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FF- I Tried to be Yours - Updtd Part 29 Pg 48 07/05/14 (Page 25)

*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 6:13am | IP Logged

Ram came down with his princess and joined the  presence of the family which had his mother and included his best buddies Vikram and Neha.

This family kept on adoring the man with his baby tucked on his arms and who seemed to enjoy her father's precious love.

Soon all were in the main hall and the priest thus started the ceremony of the 'naamkaran'

The little kiddo who was on her father's laps was smiling all around giving the signs that she surely was adoring all the admiration  around her.

Ram looked contented while performing the ceremonial rites for his daughter. 

After the performance of the initial rituals..the priest said to Ram : " Now as per the horoscope the letter she has got starts with "P" or "A" now decide the name, so we can continue further..."

Ram smiled hearing that since he somewhere knew that his daughter would be named after the letter he and Priya had already decided upon. 

But before he could say anything, Ram's mother Krishnaji called one name..which was shoveled by Vikram and Neha and viceversa... and all of a sudden those three created a chaos.

Ram who was on the other end watching the chaos interrupted : " Shhh...quiet everyone...why are you creating such a chaos...I know what I have to name my daughter...have already decided upon it..."

The three looked at him with a surprise and Neha chirped : " Acha so you have already decided , chalo chalo...bolo..kya naam rakha hai apni beti ka...?"

Ram : " Aise nahi bataunga...pehle apni beti ko toh bataun ke kya naam rakha hai uska maine...humne...maine aur Priya ne..."

He went silent saying that..and his silence was acknowledged by his family...

Finally the silence was broken when Ram whispered a name in his baby's ears...and kissed her...Vikram Neha along with Krishnaji now were impatient to know what is that name which Ram had whispered...

Vikram : " Ab batayega kya naam rakha...itna kya suspence hai baba..."

Neha joined in saying : " Exactly...jaldi jaldi bolo..."

Krishnaji too echoed : " Ram, dont test our patience..bolo..kya naam rakha hai..."

The priest then had to ask him for further rituals..." Kya naam rakha aapne apni beti ka...toh main aage badh sakun..."?

Ram smiled, looked at everyone and then said :" She is Peehu...Ram Priya's Peehu..."

Neha chirped : " Peehu...nice name haan..."

Krishnaji asked : " Peehu?"

Ram nodded and said : " Haan Maa...Peehu...meri aur Priya ki mithi daastan...Peehu..."

All smiled and the priest went on to complete the rituals of the 'naamkaran' and announced..." aajse is bachchi ka naam Peehu hai...Peehu Ram Kapoor..."

Everyone clapped and then went on to celebrate the occasion.

" Yeh kya keh rahe hai aap Ram...main...Mrs Priya Ram Kapoor..."

Ram (smiling evil) : " Tumne bilkul sahi suna...Priya..."

Priya who was still in a shock asked : " Aise kaise...I mean...yeh sab kaise ho sakta is this possible...abhi abhi to main behosh hui thi..toh..."

She looked at him for her answers to be resolved but got more confused seeing his reaction...

Ram (quietly) : " Priya tumhare behosh hone ke baad se lekar ab tak bahut kuch ho gaya much hours have been passed..."

Priya(with utmost confused look) questioned : " Ram...please stop giving puzzles..will you please let me know what had happened..and why this doctor called me Mrs Priya Ram can this happen? I can we get married?"

Ram (smiling) : " Priya...let me ask you this..why cant we get married?"

Priya (almost screaming) : " Ram for God's sake...tell me what's happening?"

She went on screaming the same question but Ram just stood silent..observing her curiousness and the wrecked emotions...feeling good at heart to see that...

Priya's screaming voice didnt deterred him to think this : " you will come to know what exactly pain is all about.."

Priya kept on asking Ram the same question repeatedly but Ram just didnt answered anything other than giving her the cold smile...the doctors arrived soon hearing the commotion...

They tried to control her shrieks and soon after  she got tired and fell down unconscious.

The doctor came near Ram and asked : " What happened suddenly? She was fine na..."

Ram in a very cold voice said : " What happened to her is none of your treated her , and you said that she was now, please let me know when can I take her back with me...?"

The doctor looking at his patient said : " But now I dont think she can be relieved early..."

Ram coldly looked at the doctor and with a stern voice said : " Doc...I want her to be with me within few hours..."

The doctor looked at him and tried to argue saying though he was losing his sheen in front of the man: " But her condition is not good ...""I cant allow you to take her back..."

Ram(smiling) : " Really?""Do you really think that I believe what you said?""Cmon Doctor..I am Ram Kapoor...anyone just cant walk freely hovering the lies around...""Anyways...

He then walked a little away from the doc and turned back giving his famous look and said : " So Doctor..I am taking her back with me..Right?"

The doctor just couldnt say anything more as he by now acknowledged the stature Ram Kapoor possessed...and so he said :" I will ask the formalities to get that you can take her with you..."

Ram smiled and thanked him...while the doctor moved away from the heat felt around him...

After the doctor's exit from the room he came down towards Priya who was lying unconsciously on the bed...he came near her..sat besides her bedside and kept his hand on her forehead...

