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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Note: Ok guys!! I finally figured how Addicted 2 is going to be. I am starting a new thread and I know, I am on a spree making different threads; this is last one. I need a break with BILU, nothing too long, just a few updates of something else.
So, Addicted 2 is going to be alternate layers of present and past. One update is going to be present, like the continuation of Addicted 1 with Ria and Nikki. That is what everyone wanted so that is what I am going to give you. Past is just going to be a simple story about how Virat and Manvi met. I have already posted an update with this. Now, I am posting PART 2.

Hope you guys like it, this is going to be a little different. Viren will show up a lot. Are there any Virika fans here? 

To get my update feed, either like my facebook page or send me a buddy request on IF.




PART 1 - scroll down
PART 2  - scroll down
PART 3 - page 10
PART 4 - page 19

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|| PART 1 ||

PAST: Meeting number 1

A few years ago in a college bar in a small university town, Manvi's POV

Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of... Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen
"Wow, man! Talk about being drunk and happy in tipsy-land." Rinky my girl friend comments looking at the guy on the stage.
His eyes gleamed with a strange delight was his friends were cheering up for him. He must be around 21-22. He was wearing a pale blue shirt and white pants and he looked like he'd been partying for a while now. His shirt was untucked with an open neck and he was singing the song like he really meant it. He was holding the mike in one of his hands he raises his other hand in air as he was gently tapping his foot on the ground.
It was karaoke night at starbusters, the college club of the university. And it was jam packed as tomorrow is the start of classes.
"He is kinda hot though." Swetha remarked raising her eyes to check him out - That means a lot. Swetha is a no-nonsense kind of girl. She is beautiful, smart and knows what she wants from life. She doesn't take shit from anyone. And looks don't do much to her.
"Really?" I looked up the guy of the stage again. The first thing that catches my attention is his smile and the way his eyes had a tiny spark in them.
"He is ok." I tell Swetha.
He was actually pretty fricking hawt. But, I didn't say it out loud. Because they will tease me with this guy whose name even we didn't know, till the end of time. I am not kidding. They still tease me with the guy I had my high school crush on -Cooper. Obviously because, that was the only time I had feelings for opposite sex. I had never gone out with him nor did I never even talk with him. Well, except for this time when it was raining and he offered to drop me home just out of a basic humanity towards a lonely girl on a dark deserted road - it was nothing. But, that was my closest interaction with boys, period.
Swetha says I am a dreamy girl and I am terribly delusional because of all the romantic novels I read and all the romantic movies I watch. She has more experience than me in relationships department and all her experience made her deduce one single fact and she keeps saying it over and over again - GUYS NEED SEX AND GIRLS NEED ROMANCE.
Could things get any more crude? - Sorry, but I humbly disagree.
When I was riding home with Cooper that night, I had felt my heart race. The stars in the sky were brighter and the wind that was blowing through my hair had some strange magic in it - it made my skin all tingly.
When he stopped his car in front of my house, I hadn't even notice that we had arrived or the fact that my parents standing in the lawn waiting for me. My whole brain was focused on making the time stop and freezing the moment. I must have fumbled to open the stupid door atleast ten times, before I managed to climb out of the car.
And when he said bye, that single three letter word was like a death sentence to me - it broke my heart.
Two years later, when I ran into him, he had asked me out at that time. Apparently,  he had heard from my friend's friend's brother's friend that I had a crush on him. Weird thing - I didn't feel the same anymore. In short, the 'moment' was gone. 

So, even though, I don't have a lot of experience with boys, I really think that love is a matter of heart. Matters of heart are to be left to our heart and we should just wait - wait for that right moment, to meet the right person and seize that day.
Carpe diem!

Alright, maybe I am being dramatic - a tad bit anyway, but I really felt all those things. And, I feel that is how it is supposed to be. I looked at the guy on the stage once again. There is like a strange pull towards him. I mean guys are usually good-looking or plain-looking. I haven't really experienced this pull in a long time ever - never after Cooper anyway. What is it about this guy?

