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Originally posted by BrainEaterOwl

Finally the past is out and Maan's feelings regarding Geet-Rahul did surprised me. I thought he would be hurt seeing his Geetu loving someone else. Anyways all is well that ends well. Waiting for the last part of MSK. Want that Vikrant either dead or behind bars.


Hey Sanju...
He knows that she loves him I didnt drag that bit too much..
Rather I focused on how helpless he felt when he used to crave to be beside her..He wanted to be there instead of Rohit..
I did read your comment on the previous update about you excited to read about his feelings..
Hope I didnt disappoint you..Embarrassed Rather than focusing only on Geet-Rohit aspect. I put it with all his other emotions too..Like his fears and his loneliness.. Embarrassed

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Originally posted by ..AnushaGeet..

Hey Sanju...
He knows that she loves him I didnt drag that bit too much..
Rather I focused on how helpless he felt when he used to crave to be beside her..He wanted to be there instead of Rohit..
I did read your comment on the previous update about you excited to read about his feelings..
Hope I didnt disappoint you..Embarrassed Rather than focusing only on Geet-Rohit aspect. I put it with all his other emotions too..Like his fears and his loneliness.. Embarrassed

Yeah i got that when i read the latest update and i understand that from a writers's POV. In a way m glad too that u showed his other emotions than the jealousy side only which was too obvious by readers POV so yep u surprised me there. LOL

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1 Month Later

I sat on the bed looking at him as he shuttled around the room packing his things often getting irritated on not finding the thing he was looking for. My fingers were fidgeting with the ring he had given me. It was about a few days after our return from the hospital that he had taken me to a lake side and given me the most precious moment of my life when he went down on his knees giving me the ring. It was that moment that was etched in my heart forever because he had ever so lovingly asked me to marry him. I was speechless and overwhelmed and could hardly speak. He had to shake me out of my thoughts and even when he did, I barely managed to squeak out a yes. The love with which he had made all the arrangements had left me speechless. Everything starting from the flowers to the food and everything was my favourite. That day had been the best day of my life. I felt the tear roll down my eye as the thought of him going occupied my mind once again. I had been trying to convince myself since over a day that everything would be fine but I had been too close to losing him in the past and I wasn't ready to face it again. I looked up to find him looking at the papers keenly. It was the nth time he was making sure they were perfect and it was for the same papers we had to go through all the torture we did, Maan was kidnapped from the hospital whereas I was dragged out of the house by Aman. As the bitter moments flashed in front of my eyes, I knew I was becoming weak again. I was being selfish and I knew it, but he was the only one I was left with and the thought of losing him again was killing me since the time he told me he was finally going to put an end to all this.

Maan, why can't I come with you.?? I mumbled to myself aware of the fact that he would be able to hear me.. He did. I heard him sigh as he kept the papers aside and sat in front of me.

Geet, you know it's difficult for me too. I have already told you that this is too dangerous for you. You can't come with me.. He said holding my hands in his and kissing them. I  looked at him through my tears and felt my heart flutter. He was smiling so lovingly at me and I was being so difficult on him.

It's dangerous for you too.. If anything happens..I.. I choked and the next moment I was sobbing. He sighed laughing and pulled me into a hug.

Geet, I am not as weak as you think I am.. I can take care of myself. I want you to take care of yourself, it will be okay. Just a matter of 15 days and it will all be over. You have to trust me on this.. Maan said caressing my hair. My tears weren't ready to stop and he was laughing.

You are not weak, but I am.. What if something happens.? What will I do.?? I said mumbling into his shoulder. He simply continued caressing my hair.

This is not the first time I am going on a mission Jaan, I have done this for a long time now, it's not new for me.. He said pressing his lips into my air. That felt so good.!

You didn't leave someone worrying behind you when you did this before, this may not be new to you but its new to me..  How can you be so casual about this.? Aren't you scared at all.? I said closing my eyes and trying to drive away the bad memories.  He laughed once again much to my annoyance.

Stop ..laughing.. I blubbered into his shoulder and I heard him laugh harder. I pulled out of the hug and smacked his arm. Suddenly he moved and the next second, I was on the bed with him hovering over me. He looked down at me and smiled lovingly. I was in no mood to smile.!

