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FF- I Tried to be Yours - Updtd Part 29 Pg 48 07/05/14 (Page 13)

LovingRaYa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged
nice one liked it 
sorry for late rpl
and thanx for the pm

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cloud121 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2013 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Nice update..
continue soon!!!

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2013 at 7:16am | IP Logged
Part 10
awww awesome too gud loved it Ram is taking care of their duaghter was so gud & amezing too gud past story is moving smoothly feeling something really big is abt to come hope to see RaYa togethe soon... really feeling bad for RaYa that they can't enjoy their duaghters happiness together plz wake up her soon from coma can't see Priya like this any more...

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2013 at 7:51am | IP Logged
ireally want too know how raya get married

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Sakshiram Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 3:49am | IP Logged
Nice update dear continue soon

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*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Ram couldn't sleep inspite of being laid aside by his baby. His mind had again started wandering around Priya' s thoughts. The thoughts of Priya giving birth to his child inspite of having so many risks in her pregnancy, the thoughts that she had to pay for no reason his anger, the thoughts that she always lived for him and his happiness the time they had been in their marriage, the thoughts of him forcing their marriage upon her, couldn't be wiped out from his mind.


His mind traced back 5 years behind. 


" Vikram I am reaching buddy, in just another 5 mins I should be there"  chipped Ram over the phone when Vikram buzzed him to know where he was.


" Sir, I am reaching the venue in another 10 mins, thanks to the traffic at this hour, my vehicle is just not moving around." Complained Priya to Mr Rai over the phone who tried to trace her where she headed.


Ram reached the venue of Land's End, Bandra only to find hustle - bustle around the vicinity. Tonight there was a huge round of activities going around there, normally a little quiet place at these hours, tonight was a huge gathering around the venue for the big events.  He came to know that there are many events taking place in the hotel, with each floor witnessing some or the other big activities. He didn't bothered too much on it, as he had to reach 6th floor of the hotel, in the room 608, where the foreign delegates were waiting for him to join and have conversation alongside the dinner. Ram knew that their anticipation was more in getting the deal signed than his, as it involved millions of rupees which was benefitting Ram more, and why not, he knew he was a very good businessman and was proud of the fact that the world revolves around him, he had made his place, his reputation over the years of his hard work, and success reaped the benefits soon after. 


In another 5 mins, Priya reached the venue. Her agenda was very clear; she was here to cover a story on the sham which was going to take place on the 6th floor in Room no. 619.  She too witnessed the hustle -bustle around the venue today, knowing that there are huge gatherings over the entire hotel for the day. Again she didn't bother as her main concentration was her cover story, slowly she had to take the steps and manage to get the story for her table.


In no time, Ram was in the room for his dealings with the foreign delegates, and in a friction of second, Priya on the other hand managed to sneak inside the other room of the floor.



"Thank you Mr Kapoor, we indeed had a wonderful meeting with you." Mr Smith congratulated Ram along with his other colleagues on the successful signing of the deal.  " I am too happy with this deal, and hope we seal many such deals in the future. " chirped Ram while shaking hands with all. The gentlemen took a leave and Ram stayed for a while inside the room to relax, he called up Vikram to say that the deal is being done and as rightly guessed by him, it went as per Ram's wishes only. 


After some time, a gunshot was being fired in the corridor. Ram on hearing the commotion opened the door of his room, only to witness police hovering around the corridor and going inside the other side of the room, Room 619. One of the policeman told Ram to be inside his room as there is a huge risk involved with his life if he came out. Ram obliged and was about to close the door when he saw a familiar figure in front of his eyes.


" No she cant be, no she just cant be here." The thought quivered around him and his thoughts were put to rest when he actually spotted Priya in front of him.