Oh everyyy time I close my eyes...
I see my name in shining lights...
A different city every night oh ...
I swear the world better prepare ...
For when I'm a billionaire!!!!!!
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I'm a Billionaire
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I'm a Billionaire
Oh boy!
On the other side of the bar, Virat's POV
"That was pretty good. Are you trying to get laid? with my roommate?" my brother asks me as I come off the stage to a huge around of applause.
I just smirked at him. 

"No you didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Viren looks at me shocked. "Tell me you didn't!" He asks still reeling. Me and Viren's roommate Stephnie totally rocked it last night. By the way, where is she? I hope she is not around. Don't really want to see her before I start back to New York. Awkward!
"Ok. We didn't" I smiled looking away.
"Why, how? What is it with you and girls?" my brother dramatically bangs the bar counter we were sitting at.
"I am a genuine guy." I shrugged.
"You are a f**king stray dog." he retorts.
"Woah brother! That was pretty harsh. Is that jealously I smell?"
"f**k off!"
"Tell you what. Let's get you laid today. I am going to be your wing man! How about that?"
"Oh puhlease! You are not going to use that as a cover-up to launch our own parachute." 
"You don't think very much of me, do you?" I ask Viren who almost passed out. His head hit the bar and I think it is time to order the last drink of tonight.
"Let's get you home brother. I think we have had enough fun for the weekend."
I call the server and that's when I heard her.
Don't ask me, I'll never tell
I looked to you as it fell,
And now you're in my way..
I'd trade my soul for a wish,
Pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn't looking for this,
But now you're in my way...
'Sexy' is the only word I could think of.  She had the most alluring eyes and the most beautiful smile. She was wearing a bracelet with shiny things hanging off it. Why am I noticing bracelets again? Maybe because of the way they were reflecting light on her face. Crazy! She was wearing a peachy top over some really tight jeans. God! She should not be wearing those jeans. They just hug her in all the right places.
Your stare was holdin',
Ripped jeans, skin was showin'
Hot night, wind was blowin'
Where you think you're going, baby?
Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,
So call me, maybe?
She climbs off the stage to the hoots and whistles. A girl like that cannot just sing that song and not expect a guy like me to walk to her.
"Your tab is closed sir." The server calls me. I turn around and look at Viren collaring the server for another drink.
"Hey, can you get this guy another drink. I will be right back."  
"Ofcourse sir, but you have to clear this bill first." The server insists.
"Bhai, take my wallet. Pay the dude. I will be right back." I tell Viren and run out.
I just see her walking out with her girlfriends.
Hey, you can't leave!!
Outside the bar, Manvi's POV
"Hi, you never gave me your number?" someone behind me asks.
I turn to look who it was - it is that hot guy, who was singing on the stage. He was standing in front of me catching his breath, hunching forward with his hands of his knees. Did he just run out to talk to me?
"Excuse me?" This is too amazing. I am never this lucky.
"You sang 'call me maybe' but I never got the number. Somebody said you were passing it around. Can I get it too?" He explained.
 "Oh?" I look at him stunned. I look down and smile - such a flirt! "Sorry, I try to stay away from billionaires. They are very materialistic and soul less."
He smiles a really wide one with a 'So, you noticed me' expression. 
"Ouch! That hurt." He says hitting his heart with his fist dramatically.
He then quickly pats his shirt pockets and then his pants pretending to search for something. "You know what, you are in luck - I just renounced all my wealth to the bartender a few minutes ago. He shows his thumb towards the bar while dropping his head back with a half smile."
"Mannu, are you coming?" Swetha calls for me. She had called a cab and was waiting for me on the pavement.
"Hey don't go. I usually don't do this. But, can I buy you a drink?" he asks with his thumbs in his pant pockets, raising both his shoulders and looking at me expectingly.
"You just say you were broke?" I smile. "I got to go. Maybe some other time" I show my thumb towards Swetha who was waiting for me impatiently dropping my head back with a small smile.
"Maybe I will hold you to that. Just one small request..."
"Don't go throwing money in wells for a kiss. I accept credit." he tells me with a sincere at the same time a killer crooked smile.
What? I open my mouth to argue but then close it. You just can't argue with a person who knows he just said the most absurd thing and is grinning about it proudly.
"Bye weird stranger on the footpath!" I roll my eyes and get into the cab looking at him for one last time. He winks at me!!!!!!!!!!
"Bye beautiful girl in the bar." He shouts after me.  