Jaan, please.! I won't be able to go if you blackmail me like this. We have all the proofs against him, we can end this. I will need you to support me in this. For mom, dad, uncle and aunty.. You will support me na Jaan.? He said placing a peck  on my lips. I looked at his face, it reflected confidence. His eyes were expectant but I didn't miss his loving gaze. I couldn't disappoint him when he was asking me so lovingly so I just nodded knowing it would kill me later. He smiled widely and leaned in taking my lips into his. I wound my arms around him pulling him closer and deeper into the kiss. As I felt breathless, he left my lips trailing his lips down my cheeks and down my neck. I held back the tears that were lurking in my eyes and held him tightly as he kissed me like never before; it was the only thing that would keep me going for the coming days without him. 


Clutching his ring close to my heart I waited for the doctor to exit the operation theatre. My head was spinning with all the details Adi had given me. Their mission was successful and Vikrant Raisinghania was dead and his racket was now washed out in most places. The 15 days I spent without Maan were the worst 15 days of my life unsure of what news I might hear the next minute. I worriedly looked towards Adi and he assured me with a nod.

Geet, sir will be fine. It's just 2 bullets in his arm. He will be totally fine, relax.! Adi said handing me the coffee. I wordlessly took it and sipped my coffee..Of course I knew he would be fine. After all I was the one who had treated him when he was shot before too. I had seen his pain and my felt my fears.I only prayed for all this to be over, it was maddening to be away from him unaware of how he was. The one promise I made to myself was that I would never let him go without me ever again, it was both or none. The door of the OT opened and the doctor walked out with a smile.

He is fine Ms.Geet. The bullets are out and he has a few minor injuries which will heal quickly. He will be shifted to the ward in sometime, then you can see him. The doctor said and left, leaving me and Adi in relief.

Relax now Geet, Maan sir is fine and it's all over now. Adi said and smiled at me. I could finally smile in relief. He was all right and it was all over for the good, the only 2 things I wanted.


Jaan, say something please..! I know you are angry, but at least talk to me na, it's been exactly 17 days, 4 hours and 30 minutes since I heard your voice. Maan pleaded as I handed him the medicine and turned my face away from him. It had been 2 days since he was discharged from the hospital and we were home. It felt nice to have him back in the house which had been yearning for his presence. He had promised to take care of himself and he didn't..I looked at him angrily and walked away from the bed making him pout. He kept looking at me expectantly but I was in no mood to give in to his blackmailing.

Jaan please.! If you feel  like scolding me, then do that but please at least talk.. He said once again. I ignored him and kept doing my work. I didn't notice when he got off the bed and was standing behind me until I felt his hand over my waist. He pulled me closer pressing his front into my back. I gasped as I felt him press himself into me. I could feel it..  Damn, what was he doing.? I felt the shiver run down my spine as I understood what he was hinting at.. My palms started sweating..

Jaan, you feel  that.? Talk to me na... He said hiding his face in my hair. After what he did my anger was out of the window, it was nervousness now. As if sensing my nervousness, he stepped away from me and before I could say anything to him he was gone. I turned away but I was alone in the room. Did I make him angry.?? I gulped as I remembered the feel of his arousal pressed against my back. I needed a shower to calm my hyperactive senses down.. I ran into the washroom locking the door securely and stood under the shower drenching myself in the cold water.


It was half around later I stepped out of the shower into the room to find it dark only illuminated by a few candles. It was not how I left it. I knew it was his doing but he wasn't there. I scanned the room trying to see if he was hidden somewhere but he wasn't there.

Maan.? I called out but again there was no answer. I walked towards the bed and that's when I saw it..There was a huge heart made on it with rose petals. I caressed the roses, they were soft and smelled fresh. My eyes caught the card that was placed in the middle of the heart.. I opened it to see a message for me from  Maan..

My heart that has always belonged to you, I am missing my Jaan. Sorry Jaan.. It read bringing a smile on my lips. I looked around the room and that's when I saw it, there was a long path of rose petals leading out of the room. I walked out of the room to find a bouquet placed on a stand in front of me. I caressed the roses and kissed them. It had a similar card..

Still missing my Jaan.. I read the message and smiled to myself. I never knew my sexy was so romantic.! I walked over the petals only to find a bouquets waiting for me at every step I took. I was overwhelmed at the way he was trying to get me to talk to him. I chided myself, I was taking him for granted too often. At last I read the last card which had another waiting message with a kiss for me. I laughed at his cuteness.. It was then I realized where I was, it was the same room where I realized who he was. I looked around the room to find it decorated with candles dimly lighting up the room and the bed now had 2 hearts made over it. It was beautiful and the fact that it was all for me made it even more special..I felt the tears pricking the corner of my eyes.  I closed my eyes in happiness and felt 2 hands snaking around my waist. I smiled and leaned my head back resting it on his shoulder.

