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Ristey... naye ya purane (updt ch 15, 16, 17- pg 45n 48,49 n 50) (Page 25)

saritak IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 2:30am | IP Logged
awesome pic

Harshamara Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 4:20am | IP Logged
PART: 10 (a)



All staff luking at thier seniors nd before there anyone can digest the word of Maya. All get surprised by A sound of tight slap.

Now there is pin drop silence. ETf members r now seeing a totally broken Sameer with guilty eyes, Arjun full of anger nd ready to destroy each thing, Maya with no emotion, A mother holding her grandchildren who r now in fear seeing d elders.

Seeing d condition Liza takes d initiative to hold d situation. She goes to a middle age woman nd asked her to cme with her.

Liza to old lady- Maa sa aap chaliye yaha se. Samar, Samaya aap bhi chaliye.

Samar n Samaya didnt say anything n just clutch thier grand ma nd bua's hand n goes out of d etf.

Arjun to all- kya kisi ko koi kaam nhi hai. Get back to work NOW!!!!!

And all sprintted towards thier work bt keeping an eye on Arjun who is dragging Maya to his cabin. Bt at doorstep he stops nd asked Riya.

Arjun- Riya!! Take care of Rathod.

Riya just nodded her head n goes to Rathod. She helps him n take him to his cabin. Than she cme out of cabin n directly goes to conference room whr her choreeaisha must b waiting 4 her. N as expected wen she enters all started to remember d things happened just few hrs ago.
Chotu was d one who didnt digest d fact n spoke.

Chotu- Guys yeh Samar kaun hai??? Kya sach me Rathod sir ne uska murder kiya or sare evidence mitane ki koshish ki thi.

Riya- I dont think guys Rathod sir aisa kar bhi sakte hai. Isme agar galti hogi to us Samar naam k bande ki hogi ya Maya ne galat samjha hoga.
Shree- May b but jo bhi hua wo thik nhi tha. Guys hum sach nhi jante or sach janne se pehle inka rista kya hai.

Aisha- Maya or Arjun sir bro sis hai bt Rathod sir k sath kya cnnection hai usse jyada Samar k sath.

Shree- Wait a min Maya k bacche Samar n Samaya hai or unka surname Rathod hai. Aur Maya bar bar mera Samar keh rhi thi.Right??

All- Right??

Shree- Iska matlab Maya ka pura naam Mrs Maya Samar Damsingh Rathod hai.

All- What??

Than all dotted d missing points n resumed to discussion.

Chotu- Yaar sayad in sab ka karan hum sab hi hai. Agar hum bacho ki baat me aakar Maya ki wedding aniversary celebrate karne ka plan na banate to ye sab hota hi nhi.


Rathod brought the two kids to etf office after so much fight at thier house. Both of dem cluddled vry close to Rathod dts wen all member entered at conference room n witness d cute side of thier chief. ChoReeYaiSha didnt get d chance to see d face of duo kids. Both kids shifted a bit in Rathod's arm and all get to shocked to see who d kids r.
Samaya's sleep broke n she saw some known faces n screamed at her top of her voice.

Samaya- BHAI SA, BHAGO!!!!

Samar who was sleeping in Rathods arm wake up n luked at her n dan follow her gaze. There he found ChoReeYaSha glarring at dem and ready to take revenge. One person was amused to see all dis n before he could ask anything all started to run. Actualy ChoReeYaSha tried to catch a hold on Samar nd Samaya. They're following kids bt cant as using dere short hight sumtime dey ran inside table or other places. Getting d chance kids cme out of conference room to main hall n there dey got d big place 4 tom nd jerry game. All staff also get involved at choreeyasha's order. All well established office turned into totak messed up room.

Now ChoReeYaSha got dem. Kids were caught n all 4 moving around dem. Suddenly dey heard d roaring voice at d same time. And dey're Rawte nd Rathod.


All alternated dere luk btwn duo den realised dere mistake bt its too late.
Arjun- Ye ETF office hai koi playground nhi jaha tum sab pakadam pakdai khel rahe ho.
Rathod- Aur tum charo ye kya tarika hai kids se behave karne ka. Tum sab jante ho na ink sath kya hua hai.

Shree didnt realised wat he was saying replied to Rathod.

Shree- Sir ye bechare nhi Sayane hai. I m sure inke sath jo hua 100% inhi ka dosh hoga.
Riya- yes sir. Ye to shaitaan hai.
Chotu- Riya kyun bechare Shaitaano ko badnaam kar rhi ho yeh to unse bhi mahan hai.
Both kids were now at d verge of crying nd hearing d angry voices of RR, duo kids started to cry uncontrolablily.

Arjun nd Rathod at d same time went to kids nd picked Samaya nd Samar respectively not b4 ordering dem to clean all nd den cme to conference room.

Back to conference room both kids hving dere best time with rowdy rathod nd akdu arjun. All four entered nd stood in line ready to get punishment frm chiefs. Rathod nd Rawte by d time cme to know evrything frm kids. Both RR Duo looked at kids nd dey understand what dey hv to do.
Both climed down frm table n stood at front of dem.

Samar nd Samaya- We ale vly solly. Humne jo kia usk liye we ale solly.

ChoReeYaSha 1st get shocked bt den smiled at kids.

Rathod- Smile mat do or jo karna hai karo.
Arjun- I hope samajh gaye hoge ya samjhun.
Chgoreeyasha got dere seniors an do d same.

Choreeyasha- We r also sorry.
Kids- ok. Friends?
Choreeyasha- friends!!
All smiled at d end.