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|| PART 2 ||


"Virat!!!!!! Your phone is killing me. Gah!" I wake up and look around for my husband who has been driving me nuts these days. He isn't around. Ever since I had told him that I am pregnant, he has created a curfew inside the house. I as much as get out of the bed, he has four or more people following me around. I am so close to escaping to my Chachi's place in India.  Manvi, don't eat that; Manvi, don't do this, Manvi don't talk on the phone so much; Manvi, Manvi, Manvi!!!!!!! If he is given freedom, he would put me in a cage, tie me up and monitor me 24 X 7 with ten different doctors. 

I don't know about my mood swings but please god, help me from his. 

Don't know what Mr. Father of the year is upto now.

"Manvi, do you need anything?" Liz shows up from nowhere.

"Yes, some privacy please.." I glare at her. And she disappears judging my mood, deciding not to mess with me, I guess. 

She and Virat have become the best of friends. I cannot believe that she complained to him that I ate a jar of strawberry ice-cream yesterday. I don't even like ice-cream and I had such a bad craving to eat it yesterday, like I did when I was carrying Nikki and Ria. He went berserk and gave me a 30 min lecture about healthy and nutritious food after he back home - he was basically reciting the 'While pregnant' book he had literally memorized in his head. I am so looking forward to Swetha's visit this week-end. Only she can help me from this maniac.

I freshen up and go to the kids room. They are super excited that they are going to have new brother or sister to play with. Nikki wants a brother and Ria wants a sister. Virat wants twins. I am flooded with their ever increasing demands. 

Hmm..where are my little brats? I look around and find them in kitchen with Virat, the older brat. Liz and Martin were standing in a corner, suppressing their amusement at the three of them, coated in white flour. They were breaking eggs. I look towards heaven and shake my head.

"What are you guys doing?" I enquire.

"Pancakes and omlet." Ria tells me excitedly.

"Manvi, you are supposed to be in bed and we were going to get you breakfast."

"And you are supposed to be in office and they in school, in an hour."

"Nikki, you do not smash the egg. You tap the egg gently on the side - like this, and open it." Virat was showing him patiently. They look so adorable, but at the same time, they are very, very late!

"Like this??" Nikki follows his instructions and breaks an egg neatly into a bowl.

"That's awesome bud, you will make a good husband one day." Virat teases him. I think I am going to let you whisk them up. Here - he shows him and hands him the whisker and comes to me, making me sit on the kitchen stool.

"Jaan please.."

" arguments. Sit!"

"Like this daddy???" Nikki calls him excitedly as he puts the broken shell in the bowl and beats up everything thoroughly. Ria bangs her head with her little palm and Liz, Martin and I split into a big laughter.

"Real nice, son." Virat shakes his head.

"Virat, why don't you let Liz finish up? You should get ready." I go and take the whisker from Nikki and put him down.


"Virat, I am not listening to another word. You phone has been buzzing non-stop, please go and attend to your empire and let us handle pancakes and omlets." His phone rings again and he moves away to take it unwillingly.

"Are you kicking us out?" Nikki asks.

"You bet I am."

"What did I do? I was just helping daddy make you breakfaaast!!" Ria pouts. This is her new technique. Whenever someone cracks the whip on her, she brings out a really cute face, pouts and rubs her eyes pretending to cry. It works best on Virat.

"That's very sweet cupcake. We will do this some other day, now let's go and get ready." I wipe the flour off her face and get her down.

"Nooo!" they both sulk.

"If you get ready in the next ten minutes, I will tell you both a big secret."

"Really?" Ria exclaims.


"Okay!!" they both run inside and I follow them. Virat stops me and hangs up his call.

"Baby, careful. Don't run around."

"Viraaat!!! Please! Don't do this. I am fine and will be until atleast another 3 or 4 months. I am just 6 weeks pregnant. Women even work and stuff until the very last day they go to delivery. And trust me, I know, I have been through this before."

"I haven't" he sulks, hugging me.

Something is wrong.

"What's wrong jaan?"

"Umm..That was mom."

