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Ristey... naye ya purane (updt ch 15, 16, 17- pg 45n 48,49 n 50) (Page 7)

Amritamalhotra Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Wow..nice update...
Something fishy. ...
Whats that???
Nice equation between Arjun and Maya...
Plz update soon..

Harshamara Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Sorry guys for late updt. Now enjoy ur next part. PART: 4 ~ KISSA KURSI KAA ~ Giving her piece of mind to Rathod, Maya stormed out of his cabin. She directly goes to cafeteria n order her mood controller. Maya- One hard black coffee with minimum sugar and do u hv dairymilk silk. Pantry boy- No ma'am. Maya- Its ok. She goes to seat. Soon she finds a big dairymilk silk infront of her eyes. She luks at d person and finds his new team mates standing thier with mixed expression of fear n excitement. She takes d chocolate n ask dem to join her. All join her bt they r tensed how to start thier convo. She sensed it n take d lead. Maya- Guys agar mere sath baithana hai na to apna yeh dara hua chehra thik karo coz i dont like sad faces. Its enough for our chattering club memmber( Shree, Riya, Chotu). Shree- Ma'am whe do u work before. Maya- First stop calling me ma'am. I m young like u guys. So u can call me Maya. Got it. All- Yes! Riya- Amm! Maya wats d matter with chocolate. Maya- Oh! Actually its my mood controller. Chotu- mood controller???? Maya- yeap! Jab bhi main koi fight ya tensed hoti hu to i eat chocolate to calm myself. Maya- BTW Thank u for chocolate. Riya- oh! Its all right. No need to thank. Waise Maya how u cme to know Rathod sir. Maya- Guys let me clear one thing never i said never ask me abt Rathod or Arjun. It vl b better for u. Trio nodded thier head. After dt all hv thier coffee. Soon all called for a new case.Trio along with Aisha n Arjun were present at conference room waiting for thier chief... Oh CHIEFS.Both Maya n Rathod enter cabin at a time n directly goes to grab thier seat. But oops both grabbed d same head chairs. Shree- ye to hona hi tha. Ab do do same rank k officer ek hi team me to aisa hi hona tha.As he turned to luk at Riya bt find a glaring Arjun. Chotu- dhire shree yaha Maya ka bhai Arjun sir hai. Both Ramaya( rathod n maya) still standing n glaring each other. Arjun snapped dem- Ab kadhe reh kar case solve karna hai to we dont mind. Soon Ramaya realised it n both leave d chair. Maya luk at Rathod n make herself seated next to Rathod. Soon all discussed d case n moved to crime area.Rathod, Aisha, shree in one suv n Arjun, Riya n chotu in one. Maya in one as she hates both Rawte n Rathod. So she decided to go all alone.All solved d case n Maya- Aisha proves as a gud asset to ETF. All headed back to office.Maya ask Riya to cme in her n meet her in cabin. Maya- Riya mere cabin me aao. Riya- yes! Maya already gone to her cabin. And as Riya moved to go Arjun calls her.( u guys all know ki jab Arjun bulaye to humari riya doudi chali jaye.)So she change her track frm Maya's cabin to Arjun's. Riya totaly forget abt maya. And here Maya is waiting for her. Soon she heard d door get open. Her back was facing d door so she cant she d person. She thought its Riya. Maya- Hey Riya thnk u for cming now help me. Actually mere back pe ek wound hai n mere hath nahi pahunch rahe hai. Can u apply it there. I m not Riya- a man voice cme frm behind.Maya turned n find Rathod. Maya- Wat r u doing here? Rathod- Main bas ye puchne aaya tha ki tum kab jaa rahi ho as baki sab jaa chuke hai. Maya- Why sud i tell u. U r nothing to me. Rathod is now totaly irritated with her behaviour. And her acts n taunts r only increasing his anger. Now he cant take anymore. Rathod- Stop it Maya. Ye sab acting kahi aur dikhana. Samjhii tum. Aur mujhe ye batane par majboor mat karo ki who m i of urs. And he leaves frm there leaving a shocked Maya.After some time Rathod cme back n held Maya frm back, keep aside her hair to front n opened d zip of her dress n applied ointment on her wound n leave frm there not before closing d zip.Maya stands there more shocked dan before. Maya- how?? How dare he touch me? U vl pay for it. She also moves back to her home whr two person must b waiting for her no matter wat is the time.As soon as she stepped inside, two little kid cme with angry faces. Now both r roaming around her. Lil girl- Aap kaha thi. Pata hai wa...wat...s... ( turns to her lil bro)..Bhai sa cmplt my wold na. Lil boy- she is asking wats...wats...d time. Is it d time to cme home.( now he turns to a girl standing at a corner n smiling at d 2 cutipie) lil boy- Bubu stop smiling n help us at scolding. Maya- ya! u guys r right. She must help u na! how bad is she na? Girl- Arre wah bhabhi! Inki daant se bachne k liye kya track change kiya hai. Maya- Ab isme mene kya kiya liza.Galti to tumhhari hai na tum kyu inki help nhi karti. Liza- fine.Let do it my lil officer.Lets scold ur Mumma. Lil boy- u al vely bad Bubu. Lil girl- aap chahhte ho ki hum mumma ko scold kare. liza- u both lil devils mumma ko dekha nhi ki sides change. Abhi batati hu. Both lil children ran to Maya n hide demselve behind her frm thier Bubu (Bua).After thier swt scolding all had thier dinner. Kids goes to sleep n ladies moved to kitchen. Inside kitchen~ Liza-Bhabhi aaj bacho ne phir bhai saab k bare me pucha.

