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FF- I Tried to be Yours - Updtd Part 29 Pg 48 07/05/14 (Page 41)

vironikajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Nice update..
Ram loves Riya so much but he started liking Priya now..which is shown in the scene when he felt bad seeing tears in Priya's eyes..good point
Priya respect his love for Riya nd understand his emotions while battling with her own emotions..
Good one nd will wait for long update..
Cont soon..
Thanx for pm..

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sushfiza IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 6:41am | IP Logged

Very nice its short one...
priya trying to cope up with the new sorrounding...
description of d room was very nice...
cont soon

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lovelysakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 9:53am | IP Logged
updated after a very log time
it's wonderful update
Ram still in revenge moodUnhappy...dunno where it going to end.
It's getting more and more interesting...about what going next
please don't be late...and please continue soon
thanks for PM

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bpatil3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
Nice update. 
The hatred saga continues.  Priya still trying to understand ram, n his motive. 
At the same time she do not want to take riya's place too good. 

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sampa123 Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2014 at 9:25am | IP Logged
itna chotu sa updt q yaar???othr ways superb updt.cntinue is br late mat krna plsss..n pls next time pm me yaar when u updt
*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 8:59am | IP Logged

Ram drove Pihu to his office...


The swanky car landed in his posh office premises and all the moments seemed to be ceased. Ram got down from the car and made his way to the other side of the car. He opened the car door and softly unbuckled Pihu from the seat and took her in his arms; not only that he carried all her belongings with him including her pram. The guard came down hurriedly and offered to escort Ram but Ram asked him to carry only the other things and nothing else. He didn't allow anyone to take his baby girl as he himself wanted that pleasure.


Both father and girl walked inside the office and all the staff kept looking at this pair. Pihu was adorable, cute, tiny and a real princess, and of course the man carrying her was not only their boss but he himself was an adorable personality. 


All of the staff member's eyes couldn't escape adoring the couple. Ram could see around and so he stopped in middle and broke the admiration surrounding him by saying:" People, wake up, yes I have brought my daughter here with me, and so the attraction around, but that is not an excuse for all of you to not work today." "Cmon get up.."


Listening to his husky voice everyone was snapped out from their astonishing thoughts and laughed aloud. Ram too smiled at them and said:"Ok ok...chalo now work everyone, in one hours time there is a board meeting and a presentation, hope you all remember."


Everyone got back to their work and Ram escorted his daughter towards his cabin. Just when he was about to enter the cabin, Vikram called him.


Vikram:"Are waah kya baat hai, ek pita apni beti ko office lekar aaya hai."


Ram just smiled at the comment.


Vikram asked for Pihu but the little girl refused to leave her doting dad's arms.


Vikram smiled seeing this and said:" Ram, ye teri beti toh abhise hi tere kareeb aane lagi hai. She is proving from now that daughters are closest to their fathers."


Ram again smiled and said:"She is my princess Vikram, that's all it matters." "Ab main isey andar le jaaon, tum bhi aa sakte ho andar."


Vikram joined his enthusiasm saying:"Haan haan kyun nahi, aaj pehli baar teri beti tera alishan cabin dekhegi."


Both of them again smiled and went inside the cabin. As said Ram's cabin was a posh delight - A true businessman's delight. It was just the same as it was years ago but the difference it saw was Priya's picture had been replaced on his big table, along with his moment with his first born - that's Pihu.


Ram carefully placed Pihu in the stroll and placed all her things on the table. Vikram too helped him.


After all the things got placed, Ram made his way for his seat. He sat on his chair and Vikram on the other said and Ram asked: "Vikram, meeting ki tayyariyan ho gayi na. This meeting is going to be all about our mergers and acquisitions with 2 foreign companies."


Vikram: " Haan haan I know, you don't worry, everything is in place. "


Ram got relieved and said:" Great"


Vikram getting a little naughty said:" Par Ram I have a suggestion."


Ram whose eyes were all for Pihu asked:" Kya..?"


Vikram:" Tu aaj meeting mein mat aa..."


Ram without listening to what Vikram just said: "hmmm..."

And then realized what Vikram asked and so he counter questioned: "What...what did you say?"


Vikram smiled looking at him said:"I said that its better that you don't attend the meeting...tu dhyan nahi de payega..."


Ram just looked at him and asked:" What do you mean dhyan nahi de paunga...ofcourse main de paunga...tune aisa kyun kaha par..."


Vikram looked at Pihu and then at Ram and said:" Maine isiliye kaha kyunki aaj teri nazrein sirf aur sirf teri beti par hai, tu issey nazrein nahi hata pa raha, tu kaam kar payega..."


Ram smiled hearing this and said:" Aisa kuch nahi hai yaar...I will be able to concentrate, that you don't worry."


Vikram again asked:"Are you sure Ram?"


Ram:"Yes Vikram, don't worry. I know how to handle my professional and personal life by now. And I know you know this."


