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FF: Sunshine Behind the Clouds|NOTE|19/11/13| Pg 19 (Page 16)

Suhana Ahmed IF-Rockerz
Suhana Ahmed
Suhana Ahmed

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Posted: 14 October 2013 at 5:22am | IP Logged

Suhana Ahmed IF-Rockerz
Suhana Ahmed
Suhana Ahmed

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well just for putting it on fresh page this comment is being written =P
Suhana Ahmed IF-Rockerz
Suhana Ahmed
Suhana Ahmed

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hello all,

without saying anything else, my apologies first for the long delay... i was on a holiday for a week and then it was just me being a lazy weirdo... i went into something kinda sad and depressing so could not...

well leaving that all behind, this chapter onwards marks starting of RishBala intensive updates, there is going to be lot of them... so yeah that's something to pacify you all...

i would be eagerly looking forward to you lovely comments and suggestions for improvement... i love to read your thoughts, so keep that in mind and let your comments pour in like rains =)

so without more of my bakwaas... leaving you to the real thing... happy reading...



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Suhana Ahmed IF-Rockerz
Suhana Ahmed
Suhana Ahmed

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"Hey Doc... feeling in control today?" Madhu asked ironically as she entered RK's clinic with her irritating smirk intact.

RK, who had made up his mind with much effort to ignore her insolences, just gave her a tight smile. After coming to know about her extra ordinary intelligence he was intrigued enough to call Prem Juneja himself and arrange a session with her at his earliest.

The case he had previously thought was so usual and similar to other rich kids had now turned into one of its kind for RK, as Madhubala Juneja had an IQ level of 150. He was now more than interested in knowing about the thought process of her brilliant mind as her case study files did not tell much, none of her previous therapists have succeeded in solving the mystery.

"Kiddo, I asked you to be nice" Prem Juneja entered just behind his sister.

"Hello Mr. Juneja, you have already told me about her case history and I have her files with me. So it would be good if we start right away. You can wait outside; I would like to have chat with Miss Juneja alone." RK said after shaking hands with Prem.

"Ok. Dr. Kundra, best of luck." Prem smiled and then turned towards his sister, "Kiddo, I want you to be in your best behavior." He kind of warned Madhu and went out of the room.

"So, you are going to hypnotize me or what, Doc? Coz no girl would want to talk to you with her senses intact." Madhu said as she slipped into chair right across him and looked him in his eyes.

"That's not my style Miss Juneja, but yeah I think I will check my attitude from now on only if you promise the same." RK though irritated beyond limits tried keep calm upfront.

"Well, we'll see that, now you just shoot with you questions so that I can run, I don't have time for all this s***."

"Shoot, right... Well, Miss Juneja I work a little different, so maybe you can start, we'd go one question turn by turn but we have to answer right away, no thinking time allowed. Agree?"

"Hmm... think before you start Doc, I can ask anything and then you would have to answer. And now that we are doing this, I think just Madz will be OK, I don't have to do much with my dad's name."

"I know what I am doing Miss... I mean Madhubala, well you have a classic name so no need to shorten that."

"Yeah classic, God knows what my Daddy Dear was thinking when he named me."

"Your Mom and Dad must have been fan of hers."

"That was just my father who named me, Big B told me so."

"But still your mother would have approved of it." RK was doing that purposefully, turning the discussion towards her mother. From her files, he had gathered that much that she never really talked about her parents, especially her mother and as far as her father was concerned she always had a bitter attitude. RK felt all that had some connection with her state of mind.

"Well Doc, you don't know my Daddy Dear, he is quite an autocrat."

"Your mother also feels that?"

"I don't know I never got a chance to ask her. By the way Doc we were doing turn by turn questions and I even had the first one but you cheated me off that." Madhu wrapped up the discussion about her mother as that one topic has been her least favorite for last three years. The reality about her mother's has come as shock that jolted her whole life; it simply hurt her beyond telling. And thanks to her   150+ IQ and photographic memory no matter how hard she tried to forget all that it just sat there in some part of her brain, pining her senses and making her restless.

"Oh yes, I am all open. Go ahead Madhubala." RK noticed her uneasiness and let go of that topic for the time being.

"Well, you hate me right? To be frank I also don't like you much, then why you accepted my case?"

"Your brother requested a lot, he is a nice guy and I kind of respect him, he's a big shot in business world, my dad admires him too. So yeah I accepted because he insisted." RK was a bit surprised at her question but his profession had taught him not to be fazed, so he answered her in detail cleverly concealing the real reason, the novelty of her case.

"Well Doc, though you are lying , I can say coz I am way more sharp than you give me credit for, but for the time being I accept your answer." Madhu said her trademark smirk coming back to her face. Huh, because of Big B, as if I cannot see how the Doctor Smarty Pants loves challenges and Madzy is so the toughest one he'd ever get, thought Madhubala.

And RK who thought it was all going so well till now knew that this session is coming to an end. He accepted his weakness, perhaps for the first time in his professional life, he was not prepared as well as he should be for dealing with a person of her intelligence.

She was an enigma and RK had taken the challenge to solve it. After all he was Rishabh Kundra, THE RK, he has so much to his credit in his short career that nobody has ever achieved in the age as young as his in this field. He was proud, and he thought it was his right to be. 

