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xxMATSxx IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Sorry to channel my innner Alison DiLaurentis LOL (BTW any Pretty Little Liars followers on forum? Shocked CRAYY CRAYY Shit went down last night. Stern Smile). Sorry off track. ROFL

Anyways.. yesterday and today.. a lot of different perspecitves are going around the forum and on two particular things .. Najma/Imran and AsYa's internet lovin. Blushing Well, I have my own thoughts on these two things and also a few other thoughts.. that I kinda need to get off my chest or Imma burst. LOL

First these are just my OWN thoughts and nothing else.. Ive stated them on multiple threads but Im just gonna compile them on one new thread by mwahh instead Smile JUST OPINIONS. Everyone can have their own thoughts and perspectives on things which is why I respect them... I just would like to state how I see things. Tongue


I think I will start with the MAJOR topic butterflying around the forum at the moment. LOL

AsYa and the Internet/Skype watching fiasco.

Here is why I think there was ABS. NOTHING WRONG IN IT.

First. What is stalking and creepish? Ermm What some may find stalking and creepish.. others may not. To ME, if a loved one and someone dear to me were watching me sleep, YES I would be CONSCIOUS of it and rather annoyed LOL and probably wouldnt be able to fall asleep myself. However, if that loved one and I had gone through some SERIOUS things and he/she TOLD me a reason for why he/she wants to watch me sleep, and asked me permission.. THEN I wouldn't be creeped out. I would be flattered. Ouch LOL 

Honestly, Asad and Zoe have been through HELL for MONTHS. With not being able to tell eachother how they feel, to going to the alter and having their happiness be taken away from them, to watching eachother SUFFER, to being seperated for 1 month, to almost marrying the wrong person, to murder attempts and fake rape, I mean Ouch tell me one CRAZY shit they havent gone through. 

Asad  BLAMES himself for what happened to Zoe.. and hell MOST of this forum also blamed him. LOL The guy go Zoe back after SO long and Zoe asked him what he wished for and he said NOTHING. All he wants is Zoya and after PRESSURE from Zoe to say SOMETHING.. Asad presents his wish. And that too a wish that is SELFLESS. There is no PERSONAL Pleasure attached to it other than "PEACE OF MIND." Even in his own WISH (where Zoya's was in my opinions SELFISH- wanting the moon for herself, and wanting her hub to make her breakfast, and wanting her hub to be salman for her,..)..Asad's wish remained SELFLESS. All he wanted was to see the ONE GIRL who he has criticized, and yelled at, and SLAPPED at one point, and not trusted, whome he fell in love with but couldn't be with, who has faced so many murder attempts, and SUFFERED because of his blind trust in his lying and conniving so called bestie, TO BE AT PEACE and SLEEPING a SLEEP of PEACE. All Asad wanted was to BREATHE a sigh of relief that Zoe is with him, and they are together now, and she is happy and okay, and isn't in pain or suffering. 

How is this creepy? Ouch Ouch I mean. If Asad hadn't ASKED Zoya, and was keeping a camp outside her room and watching her without permission.. THEN thats creepy I think. But the guy ASKED HER and told her straight up WHY. Zoya didnt have to let him, and she could have herself said thats creepy Mr Khan and NO.. but if she was okay with it.. then how can we judge? LOL

Thats my response and Honestly I found NOTHING wrong in it. 

Asad's MAIN concern NOW is Zoya, and her happiness and making sure she NEVER suffers anymore especially at his hands. And even in his OWN wish.. he kept ZOYA and her happiness in mind. AsYa's lovestory isn't a PHYSICAL love story. Its a lovestory based on HEARTS, and EMOTIONS, and SUPPORTS of one another emotionally. Which is why all of these CUTSIE scenes.. I ADORE because these two are LIKE THAT. That doesn't mean i wouldn't mind some hugs and kisses.. but I understand WHY there isnt as well. Embarrassed They need TIME and I personally LIKE seeing them GROW together and see their RELATIONSHIP evolve. it makes their PHYSICALLY romantic moments even more SPECIAL. Embarrassed

Now Im also not saying everyone has to like this scene or antying.. I COULD CARE LESS LOL if you liked it thumps up Thumbs Up if you didnt like it Thumbs Up thumps up still.. to each his/her own fancy! LOL


AyRa.. Blushing

I just would like to point out the parallels ONCE AGAIN between Asya and Ayra. 

