Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RishBala OS: Because He Loved Me (Final Part-Pg12)

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"My OS is not exactly based on the current track. Here in my OS RK knows that Sultan is alive. Sultan however threatens Madhu to kill RK if she doesn't divorce him and so Madhu lies that she loves Sultan and she wants to go back to him. Its just like the story is just the same BUT without the shoot out incident which in my OS has never happened. Sultan is just hell bent on acquiring Madhubala."

PS: Here the Code for dialogues goes this way-
Italics- Madhu
Normal- RK
Bold- Suhani


This is where I stand, 2 years post that incident which wiped away my life like a storm. 2 years back, I had a mother, a father, a sister, a husband, his mother, a brother around me, today I have left them far behind, never to turn back to them. That storm, yes... It was Sultan, a person with whom I once shared a beautiful bond of friendship and care; the same Sultan crushed and tramped our relation under his feet. He claimed to love me, but I know, nobody can love me to the extent HE did... No one has ever, and I am sure, nobody can love me to that very extent. I was his Junoon, his Ishq...his life and that day, he just set me free... 

"Go away Madhubala, I can see that I am being a burden and an obstacle in your life... I apologise for that!"

His last words to me rang in my mind, like he was standing in front of me saying those lines again. 

"I will never be the hurdle in your life. You're free to go anywhere you like Ms. Madhubala..."

He declared that night, yes it was 13th August, 2013. That very dreadful date... I have tried umpteen times to get over it, but unfortunately, its etched in my mind.

"Somebody told me, if you love someone...let your love free... If it comes back to you, then it was yours...if it doesn't, then that love was never yours... I don't want to chain your dreams Madhubala" 

He had said... I could listen to lump that he gulped down his throat as he spoke. It wasn't easy for him to say those words to me. But he still did that... Because he loved me... 

"I am sorry for chaining you down for so long, I couldn't see anything beyond my love for you... But I know... Love is not about winning but about sacrificing"

Smirked he. I had listened to him, feeling numb and dead. His words pierced through me, like a dagger had been set through my chest and someone was continuously stabbing it in and out. The pain was excruciating. 

"Go Madhubala, live your dreams! Have a stable and peaceful life with Sultan... The man you love..."

I could feel that he deliberately had forced the last set of words from his mouth and then he opened the door for me... Took my luggage and helped me get a cab to go. For the last time, he shook my hands as a friendly gesture, having a false smile on his face which was very warm. He waved me a good bye and that was the night I last saw him.

A knock at the door brought me back to the present. Yes, it's 2015 and I am not in Mumbai but in Nainital, a small hill station in Kumaon Region of Himalayas. I live in a small room in a working woman's hostel and I teach small children to earn a living for myself. I don't have the fancy of wearing beautiful dresses ever since my husband Sultan died- Yes! Destiny. The next month of my divorce, Sultan took me to a temple and we got married according to the customs. Immediately after that, we came to Dehradun to live. One fine stormy night, while I waited for my husband Sultan, my adopted son Aryan and my mother in law Meera in the hotel room of Nainital, I got the news of their death. Yes, their car slipped on the slippery snow clad roads of the hills and it crashed in the cliff, killing my only family. I couldn't believe what and why God was doing this to me? What had I done to deserve such a miserable destiny. Now that I was a widow, I wasn't supposed to be indulging in any sort of merriment, however I may have liked, I accustomed myself to wear white suits and white sarees with minimal embroidery and went to a primary school to teach English. That was not enough to support me and my needs- however less they were.

One fine Summer morning, as I sipped tea reading the morning newspaper, I came to know that a rich family from Nainital were looking for a Nanny for their adopted 4-year old girl. They were ready to pay lavishly to the person who was competent enough. This seemed like an appropriate job for me. I called on the given number and a young guy answered the call. His voice was husky and morose, deep and grave... I told him what I could do and he said that he was interested in meeting me in person. I joyously dressed up myself in a faded pink Chikan Salwaar-Kurta and took my work experience details with me. 

Their house was lavishly situated on the sides of the hill, a little away from the main city of Nainital. It was a big mansion and well protected from both animals and humans. As I entered the hall, a strange feeling made my heart skip a beat. I saw the owner of the mansion, clad in a brown coat with a black scarf round his neck. He wore a dark navy blue jeans and sexy black boots. 

"Excuse me Sir!"

I politely asked his permission as he walked away from me, he stopped with a jerk, as if he had gotten afraid of my mind. I cleared my throat in an attempt to clear my voice. 


He turned towards me as we both froze. 2 years. That's how long it had been since the last time we saw each other, he still looked the same, though he had lost tremendous amount of weight and looked thin and weak and fragile. Had I done this to him? I asked myself as he turned his face away to avoid an eye-contact. I drank my tears and maintained my posture- erect and determined.

"Its really nice to see you after so long! I hope you're doing good with your family..."

He asked politely. I died inside out seeing him struggle for words. I took a deep breath.

"Its nice to see you too...and I think you don't know... Sultan and my family passed away more than a year back"

I saw his eyes growing concerned. His eyes spoke volumes to me, or even if they didnt, I could understand each and every mood swing of his eyes. I wanted to make it easy on him.

"Don't worry, I am okay! I am doing fine emotionally but financially... I am not that good"

I diverted the topic to the objective of our meeting. 

"Aah! Yes... So are you sure you will be able to handle the job? I mean... I really don't want you to feel inferior because... *pausing for a minute* both of us know that this isnt like other jobs, we've known each other and there will always be some awkwardness between us... Are you ready for it?"

I just kept admiring the level of maturity that had got instilled in him. He seemed to balanced, so stable, so clear-headed... So unlike him.

