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|TR OS ~~ Friendship To Love ~~|


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Hello Shello peeps!!!! I know aap log yehi soch rahen honge na that yeh apne FFs ko update karna chodke OS pe OS likhe ja rahi hai!!! So guyzz to be frank yeh thought mere mind me bhi aaya but u know I cant help but pen down the thoughts in form of OSs which come in my mind……. Ab busy hun but still main apne FFs bhi update karungi so don't worry about that….. Right now enjoy this OS….. I hope u all will like it as it is only from one's POV and is somewhat based on friendship……So here u all go with the OS…..Enjoy….


|TR OS ~~ Friendship To Love ~~|


The sun rays came into my room and slowly kissed my face making me disturb from my sleep…… I pulled my blanket on to my face…… Usually the kisses always makes people feels so good but the kisses given by sunrays always make people irritated…… We the people r so lazy that we always ignore the love given by sunrays, but actually we never feel it to be love……

Anyways, I covered my face and started to sleep more comfortably when my alarm clock disturbed me……. I tell u why all these gadgets and nature try to wake us up from our sweet sleep..!!! Why r they so jealous when we love our bed more than the outer world…!!?? Ahh I hate it….. The alarm clock was ringing and ringing till I woke up and threw the clock on the floor breaking it into uncountable pieces….. See how much strong I'm!!! Anyways, jokes a part, I sat on my bed making irritated face even drowsing in my sleep…..

The sunrays were so strong that I slowly slowly opened my eyes coming out from my sleep……. I looked around and then my eyes caught the clock which was hanging on the wall…… Oh god!!! I'm late….. I'm late for my college…… Its 8 o'clock and I have to be there in next half an hour anyhow…… I hurriedly woke up from my bed and went into the restroom and got ready as soon as possible…… Within 10 minutes I got ready and drove off to my college….. God it takes half an to reach there because of traffic and right now I have only 20 minutes to reach…… I don't know how I will be there but plzz god do help me…….

Very good now again I got stuck in traffic…… Ahhh!!! Why this always happens to me only…… Now it will take totally 15 minutes for this to get cleared off……. I took out my mob to check whether there is any message from my best friend…… But there was none…… I got sad…… From last 2 months he is ignoring me…… He is not from my college but is my best and childhood friend whom I'll never forget…… Ahh actually I also like him the way he likes his girlfriend…!!! Ya he has a girlfriend….. And this one is second one……The first one ditched him badly due to which he lost trust on love that time but suddenly he found this girl and is now madly in love with her…… So much that he can at least not think about me…… He knows that I had crush on him but he don't know that I love him…… He has never tried to see that in my eyes……which would always make me feel sad……. But before 2 months I was happy that at least I have him as a best friend but now I don't have him that way also…….

He is now less bothered to talk to me……. He is now less bothered to meet me…… He is now less bothered to see that I need him….. My college got started last month and it was my first day of college….. I know that he is from other college but I also know that he will always help me for whatever happens…… He was always there on my side when ever I was nervous…… And this was my first day of college…..And the best thing ever happened was that he dint at least wished me good luck for my first day….. And actually I guess till now he don't know that my college got started and 1 month whole is completed…..How can he be so ignorance towards me!!!! I don't know why is he behaving like this…!!!!But it really feels so bad thinking that m I so worthless that everyone will ignore me…..!!!!!

But ya fortunately someone dint forget me still….. My another best friend…!!! She was, is and always will be by my side….. She is no good friend with him but she knows about us….. I mean she knows that I Taani Shekhawat loves my own best friend(I think only I think it that we both r best friends) Reyaansh Singhania….!!!! Sharon Rai Prakash, my best friend, always warns me but always respects my feelings…..She is also in my college only…. I'm happy for that…..

Ok now coming to the time…..When I saw no msg from him…..Tears formed in my eyes….!!! U should know when we feel so bad when our own best friend ignores us….. Anyways I wiped off the tears before they could fall down….. I feel tears r precious so it should be only flown when it is necessary….. Right now its not!!! Cause when he don't care for me then why should I!!! But I really feel very bad..!!

