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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
@pricessofkesra no i don't think mukta is devil but if these same things'd done by meethi & the ckt was still played by TD i still wud'd the same thots.so u can't say i m biased. if u want  2think that i m biased then i've the same thots abt u after reading ur post jsutifying mukta's past deeds & blaming only naani 4 her sins.
4 me meethi was not that much @ fault. and hurting sum1 intenetionally  or unintentinally is difft than planning & plotting & then saying i don't care if she suicides.so in this way i also say that if mukta got more hurt i won't mind.
and yes meethi trusted akash bcoz he gained her trust by helping her & then showing his fake gudness & also made mukta's actions luk like shes all over them. i rembr he once said that mukta is trying  2get close 2 him wen mukta got suspicious abt him & was trying  2find out the truth abt him but meethi didn't trust him but then he showed him how mukta is trying 2 get lose 2 him wen mukta was trying  2see his mark etc.& thatswhy she trusted him & also she felt iccha as criminal & also she wants 2 know abt her father & no1 was ready 2 tell her truth. so she didn't trust ani also.while mukta was told from childhood by jogi that iccha did so much 4 them & taps & she knew naani's nature v.well.
and i m not saying that mukta didn't go thru much but still feel she has 2 do more.bcoz  4 me not trying  2stop sum1 from suicide is horrible than all wat happened wid mukta except that attempt 2 molest.

atleast mukta knew that her parents r separated but meethi never knew whos her father.and i still think that meethi was really bad 2wards iccha watever her reasons were. atleast she shudn't'd insulted her even if she never wanted 2 trust her.thatswhy i also said meethi got wat she did wid her motther & mukta esply wid her mother. & still getting. an dif 2marrow she goes wid akash & got tortured tehn i won't've sympathy wid her.

Edit- and as i'd said we shud agree 2 disagree bcoz my way of luking @ life, sins & punsihments & intentions of ppl  r difft. 4 me mukta was @ more fault than meethi & my thots on these sins wud'd been the same even if mukta was played by TD & meethi by SD.
4 me u shud've gud intentions & shudn't b of planning & plotting types esply like taps & mukta did in UT

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
in regards t parents meethi was lucky at least she felt their dead, mukta ko toh pata tha they r alive but don't know where they r.
she told that  she faced humilation in childhood.

n if u free to feel biase for me ,but i don't  want atleast meethi to suffer after regretting.

meethi was provacated indirectly by nani for sucide ,
neither meethi wanted to sucide nor she went to sucide , nor she said mukta i want to die n mukta did not stopped .

neither mukta expressed she want meethi to die

check all epi n updates
i have checked while discussing wid u r frn surbhi on same.

there was not case of sucide at all except nani said indirectly that people do sucide if they so much are frustrated, mukta listened she was shocked to hear.
but cared damn coz she felt meeth n iccha are evil , y evil person will kill herself they kill others. she did not felt it can be serious

she manpulated meethi to separate from iccha that is the only wrong thing she did
but than she was always puppet 
if she was evil she would not have listen to rpr 
she started doubting nani moment him came b4 molesation case
iccha case thing made her positive fast in day  , if it had not happened also rpr was there to guide his daughter.

n if meethi can get suspicious due to mukta sneaking in akash room n mmanpulation by akash

mukta also got suspicious because overclosness of ammeth , meethi's confession of love n nani's manpulation

if mukta is wrong than meeth is also equally wrong in this matter

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i'd watched the epis & also this suicide thing was told 2 me by surabhi wen we r discussing abt it in AT long ago. and @ that time i ddin't knwo abt it & i was shocked 2 listen that mukta went this far in her hatred.
so naani did say this 2 meethi & mukta didn't stop bcoz meethi went crying. mukta did almost the same wat taps did wid vansh.
so u want 2 take off balme from mukta which i don't .
and i also don't want either mukta or meethi  2suffer after repenting but b4 this they've 2 go thru punishments 4 all wat they did even if its bit less.
and knowing that ur parents r separated but don't know their locn is better than knowing u may b illegitimate which meethi was told by naani & mukta.

i  think u as biased bcoz u also said the same things bcoz i pt. out mukta's sins & don't agree wid her gudness much. i like her as shes gud but her gudness never impressed me much. shes as gud as meethi. and i still feel meethi has more qulaities of iccha than in mukta but less than in iccha.as i said meethi is more like veer.& a bit of taps like impulsive temperament.
while mukta has more qualities of taps & RPR esply RPR.& iccha 's 2 qualities.

and i'd said that u & i don't agree on this pt. bcoz i totally believe in justice & punishment & karma theory. so 4 me mukta 2 large extent i.e more than meethi & meethi  2 sum extent've 2 pay 4 their past karmas.
so better we stop telling each oder abt our POVs on which we don't agree & won't agree in future also.
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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
i did not see taps vansh scene, but i don't think mukta is at fault just because she did not rum after crying meethi.
she hated meethi y she will go to consloe her
n she hated her because of manpulation

i do belive in karma n fate  , ni don't know how u will justify the iccha's suffering on ur pov of philosophy.

