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SS: ARSHI-Perfect World #Thread 2 (Page 5)

---Sonia--- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
love the update
as alwats love reading the update:)
sorry for the late comment

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AzraZaidi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 10:58am | IP Logged
raed all 31 paart in aday jst loved them plz continue missing ipkknd so much u make me feel it never ended
plz pm me

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Originally posted by azrazaid

raed all 31 paart in aday jst loved them plz continue missing ipkknd so much u make me feel it never ended
plz pm me

Awww.. That is really very sweet of you dear.. If you want PMs plz buddy me.. I am sending u a request Smile

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pup03 IF-Sizzlerz

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Beautiful as always !!! Loved it.. Big smile
thanks for pm Smile

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Beautiful banners from wonderful friends

(Credit: risat)

(Credit: india094)

(Credit: -Mrinalini-)

Special Thanx to dearest -Mrinalini- for helping me upload the banners. Can't thank you enough. Hug

Part 32:

This update is specially dedicated to TINA! for her sweetness. Love you Doc... Hug

IPKLover I have a hidden msg for you, incase you crack it don't write in your comment... Plz Wink

RizArshi I am looking forward to your words again. Big smile

(Translations Expressions)

Feeling shy Khushi smiled and lowered her gaze. She curled her toes on the floor and slapped his arm playfully.

Khushi: Besharam..! (Shameless..!)

Arnav: Now don't say that again that I am shameless... because I already told you the definition of it is that you have defined in the morning shower that...

Khushi cut him off by closing his mouth with hers. The kiss was not delicate or soft but dominant and sensual; not a Khushi's type but an ASR's type. Arnav voiced his words when he felt the loss of the touch.

Arnav: Khushi... what was that for..?

Khushi: As if you don't know... Humein bhi aapka muah band karana aata hai Mr. Raizada..! (I know to shut your mouth too Mr. Raizada..!)

Arnav: And all the credit should be given to me..!

A confused Khushi tried to look for a reason of what he said.

Arnav: I have trained you so well that now you are an expert in dealing with how to impress and enhance your husband's moods and feelings and suppress him with your dominance in your actions.

Khushi was slightly embarrassed as she recalled how her learning experience had been. The nave Khushi Kumari Gupta had turned into a seductress tigeress Mrs. Raizada under the able guidance of her husband. Smiling as she remembered her course of learning she turned her face to him to see the devilish lift of his gorgeous lips at the left corner of his beautiful mouth. Yes beautiful! Khushi always thought of her husband as beautiful... handsome..! No doubt...but beautiful was more appropriate. He was as innocent as a baby but also a devil at the same time. The innocence and the smirk were all the accessories that drove her crazy and her hormones losing sanity everytime she thought of that. And then the butterflies again started their course of action in the pit of her always...

Khushi: Arnavji...don't do that..!

Arnav: Do what..?

Khushi: The way you look at me like that it makes me feel like... like...

Arnav: Like what Khushi?

Khushi: Kuch kuch hota hai Arnavji...aap nahi samjhenge... (Something happens won't understand...)

Arnav: Kuch hota hai..? Kahan..? (Really..? Where..?)

Khushi absolutely missed the twinkle in the chocolate orbs and absent mindedly pointed her finger on her stomach to reveal where exactly her butterflies danced. Not the one to miss a chance to touch her honey like skin Arnav, without any warning, instantly placed the flat of his palm on her stomach, moving her saree aside. A gasp escaped her mouth at the contact of his hotness directly on her skin. She blinked furiously for the changed feeling that aroused in her for the first time. Is that the feeling that she always heard and read about those things that she felt now? A sheen of tears threatened to arise in the back of her eyes and she again blinked to stop them from flowing. The play of emotions and her gasp did not amuse Arnav as he knew what a drama-queen was his wife. He chuckled thinking about it muttering something like that sounded "Nautanki!" (Drama-Queen).

Khushi: Kya..?

Arnav: Khushi... you are such a drama queen you know...

Khushi stunned and confused hardly registered what her husband was saying.

Khushi: Dra..drama-queen..?

Arnav: Yes. Like that day...

Khushi: tha-that d-day...

Arnav: Khushi... stop repeating me okay..?

Khushi: re-repeat-ing...

Arnav slightly jerked her holding her shoulder and broke her reviere.

Arnav: Kahan khoyi ho..? Main kuch keh raha tha..! (Where were you lost..? I was saying something..!)

Khushi: Kya keh rahe the aap..? (What were you saying..?)

Arnav: That day you remember the story you had woven about Buaji to the doctor who had come to check her up...? How did you come up with such a story..? Making me a villain and you a damsel-in-distress in front of the doctor...

Khushi: That is my talent Arnavji... it comes very naturally to me... like yours is saying "What the..!".

Arnav: Khushi do you know what comes after "What the..!"?

Arnav said that in a low voice and kept a serious face wanting to actually tease her and tell her or rather show her what comes after "What the..!". But the answer that came out of his wife's delectable mouth stunned him.

