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Kismat Ka Khel: Aug 15 (Page 9)

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bheegi

Originally posted by me2you

Sangeeta Di, very nice and good post!Thumbs Up

I really liked today's scene. I am glad the CV's did not drag this track too much, like you said: good that everything came out now.

The brother-sister scene was touching, whether is was Asad-Najma or Ayaan-Nikhat, both were really nice scenes. 
Love the way Zoya supported Najma, like a true friend and more importantly like a sister whom Najma never had. Maybe not a very smart move of Zoya to think that Najma might like Faisal since they are classmates, but lets the benefit of this: the truth came out.

to be fair to Zoya, she did check with Najma about any other guy in her life before she invited the proposal. True...her intentions were good but still being classmates does not have to mean you will have to like one another. 

I expected Asad to react more angry but thanks to Zoya (yes, he has changed) he was more calm. I can tell, from my own experience, that every brother has to be like this: understanding and supportive. The way he listened to what Najma had to say and the way he showed his concern for both Nikhat and Najma, was very nicely done. For him it was important to know that the sagaai did not broke off because of Najma, like he said: they are both my sisters. He really loves them and acted like a true bhaijaan.

yes, loved Asad behaving rationally and calmly todayThumbs Up

I kinda feel sorry for Nikhat but then, at the same time, she really needs to open up her eyes. Poor girl really loves Imran and even wants to believe that he will come back. Please don't let love make you blind and don't be that naive. Woh ek samajdar lakdi hai, which is why I really hope that she will understand why Imran never made any effort to work on their relationship. She might blame Najma for it, but never forget what your Ayaan bhaijaan told you: If Imran is in your destiny, than Allah the Almighty will bring him back to you, for sure. 

Nikhat is a woman of low self esteem and that's where the main problem lies...women like her latch onto the first man who shows any interest in them and here Imran did lead her on for quite sometime. Haan, yeh bhi sahi hai. He was and perhaps will always be her first love..ouch!Ouch

This love triangle can be the first rift between Asad and Ayaan. He wants Najma's happiness and he wants Nikhat's happiness. Fair enough. Just one advice to the Khan brothers: Both of you said if Imran is in their destiny than no one can change that. Stick to this and don't fight over it. The Almighty has already played its game,  its only yet to be experienced and seen by all of you. Let's hope that both the girls will find their prince charming and hopefully that is not Imran...

yeah, i sure hope ayan and asad can figure out Imran instead of fighting. Tanveer will take advantage of this situation

Precap: OMG, that was a HUG! FINALLY! Totally unexpected... I had to watch it over a few times, because I could not believe it but YES it really happened. Sirf ek kiss baakhi hai...ek na ek din woh bhi ho jayega. Both are eager to get married to each other (yes Asad miyaan, you too) but Zoya said it out loud. Hopefully it will happen this time, for real...

I think this was the first time I have seen urgency and passion in Zoya's eyes (not in a dream) and hope Asad will not delay now. I totally agree!!! Zoya's expression were very good. She emoted the passion and urgency very well. Smile

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Originally posted by kmh2lover

Originally posted by bheegi

P.S: So, there is indeed a Farhan bhai on his way ! Destiny or a red herring? Time will tell.

I think he will come, and then Najma may fall in love with him after he exposes what an idiot Imran is. Especially if he is Zoya's friend from New York! But I doubt that is going to happen. But they've mentioned him two times now, so I am guessing he plays some kind of role in these events. 

I would love to see this most anticipated and one of the most written characters in ffs here

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by youth_showsfan

hey sangeeta di
awesome post
 d line highlighted by u di is indeed very apt question by asad "jab sagai toot gayi, tab usey tumhari yaad aayi?"
exactly Shrishti! This is the million dolar question that Najma needs to ponder upon
when najma said "unki engagement toot gayi" shocked asad as he had no idea abt it i felt najma was bit selfish agree imraan doesnt love nikhat but how cn she ignore nikhats feeling who is her sister. and plus its not imraan who broke its nikhat who broke d engagement otherwise imraan wud have married nikhat if she wouldnt have broken the engagement? i guess like every human she is being selfish in love i believe but dts human nature i guess cant help it.

