The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

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..DamonCrazy.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:01am | IP Logged
Hey Guys! This is Shaz here (as I am hoping most of you would knowStern Smile). SO yeah...I am going to dissapear for almost a month (examsOuch), but I wanted to put this up before I went. 

Our addiction to TBP is more often than not unsatiated by the 30 min episodes shown daily. And that is where Fan Fictions come in. They give us more & more of our favourite characters & couples in diffferent scenarios, in different realities, and in different shades. We get to see them through the imaginations of fellow fandom members. We have some great writers on this forum, as you all know! The problem however, is that these stories are scattered all over the forum. Hence, we are more than likely to miss out on some great stories.

Sometimes, we might want to read a particular scenario on a particular couple or character. A TBP fan might one fine day find the urge in him to read...maybe a supernatural story involving the Buddies? Maybe an angsty piece on KiSha or a romantic one on RaHi? How do you find a particular type of story in such a case. Titles don't really help always right?

Someone might like the writing style of a member & may want to read all other works by that particular member. Its going to be difficult to search out every single story written by that person! 

And so I bring to you... 

Its kind of like the galleries which writers have on IF, only this will be only TBP related & all in one thread. Much less messy right? So yeah...I call upon on all you wonderful writers here to come post your stories here in your own 'corner'. I know it'll be quite some amount of work, but I am pretty sure it'll be a great help to all those TBP fans searching for your work...

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..DamonCrazy.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 2:44am | IP Logged

Yes...there is oneLOL Post your stories in this format, but feel free to decorate, edit, stylise, add graphics, banners & do whatsoever to make your corner attractive & to your satisfaction. If you already have a gallery of your TBP works, post the link here. That'll be perfectly fine too!

(As in giving a name to your writing corner. If you want to that is!)

Name: YOUR name this timeTongue
User ID:
I plan to write mostly on:The couple/character/non canon or whatever it is who will feature mostly in your stories
Preffered Genres: Will be a great help to people looking for particular story genresSmile\
About my Writing: A little about what kind of stories you prefer to write, about your regularity or otherwise in updating(ROFL), what makes you turn to writing, any particular style in your way of writing & anything else that you want to add.
My Stories (Add them all!):
You can add bannners for your stories too if you want!

1. Title (Link your story through it)
Summary:Please do write one, even if it is one sentence. That is one of the whole reasons for this thread, to help people find a particular kind of story if they want to read one.
Character/Couple/Non Canon:Pretty self explanatory!
Status:Ongoing/Completed/On Hold/Abandoned
2. As above
3. As above
& so on

Short Stories
Format for posting same as above!

Fan Fiction
Same as above again!


Just the paste the link of your TBP writing gallery if you have one!

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..DamonCrazy.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 2:48am | IP Logged

Yes...we have these tooWink Don't worry...nothing too drastic.

1. NO Spamming! What??? I said not TOO drastic, thoda toh hoga naTongue  There should be NO posts here except by writers posting their stories, in the format I have given, no appreciation of any kind, or ANY comments! Its just to make things easy. 

2. Please post ONLY TBP stories in your corner.

BAS!!! Do hi toh hainTongueTongue

Start posting all you wonderful writers!!! 

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Radiance. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 2:51am | IP Logged

Kesha's Crap Hub

Name: Kesha

User ID: Kesha1234
I plan to write mostly on: KiSha- of course. ArHad too. And sometimes- RaHi! But mostly- KiSha.
Preffered GenresI like angst/romance, hurt/comfort, sweet [not diabetic]. Mu favourite if mystery, but I don't write much on it.
About my Writing: Well, all the credit for my writing goes to IF. I never knew I could write. I started with a KR fiction, and now, I think I write something legible. I write something that connects to my life- mostly when it is a non-TBP fiction. That work will be inspired from my real life- different people and different views. Whatsoever interesting thing I notice, I think, "What if I write something on this.." When TBP fiction, I write what I predict. 
My Stories:

One Shots
Summary: Does love need words to be explained?
Genre: Hurt/Regret
Pairing: KiSha(KD/Kiya)
Status: Completed
2. RaHi OS- The Unspoken Emotions
Summary: The same One Shot mentioned above. Does love need words to be explained?
Genre: Hurt/Regret
Pairing: RaHi (Ranveer/Panchi)

Short Stories

Summary- How I had expected KiSha to be after the jail misunderstanding. How does KD apologise Kiya for misunderstanding her breaking his wall of ego?
Genre- Angst/Romance/Jealousy
Pairing- KiSha (KD/Kiya)
Status- Paused.

