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FF:ONE DAY MARRIAGE#2:updt part 16 (Page 103)

tintin0602 IF-Sizzlerz

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PART 14:


It was almost 5 p.m. and Khushi was digging her face in the files in order to complete it and move out with Raunak to the hospital. She was very much engrossed in the work that she ignored even lunch and snacks and didn't even had a coffee. After returning AR office from the site, she didn't even met or see Arnav. She is finding this man complicated as she can see the difference in his action and what all he speaks. In saome way, he take care of her and the next second, he become rude. Well, today he ignored all his doings because she very well knew that if she poke her nose today then it will be impossible to go to hospital in its visiting timings.

Khushi finally completed all her reports regarding the inspection of the site and went to Arnav's cabin but he was not present there. She looked around and looked at her wrist watch. She don't have time to wait for Arnav so she put the file on his table and turned to leave to see Arnav standing at the door.

Arnav: you are here?

Khushi(looking down): yes, I kept the reports on your table. Please have a look so that we can proceed further in the project to complete this project as early as possible.

Arnav: ok I will. Don't you think that you are forgetting something?

Khushi looked at him with a confusion and asked him.

Khushi: whats that Sir?

No doubt Arnav didn't like this word SIR from her mouth but still he proceeded.

Arnav: tell me my schedule for tomorrow? And did you prepared everything for tomorrow's meeting?

Khushi was a bit shocked as she didn't know about any meeting till last 5 minutes and now he is informing her and that too at this time when every damm staff is preparing to leave. She looked at Arnav blankly. And thus Arnav commanded her.

Arnav: looks like you don't know about it. Where was your mind today Miss Gupta... oops.. Mrs. Gupta...

Khushi ignored this miss and Mrs word war from Arnav. And said..

Khushi: sir, I guess u should have told me early about this and not at last minute.

Arnav(taking one step closer): Really, am I your Assistant that I will tell you? and how dare you to ask me such thing?

Khsuhi: sir, I really don't want to get into any argument with you right know but...

She was about to complete when Arnav's cabin phone rang. And his attention diverted towards it.

Arnav: yes

Caller: sir, i am care taker for the kids. Sir a girl named Raunak is getting so ...

Arnav: what? Just wait there, we are coming...

The care taker didn't even completed herself, he cut the call and looked at Khushi and asked her come with him. he told her that the phone call was regarding Raunak. He got tensed as if he was her father.

They went to the baby day care and looked that Raunak is getting all nasty and crying hard. She is getting uncontroallable. Khushi ran to her and sat on her knees and hugged Raunak. Raunak was still crying.

Khushi realizsed that her body is little bit heated up. She then checked her forehead. But when Raunak looked at Arnav while crying she pushed Khushi away and moved towards Arnav with baby steps. He took her in his arms and kissed her on her forehead. He too realized that Raunak is not well. But all this while Khushi's jaws dropped because she had stopped crying. Arnav lookd at care taker and uttered only few words.

Arnav(in an angry tone): You are fired.

With that he gestured Khushi to take Raunak and asked her to come with him.

Arnav: she needs doctor. Come with me.

If it was something else then Khushi would have never agreed to him but it was Raunak so she agreed to Arnav. She can see that how Arnav was worried for Raunak as if she was his own daughter which she is not then why the hell he is so worried? She never saw him so worried, not even when its the matter of billion dollar deal.

They rushed to hospital and within 30 minutes they reached there. To Khushi's surprise, it was the same hospital where she was planning to visit with Raunak. Arnav moving in Khushi called a doctor looking at Raunak and then at Khushi. The same doctor came and aske then to come to his cabin. He was a child specialist and Arnav's friend.

Doctor: so Arnav what was that you came here or actually I need to say that you took time for me...

Arnav: no its her, she is ill.

Doctor: ohh, so now you got married and even had a kid, and I getting to know all this now? You really disappointed me a lot... Arnav...

He said while checking Raunak but Khushi was looking at him in the disbelief that he didn't opposed the doctor that they are not married and Raunak is not his child. So she herself cleared the air.