and the illigemate thing was meethi's doubt , offcourse if truth was never hided by iccha n damin  she would never felt so.

n if mukta's gudness does not impress u im not impress wid meethi at all
i don't blame u for that

u tarazoo of sin n punishment is biased

for u mukta lying about cake = fake mrg drama

for u meethi's insecurities in love regarding akash after telling mukta does not love is justfiable but mukta's insceurites after knowing meethi's crush are not

if mukta hates meethi n does not bother to  console crying  meethi after nani saying meethi is illegmate n such people feel like  sucide na all, is equally provacating to commit sucide

but after getting imsult in whole mandap of meekash , getting kidnaped due to it
meethi never showed concern
she was not at all worried that her frn is missing
n gave evil smirk wen she got bashed

could not such big insult  would provocate sucide if rpr was not there to support
or shall we blame meethi too not going to console her after that.

ya agree we will never agreein this topic

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:09am | IP Logged
just bcoz i don't think mukta didn't suffer much & i find meethi equally gud wid mukta. i m biased & u r blaming illlogically meethi but not mukta ,u bcame unbiased.
iccha's sufferings were also due her sum of stupidites & not sum evil karmas.
and this fake mrg drama is not  2hurt sum1 even if in future after knowing they get hurt bcoz here both intentions r not bad. i m also not saying mukta's intentions r bad but she didn't try 2 understand that meethi's condn. so i  don't say that mukta deserves more bcoz of  this but 4 oder thngs done in past.
and watever u deduce from my take on diff  btn meethi's insecurities & mukta's, u can. bcoz 
as i'd said u if this ckt is played by SD & TD respectively still i wudn't'd changed my POV.bcoz 4 me tehres vast diff. which u don't want 2 see as u urself said u luv mukta but i don't luv meethi or mukta. i only like both bcoz i consider them equally gud just bcoz meethi is temperament doesn't make her less gud than mukta. yes mukta's gudness doesn't impress me much but i find her equal  2 meethi.

yes meethi gave evil smirk bcoz she thot mukta was trying  2 separate them & i'd given u the reasons which u selectively using 4 ur own benefit.i m not doing this. i didn't pick up selective things. i see it from all POVs.thatswhy i don't want mukta 2 end up wid any random guy. yes i don't want her opp. vishnu bcoz i don't find them much compatible except in 2-3 qulaities,they don't complement each oder,luk more like a bro-sis jodi & neitehr they've any story & 2 sum extent i want 2 see him wid meethi bcoz of TD also(but mainly bcoz of chemistry i find btn them).

and now bye. don't reply me now as i also ddin't wnat  2reply but replied bcoz u said that i m biased just bcoz i've difft takes despite i said that 4 me its ckts portrayal & not the actor playing. i'd again said that if meethi si played by SD & mukta by TD i wud'd same thots but u still said i m biased so i thatswhy i repleid.

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taps vansh scene was telecast on  around 16 july  2010 .in this vansh said that tapasya what u have done there is only 1 punishment for u that is death for u .then he point gun towards tapasya .tapasya says ek minute and start calling nashedi pagal .hum to hain hi gunehgar pur aapne kya kiya ek bhai ho kur apne bhai pur vishwas nahi kiya .kya aap apne bhai se nazren mila paayengen galti hum dono se hui agar humare gunah ki saja maut hai to aapki saja kya honi chahiye .vansh in self gulty mode then he point gun towards tapasya then point himself then towards tapasya then to himself and shoot himself he was about to fall on tapasya but tapasya move away then she saw veer coming and she hide herself .sid recored convo between tapasya and vansh .iccha saw gun in veer hand and mis understand veer that veer  has kill vansh 

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:30am | IP Logged
lol ignore my post if u don't want to reply ,i have no issues wid meeshu pairing as i m not at all interested in mukshu
n if role was not played by sd n some oder my pov would have been same.i support the mukta ckt here not sd.
n meethi was played by sd i would have criticised her equally no matter  how positive she is
it was never td/sd for me
otherwise i would be one to blame iccha never loved her
it was always meethi n mukta
neither mukta brought cake to hurt someone , she brought as it was burned. in yesterday episode vishnu itself explained the pro cons of fake mrg drama n i agree wid him.

i did not get  wat u meant by selective reasoning !

n i never say meethi is bad ,infact gudness or badness is not my criteria to like a ckt.
we r human wid multiiple shades , n we do  grey n white both.
but in ut it was always either black or white, totally wrong.

i like the ckt on basis of  how that person is passionate towardsthe people they love,their sennsiblity to deal situation, their humblness to accept if they do wrong n most importantly correct n never repeat it.ability to impress wid simplicity and to think about people they love first than others than self.
i like mukta's way of temperment towards life, not  just because she is positive.

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yeah...its a high time to end this serial...

pls rush up with the marriage and end the serial soon...ROFL

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