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SS: ARSHI-Perfect World #Thread 2 (Page 10)


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Posted: 06 October 2013 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Sorry all for the inconvenience regarding PM incorrect link..
I m very lazy to send them again.. lolllzzz LOL

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Amazing Update Arushi! Heart

Loved it! Smile

I'm really enjoying the way the two are discussing the events in detail and talking their hearts out! Big smile

Continue soon!



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loved the update
beautifully written
do continue soon
thanks for the PM

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Beautiful banners from wonderful friends

(Credit: risat)

(Credit: india094)

(Credit: -Mrinalini-)

Special Thanx to dearest -Mrinalini- for helping me upload the banners. Can't thank you enough. Hug

Part 34: 

(Translations Expressions)

Khushi moved away from him and hugged her knees to herself. Her eyes had suddenly turned sad. Arnav felt bad that he had caused her so much chaos in her life.

Arnav: I am sorry for the way I black-mailed you to come back to me. You know what an idiot I am. But I couldn't make up my mind that you were to leave me. I knew I couldn't live without I had to...and then when...

Khushi: (cutting him off) I knew you would not trouble my family but I was scared Arnavji. Scared that you would abandon me again. If that would happen I would not have any courage left with to live. I would have...

Arnav: Shh.. don't say that. I can't even bear to hear that. You are a fighter Khushi. My lioness. Who has always fought her battles so fiercely..! But when you wanted to give up on our marriage without any fight it hurt me.

Arnav wrapped his arms across her and hugged her tight to himself.

Arnav: I m really sorry to make you feel so insecure. I will always try and make it up for all the troubles that I caused you even if it takes all my life.

Khushi: Hum jaante hai. Hamesha..! (I know. Always..!)

A drop of tear rolled down her cheek and it stabbed his heart like a shrad of glass piece.

Arnav: Is it always necessary to cry on every thing..?

She wiped her tear with the back of her wrist and avoided looking at him because she knew how her tears always affected him.

Khushi: I don't cry.

Arnav: You don't..?

Khushi: Uh.. huh..

Arnav: Admit it Khushi that you cry on every single thing.. be it happiness or pain.. like

you cried on Raksh-Bandhan day after you found presents.

Khushi smiled on recalling the eventful day. How she had planned a surprise for Anjali Di to light up her mood by tricking Arnavji to wear Sherwani. But the smart businessman that her husband is had tricked her into admitting that it was her plan to surprise his Di.

Khushi: But Arnavji how did you know that it was plan to make you wear traditional..?

Arnav: I just knew it was you.

Khushi: Par kaise

Arnav: Bas pata chal jata hai.. (Its just that you know it is..)

Khushi: And why did you agree to wear it..?

Arnav: You still don't know why..?

Her face colored as she blushed hearing that sexy voice of her husband and her toes curled as his mouth curved into its famous lift at corner smirking. But she being she didn't want to admit it that she knew and played along.

Khushi: Batayiye na.. Kyun..? (Tell me.. Why..?)

Arnav: Just. But the question is why didn't you come to me directly?

Khushi: I was scared you would reject my idea. Like you always do.

Arnav: I wouldn't have done that. Had you asked me to parade without anything I would have obliged that too.

Khushi: Chee.. Besharam..! (Shameless..!)

Arnav: Khushi I have already told you..

Placing her palm over his mouth she let him complete his words.

Khushi: I know I know.. I am not going to your dictionary meaning of that word again. But tell me why did you wear it?

Arnav: Besides that it would make Di happy, I wore it because I was happy that you came back. (Saying that he kissed her brow lightly.) Because I didn't want to break my wife's heart as she had asked something for the first time. You gave me immense happiness by returning back to my home, to my bedroom and my life. I just can't thank you enough.

He took her hand and kissed it. She was too overwhelmed with his gesture and his admission that she had brought color and happiness in his life. The man who was once so cold to her that he had never left a chance to brush it off in her face; had turned into a such a warm personality that she could never imagine waking up in the morning without cuddling into his warm embrace.. that she always curled up to him like a sunflower to the Sun.

Khushi: You have made up more than that Arnavji. Your surprise that day for me was something I had never even imagined you would do it for me. Especially the pearl necklace.

Arnav: I had not realized it that day but today I came to know why that simple pearl necklace was so special and emotional for you amongst all the other things. I am glad you liked all that.

Khushi: I appreciate your idea and the trouble you must have taken to buy all that for me.

Arnav: No troubles Khushi. It was just a phone call and all was done.

She swatted his arm playfully.

Khushi: Why am I not surprised..! I should have guessed it. The great ASR never does all this but only gets things done.

Arnav: ASR doesn't.. but your Arnavji does.

Her jaw dropped comically and he put his finger under it close it.

Arnav: I might have got the things delivered but I packed them all myself.

Khushi: You did..?

Arnav nodded and the moment he did that she jumped on him as a small child does finding his favourite toy. Her hands looped around his neck, her body weight completely on him. He steadined himself from the sudden impulse of his wife by placing one hand across her waist and with his other hand palmed flat on the bed supported himself and her. He heard her murmer thank yous to her favourite deity for something like making him sensible. He growled.

(ARUSHI: Hey guys I am back.. sorry for the interruption. But let me remind you all that our love birds are sitting on the make-shift bed at the poolside in case if you have forgotten. Because the last update had been more than a month ago. This nose-butting was only to remind about their sitting position and location. lolllzzz... and regarding Arnav packing the presents himself is actually my touch sinse I always wanted him to do something so trivial that showed he was as grounded as Khushi and cared for her in those similar ways. Sorry again and you may continue now.)

Arnav: What the..! Khushi.. I deserve all that thank yous and not your Devi Maiyya.

