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AsYa os: Tum hi ho

sanah12 Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Hey guys hope u all are alright. Couldn't stop myself from writing an os. So here it goes:

They was press reporters everywhere. It was a big day for the writer asad ahmed khan who's first book was launched today.
Mr Asad ahmed khan came and the reporters started asking questions one by one.
The first reporter: mr asad ahmed khan apnai ye book kis par dedicate ki hai aur kyu??
Asad: maine ye book apni wife zoya ko dedicate ki hai aur isliye dedicate ki hai kyu jo story maine likhi hai wo story meri real life story se milti hai.
The second reporter: kya app humarai saat appki real life story share karengai??
Asad: zaroor

It was a bright sunny day in st Xavier's college and the last day for the final year students. Among the final year students some were deciding what to wear at tonight's party which was held for only final year students while some were gossiping and some were joking.

Asad tried to look for zoya amongst all but in vain just then kabir came. Kabir is asad's best friend as well as zoya's.
Asad: kabir have you seen zoya?
Kabir: no I haven't seen her par meine abhi suna kai tumhari lady bruce lee kisi kai hadiya(bones) tor rahi hai so I'm going to check.
Asad: o god ye zoya kab sudhraigi. Let's go.

Asad and kabir ran towards the garden where zoya was breaking someone's bones and when they reached they saw her throwing a guy in the mud.
Asad quickly ran and pulled zoya to the side while kabir went to help that guy.

Asad: zoya are u in your right senses? Uss becharai ko kyu maar rahi thi app?
Zoya: what's wrong with u mr khan? app usse bechara kah rahai hai? That bloody dog was trying to flirt with me.
Asad gave her a look.
Zoya: what?? Okay I got it don't use vulgar languages. Don't insult people but mr khan I called him bloody dog not something so bad.
Asad: leave all this zoya and came with me. Aur mujhe mr khan bulana band karo I wonder why you don't call me asad.
Zoya: pata nahi mujhe to appko mr Khan bulana hi pasand hai.
Kabir: mr khan bulaana to somehow theek hai par koy bhi apnai dost ko app kah kay nahi bulaatai. You too are just something no wonder everyone calls zoya mr khan ki lady bruce lee.
Asad: kabir hum ek dusre ko respect se bulaa tai unlike u guys jo har kisi ka naam short form kardetai hai. Zoya ko zo and asad ka as.
Zoya: kabir don't mind mr khan wo thorai puranai zaamenai kai hai. You now his living in 16th century still.
Kabir: not 16th century asad to mughlai aazam kai zaamanai se hai.
zoya and kabir started laughing at asad.
Zoya: listen I have to go now mujhe thori shopping karni hai so let's meet at night. Asad: yeah even I have to leave. So we will meet at night.

Zoya, kabir and asad went away.
Asad is getting ready for the party. He was wearing everything black. When asad was leaving dilshaad stopped him and said: aaj zoya ko apnai dil ki baat bata dena.
Asad smiled and nodded and left the house for the party.
Asad reached there and was mesmerized to see zoya in a black and pink saari. She was looking beautiful with the open hair.    He came by her and when you looked at him they both were lost in each others eyes searching for their answers.
Just then an announcement was made that everyone should be on the dance floor.
Asad: may I have the honour to dance with the beautiful lady?
Zoya was shocked to hell so she just nodded.
Asad and zoya were on the dance floor, they was a romantic slow motion song in the background.
Zoya: mr khan are you alright?
Asad: call me asad
Zoya: sorry asad app theek to hai na??
Asad: kyu??
Zoya: kyu kai appne mijhe dance kailiye puchaa aur to aur beautiful lady bhi kaha.
Asad: kyu mai appni dost ko compliment nahi dai sakta?
Zoya: no you can besides app bhi bohot hi handsome diikh rahe hai.
Asad's cheeks went abit red: thank u for the compliment.
Zoya: asad u don't need to get red mai to sirf compliment dairahi thi aur app to aise red hogaye jaise maine appko kiss kiya ho.
Asad said with a smirk: kiss nahi diyahai to abhi dai do.
Zoya was shocked: asad 100% you are not alright
asad: I'm perfectly alright.
Just then all the lights went out. And a spot light came on zoya and when she looked down she was shocked to see asad on his knees with a beautiful diamond ring.

Asad: zoya you must be thinking that today I have gone totally mad but today I want to confess my feelings towards u. Zoya since the time u entered in life merii zindagi haseen hogayi hai. Its like mai badal chuka ho, meri bairang zindagi mai tum roshni laayi ho. I love the way you care and love me, even when I'm grumpy, you still like me.I love your kindness. You can read my innermost thoughts. I love you for bringing the best out of me. Zoya I might not be the best person but I can promise you one thing that I will love u my whole life and won't ever let you down. I LOVE YOU ZOYA! Will you marry me??

Zoya had tears brimming in her eyes and she nodded in a yes: I love you too asad and will always will. Yes I will marry you.

Asad took zoya's hand and slip the ring in her finger. Asad and zoya hugged each other with smiles on their faces. Everyone clapped in the background and came to congratulate them.

Asad and zoya finished college. Asad's family which included only his mother and sister accepted zoya. Zoya was an orphan, her parents died in a car accident when she was 10yrs old. Asad and zoya got married.
Everything was going smoothly in their lives but life is unpredicted. Like how life brings happiness and joy that's how it brings with it sorrow and tears.