Khushi: no Doctor we are not married. And this kid is mine.

To this Doctor looked at Arnav with surprise that he didn't deny and as a friend doctor very well know Arnav that he didn't bother for any girl till date and he is all silent at this even denial. He can see that the person in front of him is again his friend not the business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada who get worried about a kid getting ill and didn't corrected him when he mistakenly thought that he and this lady Khushi are couples.

After checking Raunak, doctor smiled at Khushi and said..

Doctor: please don't worry, she is have little fever because of this climate change. She will be well soon. Just take care of her.

Khushi: thank you doctor.

Doctor: don't thank me, its my job. Well nice meeting you little lady.

Doctor shacked hands with Raunak who giving continuously smile at Doctor.

Doctor: ok Khushi, just take this meds for her. And Arnav I need to talk to you. Khushi, can I talk to my friend in private. Sorry for bothering you.

Khushi nodded and moved out. She don't want to give any chance to any thought to be in her head as she has got this opportunity to take Raunak to her father, who was admitted here in the hospital. So first she paid the bills for Raunak and took her meds.

After this she moved to a private room, where there were all machines around a Shyam lying down on the bed. He was sleeping. Raunak was all silent as she never visited such a place, so silent. Khushi cant stop feelings today and so here were rolling down without any stop. Even wipping her tears didn't work. She cursed the day when all this happened. She sat on the stool placed nearby the bed and caressed his hair.

Khushi: Raunak, see papa...

Raunak too did the same as Khushi was doing but she was caressing her papa's hand.

Khushi(with tears flowing): Raunak ask papa to get up and be well very soon. Ask papa to play with you. ask papa to talk to you. Ask him Raunak, atleast he will listen to you. ask him to buy you different toys and dresses. Raunak ask your papa to just get up and recover and tell him to take care of you as I am not taking good care of you. tell papa to hold you in his arms...

She cant even speak properly as she was so much chocked but still trying to do.

Khushi: tell him that you miss him and ask him whether he don't misses you, his daughter? If yes then get up hold you... say that you are not happy with him... (sob).. say that you have to see your all antics..(sob)...

Now it seems everything is out of her control, she leaned her head near Shyam's hand and started crying bitterly. Raunak got scared and she too started crying with her. Its being about few minutes that Khushi was in the same condition and Raunak too. Its for the first time she was crying so bitterly in front of someone else she never did this. Her eyes were so filled with tears that she cant look clearly. She just want one thing and that was shyam to get up and took Raunak and her in his arms and keep his hand on her head and say, everything will be ok.

Well why wouldn't she feel like this, he was her everything. Day and night she prayed for Shyam's wellness and god has given her this hardship that she could never ever imagine. Shyam never made her face any hardship of life. She cant see him like this as this was her greatest fear that came true and is being in front of her eyes.  

But she didn't realized that the visiting time is over now. Nurse came in the room for checking Shyam's condition and finding Khushi there, she told her to leave. Khushi looked at her and wipped her tears and moved out of the room.

But all this while Arnav was searching for her in the hospital when he was done talking to his Doctor friend. And finally he saw her standing at the closed door of a room looking through the glass in the room. He was so furious at her.

He shake her from her shoulder. He too didn't know why he was feeling so restless when she was not around him.

Arnav: where the hell you went and that too without telling me? and why the hell are you standing here?

Khushi was looking down not meeting his eyes in order to hide her tears but it was well noticed by Arnav and he became more restless.

Arnav: Khushi... Now why are you crying, man...??? Come with me, I will drop you, its late.

He traced his hands in his hair leaving her shoulder and thought that she was crying because of his rude behaviour but he was Arnav Singh Raizada who never thought that there is a need for him to apologies and so was this case.

Khushi(sob): no sir, you go, I have some more work in the hospital.

 Arnav(closing the distance between them): SHUT UP, Khushi... just listen to what I am saying and come.