He could hear the police people saying to her : " Madam, please get inside the room, your safety is the first for us." But she was not ready to budge, instead Ram witnessed her saying: " Please let me get inside, let me be here, I have to get this cover story ready. "  


The policeman argued saying : " Madam why don't u understand, already you have risked your life in doing this, please be away from this place, you know that those people whom you went to do the story on are dangerous, and anything could have happened to you, if we would hv not reached here and even now anything can happen to you. "


Priya didn't wanted to budge around and so she continued saying :" I know I have risked my life, but that's my job, and it was I who had given you a call. Please atleast let me get inside for a while. And I don't care for my life." She screamed this last line loudly which was enough to trigger Ram who was silently observing so far the entire commotion.



" Why wl you care for your life, you don't even care for anybody's life, right?"  Ram screamed standing near his room, when Priya turned to look at the direction from where this voice came, she was rooted to the shock seeing Ram in front of her, she had never imagined that he would be right there and they would meet like this.


The policeman turned towards Ram and asked him to take this lady inside his room with him as another round of gunshots were getting fired.


Ram marched towards Priya and quickly grabbed her hand and made her move towards his room, she tried to protest but was in vain as Ram's grip on her was too tight.


" Get inside Priya, just get inside." Ram pushed Priya in the room and closed the door with a bang.


" Ram what are you doing, please let me move out, I have to do my story on this, this is why I am here for." Screamed Priya right away but Ram just didn't moved from there and again pushed Priya back on the chair there.


Priya again tried to get up when Ram pulled her back and slapped her hard, yelling on her he said: " "Whats wrong with you Priya, why cant you see that if you go inside, you wl be shot by them, are the police mad when they talk about your safety, what is it that is making you go so blind that you are not even bothered about your own life? " " If I would have not been here, you could have done anything to yourself, I wouldn't have even bothered, but now, that you are right here in front of me and risking your life just for your petite cover story, I cant allow you to do that, nothing is pretty than one's life, why cant u see this?" " Stop acting like an insane"


Priya was silent after Ram delivered her a slap and was scolding her for her irresponsible and erratic behavior. She didn't said a word while Ram was yelling on her because she knew she had behaved quite hysterical at that time for the sake of getting her story done.


She sat down now on the sofa and kept her hands on her face, and cried badly.  Ram saw her breaking down and could hear her saying "Sorry, I am sorry Ram" . He went near her by bringing a a glass of water and asked her to have it as she needs it. Priya gulped the water in no time and relaxed her back on the sofa.


A few moment of silence was observed btw them when Priya broke it with saying :" How come you are here?"  Ram who was making a drink for himself said : " I am here for my work"


" I am not asking that, I am asking how come you are in Mumbai."


"Are you surprised  to see me actually here?"


" No, not really, but yeah, didn't imagined that you would be in Mbai so soon."


" I had to move on Priya, I had to, after all I went through I had to restart from somewhere, so came here where I belonged."


Priya got silent on hearing that last sentence from him and spoke up :" Ram, didn't imagined that we would meet like this again."


" Neither did I expected Priya." " You know you are the last person I would have liked to meet in this world."


Priya smiled a bit and Ram noticed that. For some time he kept on looking at her, her face was speaking thousands of emotions and somewhere down the line he wanted to read them but immediately the past happenings surrounded his mind and the reality to which he was linked with Priya.


" Priya, I had never thought that we would meet this soon, but now that we have met, in such odd circumstances as usual, I think I have to ask you this question here."


Priya  who had by now had gathered herself said in calm tone : " I know what's that question, and somewhere down the line knew that it wl come through whenever we meet."


" Priya, let me come to the point then, just answer me this - how did Riya died? " Priya could read Ram's tone as it was commanding, but had emotions behind it.


Ram continued in that tone : " Priya, I know only you have the answer, since it was only you, who witnessed her death, she died in your arms, right? She had called you before we were getting married, what happened in that half an hour Priya that she succumbed to death, you had told me when I accused you of her death that the truth is not what I was seeing, but something else, today after a lot of time and composure over it, and given thoughts to it, I am asking you the truth behind Ria's death, and I can ask you right, you do owe me an explanation for it."