Khushi: Of course I know.

Arnav: (happily) and what is that..?

Khushi: Two things... ya toh aapka gussa ya aapka pyaar..! (either your anger or your love..!)

Arnav growled at her for her self declared wanton destruction. There she goes again. And as usual she continued speaking at the velocity greater than that of Delhi's metro telling about how she had seen him about to knock the door of Buaji's house and how she had dodged him.

Khushi: ... and then you were angry that you were not told anything about Buaji's health.

Arnav: But I was also happy that I got what I wanted that day...! Main kabhi nahi haarata..! (I never lose..!)

As Khushi looked up into his eyes to know what he meant by what he said she saw the teasing twinkle back into those beautiful coffee brown eyes. The memory of that side hug and that innocent and nave peck on her cheek made her blush to her roots. As again Arnav slowly moved his head towards her cheek Khushi was sure of what was coming up next...a repeat telecast of that event. But she was fairly surprised that instead he put his lips to her ear.

Arnav: Good that I went to meet the doctor or else how would I know your Dukh-bhari Kahaani' that you narrated to him..!

He tried to suppress his smile as he had just brutally killed her blushing session and her expectation of a repeat telecast. But that was his way of getting back at her for having brutally murdered his expectation of a budding sensuous rendezvous. But to his utter surprise Khushi instead hugged him tight mumbling something in his chest. Arnav struggled to hear what was coming out of her mouth.

Khushi: I am so sorry that I made you the Raakshaas' in my story... but you are actually my Prince-Charming'. But I had to do that. I really felt very bad when you later told Buaji what a bad husband that niece in the story had, actually implementing to yourself...which you are nowhere close to...and...

Arnav hugged her back and caressed her hair. Pressing a light kiss on the top of her head he tried to soothe her rubbing her back and ssh-ing her as he felt she would begin to sob next.

Arnav: Ssh... its okay. Atleast half of it was true. And besides I never felt you were sad actually lashed out on me.

Khushi smiled as she remembered how she had cornered him in her room and had actually pinned him against the door for the first time. Literally. Breaking the hug she rubbed the corner of her eye with the heel of her palm.

Khushi: That was because you pain the rent of the house without consulting me.

Arnav was about to open his mouth to counter her allegation about his concern toward his in-laws, that she cut him off...

Khushi: And before you start your lecture about how Buaji and my family is your concern, which I must have heard a hundred times by now and well versed with it, I would like to thank you to have helped us that day. Thank you..!

Arnav: You know better ways to thank me for that. 

Khushi: That I will do but later. You know the following morning I woke up with a dream that I was indebted to you and you were enjoying seeing me all vulnerable and showing me that devilish smirk of yours.

(ARUSHI gyan: Hmm that smirk had actually killed many that day I guess. The way he had put his little finger's nail into his mouth... hayee koi toh rok lo... I am a great fan of Sankadevi and her weird dreams that is why I could not stop myself from mentioning it here although it was not important to add here. Please bear with me... )

Arnav: You can't be serious about that.

Khushi: I am.

Arnav: Pagal..!

Khushi: But you being you had to trouble me by stopping the payment...why did you that..?

Arnav explained her how he realized that she had left him as the contract period was about to end. Then he had made up his mind to bring her back into his house, his world, his life. Because he knew it was her world too.

Arnav: But you know what I had so much fun that day. You working for good old days and me irking you like again good old days...

Khushi: Ya ya...

Arnav: But I have to confess something to you. That day I troubled you a lot. It was me who had asked Shukla not to help you threatening with his job...

Khushi: (Shocked) Kya..! (What..!)

Arnav: And I also told Happy Singh the same.

Khushi was shocked. He had gone to lengths to make sure her friends denied her help and then eventually she had to turn to him for help. But then she should have known by then that ASR does not play a move in the game unless he has secured all the corners for his win. She bunched her fists and stated hitting him on his chest muttering in the likes of some of his nick names like Laad Governor, Raakshaas, Khadoos, Akadoo Singh Raizada and what not... Then he tried to stop her covering his hands over her wrists.

Arnav: only aim was to bring you back home. I know I troubled you a lot...

Khushi: Yes you did. I was so worried that day. But if you wanted to win me back there were other ways too Arnavji...

Arnav: You know me Khushi. I am like this only. But it was fun when you came back to ask me for help.

Khushi was about to retort that she did not ask him for help but had offered to work for him instead, he stopped her short.

Arnav: I know not help but you were willing to work instead. But I can't deny it was fun and I was coming up with so many ideas to make you work for me. You won't even be able to imagine my thoughts then Khushi.

Khushi's jaw dropped. But then she quickly recovered because what she was about to say next would have that effect on him. Not literally. But...

Khushi: Arnavji...even I have to confess something to you...but promise me you won't laugh at me for that...

Arnav nodded.