Vikram just nodded and kept on looking at Pihu. While looking at her he said:" Ram, I wish Priya was here. Mujhe dukh hota hai ye dekhkar ke isey iski maa ne janam toh diya par goad mein nahi le paayi...goad mein lene se pehle hi..." He stopped saying in between realizing Ram's presence and pain and immediately covered saying sorry. But Ram wasn't amused at all and joined his words saying" Nahin Vikram, tu sorry kyun bol raha hai. I miss Priya at every stage. Jab bhi Pihu ko dekhta hoon Priya ki yaad aa hi jaati hai. khair... "



He and Vikram indulged in pre meeting tasks for sometime before Vikram promised to meet him in board room. After Vikram's exit Ram hopped from his seat and went towards Pihu. He checked on her and realized that she needed a change. He immediately changed her clothing, cleaned her, and feeded her bottle of milk as he was right in thinking that she was hungry.


When the time came to join the board room, Ram got a little worried leaving Pihu alone. He was also knowing the fact that he cant take her inside as she would feel uncomfortable considering the atmosphere inside. He asked for Mrs D'souza to come inside.


Mrs D'souza was a lovely lady in her mid 50's and a very old employee of Kapoor Industries. She had seen the company right from its inception and was a close aide to Ram's father. She was loyal to the company and was responsible for its growth equally with her talent and her brilliant executions.


Mrs D'souza: "May I come in Sir..."


Ram looked at her and smiled saying:" Mrs D'souza...please come in..."


He asked her to sit down and said: "Mrs D'souza I need a favour from know that right now there is going to be a board room meet and I have to be there inside for a long time perhaps. All I want from you is to take care of my little bundle till I am inside busy with the meet. " "Will you please take care of her?"


Mrs D'souza smiled at the offer and said: "I cannot refuse you Sir, you know that. You don't worry of Pihu, I will take care of her."


Ram thanked her from his bottom of the heart and said: "I could only trust you Mrs D'souza. Thanks again."


Mrs D'souza smiled saying: "Its my duty Sir...anything for you. You don't worry. You go and attend meeting. She will be good."


Ram heaved a sigh of relief and said:" I know Mrs D'souza. That's why I called you. I shall leave. But before I leave I have to tell you one thing..." She just asked in sign...and Ram continued saying:" Mrs D'souza, please don't call me Sir, call me Ram, I am still your Ram." The lady smiled as no more conversation was required between them. This professional relationship had more of an emotional bonding.


Ram picked Pihu in his arms, and the girl burped while getting cuddled into him. Ram smiled at this moment and gave a kiss on her cheeks enclosing her in his arms tightly. He then went on to delicately place her in Mrs D'souza's arms but the girl refused to leave her father's side. Mrs D'souza just smiled looking at the duo and Ram whispered in Pihu's ears saying: "Sweetheart, your papa just needs to be away for some time, Papa promise to come back soon..Very soon. But right now let papa go."


The girl clinged onto him more and started crying. Ram couldn't bear his daughter's cries and kept on patting her back and said: "Pihu, princess don't worry beta. Papa kahin nahi ja rahe hai, papa is with you only bachcha. Please don't cry. Aap rooge toh papa bhi ro denge. Don't cry beta..." Ram kept on patting her and looking at Mrs D'souza said: "Woh sone ko aa rai hai. I have fed her. She is just about to sleep. Till she gets up I might be back from the meeting too."


Ram kept on patting her and the girl went on to sleep in her father's arms. Seeing her sleeping, Ram softly kissed her and placed gently in Mrs D'souza's arms.


Ram: " I will try to finish off the meeting very soon. If it wasn't important, I wouldn't have even come here in the office today."


Mrs D'souza said: "I know Ram, you go else she will again get up and start crying."


Ram left for board room giving again a soft kiss on Pihu's arm.




KM night:-


It was the first night for Priya in KM.


As decided from her side, she prepared her bed on the couch. Ram came out all freshened up and both of them shared an eye lock for a while.


He looked dashing and smart even in his night dress. And his scent fragrance somewhat mesmerized Priya. She just couldn't take her eyes off him and so did he. After some time Priya broke the silence saying: "As I had said, main yahan sooungi. Aapko koi aitraaz toh hona nahi chahiye."


Ram who too was a little mesmerized looking at Priya came out from his thoughts and said: "Tum kahi bhi so jaao, I give a damn about it."


Saying this he went towards his bed. And Priya marched towards washroom.


She wanted to get freshen up as she was too tired after the long and quite happening day.


She took out her night gown and murmured: "Itna bada room hai, itne bade cupboards hain par mere liye ek chotisi jagah nahi de sakte. Huhhh...bada hi ziddi aur akdu kisam ka insaan hai yeh Ram Kapoor."


Saying this she went inside the washroom and looking at the royal look of it wasn't surprised as she kinda expected, but she couldn't escape saying "Big man, big life, kingsize." And she recited this statement with her gesture of placing both her arms quite wide. She smiled at herself and went to get freshen up.


