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SS: ARSHI-Perfect World #Thread 2


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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 3:19am | IP Logged
ARSHI-Perfect World


Thread 1: Part 1- 30

Thread 2:

Important note: second post from here

Part 31: Scroll down..

Part 32: Page 5

Part 33: Page 9

Part 34: Page 11

Part 35: Page 14

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Beautiful banners from wonderful friends

(Credit: risat)

(Credit: india094)

(Credit: -Mrinalini-)

Special Thanx to dearest -Mrinalini- for helping me upload the banners. Can't thank you enough. Hug

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Guys kindly write comments here in this thread and don't PM.. its a request..

Also should I continue the story with ARSHI conversation with further events in their life or bring the climax..? Confused I am confused.. plz help.. 

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when will u update?

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Part 31:

Khushi: You were supposed to go to Agra that evening. Did you even go..? Hey Devi Maiyya..! Was it a lie or what..?

Khushi raised a hand to her forehead and huffed.

Arnav: Stop it Khushi. My meeting was called off at the last minute. So I rushed back home for you.. to be with you.

Arnav raised his hands on his hips and turned away from her. Khushi realized that she had pushed the wrong button. She thought of changing his mood. She moved to face him and traced a finger over his features slowly and seductively, her breath fanning his face as she spoke next.

Khushi: Waise humare Laad Governer kitne romantic hain hum us din pata chala. Phoolon ka idea bhi.. (By the way it was that day I realized how romantic my Laad Governer is. The flower path too..)

Arnav gulped a lump in his throat as she slowly kissed his chin taking her own sweet time, torturing him to hell. But he had a point to prove. Controlling all his desires he circled his hands on both her wrists and moved her away.

Arnav: Khushi..?

As soon as Khushi heard her name in his husky bedroom voice which was only for her she mentally laughed. Oh it was so easy to turn her husband's mood she thought. Seeing the twinkle in her eyes Arnav also thought of playing along. He pushed her, placing his palms across her shoulders. Hard enough of stumble back and careful enough to not fall off clumsily as she usually did.

Khushi: Awww.. Arnavji.. Aapne humein dhakka diya..? (You pushed me..?)

Arnav: Haan toh.. (Yes so..?)

Khushi: Kyun..? (Why..?)

Arnav: It is your punishment for that day for not accepting me as your husband even after losing the bet.

Tears prickled at the back of her eyes and she fought hard to stop them. Slowly she moved to face him. Lowering her eyes she held her ears.

Khushi: Sorry...sorry'sorry' har us baat'

Arnav immediately reached for hands and nodded a no.

Arnav: Please don't say sorry. I can't bear to hear it.

Khushi: Nahi Arnavji. Humein bolne dijiye. Humein aapse maafi maangani hai'har us baat ke liye sorry jisse aapko takleef hui hai. Humein kabhi jaan-bhuj kar nahi kiya'magar phir bhi humse bhi galatiyan hui hai. Aur' (No Arnavji. Let me say. I want to apologise to you'I am sorry for everything that has caused you pain. I meant to do it'but even I have had my share of mistakes. And also')

Arnav could not hold his smile anymore and placed a finger on her lips asking her to be quiet.

Arnav: Sshh.. Kitna bolti ho tum..! Kabhi kabhi toh tumse baat karna bhi mushkil ho jata hai' jaanti ho kyun..? (You talk too much..! It sometimes becomes so difficult to talk to you'Do you know why..?)

Khushi not able to speak raised her eyebrows asking him why. He chuckled and answered.

Arnav: Tum kisi aur ko bolne ka mauka hi kaha deti ho'? (When do you ever let anyone talk..?)

Khushi pouted as he said that. Arnav lightly pecked her nose still not moving his finger from her lips.

Arnav: Tumse baat karne ka sabse easy kab hai jaanti ho..? (Do you know when it is easy to talk to you..?)

Khushi scrunched her forehead in confusion at his contradiction about her letting others talk. One corner of his mouth lifted itself in a small smile.

Arnav: Jab tum soti ho tab. (It is when you are asleep.)

Khushi pushed his finger with hers for being mocked and teased.

Khushi: Aap humara mazak uda rahe hai..! (You are making fum of me..!)

Arnav: Seriously Khushi. I tried speaking to you so many times but you just would never budje. But that night after you were asleep I had a heart-felt conversation with you.

Khushi: (mocking) Oh really..!

Arnav: Hmmm'

Khushi: What did you say then..?

Arnav: I had a talk with Di about how I felt for you and told her that you are the one for me that Di would always mention about. I told her that I married you initially for her and her baby's sake but then as I started living with you I started loving you. I had fallen in love with you before our wedding but had only realized it 'how deeply' after it.

Khushi got emotional hearing all this from him. She was really surprised that he had discussed her and his feeling for her with his sister and had tried to sort out the problems between them.

Khushi: Arnavji...!

Arnav: Yes Khushi'that day I told her that if you ever left me I would not be able to breathe. She was very happy that I had found you in my life and blessed the both of us.

Khushi raised her hand to her forehead trying to recall something.

Khushi: Hey Devi Maiyya. Arnavji'I am getting flashbacks of that scene.

Arnav: (surprised) What..?

Khushi: I am feeling like I knew all this.

Arnav: (confused) I am not getting you Khushi.

Khushi: The next day I woke up feeling that you had held my hand and told me about all this. But then I banished all those thoughts thinking it was a dream. But now I realize that you had actually spoken to me about all this. Tabhi hum soch rahe the ke humare dimaag mein yeh khayal aaya kaise..! (That is why I was wondering about the source of these thoughts..!)

