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Episode 351 Discussion: 15th August 2013 (Page 2)

sangeet6690 Goldie

Joined: 03 April 2013
Posts: 2016

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 11:42am | IP Logged
well today's epi was better than the yesterday's one..not much to say...
so RK is back...this RK is new 2013 wala RK...Ok fine but plz RK use ur Brains..liked VD when he leaves room all shattered..nice acting by him...
Rji n Bji again on to the task of reuniting RM,,,Dips is as irritating as ever

after todays epi all my hopes of this being RM's plan are dead n only hope is RK..if he still has his grey cells intact

Originally posted by Soundarya22

Meenu...look at the number of us here...thats how many people are interested in the serial. hope the team stalks this thread. Angry. Kya serial ka kabaada kar diya, sachchi mein. Angry

gone r those days when EDT used to be 13-14 -pages by this timeCry m feeling so very depressed by this track..m missing those days when i used to eagerly wait for 8:30 my days feel incomplete..really miss my Rishbala fill for the day...ab to i've seen previous epis also a zillion track kab khatam hoga m feeling like m running a never ending marathon the finish line is no where in the sight!!!CryCry

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leelaa9 IF-Addictz

Joined: 16 July 2005
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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 11:45am | IP Logged
This episode was endurable, though only with updates in hand to know when to hit the mute button.OuchSmile
Which - in this case - was the Dipali parts. Can't bear her any more.Dead Also, she seems to have gone completely witless.Confused Bittuji standing facing in her direction, and she was talking aloud to herself very revealingly and with a smile as if she were out of sight and out of hearing.Confused

The divorce papers were successfully burnt. Yay!Clap

The Rishbala scene was excellent thanks to RK's performance and dialogues and Madhu's reactions.
Excellent despite still leaving it out there how the heck RK went from being completely convinced that Sultan was alive when Madhu told him at the jail... to - after getting wounded in the jail fracas and unconscious in hospital - regaining consciousness convinced Sultan was dead. Huh?Confused
Did he briefly visit the afterlife and see Sultan there? He couldn't have. Sultan isn't there - regrettably.Dead
I wouldn't mind RK and Madhu both getting hanged or jailed for life if either one of them had successfully killed Sultan already.Smile

Sincerely hope for the sheer worthless brainlessness of this entire track that it turns out RK and Madhu - or at least RK - had been in the know about this situation and playing a game even now.OuchSmile
Because if the plan is to start *now*, it's a sign of witless writing for the track so far.D'oh
Because otherwise, they should never have shown RK believing Madhu at the jail about Sultan being alive.
They did show RK believing her.Star So let them stick with that now.
It was the only thing which made sense in all this nonsense.Sleepy

The other thing of worth in this episode - Radha.Star
Radha today had the one tonic which can rejuvenate her and brings out that ruthless shrewd lady who is usually camouflaged in sentimental wishywashyness.
The tonic? The possibility that her son might lose Madhu, and then become cold in general and distanced from Radha in particular, without Madhu there to remedy both situations.
And Radha's greatest advantage is that she is never considered shrewd, especially not by Madhu.
Both women know that the other's world revolves around RK, and never truly acknowledge each other's extent of ruthlessness when it comes to what they believe is needed for him.

And I'm truly baffled why we are having this 'helpless Madhu, unshrewd RK', 'will-there-be-divorce-or-separation' track, if they *know* it's unpopular enough to drive off most of the remaining mass-audience unless they make reassuring announcements through a variety of means every day that there will be no divorce and the couple won't end up separated.ConfusedSmile

Instead of showing a track that is detested and contradicting it reassuringly outside of each episode, wouldn't it make more sense - and get better viewership - if they were to *not* show such a dratted boring repugnant track of the courageous female lead suddenly playing helpless prey, and of the shrewd male lead suddenly being completely unshrewd.Sleepy

I had never before known that a non-head-injury resulting in unconsciousness could cause selective amnesia and a dulled intellect on regaining consciousness a few hours later.