Just as Asad wanted to watch the love of his love sleep in PEACE because of EVERYTHING she has gone through which he blames himself for.. Aayan is also keeping an eye on Humeira.. although he wants her to WAKE UP, he too is watching her and feels he is to blame for her state. What a way to depict the parallels between these couples. Clap Both couples are always in the SAME line but in their own separate ways as well. Wink I truly enjoyed BOTH of the "watching the love of my life sleep" moments on both couples. BOTH seperate and unique in their situations, but in a sense similar in REASONING. Clap


Imran and Najma and Nikhat.

Honestly I just am SO CONFUSED with the angle right now.

I think the Creatives are trying their LEVEL BEST to try to PAINT Imran as a VICTIM of CIRCUMSTANCE and try to make us accept him ..especially by having Tanveer (Amrapali was EXCELLENT today btw) by having tanveer JUSTIFY everything and explainn everything that happened between her and Imran. 

SEE, if after that story Imran had told Tanveer to TAKE A HIKE and told her do whatever she wants whether its tells Najma the truth or not.. I would have been PROUD of the guy.. that LOOK he is finally taking a stand for his "LOVE". But he RUINED his own case by feeding the cat more money. Ouch WHY IS HE TRYING TO HUSH IT UP. Dude, COME CLEAN. If you come clean NOW at least we can say YOU TRIED to change and make things RIGHT. If he tells Nikhat the truth and Najma the truth.. Id be HAPPY for Imran and his efforts. But the guy is the EPITOME of COWARDNESS and the HEIGHT of stupidity. 

I understand his position at times.. but he isnt making ANY effort to CORRECT his mistakes. OuchWho do i blame? Cv's or Imran? Sleepy

I still LOVE imran and najma's background music but thats where it ends. I cant continue enjoying fb's and background scores if Imran and Najma continue this CHEAP romance they have going on. Sleepy

Even Najma is disappointing me. This girl's character is slowly being BUTCHERED. She is TOO immature and childish and confused right now. she doesnt KNOW what love is.. she just thinks she is in love.. wasn't she happy when Imran WASN"t in her life? How much does this guy mean to you exactly? Ouch On one hand she doesnt wanna hurt Nikhat and on the other hand she doesnt want to stand up for he so called love with Imran.. she is SO CONFUSED. like HONEST to GOD ill be happy with WHATEVER you choose for yourself just OWN UP TO IT. Stern Smile


Humeira's illness-- I want it to be a PSYCHOLOGICAL illness. Ive posted this on another thread on why. 

Today we got a GLIMPSE into Humeira's illness and Raazia stating the meds need to be given to humz for the rest of her life and she cant take more of the meds only in emergency cause too much can cause sideeffects.

I think Humeria's illness is PSYCHOLOGICAL and I do NOT think its physical. I think it MAY have started out creatively as a physical illness.. but I think CV's are changing it to psychologicall just as they changed things int he storyline.. this too is being altered. 

Psychological makes sense cause of the fact that meds need to be given throughout hUmeira's life. Psychological illness is the type of illness were meds need to be given (restricted amounts) throughout a persons life because the symptoms can be surpressed and the disorders may seem cured but once a person goes off the meds.. relapse chances increase. Psychological illness is something that truly NEVER goes away.. Here humz is being given a medication for the rest of her life. If it was CANCER or something, Humz would have to be treated medically.. chemotherapy, radiation, she would have to make hospital visits, she would be given a TIMELINE on her life. 

The only thing we have seen on Humeira's illness is FAINTING and medication. Nothing else. Ouch And right now the Rajni fiasco. Which is why i really think all she has is a personality disorder. And her alter ego's get TRIGGERED under certain circumstances which is why she may have spells of fainting but by giving her the medication after fainting.. she is able to remain as Humeira. I dont have a PHD on Psychology.. LOL I just did bachelors, but as far as i know i think this is the best explanation for what CV"s are trying to portray. 

Finally I think from a CREATIVE standpoint.. Humeira should have a psych disorder more so than the overdone and cliche'ed cancer tracks.. because it would add to the similarity between Humeira and Asad. Aayan and Zoe are similar in nature.. very outgoing, outspoken, do Shaayari, are happy go lucky, not afraid to speak out, while Asad and Humeira are also similar int hat they are more quiet and reserved, and are cultured or rather bounded in culture, they don't speak out as much. Asad has OCD so if humz is shown with a psychological disorder it would add to the parallels between the couples and characters. And honestly at the end of the day i do NOT want to watch another overdone, cliched cancer track. Ouch why not take a risk and do something different and unique? Raise awareness to another form of illness which is a taboo in india and many other countries around the world. Show how individuals can support someone they care about whether family or friend during a rough time. Ermm 


Anyways that all i have! Im sorry for the length of this! I just had a LOT to say so i said it. LOL

Would love feedback as always. Embarrassed


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xxMATSxx IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Really sorry for the length guys!!! I tried to keep it short. ROFL Ill understand if i get minimum feedback HAHA..

