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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Updating the last 2 parts.. In sometime.. Smile

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Originally posted by Craziest_MG

truth comes out

What else is there to come out

Anu ka dimag jagga jaasoos ki tarah chaliing

ROFLROFL Jagga jasoos..
Its over now re..saari mystery out hai.. finishing it up now.. Embarrassed
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Originally posted by Sexy_Witch

u had revealed this before as well tht their parents were mudered 
so why geet was shocked 2 hear it
maan said tht before as well
hmm aman was new twist
btw why he just vanished and came now and treated geet badly
awe maan's apology was shoo cute

She was shocked to know about aman...
And also how her parents had tired to save her at any cost.
She knew they had died in an accident but she didnt know how they saved her and neither she knew it was such a big mess.. Smile

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After trying everything I could, I managed to find you but with Rohit.. He said in a low tone. His tone and his words worried me, he sounded sad. Of course, I was with Rohit at that time. I looked up to find him staring at the ceiling.. I hated his fallen face even more now. Rohit had been the stupidest decision of my life and now the most important person of my life was upset because of that. I sighed and grabbed his face making him face me.

Rohit's chapter is over. Please don't be upset.. He and I..We..I only love you Maan.. I said resting my head on his heart. Much to my delight, I heard him chuckle and he caressed my hair with one hand while his hand tightened on my waist.

You think I don't know that, idiot. You don't need to tell me that, I know that you only love me and you only belong to me. He said making me pout. I looked up at him, trying to look a bit angry but I ended up laughing when he blew me a kiss. As I saw his smile disappear, I wondered if it wasn't Rohit that was bothering him, then what was. As if reading my thoughts he answered my question.

I wasn't upset thinking about Rohit, I was upset about something else.. He kept on talking. I was quietly listening to him talk and I could also hear his heart beating rapidly against his chest..

What.? I said placing my hand over his chest trying to calm him down. Only he knew what was running in his mind, all I could feel was he was tensed about whatever it was that was running in his mind.

I was just thinking about how I was searching for you but I couldn't find you. I felt so helpless..After talking to your uncle, I was upset knowing that you ran away. I tried searching for you but I couldn't find you. It was then I made the blunder of my life, I risked my identity when I was on a mission. I had always worked as an undercover agent but I got exposed in that mission. They knew who I was, they realized I was alive all along. Some of my sources also informed that they were looking back to Mohinder Uncles life too afraid he might have left behind some witnesses. My need to find you became stronger. I had to find you at any cost and make sure you are safe. To my luck, after a lot of efforts my officers found you in Delhi itself. You were with him the first day I saw you, I was speechless. You were just the same, the same innocence around you, the same alluring charm but the only difference was that you were a lot more beautiful than I could have imagined. It had been years since I had seen you.. I only remembered you as the small one year old Geet who was in my arms on your birthday. I was madly in love with you all over again. But I knew I couldn't come to you because I didn't even know if you remembered me. You may have moved on and I didn't want our dark past to over shadow your happiness so I didn't reveal myself. I kept an eye on you from far. I wouldn't have come in front of you had it not been for your accident that day. I didn't know what to do but I was glad Rohit was by your side and he took good care of you. I so wished I could have done that. I had missed taking care of you all those years and even that day I felt that one happiness missing from my life. It was later I found out that your accident wasn't just normal, it was an attack. I couldn't risk anything anymore so I appointed a few officers around you without your knowledge. They followed you and made sure you were okay. One day I took my chances of coming behind you again knowing you could be at risk again because of me following you but I promised myself I wouldn't let anything happen to you. I had made up my mind that I will tell you the truth because I couldn't stay away from you any longer. It was making me restless. That day I saw you breaking up with Rohit. I could see you were broken and I changed my mind again thinking you might hate me for leaving you. So I just kidnapped you. That is the only way I could think of keeping you with me without telling you the truth. He suddenly went silent and I looked up to find him staring down at me. His words pinched me, why didn't he just come to me the day he knew it was me.!

I hate you, you just assumed I was happy without you and you didn't come. I said hitting him lightly on his chest. He laughed and kissed my hand.