Anyways when I was keeping my phone back inside my purse, I got a call…!!! I looked at the screen….I was shocked….. Really very shocked but then felt very happy…. The screen flashed name of him…Rey…..Soon without thinking anything else I picked up the call and said "Hey!!!" very excitedly……N to my surprise or to say shock the reply which I got from him was "Who is on the other side??? May I plzz know the name??? Actually yesterday I got 2 missed calls from this number!!! So may I have the pleasure to know the name??!!" I was so shocked to the damn reply….. I know it was him only….. I can easily identify his voice….. So I thought to better confirm once that it was him or not…..So I asked "Is this Rey???" N I got the reply "Of course its me!!! May I know who it is??" I was even more shocked that even he dint recognize my voice…… I said "Rey u really don't know who is talking with u??" He replied "No I'm really not able to recognize u….. Will u plzz add the pleasure to tell me ur name…!!" This time he replied lill irritated…. So I said while I was getting lump in my throat "U r really changed Rey!!! Its been 2 months u dint talked to me…. N see what a change…..U forgot me!!! U actually forgot my voice also….I dint knew that u will ever forget ur best friend….. Ok fine if it is so…..Let me introduce u myself….That I'm Taani Shekhawat….. ONCE I was ur best friend…..N I guess now I'm not…." I said giving a damn stress to the word ONCE and then cut the call….. Tears were continuously forming in my eyes…… I was so shocked n hurt that…… I dint knew how to react……

I dint changed my number that he will ask who it iis….!!! It means he deleted my number from his phone!!!! God….WOW its so great to know that now he actually don't want to keep a relationship of friendship also in between us…… Wow!! I have been fooled…. I feel like I'm the dumbest person in this world…..If he dint want it so he would have informed me….. It would have less hurt me but now he hurt me more than anything in my life….. Right now I want to die but I cant…..

My chain of thoughts were broken by the continuous horns I got from the other cars who were after me….. I saw that Red signal got turned into green n people behind were shouting….. Soon I wiped my tears off and started the engine and drove off from there as soon as possible….. I was on my way to college……Tears were being adamant that they will not stop today….I somehow managed myself….. I entered inside the college n parked my car….. I dint get down yet…… I closed the glasses as soon as possible n looked myself in the mirror…..Which clearly showed that I cried….. I took out my makeup kit, which I rarely use, n put it up on my face so that my bestie should never find that I cried……I looked myself n I guess I was all hidden….. When I got sure I came out off the car managing myself n making up myself like I use to be daily…..Like being in attitude!!

I came out n moved towards the locker room……I know my bestie would be waiting there only…… I stepped inside and saw her sitting there fuming in anger…..God!!! Plzz save me today from her anger…..I really wont be able to handle it today..!!! I went towards m locker and kept my bag inside the locker…..When I turned after closing my locker I saw her standing there right infront of me…….God she is damn angry…!!! But still I somehow forced a fake smile n greeted her "Hey Shar!!!What r u doing here still ?? I think class would have been started so plzz lets go!!" She looked at me angrily and said "I guess u have not read my msg!!So let me inform u now….. Today our first class is not there as our teacher is not present….N madam!!! Where were u till now when u informed me 45 minutes before that u have left for the college???" I couldn't meet her eyes as I know I wont be able to lie if I will look into her eyes….

"Actually Shar I was stranded in the traffic so I'm late!!" I was looking here n there…… I guess she caught me cause she know that whenever I say a lie I look here n there….. She got softened….."Taani come with me!!!" She said slowly…I looked at here "Where??" I asked confused……She said "Don't showere ur questions n just follow me!!" I nodded n followed her out side the locker room….