I am so going to deal with you Miss. Juneja, no matter how. But I sure as hell will be successful. It would take time, but I have all that for you. After all you are going to be my greatest achievement so far, thought RK. He could almost see his name, once again making rounds in the circles of human psychological and behavioral studies. This single girl sitting in front of him is going to provide enough matter for his next award winning research.

"Doc to earth... a penny for your thoughts." Madhu said as she leaned slightly forward on his desk and snapped her fingers in front of his face.

"Well Madhubala, I think it is enough for today. We can schedule another meet soon." RK said as he snapped out of his thoughts and gave her a tight smile.

"Afraid of me; rather my sharpness, are you Doc?" Madhu asked as pulled out a cigarette pack from her jeans pocket and held one between her lips.

"I fear nothing. And if you are planning to light that thing, I suggest you not. It's my clinic and I cannot allow such unhealthy activities here." RK said sternly as now he was again feeling a strong anger towards that girl.

"I was leaving Doc, don't worry I won't light it in your premises." Madhu said as she stood up and walked away.

I don't know what about that girl pisses me off so bad. May be her lack of regard for anything and her un-lady like habits. Whatever but it is going to be a tough job tolerating her, but I have to do that, it can give my career a thrust like no other thing, a one of its kind case it is, RK thought as he watched her leave, her infamous tattoo was visible on her shoulder due to her halter top. Earlier she had a jacket on so he could not see it on her arm. "I hate that scorpion tattoo of hers the most", he mumbled.


"God that guys is so uptight, as if he has got a stick up his a**. He is such a weird character and damn pompous. He needs some serious loosening up Heer Bhabhi." Madhu was commenting on RK as Heer had asked her about her session.

"Language, Kiddo." Prem admonished her from behind the newspaper.

"I thought you were lost in your stock market, Big B. But you are keeping an ear on our conversation."

"You brother is one smart man Madz, always be careful of him." Heer said as shot a sideway glance at Prem.

"If I have not been smart Kiddo, how would I have landed you such a wonderful Bhabhi?" Prem said as he wrapped up his newspaper.

"Oh my God! That's a cue for you to run away Madzy. The love birds need to be alone." Madhu said as she winked at blushing Heer and then walked away after giving her brother thumbs up.


"Who is the most important person in your life?"

"Well that has to be Big B, in fact he is the only important person in my life, no add Heer Bhabhi too. Both of them are very important for me."

Madhu was in RK's clinic just after two days of her first session. RK has himself called Prem to arrange this meeting and Prem was very happy to know that finally her sister has got the best therapist in country and he is taking keen interest in her case.

"But don't you think there should be someone special, I mean a person for whom you can do anything, and who in turn can do anything for you."

"Doc, me and Big B fit in that, we can do anything for each other... like I even agreed to tolerate you just for him"

"Yeah you can do anything for him, except for staying alive for him, never attempting suicide for him?"  RK finally came to the topic he wanted to discuss with her today.

"Who told you I don't want to live?"

"Well your four attempts to suicide clearly say that..."

"Oh My God!!! Here I go again, now Doc this little thing I am clearing you once and for all, I DO NOT want to die. It is the not even the last thing on my mind."

"Imagine someone like me wants to die, huh..." Madhu smirked.

"Then why you do all that? Is that some attention seeking tactic on your part?" RK could not help the little harshness that crept in his voice; the session which was going smoothly so far became tense. RK was now feeling same anger towards as her which he had suppressed with much difficulty.

"Attention seeking tactic? I wonder how you cleared your boards, Doc when you don't even seem to have this bit of common sense?" Madhu gestured by bringing her thumb and index finger closer to each other.

RK shifted agitatedly on his seat trying to control a sharp retort that was about to slip from his lips. He did not want this thing to go wrong; he was far too invested now. After a couple of seconds he opened his mouth to say something but Madhu cut in before he could even start.

"Come on you know how brilliant I am, I don't need to seek attention. I get more than you can imagine..." Madhu said proudly and her notorious smirk was now permanently plastered on her lips.

"You have no right to insult me Madhubala..." RK spat out. He was more than angry now.

"Likewise Doc, you have no right to judge me..." Madhu retorted.

"I think we are done for today. You should go now." RK tried to control himself once again.

"No, I think I should stay Doc. After all you charge a hefty amount for my sessions. And it is not time yet." Madhu posed cool, she did not know why but she was enjoying giving him a tough time.

"Well, stay then take your time. I need some fresh air." He got out of his chair with a jolt and left the room from the backdoor, which opened into a garden that was visible through the large window of his clinic.

Madhu leaned further in the chair she was sitting on and smiled contently. She then pulled out a cigarette from her pocket and lighted it. She took a few drags and then extinguished it one the pad RK was making notes during their session. It left a hole there. She got up and left the room.

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loved it...bechara RK...he is really having a tough time...& madhu is enjoying it...plz update soon...

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Suhana Ahmed

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nice update.
plz add me to your pm list

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Now  rk wont leave madhu fr doing thatLOL.plz update soon dearBig smile

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Awesome Update Clap

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Suhana Ahmed

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