I love you.. I whispered to him and turned around to see him smiling down at me. His eyes were shinning with his undying love for me..  He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine..

I love you too Jaan. Am I forgiven now.? He said touching his forehead to mine. I giggled and nodded in no making him smirk. His eyes were dark and I didn't have to think hard to know what he had in his mind. It was me that day and today it was him.

Well, I think we can manage without the forgiveness. He said dipping his head down into my hair. I closed my eyes in happiness as I felt his lips over my skin kissing me sensually.  I wrapped my arms around his neck giving into my desires. He had promised he would make it special and nothing could be more special  than all the effort he took for me.

I want you Jaan, I had promised I would make it special. I am sorry for making you go through all the pain I have always given you. But I promise, from now on its only us and our small world of happiness. I love you more than anything in this world and I promise to be with you till my last breath. Will you be mine.? He said pulling me closer. I was already overwhelmed with all he had done, there was nothing I could say so I just smacked my lips on to his pouring out all my love into the kiss. I felt him smile into the kiss and understanding my unsaid emotions, he deepened the kiss much to my happiness.


His hands expertly undid the knot of my bath robe  and he slowly peeled it away from my body pushing it off my shoulders. I blushed the deepest color of red as he looked at me lovingly. He traced the blush on my cheeks with his thumb  and placed a kiss on it. I couldn't help but giggle at my own reactions. Without a word he scooped me up in his arms and gently laid me on the bed hovering over me. My heart beat rapidly in harmony as his lips kissed every inch of my skin open to his eyes. I felt a wave of desire run down my spine when his hands unhooked by bra and peeled it away from my body leaving me bare to his glorious eyes. A loud moan escaped my lips when his warm lips closed around my curves sucking at them. My hands fisted into his hair as I suppressed my moans. It was a worthless effort as all I could do was moan in pleasure..It was the most intimate touch ever, only he could make me feel  that. The feel of his lips all over my forbidden parts was aesthetic, there were no words to describe the pleasure that was surging through my body at every touch of his. My eyes were closed until I felt his lips on my forehead. I opened my eyes to watch him smile down at me and he took my lips into another passionate kiss. I responded with equal passion trying to match him but he was uncontrollable. I closed my eyes with pain and pleasure as I felt him slowly enter me. I clutched onto his shoulders and moaned into the kiss as he was inside me with one last push. Tears rolled down the corner of my eyes which he lovingly kissed away making me helplessly fall deeper in love with him. He slowly moved letting me adjust to his length all the while kissing me. The feeling was heavenly as he gently made love to me in the most serene manner giving me the most cherished memory of my life. I hugged him tightly as I felt myself tightening around  him and the next second I was over the moon panting from my blissfully and heavenly climax. A moan escaped his lips as he reached his threshold and fell on me, hugging me tightly.

I love you so much Geetu. He whispered in my ear easing out of me and lying back on the bed taking me along. My head was on his chest and my ear against his heart. It was fluttering like a humming bird. I couldn't help but giggle.

I love you too Maan.. I said kissing him over his heart and hugging him tightly. We slept peacefully in each other's arms marking the beginning of a new world which would only have us and our undying love for each other.

The end.!!


There it is.!! The last part of MSK..With that the story comes to an end too Cry I will miss my lazy MSK updating..This one is real close to my heart because of its name..The story for this was so random, makes me laugh now..LOL Still I loved this story..and hoping you guys did too.. And I tried not making it boring..So I ended it revealing all the mystery. There would be no point dragging it..
 Please do hit the like button and leave you comments..Embarrassed

Will be waiting to read your response.!

Anu Heart


Please follow this thread for regular updates Smile


Thanks Smile







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finally everything got over and maan complited his mission by destroying entire gang. geet's and maan 's convo before leaving was very lovely how he made her understand 
geet's silent treatment and maan's manofying his geetu was very cute. finally he made special as they became one 

going to miss this sexy kidnaper

epiogue tho banta hainaWink

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superb ending ...
Sundari. IF-Sizzlerz

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ohh...tht ws a real shocker...
maans twin becoming gangster
n wanting to kill his own bro
n usse b painful maan had to kill his twin
as he ws bound to finish a criminal being an ACP
bt more than tht he ws a danger to his geet...

loved geet in jealous cat mode...
n maan manaofying her in MSK style Embarrassed
going to read last part Smile
-BreakingDown- IF-Rockerz

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finally every mystery and problem got over
i luved the ending
maan's way of apology was shoo cute
i m gonna miss MSK
btw epilogue chahye and usme i wana see their sweet cute twins and naughty too almost of 5 yearsEmbarrassed

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