Fan Fictions:
Summary- A sweet light-hearted fiction of my expectations- how ArHad can be one.
Genre- Sweet/Romance
Status- Paused.


Summary- New girl. Smart boy. Competition. Enmity. Just a work to get out of my block!
Status- On going.

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..DamonCrazy.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 3:01am | IP Logged
Name: Shahana/Shaz
User ID: ..DamonCrazy..
I plan to write mostly on:KiSha definitely. Also a lot of friendship/ non canon pairings, especially YaRa.
Preffered Genres: Can't write mush. At all! I prefer to write romance, friendship & angst. Also some light hearted stuff.
About my Writing: Writing has always been something through which I have expressed myself. Since I am in 12th, & have a busy schedule, I stick to oneshots. Maisy says I am the one sentence kind of writer, that the entire soul of my story is usually there in one line in the pieceEmbarrassed
On a more specific KiSha's case, my stories are usually the explosive chemistry/ bantery flirting/ angst kind. I am a Chicklet-Stoneface fan anyday over the 'sweet' KiSha, & that reflects in my writingWinkTongue I also write a lot of non canon, which may or may not be purely platonicTongue My first non canon love is YaRa, but I have other favourites too on whom I write, or plan to write.
My Stories:

Summary:What makes him burn?
Genre: Romance/Jealousy
Pairing: KiSha(KD/Kiya)
2. KiSha OS~Mine~
Summary: "You spin my head, right round, right round"...The war of jealousy...who wins?
Genre: Romance
Pairing :KiSha(KD/Kiya)
3. KiShaRa OS~The Choice~
Summary: Three hearts, two loves, one choice. How could she ever make it?
Genre: Angst/Romance
Pairing/Non Canon: KiShaRa(KD/Kiya/Ranveer)
4. YaRa OS ~Not Too Different~
Summary: Sworn enemies forced to spend detention realise that sometimes, people aren't always what they seem to be...
Genre: Friendship/Comfort
Non Canon: YaRa(Kiya/Ranveer)
5. YaRa OS ||Adrenaline||
Summary: The most unexpected of things sometimes give you the greatest pleasures.
Genre: Humour/Frienship
Non Canon:YaRa(Kiya/Ranveer)
6. ViYa OS || There is... ||
Summary: Kiya has to move on. Perhaps all she needs is someone to listen. (Set after RanSh's fight in S2)
Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Non Canon: ViYa(Avi/Kiya)
Status: Completed
Summary:Carnal Lust...something buried within all of us. What does it take to make it surface?
Genre: Romance
8. KiSha OS ||Find Our Way Back...||
Summary:As great as a love maybe, isn't enough...
Genre: Angst
Pairing: KiSha(KD/Kiya)
9. KiSha OS ||Victory||
Summary:Everything is about winning...
Genre: Slightly dark, implied lust
Pairing: KiSha(KD/Kiya)
10. S2 Non Canon Oneshots ||Moments||
Summary: Drabbles on a few of my S2 non canons...
> ViYa - The arrogant, calculating leader of the Dhakkans has another side to him (Friendship)
> AnSha - Riling up the angry young man is SO much fun! (Friendship/Humour)
> MiChi - Because she's kind of special... (Friendship/Implied Romance)
> VeeNi - "Those eyes...", they intrigue him to no end... (Implied Romance)
Non Canon: ViYa(Avi/Kiya), AnSha(Avantika/KD), MiChi(Omi/Panchi), VeeNi(Ranveer/Rukmini)
11. KiSha OS ||Bloody Hell||
Summary: How could he let her have the last word? My version of the KiSha confession...
Genre: Romance 
12. OneShots |SaChi| |AnHia| HBD Maisy!
Summary:Precious moments...
> SaChi |Could be...| - They had something... (Implied)
> AnHia |ShahRukh| - She made him young... (Implied/Fluff)
Non Canon: SaChi(Samar/Panchi), AnHia(JJ/Sophia)