"Oh? Is everything ok?"

"No. Bhai and bhabhi had some kind of a falling out. She says they are separated."


"Yeah. I asked Viren to come stay with us for a few days. He is coming over tonight."

"Oh my god! Virat, what happened?"

"I don't know. I didn't prod much. We will talk to him in the evening. I am getting late for work."

This is shocking. Viren and Jeevika are like our role models. They never fight and they cannot stay away from each other even for a few days. They are separated?

"Baby, I am sure it is nothing major. We will sort it out. Don't stress over it. Okay?" He kisses my cheek and looks at me guiltily. He doesn't want me worried.

"Okay." I smile back.


"I am ready. What's the secret?" Ria asks and Nikki joins in excitedly.

"Oh, yes. Ria, Nikki, tomorrow is daddy's birthday. We will make it special for him. It's a surprise huh? Top secret."

"Papa's birthday??????" they both shout together.


"Shhh!" they mimic me.

"You can't tell anyone. Pinky swear?"

"Pinky swear." They both promise.

"Are we having a cake?" Nikki whispers.

"Ofcourse honey. We will bake it in the evening after you come from school, okay?"

"Chocolate cake?" Nikki asks.

"Chocolate cake." I laugh.

"Can I lick the chocolate on the spatula after you are done.." Nikki asks.

"Ewww! No, you can't." Ria makes a face.

"Let's see." I pack their tiny backpacks and turn around to see Virat standing behind us.

"Oopsie!!!" Ria exclaims behind me.

"What's so hush hush??" he asks and we fumble around trying to acting casual.

"Kuch nahi jaan. School stuff."

"Hmmph!" Virat looks at me curiously.

They leave together after Virat's ten minutes lecture on dos and donts for me, for the day.


I call Jeevika after everybody leaves.

"Jeevika, what happened with you guys?"

"What happened? Men are dogs Manvi. I am sorry for my language but seriously, Men are stray dogs."

"Par hua kya?? Are you okay?"

"I have never been better. You know, the whole thing was so relieving. I cannot live with a man like that Manvi."


"He had/has an affair."


"Ask him. He will openly agree to it. He says it is because I am not interesting anymore."

"I cannot believe this!"

"Yaaa. Me neither. I really loved him Mannu and I thought he loved me too." Oh my god! Poor thing. I can hear her sniffs.

"Oh honey! Don't cry."

"I got to go. My mom is calling me."

"Jeevika, if you need to talk or anything. You know you can always call me right?"

"Yeah! Thanks Manvi. I really have to go. Bye."

What is happening to the world? Viren bhai had an affair? The world's most perfect pair is now separated? Oh my god! It is true - the world is coming to an end.

I go out with Blanco to get Virat a gift. I want his birthday to be special, we had gone through so much in the last few days and this will be a nice opportunity to put everything behind and celebrate our survival -  it is indeed a blessing.

But, what do I get someone who has everything? I came home getting a shirt, unsatisfied. I lie around thinking about what he would really want for his birthday. Suddenly, it hits me - I want you to love me, love art, love life and be my Manvi again; Virat's Manvi. Inspiration hits me. I get to work.  



In the evening, Nikki was playing with spiderman and Ria was looking over me as I was baking a cake.

"Mama, I want to give papa a birthday gift." Ria tells me.

"Then you should baby."

"Me too..." Nikki shows up from nowhere.

"But, what do I get him?" she asks me sadly.

"Umm!! That's a tricky one. How about you make him something?"

The intercom buzzes and it was Blanco. "Hey Blanco.."

"Manvi, Mr.Viren is here."

What? Wasn't he supposed to come in the night with Virat. I rush to the front door.

My jaw drops open on seeing the person in front of me. What the hell happened to him? He had spiked up red and black streaks of hair and he was wearing a punky leather jacket and metal chain around his neck.

"Vi..Viren bhai?"

"Hey darling! Whaadddup!" he hugs me.

"What happened to you?"

"Life happened darling. Life. I am totally transformed and I feel so young and alive and I ROCK!!"

"oooh-kay. Come on in."

He starts sniffing around. "Is that chocolate cake I smell?"

