Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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me greedy for update Big smile

jaldi karo jaldi LOL

meri maangain poori karooo, *keeps ranting* LOL

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Will update soon guys, a bit of time please Big smile

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Day Dreaming

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waiting for the update...
update soon!!!!

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Updating today Smile

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His tongue swirled around the corners of my mouth, ravishing every possible corner and I was trying to match his passion by pulling him closer to myself, but hardly succeeding. We both were clueless about for now long we were kissing, nevertheless we just kept on biting, nibbling and sucking at each others lips unable to pull out form the heavenly kiss. I gasped when he caught my tongue between his teeth, tugging at it making the kiss too erotic for me to respond to it. We battled each other with our tongues, trying every chance of dominating one another. I could have kissed him breathless if not for his hand, which went under my shirt, I felt tantalized when his heated skin coming in contact with my cold one, creating a extremely sensual atmosphere when palm spread across my bare back, inching me closer to his chest. I moaned into the kiss feeling his hand tracing sensuous and arousing patterns on the back of my waist, indicating his longing of years. He bit my lower lip carnally making it bleed, and sucked on it relishing every taste he could. I soon ran out of breath, and I pushed on him hard enough for him to understand that I was out of breath, he pinned me harshly on the couch, while we both were panting. He stared at me for a few seconds before taking my lips into one last hard kiss. He kissed me feverishly and before I could respond the touch of his lips wasn't there. I looked up to find him sitting blankly staring at the floor looking lost. I got up from the couch to sit next to him; I held his hand when he turned to look at me.


" I know you have questions, so ask me whatever you want to Geet. " he said, with a serious face . He could read my face too, which was a sweet surprise for me.


" Why have you kidnapped me Maan.? I mean brought me here like this." I asked him the one question bothering me since days. He nodded in agreement like he expected that I was going to ask him this.   


" Your life in danger, Geet. That's why I have kidnapped you and kept you here. " He said, holding my hand tight, whereas I was just too shocked to react. 


" Maan...what..are you saying.? life is in danger.? " I asked him with my mouth hanging open. 


" It's true Geet. Your life is in danger, and it can be very dangerous. " he said, looking straight into my eyes and I could see the care and worry in his deep those orbs. 


" Why and how .? " I squeaked in a small voice, but he remained silent sowing seeds of fear inside me. I held on to his hand tighter when his silence was taking  a toll on me. I was going to ask him, again but he spoke before I could. 


" Because of  Mohinder Uncle " he answered my question, confusing me even further. What could my Pa have to do with this.? He is not even alive, maybe that's the reason Maan is saying all this, but where was the connection anyhow.? 


 " Maan how can it be possible.? Ma and Pa died in a car accident " I spoke in a cracked voice, as the memories of my dead parents played in front of me. I managed to hold back my tears somehow, but his next words shook my insides, like someone electrocuted me. 


" No Geet, they didn't die in a car accident, they were murdered.! " he said closing his eyes, as he narrated the biggest truth of my life, paralyzing me with astonishment. I gasped as his words hit my ears and his hold on me tightened. My eyes grew big in shock, as the flashes of my parents dead bodies came flowing in front of me. I could feel my body shivering with shock as everything around me wobbled and suddenly I felt my head spinning. I left his hand, holding my head in my hands, as his revelations were unbearable for me to even fathom. I could feel myself falling off the couch, but before I could hit the ground, his hands pulled me closer holding me tight in place. The flashes came back to me, haunting me with the sight of my parents lying motionless in front me, looking as peaceful as ever. How could I ever forget that day, the day I lost the only people left in my life. They were murdered.? Not even in my wildest dreams, I could have brought myself to think of my parents being murdered by someone.? Why would anyone want to kill them, they were the best persons this earth could probably have got. Before I knew, violent sobs erupted from my throat and I was crying feverishly with my head held in my hands. 


" Geet, please listen to me. I know it's hard for you but please listen to me " he begged me, but I was nowhere to stop. How can he ask me to listen to him, when he hid such a big thing from me about my own parents. How can he do this to me.? I pushed his hands away, in anger. How can he know about my Pa and Ma, when I didn't know anything about the dreadful end they met. 


" Why, why should I listen to you Maan.? Why.? Why did you hide all this from me.! How long have you known all this.?  " I shouted at him, getting up from the couch. He lowered his gaze, fueling my anger with his silence. I cupped his chin, jerking his head up angrily.


" Maan, I am asking you something. Answer me, how long have you known about Ma and Pa ? " I said glaring at him, through my tearful eyes. 


" It's been quite a while. Some years.! " he said, shocking me. I backed away from him in sheer vengeance. How could he do this.? He knew about my parents since years and yet didn't bother to tell me. A pang of betrayal ran through me, as I finally realized I was kept in the dark by people I trusted all my life. Unable to control my flowing emotions, I ran to the  washroom shutting the door behind harshly. I fell to the ground, as my life without my parents sunk in, marking the devoid in my life. A few moments later, I could feel him right at the door. I knew it wasn't his fault that my parents were murdered, but the fact that he hid the truth from me for years is what bothered me. He knocked on the door several times, pleading me to open it but I wanted to be left alone. 


" Geet, please open the door. I am sorry Geet. I know you are upset, but please open the door. You are not alone in this, Geet. We need to talk.! " he said in the most painful voice, but I was too tormented to pay any heed to his pleadings. 


" Maan, please leave me alone. I want to be alone for a while. "


" I cannot Geet. Please Geetu, open the door. I can understand you are disturbed by the truth coming out, but believe me there are some more things you need to know ." He said softly, trying his best to reason with me. 