Soon we reached the destination where Shar wanted to take me….. It was Fire Exit….. It my private place…. I found it the very first day I came to the college…… Shar too know about it…. But she never dared to visit it still……Cause she always respects my privacy…..But today I guess she really needs to talk something important to me…..

We got inside……She asked me to sit with her on the stair case……We sat there n silence took place for few minutes….. But soon Shar broke it up saying "Whats the matter Tanzz!!??" I dint look at here and said "Nothing is wrong Shar!!!" She said "Ok so will u plzz enlighten me that why have u suddenly put up makeup today n baby plzz don't forget that I'm ur best friend n I can find out that when u say lie…!!!" God I m caught…..Now I have no choice to lie to her…..

Tears were again forming in my eyes…..Shar saw it and asked worriedly "Hey Tanzz wats wrong baby!!!?? Why r u crying???" I looked at her n soon hugged her started crying……She too held me n asked again "Wats wrong Taani??!!" "Shar he forgot me!! He…..He at least don't recognize my voice also!!!" I cried out again…."Who Tanzz??" She asked…."R…Rey!!" I was crying continuously……Still I'm not able to gulp it up that it happened……I dint dreamed n my night mares also about it…!!!

Shar was worried about me so she said still holding "Tanzz!!! Baby plzz stop crying yr!!! I cant see u like this…" After a long of 15 minutes or more I somehow controlled myself n broke the hug….. I got back to my place n looked down….. Shar looked at me n asked "What exactly happened Tanzz??" I told her everything that happened just an hour ago……. Shar burst out "How could he do this!!!" "Shar m I that bad to be forget easily!!! I mean he deleted my number that way n he atleast don't remember my voice also!!!" "R u mad or wat Tanz!!! U can never be bad…..Dont u dare call my bestie bad…." She said with a fake anger……!!!

Again we got settled there for a few minutes with silence surrounding us…… Now Shar broke the silence n said making me face her "Tanzz why don't  forget him!!! I mean, see don't get me wrong ok!! See he is not at all giving u any heed so why r u crying for him…!!! See today u came to know that he actually don't remember u then why r mad after him!!! Plz stop thinking about him…!! U only will be depressed if u will think about him more….!!! N main thing he is not able to see ur feels then y r u so desperate after him n y r u crying for him…!!!" I said "Shar I'm not desperate!!! Its just that I love him…… But I guess u r right Shar!!! I should forget about him n move on in my life!!! When he only don't need me as a friend also then I too don't need him in any way in my life….!!!" I was angry…I was hurt n over all this I m feeling this I have been fooled….So its best to not keep any relationship with the person who atleast don't bother about u…..

I got strong…..Hugged Shar n left for our class as our next class was important….!! See my bestie…..She is always right n is always best……She never fails in making me feel good….. She can never forget me ever in my life……God tomorrow if I die then also she will not leave me……From here only she will do anything for me even I'm in hell or in hevean….. She is the best friend one could ever get in anyone's life…..

So like this many days passed…… In between I got his calls but I never payed any heed to them N I always used to ignore him…… Actually best thing is that he dint know that I changed my address or else once he wold have met me till now…..But wats the use I don't care about him anymore…..!!! Actually wrong!!! I care but m so hurt that I don't want to feel it again…. I still love him but don't want to face him after that day…..


Now our first year got over n I really made two new best friends in my college….. They r Swayam n Vicky…!!! God they r the maddest person u would have ever seen….!!! We all four, see I can never forget Shar so she is also in all this four….. Wee all four have become the best of friends….. I mean Shar and Swayam r in relationship but u can count them also in best friends yr!!! Ok see I forgot to tell u about them….. They r the maddest u know…… They both look so cute….!! Actually I find Swayam more cute than Vicky!! Hehehe….!! But damn….Dont ever go on their looks ok!!! They r the best pranksters of this world…..Now they have involved us also in this world…..!!! Oh but we never hurt anyone through this…..We always do pranks only to bring people close to each other….