After a while she came out from her room drying her hair and went near the mirror placed on the bed alongside. Ram who was working on his laptop smelled her fresh fragrance and looked at her. This time he got mesmerized first looking at her. Priya was drying the hair and he kept on looking at her. The words automatically came from his mouth without his own knowledge: "Beautiful"


Priya looked at him and asked: "Kuch kaha aapne."


Ram snapped out from his thoughts said: " Nahin, maine kuch nahi kaha...main kyun kuch kahunga..."


Priya ignored him but murmured: "Kaha toh inhone sab hai, par aise dikha rahe hai jaise kuch nahi kaha kabhi. Sab kuch karke kehte hai maine kuch nahi kiya..."


Ram hearing her whispers asked: "Tumne kuch kaha Priya..."


Priya just nodded in negative and went near her couch.


She pulled the duvet over her and asked: "If you don't mind can you please switch off the lights and tone down the AC."


Ram irritatingly said: "I do mind. Neither I am going to switch off the lights nor would I tone down the AC. If you have a problem with it, its really your problem. I don't have a solution to it."


Priya equally annoyed said: "Ohh is it? Fine, then I know how to solve this problem."


Saying this she got up from the couch, and pulled out the AC remote and toned the AC down, and then looked at Ram saying: "See, I know how to solve my problems." "Ohh...switching off the light still remains...that also I will do..."


Ram got highly irritated seeing this and questioned:" How dare you Priya?" How dare you even touch my things?"


Priya retorted: "Your if these are your things whats the use? You don't know how to use it so I showed up..."


Ram getting annoyed said: "Stop it Priya...yeh room mera hai...tumhara nahi stop behaving like your own."


Priya responded quickly saying: "I know this is your room Mr Kapoor...but you should know that now I am staying here as well..all thanks to you. You have got me here. So you have to bear it too..."


Ram again getting irritated saying: "Fine, but you don't forget your limits..."


Priya retorted: "No, I am not forgetting my limits. I very well know where I stand. You don't have to remind me that. See I don't want to argue with you, all I need is my sleep, and I cant sleep in lights, so you need to switch off those."


Ram giving back to her said: " I wont switch it off , do whatever you want. Mujhe lights mein neend aati hai.."


Priya : "Ok...if this is so..."


She started walking towards switchboard. And was about to turn off the lights when Ram pulled her back. She collided onto him and unknowingly his arms surrounded her waist tightly. With this sudden touch Priya felt jitters in her stomach for a while. Somewhere even Ram had the same feeling seeing Priya so close to him.


They both again shared an eye lock for a while. Priya broke the eye lock and turned her back towards the switch board to switch off the lights. Ram again tried to stop her but she already had achieved in switching off the lights.


Ram: "What the heck..."


Priya marched towards her couch when she tripped on the carpet below the ground. She was about to fall on the ground badly when Ram caught her in time.


They again shared an eye lock and this time Ram broke this eye lock by saying: "Tumhein chalna bhi aata hai theek se...ya har baar girti rehti ho..."


Priya : " Ab tak chal hi rahi thi main, aapki wajah se girti rehti hoon..."


Ram pulled back Priya and she stood on the ground firmly. But one of her hair strands got stuck in his night dress button.


She tried to remove it but it kept hurting her. Seeing her attempt Ram gestured to help her.


He was removing her hair strands very softly while Priya kept on looking at him. They were very close to each other. So close that they could hear their heartbeats. So close that their breaths could be heard and felt on them. Ram couldn't remove it since the lights had been turned off.


Priya softly said : "Chodiye Ram, let me do it."


Ram shushed her saying: "Main kar raha hoon Priya, tum bas hilo mat...mujhe karne do..."


He continued his attempt of removing her hair strands. But Priya could feel his closeness since his right hand kept on hovering her face and her cheek. Priya moved a bit when Ram caught her by her waist with his left hand tightly.


Priya closed her eyes immediately as for her this was the first time Ram - the man touched her. No matter it was for removing the strands of her hair but he had to touch her and that touch was enough for her to feel jitters.


His moves were raising her heartbeats but she stood still. On the other hand Ram who was trying to remove her hair strand could see Priya in dim lights. He could see her face, her expressions. He was getting mesmerized seeing her like this; the dim lights on her face were adding her innocent beauty.


He helped himself in snapping out from looking at her and continued removing her hair strands without hurting her. Finally after some time he rescued her hair strands from his suit button and both of them tried not to look at each other. A little awkward moment had just passed between them as this proximity was an unexpected call.


Priya moved back and said: "Thank you."


Ram replied: "Its ok...So jaao ab...""Main bhi so jaata even I am tired after a long day."


Priya just nodded and saw Ram moving towards his bed.


Priya rested herself on the couch and Ram too laid himself on his bed. A few moments later both had dozed off only to bring many mornings while being with each other. 

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Cute_Saakshii12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 9:37am | IP Logged
superb update 
continue soon...SmileSmileSmile

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lpsakshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 10:18am | IP Logged
amazing lovd it 

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