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SS: ARSHI-Perfect World #Thread 2 (Page 14)


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Posted: 23 November 2013 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nidsubh007

Romantic & sizzling.

I love the way you've portrayed Arnav & Khushi in this story. I had to go back and reread the last 2 chapters.

Thanks for the PM!

Pleasure is all mine. Most of you must have forgotten where the story had stopped last time and I am to be blamed for it all.. Dead

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henamani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 November 2013 at 2:47am | IP Logged
u shd also take care of our sentiments ;)
we want regular updates :0

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Posted: 03 December 2013 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Woo hoo.. This is my 1000th post.. I am a GOLDIE now.. Party 
My color is gold now.. although I miss the blue name.. D'oh

BTW update will be soon up.. Hopefully on wednesday 8 PM. (IST) Day Dreaming

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Part 35: 

(Translations Expressions)

Khushi: Kya...kya kar rahein hai aap..? (Wha...what are you doing..?)

Arnav: Tumhe kya lagta hai mein kya kar raha hoon..? (What do you think I am doing..?)

Saying that his mouth came down on hers. Her fingers found its way into his gorgeous hair and ruffled them. The slow sensual assault on her lips was so pleasing that when he broke the kiss for much needed oxygen her lips pouted in disappointment on their own. Colorful words escaped his mouth and he placed an open mouthed kiss on her forehead. He felt her smile as her lips widened against his neck.

Arnav: Khushi..?

Khushi hmmed as she slowly opened her eyes and snaked her arms around his neck.

Arnav: Oh someone was in deep sleep...

Khushi: That I am still and all this seems like a dream...and if it is a dream I never want to wake up from it Arnavji.

Not one to miss an opportunity Arnav pinched her waist to make her realize that indeed she was awake and all of it was not a dream. Khushi winced at the sudden pain.

Khushi: Ouch... Arnavji..!

Arnav: Now you are convinced that it is not a dream..? Or should I make you realize that again. By the way I know other ways too...

Khushi shoved her hands on his chest and pushed him lightly. Mumbling she got up and sat straight. Arnav meanwhile enjoying her mumbles that sounded like Laad Governor and Rakshaas got up too and sat beside his wife, smirking. Off late he had come to love his nicknames that once sounded irritating to him but now had come to mean so much. But now that she was upset he had to make up for it. And he knew how to do it. Khushi was a hopeless romantic but she cared for his emotions the most and thus he had opened up to her many a times and never regretted his moment of vulnerability in front of her. 

Arnav: Khushi..?

He nudjed her by his shoulder to grab her attention. She sulked but did not budge.

Arnav: You know how much I have changed from the time you have come into my life..?

Khushi just flicked her head in response.

Arnav: I had never had a normal childhood to start with. With Dadi so strict with all her principles and rules Di and me were always held back to enjoy anything. But with you I have realized that we have to smile every time possible and grab every happiness that comes along.

As she recognized what her husband wanted to convey, she hooked her arm around his slowly and laid her head on his shoulder.

Khushi: But you never told me about Dadiji before the day she came into Shantivan. I never even knew that you had a Dadi. That day I realized how very little I knew about the past of the man I loved so much. Not that I minded but was only curious to know.

Arnav: She was not important Khushi and never will be.

Khushi: May I ask you something? Why do you hate her so much..?

Arnav: She is not even worth that Khushi. She was never with me or my Di when we needed her the most. That was why I never even visited her at the Ashram when she came to Delhi few years ago. But unlike her I never shunned from my responsibilities towards her.

Khushi: I know. Naniji has told me that you were always there whenever she needed anything.

From the time Dadi had entered into their lives Khushi had seen a drastic change in her husband's behavior. He had fiercely protected her against his Dadi's wrath and had stood by her come what may. And most important of all he had slowly lead her into that part of his past that he had long ago locked up by giving her bits and pieces of information about his past and had shared stories of his childhood.

Sensing his silence she realized that he had gone back into those memories again.

Khushi: You know why Dadi hated me so much at the beginning..?

Arnav: Do you mind now..?

Khushi: No. But she hated me because of the horrible welcome I had given her.

Clearing Arnav's confusion she narrated him after tending to his plants how accidently she had thrown up dirty water all over Dadiji at the entrance.

Arnav: It's okay Khushi. You need not feel bad for that. But what were you doing with my plants?

Khushi: I was tending to the rose shrubs so that they would yield beautiful flowers.

Arnav: I have seen you often talking to plants just like my Mumma.

Khushi: I don't why or how but I have always had a fascination for plants especially roses since childhood.

Arnav: Maybe because Mumma had the same too. And maybe because you are the Angel Mumma has sent only for me.

Saying that Arnav kissed her over her hair. Khushi eyes welled up at that sweet gesture.

Khushi: Agar kisine humse dedh saal pehle yeh kaha hota k eek din Arnav Singh Raizada humare saaman ke liye duniya se bhi lad jayenge toh shayad hum haas haas ke pagal ho jate. (If somebody had told me a year and a half ago that one day Arnav Singh Raizada would fight the world to honour my dignity then maybe I would have laughed it off.)

Arnav: What..?

Khushi: What What..?

Arnav: Khushi..?

Khushi: Arnavji... the way you stood by me all the time when Dadiji always threw daggers at me was so not the man I knew. But I confess that it was something that attracted me more towards you.