Khushi: I came to you for help and offered to work for you for a month but you instead told me to work only for 24 hours.

Arnav: I do remember very well.

Khushi: Actually you were thinking about assigning me some job and then you paused while saying that and you like checked me out and I thought that you would... you know...

Arnav realized that Khushi had gutter mind then also. Only it was a nave one not like his. And he burst out into fits of laughter.

Khushi: Uff..! promised you would not laugh at me for that...

Khushi crossed her arms on her chest and pouted. Arnav could not resist himself but devour that pout. He pecked her lips lightly.

Arnav: I am sorry.

Khushi: That is okay. But don't laugh at me next time.

Arnav: I am not sorry for that.

Khushi: (confused) Then..?

Arnav: I am sorry to have disappointed you like that my little minx.

Saying that he pinched her cheek. She swatted his hand away playfully.

Khushi: Arnavji... Don't trouble me na... I know you are going to tease me all the time about this from on... But please not in front of the family.

Arnav was somehow trying to control his laugh but then as he heard her request he could no more.

Arnav: Thanks for the idea Khushi. I had never thought about it.

Khushi: Arnavji...

Arnav: You are unbelievable Mrs. Raizada.

Khushi: But you know how much Amma and Buaji teased me later after you came home to make me work.  

Arnav: Really..! So that was why you were so irked up that day that you din't do what you told to do in a proper way.

Khushi was angry at the accusation on her lack of commitment and inefficiency to work.

Khushi: I did everything that I was told to do. I kept smiling. I became a TV for your entertainment. News channel, stock market and then even sang and danced for you.

Arnav: I know you are very creative. Good job.

Khushi: I am always. But it is you who is inefficient.

Arnav was surprised at this accusation now. He, a self-made, one of the youngest billionaire, a business magnet, was being accused of being inefficient.

Arnav: Excuse me..!

Khushi: You are not excused.

Arnav: Watch your words Khushi..! I hope you know what you are saying.

Khushi: Yes. You could not even carry me through the hallway efficiently. You dropped me on the floor.

And then it hit him. Arnav ke dimaag ki batti jal gayi.

Arnav: Correction Khushi. Not on the floor. I dropped you on myself. It was me on the floor.

Khushi: Whatever..!

Arnav: You of all people should not doubt my efficiency in carrying you around. Right Khushi..!

And then without warning he scooped her up in his arms. And instinctively her hands went around his neck. One around his nape and the other clutching the V of his white rugby sweater. He moved to the make-shift and lied down, flat on his back. He helped settle down by craddling her head on his flat abs. With one hand in her hair, caressing it, he kissed the knuckles of her hand en-clasped in his right hand.

(ARUSHI: Guys let me remind you all since I know you all must have forgotten. Khushi is wearing her Diwali red saree and Arnav is in his white jumper. It is a December night, they are at the poolside and Arnav has made a make-shift bed for the both of them to relax and enjoy. I know that their talks are going on and on... but still the night is let them talk and enjoy. Now the body positions of them lying is difficult for me to explain but still I have tried. Hope you got. Those who understood please explain it to others in your comments if you feel it is worth commenting. By the way that was the hottest precap ever and I had secretly played it again and again only to drool over Barun. Silly)

* To be continued..

Note: I know its the crappiest update ever... lolllzzz LOL

Likes and LENGTHY comments are appreciated. Plz drop your thoughts after reading the update. I have not had time to proof-read it so kindly excuse me for that. For PMs in future rules are; regular readers' comments are a must and new readers comment+buddy me. Sorry Guys for being mean but I am very hungry for comments. I know I very Mean.

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tanu_15 Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 11:02am | IP Logged
oh just loved it
update soon
RizArshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Welcome back Arushi yet another time Hug (It feels weird to welcome you on your own thread Tongue But this is what you get when you are late with updates LOL)

I am glad to know that you are looking forward to my comment Embarrassed So here it goes:

After a long time it was a chapter full of only light hearted and fun filled moments. Loved Arnav Khushi's Nok Jhoks. Arnav was on a roll to tease Khushi and we can't help but love it when he does that. Thanks for making Khushi narrate her weird dreams to Arnav and also confess about her expectations to Arnav. I have always wanted Khushi to do the same. I for sure prayed that Arnav should not ask for something like Khushi thought he would ask her to do in those 24 hours. I was actually cursing him for putting forth such a condition in the first place. I guess I too have a gutter mind like Khushi Wink I was smiling from the very first para of this chapter and when I reached to Khushi's answer for what comes after What The i.e.

"Two things... ya toh aapka gussa ya aapka pyaar..!"
I just couldn't help but laugh out loud LOL Arnav ke umeed par pani gir gaya Embarrassed I liked the chapter very much. It did a good job cheering me up.

Thanks for he PM Arushi and I hope to get more PMs from you soon :)


Risat Hug

Here is a little gift for you as I too adore the way he looks here. I feel like pulling his cheeks Embarrassed

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