Now our first year got over n we got vacations of 1 week…..So we cant plan for an outing so we thought to do different things in this whole week……So one day we went to mall n did many mastis which no one could have done yet….. I wont mention cozz I don't remember…:P!!! Ok so next day we went for long drives…..That day we have made Swayam's car a third class car u would have evr seen….But still we enjoyed the drive n that car…:P!!! N now it was third day so we thought to go for clubbing……

Till evening we were in my house doing so lots of masti…..Now it was time for clubbing…..We got changed into sexy out fits n made our way for club…..Soon we reached there….. N there we saw that it was a couple entry….!!! Obviously there was a couple between us….I think u don't need any guess….Ya u r right Swaron…..The most sweet couple….So they were going inside together…..Now me n Vicky r left…..Vicky smirked n said coming towards me "So sexy r u ready to be a couple with me…..I mean r u ready to come with me inside the club…!!!" "Vicky stop it man!!! U call ur Neha na for this…..I wont be ur date now!!!" I said hitting his shoulder n showing some attitude….. Neha, the very sweet girl….She is the girl whom Vicky likes a lot…. But see he is so silly that he dint propose her yet…..The strong guy he looks….He is not like that…..He is one of the sensitive guy….!!! "Ofoh Tanzz!! U know na right now we have no other choice so stop it n come with me…..Obviously we know that we r not couple so stop acting like this…." Vicky said irritated cause everytime I do like this only…..

So after sometime we made our way inside the club n started enjoying around….. Vicky is more used to beer…..But our Swayam…. Oh sorry Shar's Swayam is so down to earth…!!! But thank god not that much that he will take cold drink…..He took champaign…!!! Shar too took Champaign…..See how can she be different then him…..!!! But Ya I'm down to earth so I took cold drink instead of tasting any off these drinks n all…..So we were dancing enjoying n doing a lot…..Shar n Swayam were together dancing on the floor…..Vicky with some girl who asked him for a damce n mainly when he have a beer he thinks every girl as Neha n dances with them….!!! See he is so silly…..

N me, for sometime I joined them but as I felt thirsty so I went to the bar counter to have a drink……Obviously cold drink yr!!! "Hey one cold drink plzz!!!" I ordered the bar tender n sat on the chair n looked around…..Suddenly heard a familiar voice from the other side "Hey Tanz!!!" Did I hear it right???Or my ears r not working properly…..Or am I just imagining his voice!!! But after 1 year why will I be imagining his voice….. 1stly I was shocked hearing the voice….. I guess I over heard it…. So I ignored n looked to other side seeing my friends dancing…… But to my shock I heard it again "Hey Taani!!!"  I'm over hearing or what??? I just wanted to confirm so I looked at the direction I heard the voice…..N to my surprise I was not over hearing…..I really heard it right….. It was him who was calling me…..As I turned I got the shock that after one year I'm seeing him….N mainly after that incident he is sitting beside me passing a smile to me…..!!!How could he take it so easily…!!!

I sat there looking at him shocked…. After few minutes I came back to reality n soon got up from the chair to go from there as I don't want to be in front of him….. But as I was moving I felt someone's grip on my wrist….. I stopped there as I felt the touch….. I know it was him….. But I don't want to listen him so I jerked his hand off and went from there to the direction off exit…… As I was moving I frequently heard his voice following me saying "Tanzz plzz listen to me once…!!!" But I don't want to give any heed to him so soon I barked out off the club…..I was walking towards my car in parking plot when I again felt him holding my wrist….. "Tanzz plzz once listen to me…!!!" I turned towards him n said "Don't call me Tanz….My name is Taani n just leave my hand…" I just jerked his hand off n turned to move when I heard him saying "Taani plzz try n understand!! There was hindrance at that time!!!" I stopped at the point……. How could he say that!!! I turned towards him and said angrily "What kind of hindrance Mr. Reyansh Singhania that made u forget ur best friend at that time….!!!" He said coming towards me "Taani I'm really very sorry!!! Actually that evening when u called me my phone was not with me…..It was with Mahi n I dint knew that u called me….. N when I saw no. that it came two times n name was not flashed at that time so I called……I dint remember ur no. a that time so sorry for that…..When u answered, ur voice was not at all clear…..It totally was a different kind of voice n it was just because she broke my phone the day before n the voice box damaged…..N ur no. was also being deleted by her only from my contacts….I really swear Taani I really dint knew that she did all this…..After 5 months of our relationship I came to know that she also used me and was dating other boy….N she only always made me away from my friends n mainly from u!!!" He was having tears in his eyes…..I was really feeling bad for him…..Again he got cheated…… N I misunderstood him…..