Believe me Geetu, I wanted to tell you the truth. Even after locking you in my place I wanted to tell you the truth, but that day you spoke all nonsense making me lose my temper and that's when I decided that I will only tell you the truth when you start trusting me a bit. So I had to be harsh with you, so you don't see through me. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide the truth unless I am harsh with you. That's what I did. I waited and you started trusting me soon, so I led you to that room, my world of memories and my world of you. He said placing a kiss on my forehead. My thoughts went back to the day I had seen him and accused him of all nonsense. A laugh bubbled up to my lips which made him raise his eyebrows.

What's so funny.? He asked with an incredulous expression over his face.

I was just remembering how you used to kiss me always to prove your point. And how I used to react, I knew I was stupid to accept it but I don't know what used to happen to me the moment I felt your touch. I giggled remembering how we spent the first few crazy days with each other. He laughed hearing my words.

I would still love to kiss you always not to just prove my point but because I love kissing you. I can kiss you for hours and not get tired.. He said tracing his fingers on my back. It was then I realized that his hand was inside my shirt grazing my bare back. It felt so good but it was also ticklish and I laughed.

I wouldn't mind if you kiss me now. I wouldn't mind it ever.. I said following his actions and running my fingers down his abs. I always had a fantasy of doing that from the moment I realized I had started liking him. He sighed and caught my hand just as I was about to reach his abdomen.

Baby, please don't do that. I told you it's already hard for me to control myself. And I know  you love it when I kiss you, you think I couldn't sense your body language before.? I could always feel you tensing under my touch. I used to affect you.. He said winking down at me with the sexy smirk plastered on his face.

I'm afraid I can't deny what you said. You were my sexy kidnapper after all.. I said giggling to myself. The memories of the days I spent with him came back to me making me grin widely. My thoughts were broken when he pulled me up and his lips came crashing against mine. The kiss was fierce, passionate and a typical sexy kiss. His teeth bit my lower lip harshly and for a second it reminded me of the he used to kiss me like this, a raw kiss. I was panting when he broke it and hugged me tight. The kiss was delightful. I was suddenly overwhelmed at the thought that I was back in his arms once again and all the pain we went through over the past few days seemed nothing in front of the happiness that was I was feeling at the moment.

Maan, where were you all those days.? And Aman.? I asked as the panic ran through me. Aman had fooled us once, he could do it again. The thought was scary. I felt him tensing under me.

Geet, we all believed that Aman was dead but he wasn't. After the accident, they took him away thinking it was me, They didn't know that we were twins. Aman soon became one of them. I didn't even know that he was alive, otherwise I would have looked after him but he hated us all too much. I was stunned to see him but he wasn't my innocent brother anymore. He was a criminal.. The attack on us in the mall was ordered by him. Vikrant Raisinghania, he is the mastermind behind this entire racket in India. It was his dad the police shot and killed in the encounter. The witnesses were dad and uncle. He took over later. I had thought caught Vikrant's right hand but I was wrong, he was no one but the real man was Aman. Vikrant's right hand and his best friend. A friend for whom he was ready to kill his own brother.. I had to kill him Geet, otherwise..He would have killed you too along with me.. They kidnapped me from the hospital, I wasn't in my senses..He was the one who misbehaved with you in the house the other day. Maan confessed with the pain evident in his voice. I looked up at him to find him wiping his tears away. My heart broke looking at his pain stricken face.

Maan, when will all this be over.? I asked hugging him tightly. I didn't want any of this anymore..I only wanted to be with him. His arms around me tightened at my question..

I promise Geetu, I am going to end all this soon. It's only him now, Vikrant Raisinghania..and soon he will meet the same end as his dad and... He stopped abruptly leaving the rest for me to understand..

I love you.. I said trying to change the topic. I had heard enough for a day.. And he had suffered enough for a day too..

I love you too baby, you are my only reason to be alive.. He said placing a kiss on my forehead and closed his eyes. I closed mine too and slept peacefully in his arms after what felt like an eternity.


I was woken up by the beep of some monitor. My eyes snapped open to find myself in the hospital room once again. The blood drained from my face, what the hell was I doing in here once again.? I looked around the room but there was no one, just the machine constantly beeping beside me. My thoughts went back to the last thing I remember which was sleeping in his arms and now once again it was the godforsaken hospital. Where was Maan.? My thoughts went to all the wrong places as I sat up trying to remember if anything had happened. Yanking the tube out of my hand I walked over to the door and pulled it open to find Aditya talking to the doctor.