"I have no other option... Please let me try this?"

I begged. I somehow wanted to be as close to him, as I could be...considering that I was a widow now. 

"Hmm... I guess you should meet Suhani then..."

He exclaimed. A certain spark lit in his eyes as he spoke her name. I reciprocated with a smile.


A sweet melodious voice jingled from behind. I turned and looked. She was a beautiful little girl... With beautiful curly and long tresses. She wore a pink frock which high above her knees. Her milky soft white legs shone through it. Her hair were clipped from one side and left open on the other side. She wore a platinum heart pendant on her neck. 

I turned towards him and I saw a completely new side of him. He warmly extended his hands. His face had a beautiful smile on. The girl ran and jumped into his arms. He caressed her curls and kissed them. They swirled around on their place as the little girl placed a small peck on his cheek. An instant smiled creeped my lips as I saw the beautiful bond between him and Suhani - what a pretty name! I turned my face away and almost judging my awkwardness, he spoke up to the little girl, 

"Suhani... Meet Madhubala, your new friend!", 

Suhani peered from her father's arms. Her curls were a beautiful honey and chocolate brown color. 

"Hi" she muttered. 

He smiled seeing Suhani reciprocate to me. He was kind enough to not introduce him as Suhani's caretaker but my friend. 

"She will be with me alwaysh?" Suhani enquired from her dad softly. 

He smiled and nodded. He kissed her one more time and then left her down. He asked her to go and meet me! Suhani walked towards me and I saw on my knees so that I could be on her level. She came near me and held out her hand. 


"Hello Suhani"

"I love your vioche" she spoke softly. 

"Thank you!"

"Will you be my dosht?? Mujhshe Dosti karoge?"

"Of course! Karungi na aapse Dosti!!"

"Can I call you dost?"

"If you like it, then why not..." I smiled at her innocence. 

She kissed me softly; waved her father a bye and ran upstairs to her room. The stairs seemed a sea for her to cross and she kept panting cutely while walking up. I turned my gaze towards him. His gaze was fixed on Suhani, as if wanting to make sure she safely reached her room.

"I found her near the sea one day, she was a little more than 2 years old... The police informed that her parent died in a Ship Accident and she somehow reached the shore. She was flushed with fever when I found her, wet and shivering. I took her to the hospital and by the time she had gotten better, I had decided to take her responsibility. I couldn't just leave her in an orphanage. When I held out my hands, she stretched her arms and that was her acceptance for me. Suhani is of an American-Indian Descent, her dad was an Indian who married an American girl and so she looks like an American. She spoke Hindi as fluently as English though. She is an amazing child. She managed to speak her name out in little broken bits and pieces and we've been this way since then. I know I can take care of herself but she is a girl, her needs are different, I needed someone who could bring her up the way a girl is to be... I don't have any idea as to how this is done. I just wanted her to have someone with whom she could speak and tell everything she might not be able to tell me." 

I kept gazing at the perfectness of his body, he had changed so much, he had become so quiet, reserved, sober and calm. 

"I know its a little to early, she hardly has any feminine secrets to share but I wanted to make sure that the person whom I am going to hire, gets absolutely comfortable with Suhani, so that she never ever hesitated to tell anything."

He loved her so much. It was so evident from his care.

"There's a little thing, she doesn't speak clearly... She speaks "s" and "sh" in the same tone"

"It will take 2-3 days for me to settle with her tongue..."

"Are you sure you can do this?"

"I am sure... Thanks R-"

I stopped myself from speaking his name. I couldn't make myself to say his name as it was too precious to be spoken by a traitor like me. I wasn't worthy enough to speak his beautiful and divine name- Rishabh!

"Its fine Madhubala, I want you to address me as Rishabh!"

He judged my awkwardness. How well did he still understand me? I sighed realizing how perfect he was and how imperfect I was!!

"Listen... Don't you work now? I an actor?"

"No Madhubala, I left that life... It was suffocating me... I couldn't bear the loneliness"

He realized that he'd given away too much...and he broke the sentence off...and diverted the topic.

"You can sleep in Suhani's room if you like? Otherwise I have a guest room just next to Suhani's room which you can use..."

"I am okay if there is a servant's quarter to live..."


He almost yelled at the good old times. 

"I am sorry, how could I do that! I am sorry Madhu!! But you can't stay in a servant's room, I've arranged the guest room for you. If you're okay, and if the deal is done... I'll get your contract papers ready"

He took out his phone and called, 

"Bittu ji! Get the contract papers ready! We have found someone for our doll..."

He smiled. I smiled too! I was glad Bittu ji was still with him! He still took care of him...

I left him 2 years ago...for him... And he let me go... Because He Loved Me...


Okay Guys, I know many of you wanted to throw chappals on me for writing a sad OS! But if you guys give it a good response, I wanted to write the 2nd and the concluding part to the OS! Let me know what you think!

Do Press Like and Comment if you liked it!

PS: Please scroll down for PM and related information.

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Please add Unknownrockstar account to your buddy lists to get a PM for the Updates!



~RishBala SS - My Angel (Running Still)~

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This is superb!! RK is soo reserved & different. Will u be turning this to FF??

Awesome! Loved it

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I wish u didnt mention that sultan wedding thing. I cant even stand this name anywhere with madhu..

But u r a good writer.

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dear did u really have to get madhu and that Censored married ? i mean...well sorry...but yes it is a positive story 

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Awesome OS>.!!! u have beautifully written...Loved matured Rishab..!!! Thanks for the PM!

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good one! Clap
but y did u have to get madhu and Censored married??Ouch
but i like the positive plot and the casualness Embarrassed

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awe that baby was too cute

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