"Yeah. It's Virat's birthday tomorrow and me and the kids were baking a cake. Oh wait, that means it is your birthday too.."


"Oho, I ruined the surprise." I shake my head walking inside along with him.

"Hey kiddos" he shouts scooting down and opening his arms and Ria and Nikki run to him. "Viren tau!!"

"Oh, look at you guys." He exclaims hugging them.

"Viren bhai, can you please.."

"Your surprise is safe with me.." he finishes my sentence. He zips his mouth and throws the key away smiling and was playing with the kids.

I go to my cake and find the complete top layer with the frosting disappear. "Nikki, what did you do to the cake?!!!!!!!"

"You said I could eat off the spatulaaa after you are done.."

"Not if you remove the whole top layer off the cake with it!!!!!!!!!! I have to make the frosting again!!"

"Jeez..chillax mama. Let me handle it." Viren enters the kitchen and takes charge.

What is he doing?

"Viren bhai. I will make it. Just rest and relax, you must have had a long flight."

"Shhh! Move..Rest is for losers and old people. I am young and happening and kickass! When Viren is here, not to fear."

Oh god!

He is beginning to scare me. He used to be so sober and fine. I thought Virat was the wild one. What the hell happened to him?

"Uh, Viren bhai, you do know what you are doing right?"

"Manvi darling!!!!" he shakes his head with a don't-be-ridiculous expression.

"Nikki, get me an egg.." he asks.

"Eggs and Nikki are a bad combination. Here.." I hand him an egg and within the next five minutes the frosting is ready infront of my eyes. He is good!

Virat called saying he was going to be late and I have dinner with the kids and Viren bhai. He was joking around non-stop and I had to close the kids ears for some of the stuff he was telling us. Is this what is called the mid-life crisis? I was desperately waiting for Virat to come home.

"So, Ria, Nikki, your parents are having another baby huh? How do you guys feel about it?"

"Proud.." Nikki replies and I look around for a  place to hide my face. Kids!

"Excited!!! I am going to have a baby sister."  Ria shouts.

"Hey Manvi. Its 11:40 in the night. Where is this husband of yours?"

"He said he was going to get late. He should be here before 12 though."

"Umm..I think we should cut the cake now. Right kids??"

"Yay!!!!!" they shout.

"I don't think it is good idea, Ria and Nikki need to sleep."

"Oh come on girl. It is Saturday tomorrow and it is just a few minutes away."

"Please Momma!!!" they plead with a puppy face.

"Come on Momma!!" Viren makes a puppy face. Gosh!

Their faces are just undeniable. "Alright!! Okay!! Let's do it. I will setup the cake in the kitchen. But hey, I think that Virat's car I hear. Hurry! Why don't you guys stop him from coming in?" All of them rush outside and I setup the cake on the kitchen counter.

Virat enters the house and I hear voices, mainly of Virat shocked. "Bhai???????"

Oh yeah, the hair color will distract him for atleast ten minutes.

"What happened to your hair?"

"Life. Life happened brother! LIFE!"

Crap! We are not going to hear the end of this. Viren bhai is openly handing out material for Virat to tease him for the rest of his life.


Virat get a grip. There are our curious little brats right in front of you. Ok, I have the cake out. Now where are those candles?

"Papa, you can't go inside." Nikki stops him.

"Yes papa, you can't go inside." Viren repeats.

"Nikki, Ria get off my legs. Daddy is really tired munchkins and why aren't you guys in bed? Manvi!"

"Just a sec!" I yell back.

"Papa, I memorized your phone number. Do you wanna hear it?"

"Not now sweetheart."


Go Ria!! I found the candles, I have the knife. Lighter? Where is the damn lighter?

"That's awesome. Can I go in now?"

"I can say it with my eyes closed. Do you wanna hear it?"

"No Ria, I don't."


"You said that with your eyes closed? Hell, I can't even say that with my eyes open." Viren replies and Ria is giggling proudly.

"Ok, What's going on inside? MANVI!!!"

"Papa, spiderman can bite its own tail. Do you want to see?"

"No buddy. I DO NOT. Manvi!!!"

"Papa look spiderman is going in circles catching his tail."