MEIEJ has already rewritten legal procedure to an extent never before seen in Hindi films or serials, by having RK wearing a prisoner's uniform while still under trial.Confused
The legal system's budget would probably be affected considerably if all those awaiting trial in prison were to be provided a prisoner's uniform.

Can they avoid any further great leaps of logic, and please *restore* RK's shrewdness - retroactively, as in all this time already? *Not* from this point forward?
Because the latter would imply insensibility of outrageous proportions in the characterization.
There is no way within this storyline - with even the most extreme amount of clunk - that RK would get convinced in a few hours of unconsciousness of exactly the opposite of what he believed before becoming unconscious.ConfusedAngryOuch

We need to know that the man who believed his wife's claim in jail did *not* vanish into some parallel universe in the span of a few hours of unconsciousness.

Not asking for Madhu's courage to be restored. Expect that'll happen when they finally decide to get done with this 'interesting' track.

And if this is supposed to inspire with sympathy for Madhu by draining out her courage precisely when she needs to deal fiercely with that other guy, then perhaps the powers-that-be should keep one thing in mind.
A virtuous wife - in Hindi serials - facing a threat to her husband's life is expected to fight, *never* give in.
They had Madhu referred to as 'Savitri', presumably in the context of efforts to save her husband's life.
Savitri was dealing with the God of Death, and she did *not* give in. She fought with her wits when strength would not serve.
They are showing Madhu successfully wielding neither wits nor force as weapon, simply being threatened constantly and giving in.
This is not a helpless wife's sacrifice, because this girl has never let herself be helpless before, no matter the situation.
It is a lack of effort, a lack of ruthlessness, a lack of the courage that has been her integral characteristic.Ouch

And Madhu's missing fierce courage and RK's missing shrewdness epitomize the missing interest factor and viewability of this track.SleepyOuch
Let the male lead and female lead both behave in character, and they may make even this excruciatingly boring track worth watching.OuchSmile
Would like to start watching the episodes again, instead of having to see only some scenes after gauging the updates.Ouch

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river123 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 December 2012
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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Soundarya22

Meenu...look at the number of us here...thats how many people are interested in the serial. hope the team stalks this thread. Angry. Kya serial ka kabaada kar diya, sachchi mein. Angry

Exactly my thoughts! Stalkers from PH/Channel - take note! Angry

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cardio21 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 December 2012
Posts: 6196

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
All I have to say is that if this track was for madhu's redemption for helping out a criminal, then they are failing miserably. 
Because this track is taking her back to where we started with a woman trying to fight to save her husband.

And today's episode with a smart RK will turn into a blooper if he goes back to distrusting Madhu. He really needs to get to the root of it.

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dramacrazy12 Goldie

Joined: 26 December 2011
Posts: 1089

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hi2life

Was saying that she is in love with sulthan part of the deal? Sorry but I would rather prefer madhu commit suicide than do that,,, it hurts Rk the most after his fathers betrayal, she saying she loved sulthan though fake is absolutely cruel to do...she is literally leaving him to die with all this unnecessary drama,,,,,,,,till this point there is surely no plan of RM to trap sulthan, Rk was purely disgusted by madhu trying to put the fire off the papers

I agree with you...I would have liked if Madhu had preferred to commit suicide rather than hurt RK. 

Does she not understand that after his father's betrayal and a murder charge, her supposed betrayal and accompanying press release is the worst possible thing? She might be saving his life but he would have nothing to live for and would be joke of town. That is a fate worse than death for someone as proud as RK.

All this drama is senseless...I don't feel any sympathy for Madhu rather she is falling rapidly in my estimation. And she is doing all this now when she has proof.

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Survival IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 September 2012
Posts: 5243

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Actually it's depressing to see everyone almost, talking about Rk's shrewdness as being lost. It gets even the most positive thinking person depressed.