I was now looking into his eyes were I could only see pain….!!! He was badly hurt… I somehow managed to ask "How r u now??!!" "How I would be Taani when two person ditched me n u were ignoring me for all the whole year..!!!" He was actually crying….. But I got angry when he said I was ignoring him……"How could u Rey!!! U were the one who ignored me n hurted me more than anything….!!! N now u r blaming me…." I shouted on him….. He just came n hugged me as tight as he could…… It felt different…. "I'm sorry Taani!!! I'm really very sorry!!! I dint did anything intentionally….I'm sorry that without my knowledge I hurt u more…..I'm so sorry Taani!!! Plzz forgive me or else I wont be able to live with this guilt!!!" I could feel his hurt…..his pain….how much he would have suffered all this year without anyone his side…..

I wrapped my arms around him and said "Hey Rey plzz don't be I can understand…… I am also sorry that I misunderstood u!!! Actually that convo hurt me so much that I dint wanted to talk further so I cut the call n never wanted to talk to u!!! I'm sorry for that…" His grip grew more strong n said "Plzzz Taani don't be!!! I'm sorry for whatever I did!!! I'm sorry that I dint understood ur feeling…!!! I'm sorry that I never saw that u loved me…!!! I'm sorry for everything!!!" I was totally shocked the time he said that…..How come he know it that I loved him!!! I broke the hug n looked at him shocked n asked "How come u know??!!"

"We told him!!!" I heard Shar, Swayam n Vicky saying coming towards us….. I was shocked…..Swayam n Vicky knew very less about this incident but still how come they contacted Rey!!! They came n stood beside us showing their teeth…..I mean smiling very big….I glared at them and they hid their teeth n stood silently….."How come u both know about him???" I asked angrily looking at them n all three looked down….. Why Shar did it??? It means…. "Shar does it mean u told them everything???" She dint even replied n nodded her head slightly in yes….. I even got more angry n shouted "How could u Shar!!! I never wanted anyone else to know about it!!!" "But Tanzz!! She told, its good na…..At least we r together now!!" Rey said…."U shut up Rey!!!" I shouted at him n he too looked down….. N then I realized what he said "What u said ??" I asked calmly looking at him…."I said its good that she told!!!" "No after that!!" I asked when he looked at me n started coming towards me "I said that at least now we r together!!! Forever!!!" I was taking steps back wards n he was coming towards me…..I could see love in his eyes for me……

"Woho guyzz wait we r still here!!! So plzz don't start ur romance here in front of us…." We both came to real world when we heard all three saying that!!! I blushed a lil but soon changed my mood to anger n moved towards them……!!! I went to Shar n said "Who told u to tell them about my love to Rey!!! U know na that they never keep their mouth shut then y u did it so???" I looked at her angrily…….."Actually Tanzz what happened is that once I unknowingly told Swayam everything n he discussed it with Vicky!!! So I could help but help them!!!" Now I moved to Swayam n Vicky n looked at them angrily n asked "How u both met Rey???" "Actually Tanzz!!!" "Firstly stop calling me Tanz" I said angrily…..Then Vicky continued "Actually Tanz…. I mean Taani what happened is that Rey is studying in the college were my cousin study so I somehow met him n told him everything!!!""Oye not only u I was also there!!!" Swayam said looking at Vicky as if all the credit he was taking….."U r saying as if u did a great thing na!!!" I said looking at Swayam angrily!!! "Sorry!!!" All three said…… They were looking so funny…..I was not able to control any more…..I started laughing like hell seeing them…….So much so that I had to hold my stomach while laughing…..!!!