Now Khushi who was already in so much pain couldn't see all this domination as life and destiny has already dominated her enough. She looked at him with teary eyes and said in a very strict tone.

Khushi: cant you understand what I am saying, I have work here you go and who are you to order me? this is not your office that I have to listen to you. No you are no one to me, get that? Now leave me alone.

This was a shock for Arnav as no one till date dared to talk to him with this tone and that too these harsh words. If it was someone else then he will make sure that the person will be destroyed but here it was Khushi. He don't know why his this policy of his, didn't working with this girl. His heart and mind was not allowing him to hurt her now as he can see that she was already hurt much but he cant control his anger.

Then his attention went to the person lying inside the room. He can see that with a glass in the door. He looked at Khushi and asked in an angry tone...

Arnav: ohh he is your work that you want to stay?

Jealousy can very well pouring out from his words. Khushi looked at him with so disbelieve that what made him ask this question, with what right he was asking her this question? Its her life her family and so she can meet anyone, why he is so eager to know everything about her.

Khushi: I already told you, that you don't have any right to ask me anything. Since you have helped me and Raunak to come here, I will tell you that the person lying inside lifeless is Raunak's FATHER... (sob) he is everything to us. Hope you got your answer...

She turned back and started crying silently without making a sound.

But hearing this, it seems that he was not standing on earth as it slipped off his feet. Its not that he don't know, Khushi told him that RAUNAK'S FATHER AND HER HUSBAND ARE NOT WITH HER. But he never expected to come to see the reality so early. Actually he never wanted to see it. But when today everything is infront of him, he don't want this man to ever get up. He is so jealous of Shyam right now that without saying a word he left the place and drove his car to some unknown place.

Here Khushi looked at the direction where Arnav left and wiped her tears once again and moved to another cabin after requesting the doctor. Doctor said yes because he know sometimes medicines don't work but the presence of people around the patience whom she/he cared affects the most. Khushi eneterd another room where Payal was lying with machines around.

Khushi caressed her hair and kissed her forehead.

Khushi: we all need you, please get well soon. I know, if you have strong will you will be recovered. Please we need you, we love you.

Raunak again did the same with Payal as she was caressing Shyam's hand. Khushi kissed Raunak and moved out of the room.

" I know now you both will recover fast, atleast do for Raunak and me", Khushi said while moving out of the hospital.

There Arnav was in the most furious condition. He cant find the valid reason that why he is so angry? He was not even this much angry when he came to know about Amisha betraying him as he is today.

" i am feeling restless, like never before. I already know that she is married, as she wears sindoor and Raunak is her child. Then why I am feeling bad. No I should compose myself, I am ASR. But still why there is a pain in my heart. I know everything then why suddenly? Well no wonder Khushi is taking such a good crae of her family, of her Raunak and her hus... and that Shyam and that gold digger girl who just signed the marriage papers to become my wife just for one day, just because she needs money. How much different the two people are of same name" Arnav thought to himself.




ok Guys this is it from myside... And some are not satisfied that teh story is not moving, i tried to move it. Hope this will reach ur hearts. And thanks for being so Patient for this update. Thanks for ur comments, do tell me that how this part was... Love you all

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thanks for the update.  poor khushi, she is in such a depression.  when will the air been cleared.  eagerly waiting. ...

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Amazing update

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Thanks for the pm. I loved the way arnav took care of the baby. Even though arnav don't know the truth. I loved the way he thought high of khushi. Continue soon.

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Awesome update.arnav fired that caretaker wooo he is getting attached to khushi specially raunak very deeply.raunak also loves arnav the way she ignored nd pushed khushi nd went to arnav's jaw also dropped.well done arnav..then at hospital that doctor also prosumed arnav nd khushi as a couple nd raunak as their baby.hayeee thats so hilarious.poor khushi its really hard to see your love ones in this painful condition.arnav got to know the half truth.waiting for next one   

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awesum part

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Amazing update Smile
Loved it :)
So raunak is Shyam and payal daughter
Hope they get well soon

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