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saritak IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged
amazing update
Harshamara Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Inside kitchen- Both girls r cleaning kitchen. Maya sees dt Liza is tensed abt sumthing so she asked her. Maya- kya baat hai liza tum itni tensed lag rahi ho. Agar kal k liye tensed ho to evrythng vl b fine. So relax n go to sleep warna kal office k 1st day par sote hue nazar aaogi. Liza- Bhabhi aaj bacho ne phir se bade bhai sa k bare me puchha. Maya stopped her work. A tear drop rolled down her eyes. Liza- Bhabhi ab to app bacho k sath yahi sift ho gayi hai. Aur unse ye baat aap jyada din tak chupa nhi sakti. Maya- Liza ja kar so jao. Kal office k liye late ho jaaega. Liza didnt say anything n goes to her room. Cmplting her work Maya goes to her devils room. She luked at dem n smile crept on her face. She goes n sit next to dem. Maya- kash Samar aap humare sath hote. Magar us Sameer ki wajah se aap humare sath nhi hai. She wiped her tears n goes to her room. She take a quick bath. When she cme out of bathroom she finds her twins r waiting for her at bed. Maya- Samaya Samar aap dono yaha. Samaya- mumma samar bhai sa ko ninni nai aa lahi hhai. Samar- na mumma main to so lahha tha. Isi ne kaha ki mumma ka gana sunna hai. Maya- Oh to yeh bat hai. Chalo aap ki pharmaise puri ki jaae. Maya placed samar n samaya both her sides n started to sing. Do naina aur ek kahani do naina aur ek kahani thoda sa badal thoda sa pani aur ek kahani do naina aur ek kahani. Choti si do jhilo me wo behti rehti hai. Koi sune ya na sune kehti rehti hai. Kuch likh k aur kuch jubani thoda sa badal thoda sa pani aur ek kahani. Do naina aur ek kahani. So dts it for now. I know i m adding lots of twist n suspense bt believe me wen mistries vl unfold u vl get ur bonanza.

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rizwanaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
awesome update
so dairy milk silk act as maya's mood controllerLOL
trio convo with maya was nice
but maya injured n sameer
applied ointment
n ramaya convo was
full of suspense
loved the kids
n way they interrogated maya
so samaya n samar are maya kids...
n liza is maya sis-in-law
n whom liza was talking of??
the song was amazing
lots of suspense
thanks for pm
cont soon
ll_megha_ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
awesome update.
continue soon.
and please pm me when you update
Harshamara Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2013 at 6:35am | IP Logged


Maya sings for her twins n hearing thier mumma's song both Samar and Samaya goes to thier dreamland leaving thier mumma in a lonely night full of pain, she gets in her past.
For once Maya checked the two n silently move out of bed n goes to balcony.
Once she gets out she closes d balcony door n tear started to flow down frm her beautifull eyes.
She goes to d memory lane of her past life.


Sameer takes Maya to his mansion n all d way to home Maya fully irritated Sameer. Once they reached Rathod mansion he speaks.
Sameer- Now not a single word. Take ur laugage n go to guest room n hv ur sleep.
Maya- To tumhe kya lagta hai main tumhari bakwas k liye apni beauty sleep kharab karungi. Huh!! Gud nyt.
Sameer- What!!! Just impossible.
After there swt convo both went to thier respective room.