Adi, what's happening.? Why are we at a hospital once again.? Is everything okay.? Where is Maan.? Is he okay..I bombarded him with questions making him laugh. I looked at him weirdly, there was nothing funny about my questions.

Geet, you can breathe.! Everything is fine..Maan Sir is fine too. We are in the hospital because you both have been through so much in the past 2 days that we had to make sure everything is okay. It's all good..Maan Sir in that ward. Adi said pointing towards the ward at the far end. I felt stupid the way the way he was watching me. After everything that had happened, it was natural for me to be hyper. I smiled cheekily at him and walked towards the ward. It reminded me of the last time I was searching for him and he was gone. I pushed open the door of the ward and the sight in front of me blew my senses away. It took me a minute to register the sight and the moment it did, anger coursed through me. Maan was lying shirtless on his front on the bed with the nurse hovering over him with sponge in her hand. The most annoying thing was to watch her drool over him than do the work she was sent there for. My eyes narrowed in anger as I saw him happily lying on the bed oblivious to everything around his surroundings.

Ahem.. I coughed deliberately, loud enough that they could hear it. 2 pairs of eyes moved to the place I stood. The nurse immediately looked down as she saw me staring at her with narrowed eyes.

Geet, what are you doing here.? How did they let you get off the bed.? Maan said looking at me with accusing eyes. I glared back at him. Dealing with him could wait, it was her turn first. I walked over to her side and snatched the sponge from her hands.

I can do that, thank you very much.. I grinned devilishly at her. She was taken aback by my tone which was evident on her face. Giggling at whatever she was, she nodded and left the room totally embarrassed at being caught red handed.

What was that about.? Why did you send her away.? He asked irritating me even more. What.? He really didn't know why I sent her away.? Jerk.!

Because, she wasn't doing what she was here for. So there is no need for her to stay here. I said glaring at him. His expressions changed and he was looking at me incredulously. A second later I felt even more irritated as he started laughing at me.

Pray tell me what was she doing.? She is a nurse Geet, she knows her work.. He said with a don't be so stupid look on his face..

Ohh really.? Well, thank you for letting me know. I just realized she was a nurse. Since when do nurses drool on their patients instead of attending them.? I saw her, she was not doing her work and she was staring at you. And you, you are so shameless that you are lying like that in front of her.. I was in my own blabbing spree when he started laughing loudly. It didn't take me long enough to understand that he was playing with me. I walked over to him and grabbed his face making him looking at me. He stopped laughing but he was still grinning like an idiot.

You, Maan Singh Khurana, listen to me carefully. If I ever see these girls even within one centimeter around you, I swear I will chop you into pieces.. You are mine, do you hear me.?Mine.. and no one has the right to look at you except me.. I said pointing my finger at him. His grin became wider and he suddenly pulled me by my waist pulling me onto the bed and then he was over me.

Ahh, I love the sound of that. I didn't know you had a jealous side too.. He said biting my finger lightly making me hiss. I looked at him irritated but he was in a completely different mood..

Why won't I be jealous.? When everyone will be looking at you, why will I like it.? And you, I don't have any expectations from you, you will obviously enjoy the attention. Maan, I am warning you.. I started saying again but he sealed words with a quick peck on my lips.

Baby, I don't care about who is looking at me. I will love it when you look at me, which I am sure you often do as it happens to be my charm. Now coming to the point, Well, let's not bother about anyone else. Let's think about ourselves, you are mine and I am yours. And I have to say you are looking so damn sexy with that red nose of yours and that pout on your lips.. He said making me blush a little and the next second his lips were totally on mine pulling me into a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck giving into the kiss. I knew I was never going to get enough of him. We were happy, there was nothing better than being in each other's arms.

Precap : Last Part.!! Smile


There goes the second last part. I tried to cram everything cause I didnt want to drag the truth part to another update.. and the next part will be up in sometime.. Smile Please do hit the like button and leave you comments..Embarrassed

Will be waiting to read your response.!

Anu Heart


Please follow this thread for regular updates Smile


Thanks Smile








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superb dear
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Finally the past is out and Maan's feelings regarding Geet-Rahul did surprised me. I thought he would be hurt seeing his Geetu loving someone else. Anyways all is well that ends well. Waiting for the last part of MSK. Want that Vikrant either dead or behind bars.

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Awesome...loved it

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