Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ARSHI OS : Helping Her Heal Her Wounded Heart

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Hola peeps!!
I am back with a new OS..
This OS is a sequel to the OS : Miseries Of My Heart..
Hope you all like it..Smile
Ignore the typos.. No proof reading done.Embarrassed
Standing there in the balcony and looking at the hustle-bustle in the outside world I was sipping into my coffee when I saw her, like everyday.. She is someone who seems like my age, a  year or two younger than me, I guess.. With blank look on her face and empty eyes she's there staring at nothing by the window-pane.. It's been three months that I have moved into this apartment and from the day I am here I always see her, always like that alone and lost. She had gone through something terrible my heart says. I don't know why but I feel a pull towards her. People may call me crazy for falling for a girl just by seeing her through this distance, but heart always does crazy stuffs, doesn't it? Seeing her there at the window is something I always do. And seeing her frame I can see that she is in pain, some emotional turmoil. I can feel her weeping as I hear her wail even through so much of noise from the outside world and I wonder how is that even possible and then  as a reply my heart says it's because of the connection my heart has with her..



Our buildings are facing each other and we both live in the seventh floor, her room facing towards mine I can always see her but I wonder if see can ever see me.. I have seen her just through that window glass but still can figure out how beautiful she is. With a wish of meeting her, seeing her from close I make my way out of my apartment but never see her anywhere around. Does she come out of that room ever is that only question that arises in my mind..




While returning from my work it was very late. Engrossed in her thoughts I was driving my way back to my apartment and miss to see a figure walking blankly in the middle of the road. Suddenly seeing a lady there in front of my car I apply the brake roughly but it was too late and I slightly hit her. I was shocked and also afraid thinking if she was hit badly.. Hurriedly I take off the seat belt and getting out of my car I make my way towards her and seeing the lady there I was appalled.. It was her.. HER!! "She is more beautiful than I had thought her to be" I noted mentally but seeing her wince in pain I come out of my thoughts and kneeling down in front of her check her wounds. Thank god she isn't much hurt. It was just minor cuts at some places and her left foot was twisted but her elbow was badly hurt..



Extending my hands to her I help her to get up and ask her for doing the honor of dropping her as it was because of my fault she was hurt.. After requesting for a while she finally agreed and making her seat in the passenger seat I hop to the other and drive towards our apartment..


"Sunrise Homes, block C" I heard her say softly..


"I know" I said with a smile and she looked at me confused..


"I also live there.. Block B and I have seen you many times" I completed and she just nodded..



Her pale figure, her messed hair, mismatched clothes and those dark circles below her eyes says her story and my heart says it was right, she had been in deep pain and I have a urge to help her heal them but how?? Parking the car in the garage, I first take her to me block saying I had to dress her wounds which she agrees and leading her to the lift I hit the button to my floor. Unlocking the door I make her sit in the sofa and find her looking around as if checking my apartment..


"The rooms here are spacious that the one from my block" she says.


"Coffee?" I ask..


She nodded silently and I made my way to the kitchen. She also stood up and I knew she was following me to the kitchen so I say her to be stay there only. Actually there was a open kitchen and we could easily see and talk with each other even while she was in the living room and me at the kitchen.. Entire time I was making the coffee I was blabbering continuously but she would only say a "hmm" or nod her head but I saw sth in her face. She had a genuine smile though a small one playing on her lips and that made my heart leap with joy. Taking to steaming hot coffees I went to where she was sitting and sitting opposite to her hand her the coffee mug. Taking a few sips of the hot coffee I again start with my blabbering and this time she was talking too and her smile had a genuine smile unlike the previous one.


"Oh she looks so pretty with that smile!", I noted again..



After I was done with my coffee I went inside my room and came out with the first-aid box and going to the kitchen I got a steel bowl filled with lukewarm water and went to her. She was also done with her coffee so keeping her coffee mug aside I sat before her in the table keeping the things I had by my side.. I asked her for her hand so I could clean her wounds and bandage which she reluctantly extended.. When her soft skin touched my I felt an electric current pass up my body but controlling other emotions I first cleaned her wounds and then applying the antiseptic cream bandaged them. I didn't miss the chance to notice the expressions while doing so. Her hissing when the lotion was applied and sighing when I blew some air into it and the mixed emotions displaying on her eyes.. " What  is it that is giving her so much pain?" I thought.. Done with dressing her wounds, I went to keep the first-aid box inside my room and when returned saw her ready to leave..