Priya had regained herself and had brought herself to a more comfortable position, she answered: " Yes, I do owe you an explanation, and I was waiting for you to calm down and answer your question, Ram, I think I can tell you what exactly happened at that time, maybe Ria didn't told you about this, but I and Ria had started working on some imp thing which catered to illegal activities regarding child abuse. When Ria had met me for a brief period in NYC, in our discussions this topic came across. She initiated to help me when I was working on this assignment, I could see her urge for the same and so we devised a certain strategy where we can work together and get into action." 


Ram knew that Ria had interest for these causes right from the times they had met, so for him it was not surprising to hear what he was hearing from Priya at the moment about Ria's involvement.  He came and sat near Priya and hear her continuing : "  For some days, when we were in NYC, we worked on it together, and got some people involved with us and managed to get information about it, we could have gone much ahead but then Ria told me that her marriage with you is on the cards and so she had to rush back to PAR, for me it was perfectly fine, as I told her that we can still continue to work on it, bits and pieces around and right now there is not a need to open the cards out. Ria came down in PAR, I too came down there, witnessed your engagement with hers and moved back to NYC for my assignment to get done. Ria promised me that she would be working from here and would be always a call away. I went back but didn't expected that she would call me before  the day of her wedding to come down to PAR immediately.  I sensed her urgency and so managed to catch the immediately next flight and landed in the city. I gave her a call to tell her about my coming, and she told me to meet at a certain location and that she would reach there in few minutes time, I did questioned her that today it was her wedding, we could meet next, but she said that she just had to meet me for some time, and after that she would rush back to the wedding with me as I was as it is in the town. "


Ram was silently and patiently hearing Priya's every word thus reminiscing his moments with Riya in his mind.  Priya who was conversing witnessed Ram who was dead silent at the moment. She further continued saying : " And so..."


Before she could complete her line, the door got knocked, and both of them could hear a policeman calling them from outside. Ram opened the door to find out from the police that all the commotion have died down,  and the situation was now under control and everything is in place, they have managed to grab those people after many efforts,  and the entire floor is now safe, Ram was impressed the way the police managed the entire situation so well without disturbing the events going around in the hotel and he even praised them, but one of them replied that this would have not been possible at real if Priya would have not called them here and would have not helped them in this mission though she risked her life for it.



Ram glanced at Priya and couldn't stop himself adoring her when she acknowledged the police people saying that it was always her duty, though she apologizes for behaving a little overboard, but she is glad that the mission got successful and everything went in place accordingly.


The police people left the scene when Ram came near Priya and congratulated for her bravery, though later on her whimsical behavior made him go mad. Priya smiled and thanked him too for saving her from getting insane. They both shared a smile and then Priya asked him : " Would you mind if I ask you to just drop me off down the hotel?" 


Ram had a slight smile while asking her: " Kyun, are you scared that they will come back and grab your neck?" Priya laughed over and said : " Na, I am not scared, but its just that I am relaxed and would like to make myself sure of this state till down. "


Ram smiled but recollected that their conversation had come to an abrupt halt and so asked her :" Priya, the question is still unanswered."  Priya gathered it and said : " Ram, will answer next time if we meet, I am tired." Ram too collected himself and said : " For this answer I hope Priya that we meet soon, otherwise you know that..." Priya continued from there : " That you don't like to even see my face.." Both of them laughed and Ram eventually dropped back Priya home than down the hotel. 


That one meet was a path breaker to change their equation and Ram even today just couldn't take off that meet from his mind, because soon after  today he knew that things did moved very fast from there for them to be here  with each other.  He again glanced at his baby who was sleeping peacefully, again he kissed her forehead and this time around successfully went to sleep as the day had already started seeking inside ahead. 

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lovelysakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 9:55am | IP Logged
wonderful update
but again u keep the suspense remain Confused
now i am eager to know more than Ram...but even then he forcily married herShocked
please continue soon and thanks for pmSmile

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jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 5:11am | IP Logged
the story is slowly unfolding and am waiting patiently with each update to know exactly what happened between them, plz continue ASAP and thank you so very much for giving a long update though for me it was still not satisfactory as I always crave for more 

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