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santiagosentyou IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Ana's Scribble Index

Name: Ananya
User ID: ARandKJFan
I plan to write mostly on: ViChi and KiSha
Preferred Genres: Almost everything. :/
About my Writing: I prefer OS'es as I'm very lazy. :P 
I like light-hearted ones and I can't for my life write something cheesy. :/ I write whenever I get any idea and not only in one mood. Basically, I'm unpredictable. I can write 2 OS'es in 2 days and then not write anything for more than 15 days. I weird that way. :P

My Stories:


Summary: A light OS showing a completely different side of Panchi and Avi dealing with that side.
Character/Couple/Non Canon: Avi-Panchi
Status: Completed

2. Title: The Three Words
Summary:My attempt at showing Avi's romantic side and Panchi's stubborn one. 
Character/Couple/Non Canon:Avi-Panchi

3. Title: Look After You
Summary:Two people in love who get tangled up in the mess of betrayal and then the consequences of a very serious prank.
Character/Couple/Non Canon:Non Canon

4. Title: The Romantic One
Summary: KD and Kiya go on a date with Kiya discovering some things and then KD pacifying her.
Character/Couple/Non Canon:KD-Kiya

5. Title: Battlefield
Summary: Three people hanging between love and friendship and consequences of one misheard confession.
Character/Couple/Non Canon:Avi-Panchi-Ranveer

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NonComposMentis IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 January 2013
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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Moi eez here!
And so is my index! :P

Absolute Bullshit *Mugs' Oeuvre*

(If you're wondering about the title...check the index... you'll get your answer. :P )

Name: Mugdhaa / Mugs
User ID: NonComposMentis
I plan to write mostly on: Plan? I have written mostly on KiSha and ViChi with a few oneshots on other pairs thrown in and one or two character based ones as well. As for future plans... lack of inspiration prohibits me to write...
Preferred Genres: Romance/Humor and Hurt/Comfort
About my Writing: I don't know..I write what I feel...mostly... I started out with the light-hearted stuff...and yet, somewhere in between, my works started having depressing undertones...though ending mostly on a brighter note... No idea though about what I might write in future...if I write, that is.
My Stories: Since I already have an index, might as well use it. I've only written oneshots, by the way. Genre, pairing, rating, sab given in the index. And so here it is and the title is hyperlinked. Just telling. 

Since I have a penchant for terribly long A/Ns...I'm trying to keep some control over myself.
And so that, will be all.


P.S : Shazzy, Hug

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lostmymusic. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 September 2008
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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 4:10am | IP Logged

Maisy's Messed Up Munchies!

Name - Maisooma. More commonly known as Mais.
User ID - spicySugar..
I plan to write mostly on - Ummm...there's no preference/restriction particularly. I write on characters more than couples. Most of my work is on RaHi though. I hardly write on KiSha LOL Basically, it all depends on what is affecting me the most at the moment. I am not biased in writing and I try to write on everyone but I'm a moody sort of a writer; unless I don't have major inspiration for some idea or character, I won't write on them. Do I make sense? Confused
Preferred Genres - I can't write fluff to save my life! ISUCKATTHAT!! Angst and dark themes are what I like. Love is over-rated and lust is reality. Not that I don't like romance but the conventional kind of romances is not my kind. The take is always different. I suck at comedy too LOL But I can write light stuff Embarrassed
About my writing - UHUM! Ab main kya bolun? LOL It's mostly a spur of moment thing for me. I hardly plan something. My works are not that huge so I prefer writing OneShots only. If I say, "I'm planning to write something!" to someone, more often that not I'd never write that thing xD Biwi says my writing is that one sentence per paragraph kind and she is right. It's not widely descriptive and the flow tends to be too big. Mostly I try to connect two things in my writing and that connection can be big or small. Oh! and I almost NEVER proof read my work so it's always full of typos and mistakes which I realize way too's a habit I'm trying to overcome Tongue

My Stories.