Arnav: Khushi...Dadi was always like that. Even though Mumma was her best friend's daughter and she had chosen her to be her daughter-in-law still; she was never satisfied with her. I could see the same thing happening to you. Although Dad at the beginning tried to save Mumma from Dadi's anger but later I have seen Mumma fighting a lone battle to win over her mother-in-law. But I will never let that happen to you.

Khushi: I know. And that day I realized that you care for me the most in this world.

She continued as she saw his confused face.

Khushi: Although at first you walked away from me when I asked you about Dadiji and your past making me upset but later I realized that everything must have been so difficult for you. Since Dadiji's return had brought back so many painful memories from the past and you had closed yourself again. But then you came out of your shell all by yourself because you sensed that I am distressed. You placed my comfort and thoughts before your pain.

Arnav: But...

Khushi: And then I decided that your past makes no difference to me. All I want is your present and our future together... Hamesha..!

Arnav: (in a painful voice) Hamesha..!

And she hugged his arm tighter.

Arnav: You have always proved it. I am such a difficult man to deal with and so very reserved. But you have always made sure that you are with me all the times I have needed.

Khushi: Arnavji...can I ask you something..?

Arnav: You don't need my permission Khushi and you know it.

Khushi: You never had nightmares before that night as far as I remember. Then why that day..?

Arnav: I used to have them after my Mumma died. Then slowly I developed insomnia as I told you earlier. But later you came into my life and changed everything. But that day Dadi reminded me of all the bitter things that once existed in my life blaming my Mumma.

Khushi: I am sorry I upset you that day with my act. I should have been more understanding...shouldn't have pushed you though...

Arnav not letting her finish her words lifted her chin.

Arnav: You don't have to apologise for anything Khushi. Infact what you did for me that night is beyond relief. I, for the first time in my life slept peacefully even after that nightmare. I should be thanking you for it.

Khushi knew he found solace in her. But him expressing it in words was never what she'd ever expected.

Khushi: Really..? You didn't mind me for my drama that day..?

Arnav: Really. I realized that with you by my side there is no room even for a moment of sorrow or grief. You have made my life colourful and happy.

Smiling she rested her head again on his shoulder and recalled the song that she had played for her husband. Her reviere broke when Arnav hummed something.

Arnav: What was the song by the way..? Hmm...something piya piya...

Khushi: Arnavji... You don't remember? Uh...Why am I surprised..?

Mumbling something under her breath Khushi huffed and removed her hands from his arms. But the very next moment before she could even shift from her place she found herself gripped firmly in the warmth of her husband who had wrapped his arms around her. Resting his chin on her shoulder his breath ruffled her hair when he spoke something for her ears only.

Arnav: Aaja piya tohe pyaar doon...gori baiyyan tope vaar doon...kis liye hai tu itna udaas...sukhe sukhe hooth, ankhiyon mein pyaas...kis liye kis liye...

And then all the silence and ambience was disrupted and what followed was only her laughter and its echo.

Arnav: Khushi..?

Trying to control her laugh seeing her husband already on the verge of losing his sanity she stopped. But faint giggles still erupted every passing second.

Khushi: I...I am...sorry...Arnavji. But I couldn't help...the song...had turned into...

And again more giggles. Slanting her face toward his neck to soften the sound of her laughter she pursed her mouth against his skin.

Arnav: Khushi...I googled that song and learn't the lines especially for you. And this is what I get for my effort..! What a royal waste of 4 hours trying to first recall the lyrics of that stupid song and then trying to learn them..!

Suddenly she moved her face from the crook of his neck and looked up.

Khushi: Hawww Arnavji...don't call the song stupid. It is such a sweet melody.

Arnav: Ofcourse it is. Such an old number. Difficult to search appropriate lyrics and more tough to learn them. I didn't even know it. How the hell do you even know such a song exists..?

Khushi: Such a Laad Governor..! Ofcourse you wouldn't know it.

Arnav jerked her out of his embrace and stood up. Annoyed. And then softness crushed into his back and arms wrapped around his waist. This was his undoing. And she knew it. Very well.

Khushi: The song is very romantic. Period.

Arnav: Then why did you laugh..?

Khushi: Because you din't sing it. Instead it looked like you were reading a newspaper.

Arnav: Care to correct me Mrs. Raizada..!

Khushi: With pleasure but I don't have my phone right now.

He removed her hands from his body and turned to face her. Her eyes shone with the same warmth and love that it always reflected. Her hands moved around his neck and his around her waist. Slowly placing his forehead on hers he moved their entwined bodies to some rhythm as if the song actually played for them in the background.

All the music was only their hearts beating in rhythm. 

*To be continued

Hope I made justice to one of the most wonderful scenes ever. I love the song that was played in that scene. Its my personal favourite since my childhood. Now I only hear the reprise version that was used in the show. LOL

Plz drop your thoughts after reading the update. I have not had time to proof-read it so kindly excuse me for that. 

PM Rules: For PMs in future; regular readers' comments are a must and new readers comment+buddy me. Sorry Guys for being mean but I am very hungry for comments. I know I very Mean. LOL

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wow first to comment loved the update

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Posted: 19 December 2013 at 10:30am | IP Logged
awesome ... hearts starts beating for another update :D

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..Jyoti.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing update..loved it..
continue soon..

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awesome update
loved it

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