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i wish.. Mayur ff..#2 updated LAST part 27 pg 33 (Page 24)

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Originally posted by pihu.

fabulous update
loved it
Do cont soon


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Originally posted by drfizaahmed

waiting so much fro next one

update soon

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Originally posted by

Update soon
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Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

Nice update. Waiting 4 nxt.

Thanks :)
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@Shafy next part by wednesday...and it will be the last part..everything will Be revealed...
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Originally posted by shafy_MN

Originally posted by pihu.

fabulous update
loved it
Do cont soon


Trying :D
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Thank you everyone Big smile
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        chapter 26

Her eyes were closed by a blindfold and her mouth was held tightly. Finally she was brought to open air after she was taken up by a lift. Nupur breathed in the cold air and as the sweat was getting dried up by the cold air she could feel herself shivering. Soon her blindfold was taken off and on seeing the person in front of her she shouted

"Mayank how dare you bring me here like this? What do you think of yours..." "ssshh..Bohot bolti ho tum."

He said placing his finger on her lips and then slowly removing it he continued

"Nahi ek kaam karo aaj tum sab kuch bata hi do mujhe akhir baat kya."

Now a bit of anger could be seen in his eyes.

"Batao Nupur bolo."

"Main kuch batana zaruri nahi samajhti."

"Kyu? Ye meri life ki baat hai batao mujhe bhi ye pata hona chahye. Bolo Nupur bolo. Lekin ab jhut mat kehna. "

"Maine kab jhut kaha tumse Mayank huh?"

"Dekho khud se hi jhut keh rahi ho."

He said while smirking.

"Main koi jhut nahi keh rahi."

Nupur said while lowering her gaze.

"Acha meri ankho me Dekh kar kaho ki tum sach keh rahi."

Mayank said while holding her arms.

"Haan main sach keh rahi hoon."

Nupur said while looking into his eyes.

"Meri ankho me dekh ke kaho ki tumne mujhe kabhi apna dost nahi mana."

"Nahi mana."

Mayank irritatedly smiled at her guts.

"Meri ankho mein dekh ke kaho ki tumne humesha mujhse nafrat ki."

Nupur could not lie anymore so she lowered her gaze.

"Kaho Nupur ki tumhare dil me mere liye sirf nafrat ki jagah hai. Kaho Nupur ki tum mujhe kabhi nahi dekhna chahti. Kaho Nupur ki tum mujhse pyar nahi karti."

Mayank remained silent after it and waited for her reply.

"Bolo Nupur bolo. Damn it say something."

He said with a bit of tears in his eyes which broke Nupur from inside.

"Haan haan main tumse nafrat nahi karti. Haan main tumhe har roz dekhna chahti hoon. Haan main tumhe maine sab jhut kaha Mayank sab jhut par sirf tumhare liye. Sirf tumhare bhalaiyi ke liye. Haan Mayank main..main tumse pyaar karti hoon."

Saying this she looked at him and smiled.

Mayank's eyes started shining with tears and happiness. He couldnt believe on his ears but it was true. He felt like taking a step ahead and give her a hug but he dint as he had something to say. "I love you too Nupur."

Nupur looked at him with tears and finally the two of them took a step and hugged each other so tight as if they would never part but finally something struck Nupur's mind and she broke the hug in an insensitibve way which gave Mayank a bit of shock.

"Mayank par yeh nahi ho sakta we cant be together."

"Kyu Nupur? Jab hum dono hi.."

"Nahi Mayank yeh samjhane asan nahi hoga."

"Nupur have faith in me kuch aisa hai jo tum batana nahi chahti par please you need to vomit it now."

Nupur told him about the call but dint take Rhea's name. After knowing everything all Mayank could do was hug her and Nupur started crying.

"I know Mayank  I have hurt you a lot but now you understand why right?"

"Ssshh...Mujhe pehle hi pata tha ki tum aise kisi ke sath nahi kar sakti aur wo bhi itne

Handsome ladke ke saath."

He said while smirking.

"Oh yes ofcourse."

Nupur replied while hitting him on his chest.


Mayank shouted.

"Laga kya?"

Nupur immediately asked with concern.


Nupur glared at him and then they again hugged each other.


Finally after breaking the hug Nupur said with seriousness

"Mayank hum public me nahi milenge."

"To kaha milenge Nupur?"

"Wo nahi pata but koi hai jo tumhe nuksaan pohchana chahta hai to hume door hi rehna hoga." "Par aise kitne din chalega Nupur. Mujhe kuch nahi hoga Nupur.."