" No you don't. You won't ever understand how it feels like living without your parents for years and then suddenly one day, out of the blue you are told that they were brutally killed by someone and I was kept in the dark for years. You will never understand the loss of parents. Just go Maan.! " I angrily barked at him, still tears not ready to dry my eyes. I sat there, waiting for him to say something but all I could hear from the other side of the door was silence. Did he go away.? I sat in the closed room  closing my eyes as my head pounced with the pain, because of my crying. It could have been hours I sat there motionlessly , I finally got up and splashed cold water across my face, calming my senses down. Composing myself, I opened the washroom door and came out to see the door to his room shut. I walked to my room, only to find it empty clearing my doubt, he was in his room. I drank lots of water, quenching my dry throat with the amount of crying I did after I ages. I sat on the couch, hugging my knees tightly to my body and rested my chin on them closing my eyes. I quietly sat there, waiting for him to come out when out of nowhere I felt the touch of his warm lips on my hair. I closed my eyes tighter, feeling guilty for keeping him worried,  but I couldn't deny the truth that somewhere deep down, and he did hurt me by keeping me in the dark. As the feel of lips vanished, I opened my eyes to look at his face, which seemed torn with pain, and his eyes seemed red and puffed. Has he been crying too.?? I opened my mouth to ask him, but before I could so, he cupped my cheek ever so lovingly that I couldn't help but fall even more in love with him. 


" Are you okay.? " he asked, concern filling his voice. Though he did not voice it out, but I could clearly make out the pain hidden in his voice. I felt worried, seeing him hiding something from me.


" Yes. " I nodded. He smiled and walked towards the kitchen, leaving me alone to debate my own thoughts, about what was wrong with him. Soon my own words rang in my ears, I felt guilty for being so harsh on him. In my sheer anger I failed to realize, that he always treated Ma and pa as his own parents. I immediately regretted my words to him. I shouldn't have said such stuff to him knowing how much he adored my parents too. Suddenly, it reminded me of Dad and mom, his parents ; Raj Singh Khurana and Rachna Singh Khurana. He hasn't mentioned them even once, since he told me who he is. Before I could say a word, he did. 


" Geet, you are hungry right.? " he asked me, preparing for making his pasta. Well he guessed it right, I was famished due the heavy crying session. 


" Hmm " I answered without looking at him. I walked up from the couch to the kitchen, intending to apologize to him. I saw him busy with work, and I leaned on the counter waiting for him to notice me. I stood there waiting for him to see me, but he didn't  bother looking at me once. May be he was really upset with me. 


" Maan " I called out to him meekly, afraid he might blast me off.


" Hmm.? " he replied, still lost in his work. 


" Are you angry with me.? "  I asked, looking at him in confusion. He turned to me with a normal expression much to my relief. 


" Angry.? Why.? " he asked facing me, with a stern expression. After so many years, I still find him as a mystery like he always was. No wonder he was so unpredictable even as MK.!


" I was rude to you. But I couldn't help it as I was really angry. Though I still I am, but I know I was really rude to you. I'm sorry. " I said, avoiding his gaze. 


" It's okay Geet. It was natural for you to react like that. Now let me concentrate on the food or it will turn out to be terrible. " he said looking away from me. I was now sure, he was hiding something. 


" How are Mom and Dad.? You haven't spoken about them at all till now. " I asked him, intently watching him. As expected, his expressions changed at the mention of Mom and Dad and a tinge of fear crept up my veins for some unknown reason. I was intently watching him, and he looked lost too and unknowingly his finger got sliced with the sharp of the knife. He winced in pain breaking my thoughts. I panicked seeing bright red blood oozing out from the cut. 


" Maan, what are you doing.? What's wrong with you.?? " I said grabbing his hand, sucking on his bleeding finger. All the while I was sucking his finger, he has his face away from me. He didn't even realize his hand was bleeding , except for the one wince that escaped his lips with the cut. I left his and ran for the first aid. His expressions remained unchanged all the while I was dressing his hand, giving me a clear picture of his turmoil which he was hiding.

Once done with his hand, I cupped his face and asked him again. 


" Maan, what are you hiding from me.? " I asked but he remained silent. I harshly turned him towards me, and made him look into my eyes straight.


" Maan I am asking you something. What are you hiding from me.? Is this about Mom and dad..? " I said with fear gripping me with his silence. My fear, turned out to be my worst one when a tears rolled down his eyes, paralyzing me. I gripped his face in both my hands, holding it as tight as possible. 


" What has happened to them.?? Tell me Maan, what's wrong with them. " I raised my voice, to which he just blankly nodded in a no. My hands reflexively slipped down his face, and I clutched my mouth in shock realizing what that one nod meant. The earth beneath me gave away and I fell down getting another shock of my life, mom and dad were also no more. I felt my heart giving up, as it swelled with pain. What had we done for the fate to be so cruel on us. ? I was too numb to even cry, when my own words I spoke in the washroom rang in my  ears. I was too shaken to even realize that my tears were already flowing, that's when I looked up to him to find him watching me with tearful eyes. I grabbed him into a right hug, pulling him closer than ever to my body. His arms went around me, while his tears wetted my shoulder. We both stood there crying in each others arms, over the loss of 4 precious souls in our lives, the gems who can never be replaced neither can be brought back.

Precap : The truth behind the deaths, and Geet's life in danger.! Big smile


I dunno why, but I was really scared to post this part as I am worried about the reactions from you guys.! LOL
Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile






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Updated Smile

Next update : Early days of the week for sure, mostly Monday or Tuesday Big smile ( After the weekend only ) Embarrassed

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