He went more closer to her...and bent down towards her face and spoke in a very low tone : " Do you really thought I would give you your answers...naah...not so soon Priya...not so soon..."

He moved away from her in another second and went near the windows...he opened the railing of it and looked at the sky...

He turned back again to see Priya in her state...and smiled looking at her...

After an hour:

Priya came back to her senses and again caught her glimpse in the hospital room. She got up from the bed and tried to recollect what had happened few moments back...

She tried to remember her conversation with the doctor and then Ram...but came back only with faint imaginations of it...

She saw Ram entering the room with the doc...and restricted her mind to ask anything...

The doc came near her and checked her before the final go..and asked : " How are you feeling now?"

Priya smiled and said : " I am ok..." She further questioned : " When can I get back home?"

The doc smiled again and said : " Just now...I am sending you home right now...with your husband.."

Priya hearing the term husband looked at Ram who stood like a silent wall there...but she didnt had the strength to question much so she just smiled making the doc do his work and leave the room...

She then turned towards Ram and courageously said : " I dont know whats going on in your mind...but one thing I can definitely realize is that whatever is happening with me right now is all your doings...and if I am not sensing it wrong then probably you are doing this purposely..."

Ram smiled hearing that, he came near her and said : " Do you really think that I am doing it purposely? Do you really think that whatever is happening with you is because of me? Did I asked you to take stress? Did I made you to fall down on the grounds having a stress attack? Cmon Priya..whats wrong with you?""Why will I do this? We have just met , that too after a real long time..why will I waste my time in troubling you?"

Priya questioned in order to find the answer of the name Mrs Priya Ram Kapoor..."Then tell me.. where does this Mrs Priya Ram Kapoor come from...and you seconding said you are not doing it purposely... then what's this?""I am asking you continuously...and you are just keeping mum...tell me where is this coming from?"

Ram just smiled and said : " Look Priya..I am not here to give you any knd of justifications...but if you can trust me a little then I shall say that whtever I said or did is because I had to..I didnt had any option left out..."

Priya got confused getting this response from him : " What do you want to say?"Please say it clearly..."

Ram(in a silent tone) : " Priya...first lets get out of here...we can go back to the hotel..and talk this out..."

Priya had to ask more but couldnt agree with the fact that she wanted to get free from the hospital too...

The nurse entered the room to tell that the formalities are completed...and that Priya is discharged...she handed over her clothes and left the room

Priya felt good after listening that...Ram interrupted her saying : " Priya..go and change...I am waiting outside..."

Priya nodded and went for a change while Ram exited the room...

He came out of the room and smiled to himself saying : " much as you try...its not easy to read me... anyways..come out of this room...and see for yourself what has been stored for you...I dont know abt you then but I am surely going to enjoy the upcoming moments from here..."


Ram came back with Peehu inside his room after the celebrations and made her sleep properly on the bed...

He kissed her forehead saying : " Today you have got tired na...but hey congratulations on your name ...its your Mumma's fav name and I am sure she would be very happy to know that I have abide her wish of naming you by Peehu..." He kissed her hands again and whispered softly : "Sleep my little Princess...sleep"

He then himself went inside the restroom to change and retire for the day...

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LovingRaYa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 6:27am | IP Logged
ram behaviour towards priya is still confusing he wants that priya should feel the pain hope that priya able to face the further situation continue soon and thanx for the pm

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nntthani Senior Member

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 6:33am | IP Logged
wonderful story line i am just following the story but as confused as priya .anyway i liked this .please do update soon at least give us answer  of mrs priya ram kapoor

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bpatil3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 6:41am | IP Logged
OMG biggest game ever he is playing?
what a winning smile on his face!! but priya is priya she can suspected his moves n priay ram kapoor.
what is it made him to announce the world that she is his wife, when asked he very smartly making her fool again , i m sure he cannot hide this for long from priya, being into journalism teh kind of profession priya can get the real face and intentions of ram..
eagerly waiting for the next 

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lpsakshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 6:56am | IP Logged
wow waiting for next one lovd ur writings

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lovelysakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 11:11am | IP Logged
lovely update
still so much suspense. why Ram is hurting her this muchConfused
what kind of satisfaction he is getting from that...and how he force Priya to many question...beautifully written present and past scenes...
I am waiting for this update every sunday...please don't late next timeConfused
continue soon and thanks for PM

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vironikajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Wow! Fab update..
Loved Ram nd little angel's finally she is Peehu Ram Kapoor..
Omg Ram in past was so evil..his behaviour, evil smiles, nd plans..but Priya will find out everything very soon..she is sensing it but didnt have the strength to fight now..she will soon
Looking forward to next..
Thanx for pm..

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jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2013 at 3:28am | IP Logged
awesome one, am loving each and every update of this FF, Ram sure has some evil plans in his mind and he is purposely doing all but why he wants to hurt her, she wasn't even responsible for Riya's death, ek anchahi mulaqaat, ek galat circumstances aur kuch bigre steps led RaYa to the path of beautiful life, kaun socha tha ke aisa bhi ho sakta hain, continue plz ASAP

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