Arnav lightly hit her forehead muttering 'Pagal'. Only his Khushi was capable of thinking like that and changing his mood with her silly Sanak-antics.

Khushi: Arnavji'Kya sach mein Di humse naraz nahi thi us din ke baad..? (Wasn't Di not upset with me after that..?)

Arnav: Yes Khushi. In fact she was happy for us.

Khushi: Like she was before our wedding..!

Now it was his turn to be surprised.

Khushi: Nani told me that night that Di was really happy on the prospect of you and me as a couple. In fact she and Nani had tried to play cupid between the two of us during Jiji and Jijaji's wedding.

Arnav: Yeah'I know.

Khushi: But then you never told me about your talk with Di.

Arnav: Batata kaise..? Aagle hi din tum maike jo chali gayi'mujhe chodkar'! (How could I say..?  You had moved to your parent's place the very next day'leaving me..!)

Khushi: Hum aapko chodkar jaana nahi chahate the'kabhi bhi nahi'khaas kar aapke humein chane dene ke baad toh bilkul bhi nahi. Hum hi jaante hai ke kitni takaleef hui thi humein yahaan se jaane par'aapko chodkar' (I never wanted to leave you'never'specially after you gave me the chickpeas'only I know how difficult it was for me going away from here'from you')

Arnav: If you had missed me why din't you let me come with you..? Why did you stay away from me..?

Khushi: Halaat hi kuch aise the. Humein aapse zyada Di ko aapki jaroorat thi. Hum kitne badnasseb hai..! Jab bhi aap humse apne dil ki baat karna chahate the tab kuch na kuch gadbad ho jata tha. (Circumstances were like that. More than me Di was in need of you. I am so unlucky..! Whenever you tried to say about your feelings we always ended up with troubles.)

Arnav wiped the tears of her cheeks.

Arnav: Never ever leave me like that again'Okay..?

Khushi: As if you missed me then..!

Saying that Khushi stuck her tongue out to tease him. Arnav was surprised at the sudden change in action'from being emotional to teasing.

Arnav: Khushi..?

Khushi: Aur nahi toh kya..? Kitni khushi humein humare maike bhej diya. Yahaan tak ke khud hi chodne aaye' (Then what..? You happily sent me off to my parent's house. You even came to drop me yourself')

He cut her off to tease her.

Arnav: Aur gaana bhi gaya' (and even sang a song')

Khushi: Gaana..? (Song..?)

Arnav: Haan'tumhara favourite.. Aaj mausam hai suhana' Buaji ke ghar jane ka hai bahana' What the'what the'what the..! (Yes'your favourite')

Khushi burst to peals of laughter as she recalled him singing her signature song. Arnav held her hand and twisted it lightly behind her back.

Khushi: Aah' chodiye humein' (leave me')

Arnav: Kya hua..? Bohot haasein aarahi hai..! (What happened..? You want to laugh..!)

Khushi: Arnavji'aap na bohot hi bura gaate ho' mere gaane ka pura satyanash kar diya' (You are a very bad singer' you ruined my entire song')

And she burst out again. Her laughter tinkled into his ears like music. She became aware of how he was staring at her. She gulped looking at the desires in his eyes. Arnav saw the lump in her throat and moved his mouth to kiss on it. Suddenly aware of it she squirmed under his touch' the gentliest and the most loving touch she had ever experienced. She could hardly voice her words.

Khushi: Arnavji..? I'I'mean to' I want' want'

Aware of her state Arnav decided to tease her further' using his best weapon on her that he knew would work easily on her'his husky voice'

(ARUSHI gyan: well well well' I am back' with my stupid blabbering' now Arnav's husky voice plays a havoc on all those who are currently reading this'I am damn sure and can bet my all properity except my laptop'lolllzzz' coz I need it to connect with all you beautiful people on IF' Okay I don't want to bug you all more' get back to reading')

Arnav: I understand Khushi'

Khushi: What..?

Arnav: (nuzzling her neck) That you WANT me..!

Khushi was shocked that he had interpreted her words like this. She jumped out of his arms and he smirked looking at her.

Khushi: What..!

Arnav: Relax..! Is mein itna embarrass hone ki zaroorat nahi hai' Biwi ho tum meri'haq hai tumhara mujh par' (No need to get embarrassed on this' You are my wife'you have all the rights over me')

Feeling shy Khushi smiled and lowered her gaze. She curled her toes on the floor and slapped his arm playfully.

Khushi: Besharam..! (Shameless..!)

Arnav: Now don't say that again that I am shameless' because I already told you the definition of it is that you have defined in the morning shower that'

Khushi cut him off by closing his mouth with hers. The kiss was not delicate or soft but dominant and sensual; not a Khushi's type but an ASR's type. Arnav voiced his words when he felt the loss of the touch.

Arnav: Khushi' what was that for..?

Khushi: As if you don't know' Humein bhi aapka muah band karana aata hai Mr. Raizada..! (I know to shut your mouth too Mr. Raizada..!)

*To be continued


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Note: I send PMs to over a 100 people and I get only 35 likes and lesser comments..! CryCryCry Not fair yaar. Buck up guys and shower me with your generosity. 

I know I am very late in updating this time.. and also the length is small.. isliye Lakhon lakhon sorry.. 

For PMs likes are a must and comment atleast occassionally

P.S.: if interested add something here: IPK Bloopers

This is purely for fun.. LOL

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What A Beautiful Update!! :)

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miss you a lot.

Thanks for the update. I love it

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