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saritak IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 4:35am | IP Logged
great part
cont soon
Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 5:00am | IP Logged
nyc part
whoa revelation time
cont soon
fly.high IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 6:33am | IP Logged
beautiful kisne kisko slap kiya?

nd samar's death...

so many mysteries nd no answers...

continue soon...

it ie getting very much interestin...
Shanafr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Nice update
Cont soon
zubiya92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Superb update
Cont soon
Harshamara Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
At d end evrythng get settled btwn all n Rathod called it day off nd all headed back to thier nest.
Rathod took d children with him as he dont want to leave dem with anyone else as dey still need to find d reason f attack on dem.
Maharaj ji opened d door n finds him with two kids. Rathod entered inside n asked him to cook sumthing 4 dem. He directly went in his room with kids.
Rathod- Tum dono fresh ho jao or phir hum nasta karenge.
Kids- Par fresh to hume mumma ya phir buboo karati thi ya dadisa. Parr yaha to koi nhi.
Rathod- To koi nhi main kara dunga.
Rathod took dem to washroom nd dere dey started to play with water and all d while let him also fully drenched in water. Maharaj ji who just cme in inform abt snacks being ready saw dere play nd got mesmerised by all.
After dt he cme down at hall to take some snacks for kids nd coffee for him. They enjoyed thier eve nd went back to sleep. Here dey were sleeping peacefully bt far away one person was hell worried for her kids. Maya cmplted her all work of 3days just in 36 hrs nd drove back to mumbai.
Next day Rathods sleep broke due to some waight over his body. He opened his eyes n found both kids cuddled to him n clutched him vry tightly. He got out frm bed n went to washroom. Later he also wake dem nd got ready.
He took dem to etf office as he didnt want risk dere life till thier mom vl b back frm work.
Arjun nd Rathod went to DIG office for meeting leaving kids wiith ChoReYaSha. They all hving gud time. Later all 4 found d kids in some deep thoughts nd dey asked d matter to kids.

Chotu- Hey devils ab kis ko narak pahuchane ki planning kar rahe ho.

Samar- kisi ko nhi.

Shree- Tum dono itne udaas kyun lag rahe ho???

Samaya- wo kal sept 13 hai na!!

Shree- kyun nhi hona chahiye!!!

Samaya- Nhi. Matlab kal mumma aul papa ki malliage annivelsaly hai na aul pappa hal bal ki talah is bal bhi nhi aaenge.

Riya- So tum dono mumma ko happy karna chahte ho.

Kids- hmmm!!!

Aisha- tumhare papa kya karte hai??

Samaya- dadi sa bolti hai ki wo bhi police me hai aul kisi mission pal hai.

Aisha- Dadi sa bolti hai? Matlab tumne tumhare dad ko nhi dekha?

Kids nodded in yes.
Riya- poor babies!!! To kya karna hai.

Samar- Hum celebrate kalna chahte hai bt mumma karne nhi deti. Wo us din sirf ek puja karwati hai.

Shree- to is bar celebrate kar lete hai.
Kids got happy to know dis bt thier happiness got doubled hearing thier mother'a voice.

Both ran to downstair screaming to her who was at reception. All got shock of thier life to see who is d mother of devils.

ChoReeYaSha- To u r devils mother.

Shree- Maya u broke our heart. Why didnt u tell us dt u r married nd on top of dt u hv two kids.

Maya just smiled at dem nd hurridly left frm dere to one of her frnds house as her house was blown away in blast.

Back at etf all discussing abt Maya dts wen Arjun nd Rathod entered conference room. As soon as Rathod entered he asked abt kids nd only to b informed by shree dt dey r gone with dere mom.
Rathod- Chale gaye!!! Ek bar mil to lete?? Anyway unki mom ko bataya na jo kuch bhi hua.
Shree- yes sir! Dont worry sir no one can harm dem.
Riya- sir u wont believe who is dere mother???
Rathod- Kaun hai??
Chotu- Sir wo...
Before he tell him abt MAYA dey get a call of next case. Nd rathod left with dem for crime spot.
After a tiring day all cme to endless point. Its too late so Rathod called a day. All went to thier house.

Scene shifted to shree's apartment. Shree's sleep broke by continuous ringing of his cell phone. He didnt see caller id nd picked up d phone.

Shree- Hello?

Caller- Hello shlee uncle hum bol lahe hai.

Shree- Samar, Samaya plz mujhe nind aa rhi hai. Sone do na.

Samaya- uncle hume lollipop de kal chin liya.

Shree- baccho plz main tumhari high level baat samjhane k kabil nhi hu. Agar lollipop chahiye to me kal de dunga plz mujhe sone do.

Samar- offo uncle!! Hum mumma ke liye ek sulplise palty lakhna chahte hai. Aul aap sab ki help chahiye.

Shree nd kids discussed d whole plan on phone with rest.

Kids- Guys b leady for mission 13th september.

ChoReeYaSha- Yes chief!!!

And all hung up d phone nd went to dere dreamland.

Next day
13th september
place- Ram Ganga Mandir.

A girl clad in white Ciffon Saree standing at d side of Ganga temple near Temple. A priest approach to her nd iinformed her abt d thing being ready for puja.

Priest- Beta ji puja k liye sab taiyar hai. Puja kab suru karni hai.

Girl- Maa sa k aate hi.

Soon a middle age lady with another girl cme dere n puja started.

Priest- Maa ji Shradh kaun karega?

Old Lady- Meri bahu Maya... Maya Rawte Rathod.

Girl with teary eyes saw her mother yes mother not mother in law. She has given her all support to her after his sons death.

Priest- Par maa ji ye vidhi ladkiya nhi kar sakti hai.

Old lady- Par ye karengi. Aap shradh suru kariye.

Priest- thik hai. Mritak ka naam??

Maya- Samar Damsingh Rathod.

Priest- Aap ka naam??


Priest- Aap ka mritak se rista??

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