"Please Mayank nahi. Promise me ki tum public me milne ki koshish nahi karoge."

Mayank just nodded his head.

"Mayank tum samjh rahe ho na Please."

"Haan Nupur haan main tumhari baat samjh raha hoon. Tum tension mat lo main kuch hone nahi dunga."


The sun rays falling on her face irritated her. Finally giving up she got up from the couch,which was quite uncomfortable. Her back was paining like anything. She sat on the couch and while slowly pressing her Shoulder her eyes fell on Mayank. He was sitting with his hands covering his face as Nupur made a little noise while getting up he turned around with his red eyes. Nupur found them a bit scary but she just removed her gaze and checked the time on her watch . It was 8:00 am. Seeing the time she immediately got up and spoke


"Mayank i think gates khul gaye hai. We can leave now."

Mayank just got up and wore his coat and moved towards the gate.

Finding it open they both left the office. Mayank dropped Nupur home without any arguments and issues. There was awkward silence. Nupur on reaching home had to reply to hundreds of questions asked by Gunjan whereas Mayank on reaching home had no one to speak to and most importantly no one who cared. Sighing he sat on his chair. He was uncomfortable things were getting worse for him. It was difficult for him. Very few actually knew the real Mayank. He had changed since the time he fell in love but he and his life changed a lot more since she left.

Not many know what he went through because he pretended. No one can guess what a mess he is in. As he never allowed the world to know about any of his feelings.

"Nupur mujhe pata hai abhi tumhe meri koi baat sach nahi lagegi aur na main tumhe kuch batunga. Waqt sab kuch theek karedega. If we are meant to be together we will be together. Agar nahi to main tumhe phir kabhi nahi dikhunga I promise."

Mayank and Nupur had taken rest for the day as they were extremely tired.

Mayank was lying on his bed when the bell rang. Unwillingly Mayank got up from bed to know who had come.

"Sir, Samrat has come to meet you."

Mayank's servant informed him.

"Send him upstairs."

Saying this Mayank sat on his chair.

"Hi Samrat..koi kaam tha?"

"Kyu zaruri hai koi kaam ho tabhi aunga."

He said while sitting next to Mayank.

"Achi baat hai aya kar."

Samrat noticed something fishy. He could see his red eyes and the lines of tension on his forehead. So he decided to talk about it.

"Mayank tu theek toh hai na?"


Mayank said while getting up.

"Par lag nahi raha aisa Mayank. Dude tune Nupur se baat ki?

Samrat said while gaining courage.

"Mujhe Nupur ke bare me koi baat nahi karni."

"Mayank tu ab isse door bhagna band kar. Ab to wo tere samne hai. Its time to rectify everything and get that smile of yours for u and for us."

"Samrat wo meri koi baat nahi sunna chahti. "

"Par tumhe use sunana hoga Mayank. Ab use bhi maturely baat ko samjhna hoga. Please Mayank please."

"Nahi Samrat i think destiny doesnt want it."

"Mayank destiny ko dosh mat do. Us samay Rhea ne bhi to.."

"Bas Samrat bas. Mujhe abhi ke liye akela chor de."

"Sure. See you dude."

"See you."

Samrat came out of Mayank's when he got a call from Mita,his girlfriend.

"Samrat tum kab aarahe ho?"

"Main bas nikal hi raha hoon."

Though unwilling Samrat made his way towards her place. On reaching there Mita could see that he was upset and seemed really disinterested.

"Samrat sab theek toh hai na?"

She asked while placing her hands on his.

"Nahi Mita kuch theek nahi hai. I cannot see Mayank like this. He doesnt deserve it. "

"Mayank ko kya hua?"

"Tum Nupur ko toh jaanti ho na. Bas wo Nupur se baat nahi kar paa raha aur nahi wo sunna chahti hai."

"Par hua kya tha Samrat? Mujhe itna to pata that they were madly in love par hua kya tha?please tell me."


Samrat decided to tell her everything.


Post their confession Samrat and Gunjan were the only one who knew about Mayank and Nupur. They met each other only in the old chemistry lab where no one came. Nupur had true faith in Mayank but she had some insecurities. She loved him but she also feared losing him. Mayank assured her as much as he could but still she needed something called commitment.

"Mayank college bhi khatam ho chuka hai humne Mba bhi kar liya and end of this month you are going to start your bussiness aur mujhe bhi appointment letter mil gaya hai. I think ye waqt hai ki we take this relationship further. Hume apne parents se baat karna chahye."