Asad had a lot of work load. He was really busy and when he use to come home they were fights between asya because asad vents his anger on zoya. They were arguments between them because they couldn't give time to each other. Zoya tried to work out things but it became worse. One day asya were arguing and asad said: today I realize that I made a mistake by getting married to you. I wonder what I was thinking when I proposed you.
Tears started coming out of her eyes she was hurt badly.
Zoya: you think our marriage, our love, our friendship was all a mistake??
Asad: no zoya I didn't mean that.
Zoya: No asad today you have hurt me really badly and I won't ever forgive you for that.
After saying zoya just ran out of the house. Asad sat on the bed and noticed a flower bouquet, it was written from your beloved wife zoya.

Asad opened the card and read:
Dear asad,

mujhe pata nahi kaii humarai beech mai aise differences kaise aanai lagai. Maybe hum ek dusre ko time nahi dai pa raha hai isliye and u had a lot of workload. Par mai appse maafi maangna chati ho. I'm really sorry kahi na kahi mai bhi galat thi mai app ko samaj nahi paayi par mai promise karti hu that I will always support you and always try to be there for u. I love you asad.

                          From your loving wife,

Asad closed the card and ran out to find zoya. He tried calling her but it was in vain so he went to her favorite park. He saw her sitting on the bench and tears were streaming down her cheeks continually. He went by her.
Asad: zoya
Zoya looked up: mr khan mujhe appse koy baat nahi karni plzz yaha se jale jaye.
Asad: listen to me zoya mai appse baat karna chahta ho.
Zoya: kya baat karna chate hai app that you made a mistake by marrying me, by being my life partner? Mr khan mai appki koy baat sunna nahi chahti hu.
After saying this she ran from there and asad went behind her. A truck was coming in asad's direction and zoya saw that so she pushed him and before he could reach out to zoya, a truck bashed zoya and zoya was in a pool of blood.        Asad ran and put her head on his lap.
Asad: zoya plzz open your eyes don't worry mai tumhe kuch nahi hone dooga.

Asad called for the ambulance. The ambulance came.
In the ambulance:
Asad was holding zoya's hand: I'm sorry zoya meine hamesha tumpar gussa kiya aur tumhe gusse mai kya kuch kahdiya. I'm sorry for that I didn't mean anything.
Zoya: a..aa...asad hum...hum dono ki...ki galti.. galtti hai. Mai...maine aa..apko maaf kar..kar diya. I'm..sorry as.. as well.
I love u and... and plzzz stay happy...happy even if I'm not...not there kyu kai mai..maine aapko is..isliye bachaya..haii kyu kai..kai app meri zindagi..ho aur mai...apni..apni zindagi ko hamesha..hamesha kush..kush dekhna chahti..chahti hu.
Asad: don't say that zoya hum dono saat rahengai khush rahengai.

Asad and zoya reached the hospital. Zoya was taken in the room.

The reporter: what happened to her?? Did she survive?

No she didn't survive said asad with tears in his eyes.
Asad: I was totally shattered and then after two days I received a letter which zoya wrote long time ago and told me that I will receive it at the right time. I never knew that her letter will be her good bye. She wrote that
Dear asad,
Today I'm not there with u but remember I'm always around you. Jab bhi aapko meri yaad aaye tab app hamesha apni aankhai band karlijyaiga aur mai appkai saamne haazir hojawoongi. I will always love you and no matter what happens. My wish is that when I am not there with you, you shouldn't blame yourself for anything and always be happy. I know kai merai mr khan hamesha meri baat maanaigai. I love you asad.
                            From your loving wife,

The reporter: we are really sorry for what happened. Do you want to pass on any message?
Asad: I just want to say kai pyar mei trust aur love kai saat patience aur understanding bohot zaroori hai. Agar app ek dusre ko zyaada time nahi dai paarahai hai iska matlab ye nahi ka kai appkai beech distances aagayai ho. You are still together and there for each other though you are not literally present over there. Appnai pyar ko hamesha samajna aur uss ka saat daina.
That's all I would like to say.

The reporter: one last question. You must be feeling lonely so won't u get married again?
Asad: no why should I get married and why should I feel lonely? You people can not see her but my zoya is always there for me and right now standing next to me so there's no point of feeling lonely.
The reporter: thank you so much for the interview and we wish you all the best for your future.
Asad: thank you.
With asad walked out of the room. When asad was out he extended his hand and zoya held his hand and they started walking. Zoya rested her head on asad's shoulder.
Asad: app conference room sai bahar kyu chali gayi thi?
Zoya: app lecture bohot day rahe thai isilye.
Asad: jut(lie) mat bolye zoya app emotional hogayi thi isliye ya phir shayad isliye kai appse dekha nahi gaya kai wo sab larkiya humai gur gur kar dekh rahi thi. Jealous?
Zoya: jealous my foot! Zoya farooqi kisi se jal ti nahi hai.
Asad: zoyaa
Zoya: oh sorry zoya asad khan kisi se nahi jalti.
Zoya side hugged asad.
Asad smiled and said: I love you zoya.
Zoya: I love u too asad.

All love stories don't have a happy ending. Kuch prem kahaniya marnai kai baad bhi zinda rahti hai.

The End..

I know that I wrote rubbish and for that all your chappals and tomatoes are welcomed.
Plzzz do like and comment!

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nknaini Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
sad ending bt ur os is still very sweet just luv it

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-jawaria- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Love it.

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KulfiBai IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Oh this is so poignant. Kinda reminds me of Raj-Megha in Mohabbatein :' ) Minus the suicide and strict father of course LOL

Great work! 

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Ashi3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
Beautifully written!Thumbs UpClap

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mariam1368 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Woww...awesome update
Love it

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MKB-kitkit Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
That was very nice!! Thumbs Up

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MisHumptyDumpty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
beautifully written. Good work. 

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