All three no actually all four looked at me shocked n confused….. I somehow stopped myself n said "U duffers!!! U did a great thing man!!" N hugged all the three for the thing they did…..!!! I so love them for this!!! Ahh they r the best yr!!! Soon I made them leave as I have to spend my time with Rey……

As soon as they left I turned to face Rey……N I saw him very close to me……I looked into his eyes….. He was having smirk on his face……."So they did a right thing!!!" He asked coming more close to me……I started taking back steps…..But soon stopped as wall was there standing prepared to stop me….!!! He pinned me to the wall n block me in between his hands…… "So Tanzz u dint answered that they did right or not???" He asked huskily….!!! God I couldn't stand it any more now….!! "Vo….Voh… Me…!!!" "I Love You Taani!!!" He proposed….!! God he proposed me……I'm so happy…..I'm in cloud 9 now….."I Love Yoy Too Rey!!!" I said n hugged him as tight as I could….!!!

Like this we shared our first love hug and our first kiss also…..!!! But I will not describe….!! Hey somethings should be secret between lovers only…..Everyone should not know about it……Now I told u this much….Its enough…..Now I bid good bye to u all….!!Thanxx for listening such a bored story from me….Anyways Bye!!!


Ok guys I stop here!!!Hope that u all have enjoyed such a boring OS….!!! Plzz do like n comment….!! Comment me na jitni galiya bakni hai baklo cause main bura nai maanne vali…..!! Ok so bye everyone….

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 6:25am | IP Logged

edited firstDancing

coming to the os

it was awesome

felt bad for taani first Cry

but nw happy 

taarey Embarrassed

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Wowiee... omg 1st of all that thing d kiss not done hmm... uaan yr... Cry but anyways kafi sari cheeze pata chal gayi hehe... LOL LOL hmm so starting with d bff relationship well I know it always changes 2 luv mainly some exceptions r there... Wink hehe ny ways now taaniz pov well whole chap was in that.. hmm well I can understand she must b hurt or she must b so much hurt... hmm god these cassenovas huh... Ouch   Ouch god well luved d taasha bond here so miss taani.,, n den Vicky n swayam haha pranksters well well dey r LOL n d club scene mai sabse pehle bff scene omg credit ke loyee swayam... haha cute n den all of dem must b looking so cute... LOL LOL wowiiee... now my fav part TAAREY...!!!!

Well well tr ke kyaa kehnee.., Embarrassed Confused mai to blush blush ho jati huu... LOL LOL well I so loved d way Rey told everything jaan I mean all d words were portraying there emotions ... I was feeling everything while reading it... I cud not help my self by crying by blushing by laughing or by smiling I so loved this... Clap Clap

seriously... Angry u saying it boring I 'll kill u if u said so I so loved it I m just lk speechless den too said so much hehe lolzz LOL LOL ny ways keep writing I love ur every os di thanx 4 d pm
Love u cutu... my jaanu sweetu piee my caring diduu

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vi1772843271_nc Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 6:54am | IP Logged
i just loved it

i really liked sharon and taani bond
and the 4 friends

and when rey came back

each and every part of this os was awesome

thanks for the pm
great job

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taarey_vrimar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 7:05am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Shubh007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Awsome os... Smile
really like it...,...Smile
now looking forward for more os like that...Smile

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crazy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome description of the emotions
each and every thing is perfectly written
from the beginning of the day, when we don't want to leave our bed, to the daily traffic
you did it wonderfully
and i like most that first person narrating the story (i mean the protagonist)
i loved it..
plz do send me PMs for your OSSmile

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