"Nupur abhi tum join toh kar lo. Mera bussiness ka idea successful toh sabit ho jaye phir hume baat karni chahye shayad."

"Nahi Mayank i think its time. Bohot chupa liya humne sabse is cheez ko."

"Par Nupur sahi waqt."

"Yehi sahi waqt hai Mayank."

"Nupur i dont know tum itni insecured kyu ho? "

"Mayank its not about insecurities its about telling our parents and everyone. Tumhi to ye sabko batana chahte the after our confession."

"Par tumne mana kia tha."

"Haan uss time baat kuch aur thi. Par ab main hi keh rahi hoon ki its high time."

"Nupur darling please try and understand."

"I think tumhe bhi ab samjhna chahiye ab chup chup ke milna possible nahi hoga."

She said while tears formed in her eyes.

"Nupur .."

He immediately stopped as tears formed in her eyes.

"Nupur tum tum please please rona mat please. Have faith in me Nupur main tumhara haath nahi chorunga chahe kuch bhi ho.Hum alag nahi honge. Uss baat ko waqt ho chuka hai. Kaun harm pohchayega ab mujhe. Mujhe pata hai tumhe abhi bhi us Baat ki tension hai but trust me. Mujhe pata hai tumhe committment hi remedy lag raha hai is waqt. And if you want it then friday ko jo Rhea ke ghar me hum sabke Mba pass karne ki khushi me party hai uss din hum sabko batayenge not just our parents but everyone present there."

"Thank you Mayank thank you."

Nupur immediately hugged him tight. Mayank and Nupur at the moment were at Samrat's place where everyone was present but they silently had made their way towards the terrace when everyone seemed engaged but they were not aware of the fact that someone had followed them. They dint know that someone had understood everything,all her misunderstanding and doubts were clear and already some plans were made.

"Ab to sab theek ho ke hi rahega. Good luck Rhea. Now everything will be fine on your part." Finally it was friday and Nupur was all ready for it and Mayank too was ready as well as excited. Before leaving Shilpa entered Mayank's room

"Mayank ."

"Yes mom."

" chalein?"

"Haan chalo."


Nupur came out from the house with her parents and Gunjan. Invitation was given to each and everyone in the family after all it was a party thrown by the great Malhotra's, things were going to be different. Mayank was waiting for Nupur when someone really mesmerizing entered the hall. He took a deep sigh on seeing her and smiled wholeheartedly. Nupur looked at him the way he was looking at her made her blush.

"Di tum Mayank ke pass jao main maa papa ko engage rakhti hoon."

Gunjan said in her ears. Though Gunjan took away her parents but Nupur had no guts to join him. She stood there quietly but soon Mayank made his way towards her.

"Wow aj to kitne hi ladke raste me gir pade honge."

"Mayank apni yeh cheap flirting band karo."

"Hum kare to cheap tum karo to theek."

He was about to add more but Nupur's glare stopped him.

"Chalo kuch drinks try kar lo."

"Nahi theek hai.."

"Nahi nahi ao toh.."

saying this he started dragging her towards the garden gate.

"Par Mayank bar to waha.."

"Shhh..chalo toh.."

"Uff garden me kyu le aye. Koi dhundega toh?"

"Gunjan hai na. Nupur mujhe ek last time tumse baat karni thi."

"Last time matlab."

She asked while lines of worry appeared on her forehead.

"Last time matlab bakra halal hone se pehle."

he said while giving her kisses on her neck

"Yea yea. Mayank koi dekh lega please."

"Aj to humara haq hai. "


"Ok chalo."

"So sweet.."

"Chalo warna diabetes ho jayega."

Saying this they hugged each other and left.


"Its time for revenge its time that you will pay for taking away my Mayank from me. For destroying my seeds."


Mayank and Nupur were away from each other talking with others but they kept glancing at each other. They were waiting for the right time when everyone would be present there. Mayank immediately Signalled Nupur when he saw that everyone was there and were in a joyous mood. Mayank took the microphone and started speaking.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I will not take much time of yours. I just wish actually we wish to share something with you all and our parents. Its an important decision and part of our life. I want to tell you that.."

Nupur just looked at him admirably and everyone gathered around him. Mayank had a smile on his face and he was looking at Nupur.

"I want to tell you that I ,Mayank Sharma is in love and wants to marry his love interest a very good friend of mine Ms. .."

Before Mayank could add anything Rhea went upto him and held his hand while taking his the mike from his hand she continued from where he had left

"Ms.Rhea Malhotra."

