shirtless exposing off his chiselled muscles and perfectly shaped abs looking devilishly sexier than ever. The water from the shower dripped from his hair, making him look way more alluring and hotter. Did I even need to count my heartbeats.? I am sure they would be beyond countable numbers.! He had a towel hung around his neck, which I failed to feel when I hugged him. I could feel myself losing my sanity, looking at his dangerously sexy avatar in front of me, standing half nude in simple khakhi shorts. Pushing off the grin aside, my eyes wandered around his handsomely carved face, gifted with features close to perfection. I had the sudden urge to touch him, not that I never touched him till today. Unable to hold myself anymore, I ran my hand across his cheek feeling the wetness of the water from the shower. I was so lost in admiring that I failed to realize the grin on his face, was now replaced by a smirk. My drooling session was hindered by the sudden jerk, I felt as his hands pulled me closer by my waist, making me realize how openly I was ogling at him. I withdrew my hand, embarrassed by my actions.

Too hot to handle na, Jaan.? He crooned sexily into my ears. I could feel the blood, shooting up my veins towards me cheeks. Did this really have to happen.? I struggled to get out of his hold, but it just kept getting tighter. I looked up to his face, his eyes held that naughty glint, which tickled something in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't help but giggle, taking him by surprise. I'm sorry. I mumbled, unsure for that I was apologizing, yet my face didn't lose the grin from the giggle.

Shh, sorry for what.? He asked.

If you are apologizing for your uncontrollable drooling, don't worry Jaan you don't need to.! When did I complain.? I loved it.! He spoke his lips touching my ears. Once said, he placed an open mouth kiss, his tongue lashing over my skin. I squirmed feeling his warm tongue, ticking my senses.

Maan, don't.! I said laughing with my eyes closed. I was still struggling to get out of his grip, but damn those muscles and his strong grip I failed every time I tried.

Really.? He whispered, only to repeat his actions. The more he did it, the weaker I felt. I clutched onto his shoulders, holding myself up before my knees gave away. Before my heart thrashes out, I had to get out of his grip.

Maan, please.! I pleaded one last time, though I knew the stubborn jerk won't give up, but I had my own way out. As expected, his hold grew tighter. Finding my cue, I closed in on his chest and took the skin of his bare shoulders between my lips and before he could even react, I bit his skin lightly yet harshly making him wince and leave my waist. I dashed out of his hold, before he could hold me back and I ran towards the washroom. Just at the door, I looked back to see him admiring me with a smile on his face. I so wished I could wipe that grin off his face, finding nothing to do I stuck my tongue out to him like a five year old. And it all backfired, as his grin just got bigger. With a puffed face, I shut the door on his face.

I love you.! Was all I heard, before I heard him walk out of the room still chuckling. After a much needed shower, I walked into the room to find it empty. Finding no other option, I slowly walked out the room in search of him. As I exited the room, I was stunned. It was a totally different world, for the sake of a house. Royalty and richness resided in every nook and corner of the place. Everything around the place was beyond admiration. I walked around the huge corridor surrounding the room I just left, looking for him.

Maan.? Where are you.? I called out, frustrated. How did he expect me to find my way in a new place.?  And that too such a huge place.!

I'm here Geet.! I heard him calling out from somewhere behind me. I walked back my way to find him working out in the open balcony. The balcony was undoubtedly the cherry on the cake. A perfect place for a morning this beautiful, one would need nothing more.! As I entered the balcony, I found Maan exercising effortlessly, building up his already toned body.

Good morning Jaan.! He smiled.  

Maan, where are we.?

It's my house Geet. Where else.? He said, with a smug look on his face as if I asked the most absurd question ever.

This is your house.? But when did we get here.? I thought we were in that room last night.? I blabbered on, until his finger put an end to my questions.

Jaan, you talk so much.! Relax, well that was a part of the very same house. It was a hideout, which I have kept for emergencies and now we are in the actual house. Now if you are done with your unending questions, let me remind you that you haven't even wished me good morning.! He said, with his eyes narrowed turning away from me. What a dramebaaz.!

Good Morning Maan.! I said enthusiastically, as I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. No sooner I felt him turn and mimic my actions. His hands went around my waist, ever so sensually giving me goose bumps early morning. He pulled me into a hug, to which I happily obliged as nothing could be more soothing than his embrace. I laid quietly on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Disturbing the moment, my stomach growled in hunger. It really had been long since I ate.