"Your dog is much more entertaining than you Virat." Viren cracks.

"Shutup bhai.."

Cake check, lighter check, candles check, balloons check, decorations check, sparkly foam spray check!

It is 11:59!!

Lights off!!

"Why are the lights off? Manvi?"


"Happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to you!!!!!..."

He is shaking his head and smiling his shy smile.

"I really didn't expect this!!! I didnt even remember" he whispers to me and gives me a hug. "Happy birthday jaan!"

"Chocolate cake?" he grins.

"Your brother made the frosting." I tell him.

"Did he now?"

"Happy birthday papa!!" Ria and Nikki spring onto his legs again. He kneels down and hugs them

"Thank you my little hearts. That was some excellent distracting tactics by the way!! I love you both so much!!" he hugs both of them tightly.

"I love you too papa!!" they reply back shouting in his ears.

"Happy birthday bhai.." Viren hugs him.

"Happy birthday punk head!!" Virat hugs him back. "You know what they say about birthdays? They are full of surprises.."

Viren nods understandingly and sprays the glitter in the air as the kids jump around to catch it. I dont think I know of anyone who is as excited as Viren for their own birthday party. It is like he is suddenly five years old.

"Shall we cut the cake darling?" Viren asks me.

"Did you just call my wife darling?" Virat looks at him shocked.

Viren shrugs.

"I will kill you in your sleep if you do that again."

"You can try." Viren shrugs again.

"What is wrong with you?"


"Bhai, you are freaking me out!!"

"It's high time, I do."

Virat looks at me bewildered. "Why don't you both cut the cake?" I tell them and this distracts the focus from the red head. Virat is shocked out of his wits - I can tell.

They both cut the cake together and we put the kids to bed.

"Virat, you didn't have dinner."

"I am worried Manvi."

"I am sure it is just a phase jaan.."

"Come, eat something." I drag him to the kitchen but we stop midway as we hear the sound of a guitar from the guest room - the room Viren was in.

"He said he is done being a lawyer and wants to be a rockstar. I thought he was kidding. He cannot be serious!"

"Virat, let him be for a few days. He is not a kid, he knows what he is doing."

"What about Jeevika bhabhi?"

"She is very angry." I tell him.

"Any sane person would be! I am not hungry Manvi.."

"Virat! Please, for me. It is your birthday for godsakes. I am not letting you sleep like this." I somehow convince him to eat.

"You were so late. Everything alright?"

"Yeah. Everything is alright."

"Manvi, don't plan any kind of parties tomorrow. I don't want people to see bhai like this."

No parties. Hmpphh! He does have a point.

"Why the face?"

I smiles. He always knows. "Nothing, I get it but I just wanted tomorrow to be special for you."

"You are going to be with me after three years and I have my kids with me this year. I couldn't have asked for anything more baby." He smiles and kisses my hand. "We will just go out for dinner, okay?"

"Yeah, okay."



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Yay, for two things! First of all there is a season 2 to Addicted, it's seriously like my favourite ff. secondly, it's my first time being the first one to comment. I'm so excited for season 2, can't wait to read about everything from virat's bonding with nikki and ria, to
virat's moments with the new baby! So excited!!! :)

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Waiting and Congrats on season 2 again//!!

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hawww i was w8ing for BILU but koi woh ni to yeh sahi!!!! lolzzz and now when u r on break from BILU for few upd8s czn we get a upd8 of TLF and SP each plweaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***********Puppy Face*************

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Originally posted by abbay

hawww i was w8ing for BILU but koi woh ni to yeh sahi!!!! lolzzz and now when u r on break from BILU for few upd8s czn we get a upd8 of TLF and SP each plweaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***********Puppy Face*************

I will go mad...will try!!

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congrats on the new season of addicted!!Party
this is one of my personal favorites!!Star
so happy u updated this!!Big smile
loved the update!Heart
and nikki & ria are so cute!!Approve
luv their distracting tactics they were using with Virat! Smile
wat happened to viren?from lawyer to rock star? brown to red? yeh chakkar kya hain?LOL
loved Manvi's banter about Virat, and especially the father of year name calling!!!ROFL
plz do continue soon!Approve
will be waiting!Big smile

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