And guys this is just MY OPINION. I respect everyone elses thoughts and opinions and feel free to disagree with me! I don't mind.. its just HOW i personally see everything.. and what I think should and shouldn't happen. Embarrassed

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MisHumptyDumpty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
mujhe neend aarahi hai. night rossh 

p.s. : AsYa : The scene to me was FINE but wasnt executed well enough. 

Humera's illnesses - You are right. but i want it to be a physical one hence Zoya can help out ROFL You know what i mean ROFL 

rest tomorrow 

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-Reeti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
please lemme know how to write so long LOL
I kept along 10 minutes to read it an grasp LOL
but such a nice post honey..
well yeah I agree to you on a whole
Grand post i guess on independence day Hug

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-Candz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Clap Clap  I agree on everything. For AsYa, that scene was beautiful, it's him reassuring himself that she's here with me and safe and we're together now. The sadness is gone and now happiness fills their lives. I didn't find his wish creepy at all. Maybe for me personally it'd be creepy if someone wanted to watch me sleep but the way the scene was brought across, it's just another way of Asad and Zoya loving each other. He just wants to be with her and see her happy after all the tears and the guilt he still feels I'm sure of everything that happened before.

I totally loved how Ayaan was at Humzie's bed-side. This jodi Day Dreaming And when he cried Cry Ayaan has fallen for Humzie/Rajni whoever but he has the feelings even though he won't acknowledge it. 

as for Humzie's illness, I want to wait and see more since from the earlier days we've been wondering exactly what kind of illness she had and if that was the reason for Razia wanting to marry her to Ayaan. Something along those lines.

For me, I know my opinion of Imran is where it always has been, I don't like him. He is a coward and as spineless as a jellyfish. His disregard for Nikhat's feelings in all this annoys me. It's like the engagement's over and she doesn't concern him anymore. (See his behaviour at Eid function).Three years has past, he got someone pregnant (maybe) and was engaged and all of a sudden as the engagement broke he wants Najma back after no contact for THREE YEARS!

And I find it sick that he said he tried to love Nikhat but couldn't. Guess the jerk is a good actor because he fooled Nikhat, her family, hell he fooled me too. 

Let me stop before I rant anymore, I STILL don't like Imran. Period!

Great post as always Rosh! Thumbs Up

(PS: I'm a PLL fan too and it is getting good! LOL)

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niki_12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Rosh great post! AsYa scene yesterday was one of my favorites and I am not afraid to say it! Also, I am not a immature teenager who enjoys cheesy romance or anything. But i don't think this was cheesy at all. I enjoyed it because like you said they have been through hell and this was a very good scene to show a new phase of their love and being together. 

AyRa are going through a tough/sad phase and we will see intensity. Where as AsYa are in a happy place. Asad will not man handle Zoya for no reason now. The passion will come but we cannot expect them to start making out the day after Ramzan. This is also a beautiful shade in their love story and I think we should enjoy it! They are being cute with eachother, a little flirty, and basically filling the emptiness in eachothers life. They love story has always been unique and so is their romance! 

I found Ayaan watching Humera very cute as well. 

I love how both brothers did the same thing and especially with men like Asad and Ayaan who want to be the protector of their lady loves! I can totally see why they want to watch them sleeping. Its a stupid comparison but they are like watchmen! ROFL And i mean that in a good way!

Najma Imran i have nothing to say about except that Imran deserves a slap and Najma needs to stop acting like a child! 

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Very well said Rosh Clap

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xxMATSxx IF-Stunnerz

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Yay i got some comments. ROFL

I thoughts I would get like 1 or 2.. ROFL

Sorry again .. i cant apologize enough for the legnth! Embarrassed

-@ ankie-- HAHA yhh understand about execuation.. i mean again to each his own fancy.. I just personally wanted to justify why i think there wasn't any "creep" factor in it. LOL and yhh i think Zoe can still be involved if its psychological.. she can be shown to take care of humz in her not so shining moments.. but the way her illness has been depicted so far.. i feel its going pscyhological way and i WANT it to go that way cause psych illnesses are so TABOO in India and many asian countries.. i want awareness raised on it so people know that we should SUPPORT our family and friend in those difficult times not IGNORE the cases. Ermm you know? plus Cancer and all is so OVERPLAYED now.. how many shows have gone through this track now? ROFL

@ stars- thank you sweetz!

@ riti- HAHA sorry again!!! Embarrassed and thank you! 

@ s120-- thanks hun!! 

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