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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: Love of 1947

Twinkle_ArShi Newbie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:06pm | IP Logged

"Arnav" said khushi, playing with arnav's shirt's buttons as she lied on his chest.

"Hhmm" hummed arnav with closed eyes, enveloping khushi in his arms as they sat down under the shade of a tree away from every riots.

"Arnav" said khushi looking up at him "I am scared arnav"

Khushi's eyes nearly welled up…

"Khushi, what happened?" asked arnav sitting straight as her eyes glistening. He pulled her closer.

"Arnav…I am scared" khushi repeated placing her hand on his chest.

"What's bothering you khushi? Tell me" asked arnav sternly, cupping her face.

"Arnav abbuji, has decided to join the rally which is moving Pakistan……arnav I can't live without you" said khushi almost crying.

Arnav got silent and withdrew her hands, looking sideways as he eyes also glistened.

"Arnav what we are going to do now. The rally is going to move in 2 days……arnav I don't want to go" said khushi in a cracked voice looking down as tears streamed down her cheeks…

"You are not going away" said arnav determinedly…

"I don't know anything…I know just that I want you and I want to live my entire life with you" said khushi…

"And it will exactly happen" said arnav gazing in her eyes…

The next moment both hugged each other wildly as they sat in a leaning position.

"Why are they doing this arnav? Why they are separating India? Can't they live together? Can't they stop fighting and killing? Can't Muslims and Hindus live together on one land? Is that so difficult?" khushi cried with so many questions at a time…

Arnav looked sad and smoothed her hair trying to shush her.

"Arnav do something please, I can't live without you. Because of these fights we are being separated." Said khushi breaking the hug…

"There is only one way" said arnav holding her hand.

"Tell me arnav, I will do whatever you will say. I don't want to live here." said khushi sitting straight and wiping her tears.

"We have to elope from here khushi" said arnav gripping her hand.

"But" said khushi…

"Khushi, this is the only way. These selfish beasts will never understand us and our feelings. They just want to kill and fight. They don't want to sit and discuss on this issue" said arnav cupping her face…

"I am with you" said khushi after a long pause.

"Khushi I don't want to hurt you but this is the……" arnav tried to speak but was cut off…

"Don't say this arnav. You can never hurt me. You are the most precious jewel in my life even I also want to get rid of here. I want to start a life with you. I don't want to be a part of all these riots. Just take me away" said khushi.

Arnav smiled through his tears and pecked on her forehead, cupping her face and she shut her eyes in bliss. He wiped her tears and brushed her hair strands away, caressing her temple. He stared in her eyes as they spoke volumes. She dig her nails in his biceps as arnav leant to her lips. She shut her eyes in anticipation as his rough hands ran in her silky hair.

They were about to kiss when they heard a gunshot. They shot their eyes open and looked around as the birds resting in every tree flew away.

"Arnav" khushi got scared and hid her face in arnav's chest.

Arnav hugged her tightly, caressing her hair and looked here and there when they started to hear the continuous sounds of gunshots. Khushi quivered in arnav's embrace hearing those sounds while arnav patted her back and caressed her hair. He murmured soothing words in her ears trying to shush her as she cried bitterly when the sounds of gunshots hit her ear.

They stayed in each other's arms until there was a silence after the shots. Arnav broke the hug and made her to stand.

"We should leave now" said arnav…

Khushi nodded and covered her head.

"I will leave you till your house" said arnav holding her hand.

"No arnav, I can go, you just take care of yourself. If anyone saw us, then a big problem will be created. Don't worry about me. You…you just…just come quickly, I will be waiting for you" said khushi in a cracked voice…

"I will…I will come very soon…I will not make you to wait" said arnav determinedly and pecked her forehead.

"Just pack your stuff as you reach home, I will be there at 12:30" said arnav cupping her face…

"Arnav" said khushi…

"I Love You too" said arnav smiling.

Khushi smiled and hugged arnav. After sometimes she broke the hug.

"Come soon" said khushi and turned to leave…

Arnav nodded and turned to leave…and like this they both moved towards their houses, facing their backs with heavy heart for the last time.


It was the year of wars, 1947, 13th August. The whole India seemed a battlefield. The grounds were carpeted with blood, a very strange environment. People of different communities killed each other. The women were barely respected. The sounds of gunshots would be heard after every two-three hours.

This separation was leading a great change in everyone's lives specially a couple who loved each other beyond any limits; arnav and khushi.

Arnav was belonged to an Indian community while khushi was belonged to a Muslim community. Their parents had a very friendly relation but everything changed as the British people announced about the separation of India before leaving.

But this change cost a lot to arnav and khushi. They were being separated for these silly fights which led them to take big step like eloping as no other choice left.

It was getting dark and arnav and khushi packed their stuff ready to leave. Khushi covered herself with a burkhah and veiled her face. She sneaked out of the house before glancing at her ammi and abbu. She came out and found arnav waiting for her. She smiled and ran to him and held his hand.

"Ready" asked arnav…

Khushi looked at her house and then at arnav…

"Khushi…" said arnav…

"Let's go arnav" said khushi gripping his hand assuring him.