"You could have stayed for some more time" I said and saw a rush of emotions in her eyes. Her eyes started welling up and I was scared thinking if I had spoken something wrong.. But the very next moment I saw her lips curve in a beautiful smile and I was confused..



"Really??" she asked excited as  a kid.



"Yeah.. You can stay here as long as you want. Take me as your friend." I said genuinely.



When the word "friend" escaped my mouth she blinked her eyes two time and silent tears made it's way out of her eyes and in no time she rushed to me and hugged me.. Saying I was shocked would be an understatement.. But my heart did many summersaults. I was still lost in thoughts when in felt her grip on me tightening and then I heard her wail. "What the hell is wrong with her?? Why is she crying?? Did I say something which hurt her?? But I just said her to take me as her friend and she could stay her as long as she wanted.. Was it wrong to say her that??" were the questions which arose in my mind but I didn't ask any.. I just patted her head lightly and tried to calm..  After a while she pulled out of the embrace and looked down.. She was embarrassed and I could clearly see that but still I didn't say anything.. I was just waiting for her to speak up..



"Sorry. I got carried away.. Actually it's been a while that I had seen somebody be so sweet to me.. I thought I was all alone but when you said you're my friend I lost control" she said still looking down and sobbing..



I was confused with what she said.. I was thinking why she said something like that I wondered..



"You are alone here??" I asked.


"My parents left me when I was 16. They died I in an accident and about friends'I don't have any" she said softly..



"Uh-uhh say you didn't have any because now you have one and that is me" I said smiling a bit but in my heart I was sad thinking how much this girl had suffered in this little age.. When I said that she looked at me straight into my eyes and smiled but then there formed a frown in her face.



"uh what is your name" she asked shyly..



Shit! I didn't say her my name yet and neither asked hers. What is wrong with me?? I always thought that whenever we would have a conversation I would ask her name at the very first and when she was actually in front me I hadn't asked yet?? Well I have surely lost it!!



"Arnav.. Arnav Singh Raizada"



"I am Khushi.. Khushi Singhania.." she said smiling..



"So Khushi, uh you can stay here as long as you want.. And if you want you can spend the night here too uh I have a extra room" I said..



"Thank you.. Being there in my room alone suffocates me.. It reminds me the things which I want to forget.. Being here with you makes me feel light.. In your company I have smiled after a long.. I had forgotten whether I was alive or dead but today being with you made me feel alive.." she said with a feeble voice and tears again made it's way out of her eyes which she wiped off hurriedly.



"I would also have your company.. And being a friend it's my responsibility to keep you happy and smiling.. Pass me the keys of your room, I'll fetch some dresses of yours. Till then you can watch the TV???" I said..



Without saying anything she kept her hands in her jacket's pocket and taking the key out handed it over to me with a smile.. I was glad she trusted me enough.. With me Being a stranger I though she'd never accept to stay over at my place but seeing her agree to it made my heart do a happy dance.. Taking the key I rushed to her apartment and dumping a few dresses in a bag came back.. She was watching "tom and jerry" on television but was gloomy.. I felt bad seeing her state and wanted to ask her desperately what was it that was bothering her but thought it was not the correct time. I decided to wait fro her to say it on her own.. I handed her the bag and showed her the extra room and asked her to rest for a while..




After a month..




I was returning back from my works and was thinking the things that took place in the last one month.. A month had passed and she still lived with me and many things had changed.. she has now permanently moved in to mine..  she had started smiling, laughing and also making fun of me.. Staying with me she had also started blabbering like me.. To be precise more than me. I wonder how this girl can speak so much.. She had become carefree.. Never the gloomy side of he r was seen on her face.. The dark circles were also no more and her face glowed with happiness every now and then. And the most important thing, I was madly in love with her.. She had also said me what had happened with her in the past which made her that dull and gloomy Khushi.. Anish.. It was his name.. the one she loved.. And the one she loathe now. Yes!! She hated that guy to the core and to speak the truth she never loved him.. It was just a mere infatuation but as she was used to it she mistook it as love. But now she loathed him.. That day was the last day I saw her crying. After that day, she had not cried even a bit.. No tears at all expect for the one which made it's way when she laughed too much.. Before one month no one would have believed that the dull looking Khushi can be this childish and mad.. She was a one of a kind and never can anyone be like that and I was proud to make her that. I was proud that I was able to bring her actual self out which was buried deep inside within her..