I am hungry. I said, breaking the hug looking at his face. His eyes lit up at the mention of hunger, which confused me as usual.

Even I am Jaan. He said, smiling at me though it was a wicked one.!

Let's go and have some breakfast then.! I said, taking his hand about to go when I was pulled back by him. I stared at him, confused when I saw the same naughty glint in his eyes.

Who said, I am hungry for food.? He asked raising an eyebrow.

Then what.? I asked, unable to understand what exactly he meant.

Well, I am hungry for something else.! Something that only you can give me. He said, his eyes flickering down to my lips. Realization washed over me as I finally grasped the meaning of his words. My mouth hung open at his shamelessness, but before I could say anything his warm mouth captured mine into a soft kiss. Naturally, my hands went around his neck eventually threading through his hair. He kissed me breathless, biting, and sucking on my lips until I granted him the much craved entry. I soon felt out of air, as I pulled on his hair asking him to stop. Thankfully, he broke the kiss while we both stood panting after the kiss, still clinging to each other.

Maan, you are such a devil. I cursed him, as I inhaled the much air as I could while my heart was pounding brutally like always.

Who cares even if I am, when I get to satisfy my hunger like this. He winked, while I just stood gaping at him. Was he the same Maan whom I always knew.? Since when did he become so shameless.?

I am the same one, don't worry.! He said with a wicked smirk, answering my unasked question. May be my face gave away my thoughts.

Jaan, I am still hungry.! He admitted naughtily, closing in.

Shut up Maan.! I said glaring at him, whacking his arm. Before he could do anything else, I moved out of the balcony in search of the kitchen. After walking around almost the entire place, I descended down the stairs and finally found my destination. I rummaged through the fridge, managing to find something edible. I worked on applying the Jam on the bread when I felt 2 hands snaking around my waist and a nose nuzzling my neck.

Maan, please na. I am hungry. I said, softly, as his proximity slowly took over me. Ignoring me all together his hands pulled me backwards as my back got plastered to his chest, his lips finding better access to my exposed skin. I clutched the counter for support as his lips, parted kissing me sensually. His hands rubbed against my skin, as he kept pulling me closer. The contents from my hands dropped, making me clutch his hands harshly, yet that didn't stop him from continuing his assault. His one hand reached my shoulder to get rid of the cloth hindering his intentions, while his other hand was working on its own pace, squeezing me from my waist. His actions flooded my body with pleasure, as I willingly gave in turning my neck sideways, resting it on his chest all the while his lips and teeth working. The moment his teeth pierced my skin, I hissed with the pleasure and pain it jolted my body with.

Maan...Please...I moaned closing my eyes. Hearing me, he abruptly stopped only to turn me towards himself.

What can I do Jaan, if you are looking so tempting.? You eat what you want, and let me have what I want.! He said with the same merciless naughty expression.

But you are not letting me eat any... I opened my mouth to say, when his lips sealed mine. I sighed into the kiss, not able to resist his touch either. Happily, wrapping my arms around him I gave in. Before the kiss deepened, Maan parted only to stare at my flushed face. Surprising me, he reached behind me to grab a spoon, which he dipped in the jar of the jam scooping up a spoonful of it. I watched him with a confused expression as he brought the spoon closer to my lips. I eyed him in confusion when he pointed towards it with his eyes.

Have it.! He said, still offering the spoonful.

Just this.?? But... I started to protest but my protest died as he shoved the spoon into my mouth. With nothing left, I simply glared at him as he took the spoon out with a naughty smile. Before I could even imagine his devilish intentions, to my horror he smacked his lips on to mine. I gasped into the kiss as he probed my lips open, biting my lower lip harshly. Reflexively, I parted my lips as his tongue darted into my mouth. Realization splashed through me, as it finally sunk in what he was up to.! Like always all I could do was to blush helplessly at my shameless Maan.


There goes the next part guys.!! Enjoy.!! I definitely had fun writing that part.!! Embarrassed

Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile






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Next Update : Sat/ Sunday Embarrassed

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naughty maan and his romance with geet was lovely. geet drooling on maan Embarrassed

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Awesome update 

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Maan is naughty and romantic! Loved the update!

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