Time- 3:20 am.
Sameer's bedroom ~

Sameer is sleeping peacefully bt it seems both Rawte bro- sis r in full mood to destroy his night.
Sameer hears a crying sound. He wakes up and find a tearfull Maya standing at his bedroom door.
Sameer switch on d light n ask her to cme in. She cme n sat besides him. He asked her abt her visit.
Sameer- What happened Maya?? Why r u crying???
Maya (crying)- Am I a bad girl, sameer???
Sameer in mind- Sach bolunga to yeh aur royegi aur
meri nind puri hi haram ho jaegi. Isliye beta jhooth bol de..
Maya- Sameer bolo na. Main buri hu.
Sameer- Na Maya aisa nhi hai. Ha tum bhale hi apni shadi se bhag aayi bt iska matlab yeh nhi hai ki tum buri ho.
Maya- tum mujhe taunt kar rahe ho. Oh god main yaha aayi hi kyun. (again she started to cry)
Sameer- I m sorry. Mera wo matlab nhi tha.
Maya- To kya matlab tha ha. Arjun ko phon karo mujhe usse abhi baat karni hai.
Sameer didnt argue further n dialed Arjun's no. as he also cant tolerate her.
Sameer on phone- Arjun tu apni behen ko mere ghar se le ja warna main pagal ho jaunga.
Arjun- What happen Sam?? Maya thik to hai na???
Sameer- Use kya hog. Pehle mujhe doubt tha bt ab yakeen ho gaya hai ki tum Rawtes pure mad ho. Ye le baat kar apni pagal behen se. (loll sam sayad bhul gaya ki Maya uske bagal me hi hai. And ladki ki burayi usi k samne. Sam ko bad me pachtana padega. He...he...he...)
Maya on phone- Arjun mujhe is chidiya ghar se le jao plz. Ek to yaha har taraf books dekhh kar mera sar ghum raha hai. Dusra yaha kitni darawni interior hai. Mujhe nind nhi aa rhi hai. Aur daddy ki yaad bhi aa rahi hai.
Arjun- Maya ye tumhara hi faisala tha na aur ab tum guilty feel kar rahi ho.
Maya- to kya karti main Arjun. Mujhe Mrs. Maya kakoria nhi banana tha.
Ewwe kitna tacky hai mrs kakoria. Yuck!!!
Arjun- Wait!! To tumhe surname se problem thi or mujhe laga ki dad forcefully marriage karwa rahe hai. God maya.
Maya- sorry Arjun!!!
Arjun- What sorry. Tum kal hi wapas ghar jaa rahi ho. No more discussion.
Maya- but Arjun...
Arjun- Sam ko phon do.
She handed d phone to Sameer.
Sam and Arjun talked for a while dan he cut d call.
Maya- Arjun ne kya kaha??
Sameer- Tum kal ghar jaa rahi ho. Aur usne tumhe chocolate dene ko bola hai.
Maya (angrily)- mujhe koi chocolate nhi chahiye aur na hi main ghar wapas jaa rahi hu. Bol dena apne frnd se.
Sameer- thiik hai. Lekin chocolate chahiiye to fridge me hai.
Maya angrily left for her room not before taking d chocolate frm fridge.
Sameer just smiled at her antics n goes to sleep.

Time- 7:45 am

Sameer's sleep break by continuous ringing of doorbell. He opens d door n found an impatience Arjun.
Arjun- Maya ghar par to hai na??
Sam- ghar par hi hogi aur kaha jaaegi.
Arjun- mujhe doubt hai. Lets check.
Sam- what!!! Ok!!!

And as expected Maya is not in her room. There they find a letter for Arjun. Arjun opens it n read it loudly.

Dear Bro,
sorry 4 all trouble. Me wapas ghar nahi jana chahti. As dad phir se uss gadhe se meri shadi k liye mujhe force karenge. And i dont want to. Arjun i want to live my life just like u do. Aur main mera life partner khud choose karna chahti. I hope u vl understand me n forgive me.

And ha apne us dost ko thnk u bol dena n samjha bhi dena ki kisi bhi ladki ki burayi uske samne na kare.
Love Maya.

Arjun- ye ladki puri pagal hai.
Sameer- main to starting se bol raha tha.
Arjun glared him.
Sameer- ok ghurna band kar. Ab bata kya kare.
Arjun- Ab kya kuch nhi. Let her live her life. She vl cme back soon.

After 2 months ~
Time flews n now Arjun confessed his feeling for Roshni n as a result both r going to get marry. And u all know before marriage wat happens. Its a BACHELOR PARTY for Arjun.

Arjun- Sam r u sure ki Rosh ko kuch pata nhi chalega.
Sam- Dont worry bhai kuch nhi hoga.
Arjun- fine. Lekin girls ka arrangement kaise hoga.
Sam- oh Arjun relax.Akhir mera casanova bhai SAMAR DAMSINGH RATHOD kab kaam aaega.
Arjun- oh dt means he is here. Tab to aur maza aaega. Uski choice kamal ki hoti hai.
Sam- jyada hawa me mat ud zameen par aa ja. Warna Rosh ko sab pata chal jaega.

Somwhre else
Girl on phone- If he do dis dan he vl b dead.

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Shanafr IF-Rockerz

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Super update
Cont soon

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