OneShots (not in order of date posted):

1) ||PanSh OS||Crazy Little Phone Call
(KD gets a phonecall at an unexpected time, from an unexpected person, saying the most unexpected things. Fluff.)

2) ||OS|| Cry
(She ended it. He left. And she cried. But it was too late till then...Angst/Can imagine any couple.)

3) PanSh OS || Still...
(Time stood still and the sky kept crying. Bittersweet.)

4) KD&RV|\OS/|Two Lonely Men
(Loneliness likes a little bit of company...specially in the people we are least expecting from. Bittersweet/Bromance)

5) RaHi OS|| Of Extentions and Dresses
(He was used to seeing her in a certain way. And when she got out of that look, he felt the room temperature growing. That's not always right Mr.Casanova! Sweet/Fluff)

6) KiSha OS|| Moment...\*dedications*\
(Sometimes all you need is a small moment to say what you can never say. And in that moment, rain always helps. Sweet/Romance)

7) ||RaHi OS|| Special
(In a world full of billions of people, there's only one who can you make you feel special. Sweet/Romance)

8)YaRa OS// Last Chance.
(AU. If Fate didn't quite finish the story which begun, it's because it was waiting for that one last chance to make it alright. Sweet/Romance)

9) 1 Party, 2 Friends, 3 Steps. [RaHi OS]
(All it takes is 1,2,3 and bam! You're in love! Sweet/Romance)

10) OS| On The Outside..
(What you see is not the reality. What the reality is, you can't grasp it. Because you are just on the outside looking in. Buddies. Hurt/Comfort/Angst)

11) RaHi OS| My Lil Lovestruck Puppy...
(It's love but it's of a different kind. It's the BFF wala love. Sweet/Friendship)

12) Panchi&Kiya|| Escapism
(You can escape the world and reach the top. But can you truly escape yourself? Hurt/Angst)

13) RaHi OS| I'm Sorry...
(What do you do when you are the source of hurt and the point of comfort for the one most special to you? Hurt/Angst)

14) MiChi OS| Caramel Chocolate Toffee.
(Nothin' much. Just sharing my special toffee with my special lady! Romance/Fluff/Sweet)

15) ViChi OS| I would.
(He saw her when she thought she was alone. And he saved her when she thought no one cared. Hurt/Sweet)

16) ViChi OS| So Smitten..
(And she's smitten by the way he smiles...Romance/Sweet/Fluff)

17) ViChi OS| Thrice I Talked To You...
(It took him three encounters to know why she mattered to him. Sweet/Romance)

18) OS| Payback..
(You just can not be friends with the one you hate. Because you can not putt off the weight of payback from your shoulders. RanSh. Bromance/Friendship)

19) RaHi OS| Fleeting Moment(s)
(Fleeting moments don't define our friendship. Fleeting moments just define the love that we shared...Sweet/Love)

20) OS|At The End Of The Day.
(To know the reality, wait till the day has ended RV centric. Hurt/Comfort/Angst)

21) ||OS|| Bruised Ego...
(Always beware of the Bitch with a bruised ego. AU. Kiya centric)

PanchiOS |Move| [~confession based]
(my take on Panchi's feelings when she confessed her love to Ranveer at the New Years Bash.)

Short Stories (all abandoned)

1) KiSha SS|| Yaar-e-Mann|| Chap 2. pg 2
(Love finds you when you are least expecting it. Not when you want it to..)

2) |The Royal Tales| ~Mix Update~
(Drabbles on Royals)

3) ||SS|| Never Forget || PanSh||Note. pg 20
(The world can see many things but not the moments which pass between you and me. And amidst those moments, what existed? Never forget that..)

4) SS| An Affair To Remember|Ch.2/pg.7
(All you can do is start an affair on your terms. But can you end it on your terms as well? If you say 'yes' to that, you need to experience life my friend! PanSh)

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