Parking my car in the underground parking of my block I got into the elevator and punched the button to my floor. I had a huge bouquet of red and yellow roses in my hand as I was about to say her about my feeling.. Well she must have already read it in my eyes and by my behavior  by now but today I was planning to say it aloud.. I knocked the door twice and she opened the door with a big smile adorning her lips.. When I entered inside, the sight in front of me left me flabbergasted..




"What the!!"



"What did you think Raizada?? You'd surprise me?? In this one month you've already given me enough surprises and now it's my turn" she said cheekily..



Saying I was delighted would be an understatement.. I was feeling like I was on top of world seeing the things there.. Dimmed lights, the roses, the fragrance in the room, dining table with candles and foods everything was set as if for a date.. And to top it all it was her smile. That was such a overwhelming feeling which I had never felt before. I was still in daze when she tapped my shoulders asking for the laptop bag which I was holding.. I passes her the bag and also the roses taking which she smiled and disappeared into my room and came back within  a blink..



"What??" she asked seeing me..



"What's all this Khushi??" I asked still confused..



"You know it Arnav, don't you??" she asked now seriously yet with a beautiful smile playing her lips..






"This is something which you wanted to do.. But you've already done enough for me Arnav and now it's my turn to payback.."



"I know what you feel for me Arnav.. In fact I knew that from the first day I was here.. Your love for me can clearly be read in your eyes.. At first I took it as sympathy.. Sympathy for the state I was in. But staying this one month with you and knowing you, I came to know that it was not  any sympathy but love,, true love.."



"But Khushi you.."



"I know.. I know I don't love you now.. But I am sure in coming future I will surely fall for you.. But at present it's difficult and you know it.. And I also know that the love you have for me is enough till the time I fall for you.." she said her eyes slowly brimming with tears..



"Why are you crying yaar?? I am not that bad!!" I teased her..



She hit me lightly and the hugged me tight not before pecking my cheeks softly and then I knew she really meant what she said.. I am happy that now she has not only started to live her life like before but also is planning to give life a second chance and though I don't like taking credit, I have to say it's all because of me.. Today I knew why ancestors said helping the desolated people does good to ourselves.. And this I have known because of Khushi..  Had she not been in my life I would never know about this pain  a girl has to go when she is alone,. But today it's not the right time to think about the past as at this moment I need to think about our future.. Breaking apart from the hug I kissed he forehead and then we made our way to the table to eat as I was starving. This all started with helping her heal her wounded heart which leaded us to be friends and now couple and I am sure we will be known as the "couple whole lived happily ever afterHeart
So this is it..
Hope you all enjoyed it..Tongue
And sorry if this turned out too bad.. With this IPK2 thing going on my mind is just not working..Dead
Do leave you likes and comments..Smile

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I'm first PartyDancing

Amazing di.. mhm did you have a second one in mind?

Coz you finally introduced that teh other guy was some Ashish 

& the new lover boy is Arnav

I want another sequal ... the happy after but I know you will and might stop it with this..

But.. hey I love this sequal coz this points out how a girl who suffers and mistakes love get their real love in their life (love life)

It was a good way to show Khushi's understanding of  his love but what a co-incident for her to surprise him when he planned to surprise her...


I can comment more but then I'm speechless 

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Simply beautiful
Loved it

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Wooahh...!! Woaaahh woaahh
dis was a awesome dear

Arnav loves her amd widout knwng her still knws she has lots of pain insside herself

Dey met accidentally Shocked but turned to be good for dem LOL

awww dey stayed together nw dat was good and finally dream became real

Khushi made a dinner date for arnav feeling dat was gd i loved it. Hug

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wowww simply beautifulClap
amazingly writtenThumbs Up

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Aww nycc os

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nice OS

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