Well for me at least in today's episode i saw some of my Rk's logic back but my 2013's wala Rk who learnt now to have some self control on his emotions :
  • He wasn't ready to believe her even with the argument she gave about loving Sultan, and we all know how much it took RK to trust her and  overcome his doubts and insecurities about that Sultan who keept forcing himself into their lifes, appeaing in the most unlikely places  (Rk's bedroom !!!) and situations (RK's wedding, a day where a dulha expects only to see his loved ones to share his hapinness and not a man who is in love with his would be wife) and we all know that Madhu did a lot in the past to deepen Rk's misunderstanings about her and sultan's relationship although she cleared them later but still they had an impact on a suspicious person like Rk.
  • He is my lovely short tempered RK who would not accept a betrayal, his first reaction when he heard his madhu saying she loves sultan was to get out of jail and kill her!!! really!!! he couldn't bear her being burnt even when she was desperatly trying to save the divorce papers so how could he kill her, LOL we all know this would never happen even if the betrayal is true but i loved him saying that, it kind of reminds me of my Rk's  extreme pagalban speeches ( not that he hasn't pagalban actions too but killing is not one of them)
  • He used his brains indeed when he analyzed their past moments and madhu's actions and reactions  proving she loves him and which are in complete contradiction with the divorce demand : She insisted on carying the  wedding forward desperatly, she showered him with love during post wedding, she stood by his side when he found out about his dad's truth, when he got shoot as per his saying she was the one to bleed, she saved him even from that Sultan she claims to love now!!! so for all people who said how could Rk believe her while she was just hugging him in the night and caressing his face in the morning to ask divorce in the afternoon, here in this episode Rk even used more strong arguments which show that she cares about his life, she wants  to spend her life with him and she is happy with him.
  • How could you expect Rk to not have a little doubt that maybe Madhu is telling the truth, when Madhu herself didn't give a damn about her sleeve that caught fire in her despair to save the divorce papers!!!!, any sain person at least at that moment would have some doubt, I kown Rk is intelligent but he is a human being and so in love too, and when we love the fear of losing our loved one is highlited because we are simply emotionally biaised and when this happens actually our brain works less and emotions more. So if Rk gives up a little and carries on with the divorce procedure i won't take it as being his stupidness!! but after he cools down and gets sober, i want him to give the whole thing a second thought and I really want his intelligence to be clear enough to convince all the viewers who are considering him as dumb right now.

Anyway I liked today's episode, there was more logic, even Radhaji was good, I just hope things move on quickly and they show Rk in action (my super intelligent Rk and not only intelligent because for me he is intelligent, I mean even if we consider that he thinks sultan is dead, why do people blame him, everyone believes him to be dead, but again i say my Rk is not like everyone soon or later I hope dear Cvs would show that he knows ki sultan zinda hoon!!! or at least any thing that might show again that his intelligence is not like everyone else)

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Hi2life Senior Member

Joined: 14 March 2013
Posts: 299

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
@dramacrazy12 ,,,the life sheis giving Rk with all her mahaan tyaag is worse than death forRk, she is crushing his soul, Pride is Rk oxygen and she is leaving him to dogs with the press release

I lost the ounce of sympathy DD made me feel for Madhu, she is back to being annoying 

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cardio21 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 December 2012
Posts: 6196

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by river123

  •  The cupids Radhaji-Bittuji are back.  Poor delusional things, they must have thought, after the wedding, their job is done.  Big Ha!  So they're trying to make sense of what's going on.  Bittuji voices his suspicions to Radhaji.  Who declares that she has to do something to fix things.  And goes to talk to Madhu (who has finally finished packing - how long does it take anyway for someone to fling things into a bag and walk out?)
PS:  Am taking this all on face value, who knows what twist is going to show up (is this all a game being played by RM? Or not?  Does RK know? Or not? who do they suspect? Or not? )

Btw!! It's not in madhu's character to take the designer clothes wth her after the divorce, that RK gifted her..

Is it a blooper or there is something more to it..?? Wishful thinkers.Ouch

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