I agree, she is not thinking about Nikhat- she is not even questioning why Nikhat broke the engagement
asad clearly said to zoya when she said "hain toh phir problem kya hai unki engagement toot gayi na" something like dt honestly at dt time i was like 'r u kidding me?" nikhat ke feelings ke baare main koi kyun nhn soch raha asad rightly said "yeh aap kya keh rahi hai both sisters matters to me" i guess something like this? it showed he cares for all his sibblings equally.

yes, Asad is the responsible older brother. Zoya is only thinking from Najma's POV
many think asad talking to nikhat means he is ok with imraan najma if nikhat is ok but talking to nikhat doesnt mean he is agreeing for imraan n najma's relationship he wants to know d truth behind the breaking of the engagement. he was relieved dt najma wasnt the reason but still he doesnt wants to hurt his other sister as well. yes najma is his real sister dts y he was giving her d hope dt if they r meant to be it will happen but still he cant neglect his other sister.

I agree, Asad would want to get to the bottom of this and hopefully once he finds out the truth about Haseena, he will try to drill some sense into Najma
he acted quite realisticly considering d fact dt now he knows how it feels to be away from ur love. anyway i still think bth sisters shud slap imraan n move on rofl i am pretty sure knowing dt billi has his kid bth sisters will leave him i hope they do cos bth deserves much better but alas cvs r hell bent in showing us this cos this is paving way for brothers clash.

Billi might add fuel to the fire here
asad might fight for bth his sisters after knowing baby truth but yeah this is paving way for 1st fam vs 2nd fam as well. d blame for breaking ayan engagement came on asad now d blame for nikhats broken marriage will come on najma. lets see how it plays out.

yes, the big clash is being set up here
btw ppl r loving d convo b/w najma n zoya but i guess i am d only one who found dt baby wala way too out of character. lolz

I loved Zoya's concern for Najma and her affection too but you are right, the 'baby' talk was kind of out of place because she has never addressed her that way before
P.s di i just hope zoya doesnt poke her nose in this atleastOuch cos its a very sensitive thing for asad as his bth sisters future is at stake and if he agrees he will know dt d blame will come on his family as 2nd family will leave no stone unturned in blaming them as he was d one to agree he will know how to handle it but if he refuses nd zoya messes it up i wont like it di cos this is way to sensitive matter b/w siblings i just hope she lets asad handle this rather interfering in itSmile

well, Zoya is practically the bahu of this house and very close to Najma. She has full right to speak up in the matter but today, she did the right thing by letting Asad do most of the talking. She only intervened when she needed to

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Barunmayish

I feel the clash will not take place just yet and not over Imran but the surrounding forces will try to clog their thinking just like sautela kind during rashid jail track
The real clash will make an impact only when rashid will come into the pic
As far as asya hug it should have come when zoya returned from Ajmer and before tanveer brainwashed asad about the baby ; that was like getting back your lifeline , not the physical intimacy but intensity of missing and finding each other again and too after so much trauma needed a closure with a hug even if it was a short one
So now a hug doesnot really make me look forward to it and though my only complaint will remain why Dilshaad words were not fruitlised a very Pak daman aurat and wonderful mother was made to loose a challenge

Thanks Barun. Ideally, there should be no clash if the brothers communicate well and talk to both Najma and Nikhat. I feel Tanveer will take advantage of this situation and create MU

Yeah, the CVs never showed a reunion after Ajmer and I have always complained about that

what's delaying the nikaah now? I feel this Najma fiasco will push thing out further

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
@ anushree @ gossipgirl @ Srishti

I am addressing the issue with Asad's statement here

I feel Asad was not wrong in reassuring his sister Najma here. After his experience with true love, he has realized what it means to be separated from your love. That's why he feels if Najma and Imran are truly lovers, they need to be together because why have a love less marriage?

As the oldest brother, he is responsible for all his siblings and that's why he wants to clarify the matter with Nikhat first. It doesn't matter if Nikhat loves Imran but if Imran doesn't love her, what's the point of the nikaah?

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Advaymerijaan Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Superb post..Smile

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Loved ur post!

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bheegi

Kismat Ka Khel: Aug 15


Very nice post, Sangeeta!


Kismat kaun banaata hai? Aadmi ya oopar waala?



Do we decide our destiny or does God decide for us?



I think God decides but leaves the decision to us mortals to act or not act on it.



Najma: Even if Imran is her destiny, she had decided to severe ties with him three years ago. That was her decision and so far, we think, she was comfortable with that decision. Why then, is her decision being challenged three years later? Is it destiny or her weakness? Only time will tell. Najma is lucky to have a family like hers. Her brother, ammi and Zoya all love her more than anyone else in the world. They all want what's best for her.