He smiled and covered her with a shawl which he specially bought for her. They held each other and started walking towards the forest area which was a secret route… they were walking hand in hand when a police officer who was taking a round there, found them. He recognized their faces and smirked…

"So Raizada's son and Saeed's daughter are eloping…" thought the officer and then informed their parents immediately who were out raged at their son's and daughter's deed. They were on the verge of killing their own blood. Both the parties took their gun and truncheons with burning fire and moved towards the area where they were directed by the officer.

Khushi and arnav walking in each other's arms with a lingering smile and glancing at each other occasionally. Khushi rested her head on his shoulders and arnav patted her head lovingly when they heard weird sounds from behind.

They both looked back and found their families at a distance with guns and truncheons with fire in their hands. Khushi got horrified seeing the scene as tears appeared in her eyes and she snuggled in arnav…but arnav was standing with a determined face.

"Arnav" Khushi stuttered…

"Don't worry…nothing will happen" said arnav and they increased their pace…they were running hand in hand when khushi was about to get hurt with a stone but arnav pushed her and in the process his leg got sprained and he fell down…

"Arnav…arnav" khushi cried seeing him wincing and got panick…

"Arnav don't worry, everything will be fine" khushi said trying to make him stand and looking front as they were getting closer…

"Khushi, leave me…you just run away otherwise they will hurt you…" said arnav pushing her back softly…

"Are you mad arnav…you think I will leave you alone here…" said khushi in a cracked voice.

"Khushi please go" pleaded arnav wincing…

"No arnav…I am not going…" said khushi crying…

"Khushi…go" yelled arnav at her as he saw the group almost reaching.

Khushi flinched and looked at him…

"Khushi…" arnav pleaded…

"No I am not leaving you. What do you think that you will suffer everything alone then you are wrong" yelled khushi at him…

"Khushi they will hurt you" said arnav…

"I don't care….i just care about you…" said khushi…

"Arnav I Love You" said khushi cupping his face…

Arnav kept quiet and looked at her. He pulled her with his hand and rested his forehead on her forehead.

"I Love You too" said arnav with a smile.

Both breathed heavily staring at each other. Khushi wiped her tears and stood up and made arnav to stand. She held arnav from waist and placed his arm around her neck. They walked but it was getting difficult and they almost reached.

"Khushi stop" said arnav…

"Arnav" khushi gave a questioning look.

"Let them come, we can't run all the life…we have to talk with them" said arnav and turned back…

"But arnav they will kill us…" said khushi…

"We don't care…we don't scare from death…we have to talk…it will be the best thing…we will die in each other's arms…am I right" asked arnav.

Khushi eyes welled up and she nodded…

"You are right" said khushi and hugged him…

Their families reached them and found them hugging.

"Khushi, leave that boy or otherwise you are going to be buried alive" yelled khushi's father…

Khushi kept quiet and stood beside arnav…

"Leave her, arnav. Are you out of your mind" yelled arnav's father…

"No babuji, I can't leave khushi. She is my life and I can't live without her…I am sorry to disobey you" said arnav sternly not looking at him…

"Arnav, you are not listening me? I am your father and you will do that what I will say. Now leave that girl" said arnav's father.

"Babuji…I love khushi and she loves me too. We want to get married. Only on this condition we would come back otherwise let us go" said arnav…

"Khushi didn't you hear what I said you…" said khushi's father with gritted teeth…

"Please abbuji don't do this with me. I love arnav a lot…please try to understand" khushi cried and arnav hugged her…

"You both will be killed" said arnav's father sternly…

"We don't care, if living with each other is not in our fate then we will be glad if we die in each other's arms." Said arnav.

"Fine…we also don't care" said khushi's father and threw that burning truncheon towards them. Khushi hid her face in arnav's chest clutching his biceps while arnav hid his face in her neck. They entwined their hands as the trees around them caught the fire and soon the fire engulfed them also…


After this incident, that area was now a barren, teem less and an arid area where no plant or flower ever grew. That place was totally black and the trees were in ashes…it seemed that the plants have also denied to grow on that area where two lovers were being killed by their own parents.

The End

Author's Note: No offense to anyone in anyway. It was just an attempt to tribute our Indian and Pakistani Nation with this OS of ArShi. Please don't take it in any negative way. It's just a means of merry making…


The side intention of this OS was just to forget all the quarrels and fights and hatred which we may have in our heart for our every brother and sister of any nationality. Just a request to celebrate this Independence Day by forgetting the past quarrels and start a new life. Let's forget our nationalities and communities and just remember that we are humans and have a brotherly relation…let's wish each other and to our Pakistani and Indian fellows, A Very HaPPY Independence Day…

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
so sad but then i bet this was common place
so many died due to one decision of the ones who left behind two burning nations
that was so sad right
zainabhassan1 Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
I m such speechless ur right we have to forget everything quarrles fight with each other their must be love respect if these thing we apply in life I sure their will be peace love care in both nation
HAPPY INDEPDENCE DAY to all Pakistani and Indian nation
saavan_lover Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 2:29pm | IP Logged

Really nicely written. I agree with you, we need to forget this hatred and live in peace and love :)

The ending was very sad but it was very realistic too :( There are many parents in India(and in other countries too) who put their ego and pride first and dont look beyond the hatred. This battle between religions has gone on for way too long.
..GungunPM.. Newbie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
This had a very nice message to it
Loved it
Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
an apt OS on such momentous dayClap

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