Lifting her head slightly from him Khushi looked at his flushed face and rolled her eyes muttering thank you along with his nick name Laad Governor' and hugged him again. A smile curled is lips up.

Arnav: By the way if this is the way you are going to thank me then let me tell you Mrs. Laad Governor that I am not convinced.

Breaking the hug Khushi turned to look at him properly to read what he meant. Goosebumps erected all over her body as she saw his caramel orbs darken with desire and mischief. She recalled a similar scene when she had woken up the next day to have found her husband staring intently at her from a distance. She had seen how his pupils had darkened but nave and innocent that she was had failed to recognize what that look of his had meant and then he had even told her that their talk was not over yet. Her heart thudded against her rib cage and her reverie broke as Arnav whispered some guttural demands in her ear and hearing them she blushed to the roots of her hair thinking the number of times she will have to thank him in a day, for the things he did for her these days, in his way, if she has to. Pushing him slightly she tried to turn her back to him but his firm grip on her waist failed her effort. Shying and not meeting his eyes again she tried to sound normal and calm, and tried really hard to hide the effect his words had on her. And she failed again miserably. She bunched the sleeves of his jumper between her fingers.

Khushi: have s...such a one-track mind Ar...Arnavji..!

Arnav cupped her nape and pulled her close. Nose to nose. His breath fanning her face. His voice was a low husky whisper.

Arnav: And who is to be blamed for it Khushi..?

Saying that he dropped several kisses along her jaw and reached south. His tongue dipped into the hollow of her neck and moved to her collar bone and her senses went for a ride. He tried to lower her on the bed and continue his ministrations but stopped abruptly when he heard her next question.

Khushi: (Wondering) Would you have kissed me that morning had Naniji not interrupted us..?

A chuckle ran deep in his throat as he heard her nave question. A pure bundle of bliss and innocence that she was he should not have been surprised that she had not known desires and pleasure back then. Smiling he just stared at her like he had that day.

Khushi: Arnavji.. Tell me what you would have done that day..?

He wanted to give her a genuine answer about his desires and her effect on him but he thought of playing along a little. After all he knew he would be rewarded with that famous O' of her mouth that drives him insane.

Arnav: You had no idea what I would do had there been no interruption..?

Khushi recalled how she had gone blank and breathless with that smoldering gaze of his. Seeing that similar expression on her face now Arnav burst into peals of laughter.

Arnav: Just look at you Khushi... You look so... I can't believe it man...! I mean your face and nose...

And the laughter continued. Frustrated by the embarrassment caused to her she moved out of his reach and lay down on the bed facing her back to him and pretending to sleep. As Arnav caught his breath from laughing he realized that he had never laughed so much since his childhood. It was only after that his Khushi, his Happiness had entered into his life that the cold winter had ended and spring had resurface that he had never expected to in this life. He turned to see Khushi trying hard to pretend to sleep. He moved to her and lay beside her placing his chin on her upper arm and snaking his hand around her waist. When she didn't budge he slightly increased the pressure and added more of weight on her.

Arnav: Khushi..?

In response she only shrugged. He tried again and received the same response.

Arnav: Khushi... sweetheart wake up... I know you are not asleep.

Khushi: (eyes still closed) No Arnavji... I am in deep sleep.

Used to her Sanak-antics' now, a laugh bubbled up in him. He caught her elbow and turned her to himself so that now she laid flat on her back. He smiled at her innocence as she had stubbornly kept her eyes still closed pretending to be sleeping. But he did be damned if he let her continue. He knew how to break her act. Very well. Moving close to her he blew the bangs on her forehead. If Khushi shivered in response she didn't let him know that and crunched her eyelids further. He then blew air below her ear... her sensitive spot. The response the same. Slowly his index finger made its way to her nose, then lips and from her neck to her midriff and tracing south it reached her navel. The pad of his fingere circled her navel ever so gently before dipping inside. Subjected to such Chinese torture shuddered her. Her eyes blew open and Khushi caught hold of his hand which was going scandalously down. Her voice came out in ragged breaths.

Khushi: Kya...kya kar rahein hai aap..? (Wha...what are you doing..?)

Arnav: Tumhe kya lagta hai mein kya kar raha hoon..? (What do you think I am doing..?)

Saying that his mouth came down on hers. Her fingers found its way into his gorgeous hair and ruffled them. The slow sensual assault on her lips was so pleasing that when he broke the kiss for much needed oxygen her lips pouted in disappointment on their own. Colorful words escaped his mouth and he placed an open mouthed kiss on her forehead. He felt her smile as her lips widened against his neck.

*To be continued

I wanted to continue more but coming up next was Dadi's interruption. So I din't feel like disturbing our beloveds. Many of you must have forgotten my story already, no qualms against them as I know I am to be blamed for my slower updates. And those couple of readers who remember me and my work I love you guys. See you all soon (hopefully) in the next update. 

Plz drop your thoughts after reading the update. I have not had time to proof-read it so kindly excuse me for that. 

PM Rules: For PMs in future; regular readers' comments are a must and new readers comment+buddy me. Sorry Guys for being mean but I am very hungry for comments. I know I very Mean. LOL

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Amazing update!

Looking forward to the future updates! Pls do update soon!

Thanks for the pm

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Better post soon ARUSHI , before its more then year when they are sitting on the make shift bed ;D Because on the 4th December It would be an year when you started this :P

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Originally posted by minahil1996

Better post soon ARUSHI , before its more then year when they are sitting on the make shift bed ;D Because on the 4th December It would be an year when you started this :P

lolllzzz LOL
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beautiful update dear 
loved it to the core
do continue soon
thanks for the PM

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