The CVs need to get the timing right. Najma's age is the one age that cannot be disputed on the show. They have repeatedly said she was 1yr old when Rashid left them 17yrs ago. She is 18 yrs old now! This disparity is annoying the heck out of me. How in the world is her classmate Faizu a Civil Engineer and also has a job? Minimum age for an engg graduate in India is 21yrs not 18yrs. I can't get over this loophole!! Yes, I should overlook it. Grrr!

Yes, she has a very loving and supporting family. Wish the test of this love wasn't wasted on Imran.

Asad raised a great question today- jab sagai toot gayi, tab usey tumhari yaad aayi?


Very valid question! Asad, who has recently realized what being in love means, hit the nail on the head with that question. Will Najma ponder upon this question or get swayed by her emotions? Asad will of course do what's best for his sister. He is caught in a dilemma because Nikhat is as dear to him as Najma. I am glad the writers didn't keep anything hidden and everything is out on the table. At least, Asad knows where Nikhat-Imran-Najma's equation stands at the moment. Hopefully, he will help guide his sister in the right direction- help her find her destiny, whatever it might be- Imran or perhaps, NOT Imran.


I slightly differ with you here.  I took Asad's statement as, 3 yrs ago he left you, got engaged to someone else, now wants to get you back? How can Nikhat be as close to Asad as Najma? Ayaan maybe. But Nikhat and Noozat, I don't think so. He loves them but Najma will always be more special. It's just not the blood relationship, but the fact that he has been her father figure, a proxy father if you may. She is his baby sister. The only one of his siblings who has always been with him. The only one that he has a special nickname for - Tamatar!! I think he'll stand by and let her decide. He just re-united with the love of his life. Life is currently rosy. I doubt he'll try to break his favorite sister's dreams. Wish he did. I don't want Hasina to become Najma's MIL. Dead


Nikhat: Since her engagement to Imran, Nikhat has assumed that Imran is her destiny, her true love and her life partner. She has ignored his shortcomings and even has faith in his ability to stand up for their love. As they say, love is blind and there is no perfect example of this than Nikhat. Despite seeing his spineless act, Nikhat defended Imran's actions today as she is unfortunately in love with the illusion of Imran rather than the real person, Imran. Ayaan, her brother, who loves her a lot, after seeing her plight, reassured her that if Imran is indeed her destiny then she would definitely unite with him. Perhaps, Ayaan can relate to destiny better than ever before. Humeira's case has definitely made him realize what happens when one ignores the knock of destiny on their door.


Agreed. Nikhat did wonder that Imran is capable of standing up to his beliefs and principles ( huh?? Confused ), then why he didn't do it for her! Duh!! Wake up and smell the coffee, Honey!

Hopefully, he will help guide his sister in the right direction- help her find her destiny, whatever it might be- Imran or perhaps, NOT Imran.

After Imran, will the 2 fight over Farhan?!  

Imran: I cannot have sympathy for this man. I don't know what's in his destiny but as of now, I hope neither Nikhat nor Najma are his destiny. This man needs to grovel, redeem, develop a spine and stand up for himself before he can stand up for love or someone else.


I really want to see him getting hitched with Tanveer! Hasina Bi can get her gori bahu. Woh itni gori hai, ke uski ek aankh bhi bilkul gori hai!


Precap: Ya Allah! Finally, Asad and Zoya have ventured out of their teen years and are in their twenties. What a passionate hug! Yes, nikaah kar lee jiye na jaldi- ASAP!!!!!


You are very generous. Teen? I thought it was more like tween! LOL Awesome hug. I must have watched it like 10 times. Pathetic! Look who is behaving like a teen now!


Favorite scenes:


1.     Asad and Zoya's eye communication was at it's best today. Just like a hubby and wife.

Exactly. What understanding. Brilliant acting without words! For me it was the highlight of the show!

2.     A proud Zoya when she saw Asad's sensitivity towards Najma

3.     Zoya consoling Najma. Najma is indeed a baby and will definitely need a lot of support in the coming weeks. Thank God for Zoya.

 I actually liked the way she referred to Najma as baby. That's what I call my child!! LOL I still call my 21 yr old nephew Honey!! LOL Zoya has taken over the mantle of the bahu already! I loved how she tried to play mediator and grabbed Asad's arm when he rushed towards Najma.

P.S: So, there is indeed a Farhan bhai on his way ! Destiny or a red herring? Time will tell.

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