Saying this Rhea tightly hugged Mayank. Nupur was shaken it seemed that the world had ended. Tears started gushing down her cheeks but she waited there for Mayank's reaction she waited for him to rectify things. But seeing them hugging each other burnt her heart and

His smile made the conditions worse.

Rhea continued

"Yes Mom and Dad we are together and wish to be together for lifetime."

"Really beta."

Mr. And Mrs. Malhotra along with Shilpa asked Mayank and Mayank's nod was the end of it.


Nupur without telling anyone just left the place and moved towards the house. Gunjan and her parents followed her. Nupur on reaching home told everyone in the house that she wanted to leave Mumbai. She told them how much she missed  Kolkata and lied that she wanted to join a course that is only possible in Kolkata. Her parents agreed because of her regular asking for it. Just two days later Nupur and Gunjan left for Kolkata as Gunjan wanted to be with her sister.

"Di tumhe ek baar Mayank se karni chahye thi."

"Please Gunjan kya kehta wo yehi na maine sirf tumhe use kiya isiliye wo kisi ko kuch batana nahi chahta tha."


"Par di Mayank aisa." "Jab tune sab khud dekha hai to ye kyu ki gunjaish hi nahi hai. " "Tum Rhea ko to janti ho na di."

"Shayad ye mili bhagat ho Tabhi na use pata tha use kya karna hai. Gunjan aur gaur karne wali baat to ye hai ki he is not bothered. Wo aya hi nahi na phone na message kya samjhun main? Wo muh pe to mujhe kuch keh nahi sakta tha kyun ki use hazaron sawalon ke jawab dene parte isliye shayad ye rasta apnaya."

Gunjan found some relevant points in what Nupur said so she decided not to talk about it.


"Par Samrat Mayank ne kuch kaha kyu nahi wo Nupur ke pas gaya kyu nahi? Kya sach me wo Nupur se pyaar nahi karta tha?"

Mita asked with concern.


When he was about to continue he got a call from his home.

"Mita kuch zaruri kaam main phir kabhi bata dunga abhi i need to leave."

"Ok bye."

Smiling he left the place.


From the next day Nupur and his team started working on the project . Mayank hardly visited the place where the work was on. And whenever he went to the place he preferred keeping the talks extremely professional. Nupur was quite surprised with Mayank's behaviour. She was just fine with it. Things were as she wanted. Quite smooth and healthy as far as she was concerned.


One day Nupur went to Mayank's office. He wasnt there. A meeting was going on in the meeting room so Nupur waited for him in his cabin. Nupur was just going through some magazines when her eyes fell on Mayank's wallet. She wanted to open it . Her mind was saying no but her heart wanted to open it. After quite a long discussion between her mind and her heart,she finally opened it. As soon as she opened it she found Shilpa aunty's photo,she gave a slight smile on seeing it but her smile was on the edge to fade when she saw Rhea's picture. Her heart thud a beat. She felt disheartened. Things from the past started coming In front of her but she slowly told herself that it had to be it. She took a deep breath and was about to open the other side of his wallet when the knob of the door clicked. Nupur knew Mayank had come so she immediately left it and sat on the chair taking the magzine in her hand. Mayank slowly entered the cabin and said

"Nupur koi kam tha?"

"Haan kaam to hai."

She said while getting up.

"Please sit. Baith ke baat karte hai. Haan to batao baat kya hai."

"Mayank main tumhe yeh invitation card dene ayi hoon."

"Shaadi kar rahi ho kya?"

He said jokingly.

"Are wah tumhe kaise pata? Ye lo mere engagement ka card. Zarur ana."

A lump formed in his throat which he forcefully gulped down. His face became pale and his lips became dry. His eyes became red and a bit of tears started forming in his eyes. Just not to make them visible to her he dropped the file which was in his hand. Nupur could see him nervous, tensed and somewhere irritated. May be that is what she wanted. He had irritated her enough may be it was her time. Mayank knew he had to speak to her. It was high time. It was a do or die situation for him. So he immediately got up from his place and sat on the chair next to Nupur. Nupur found it completely strange and she was quite taken aback.

"Nupur tum aise kaise shaadi kar sakti ho?"

"Aise kaise shadi tumhara matlab kya hai? "

"Nupur tumne mujhse kabhi kuch puchne ki koshish ki jo main tumhe batana chahta hoon? " "Dekho Mayank mujhe tumhari koi bhi samjhe koi bhi bakwas nahi sunni. Uss din bhi main bol nahi payi thi. Bewakuf thi main sab ke samne mujhe tumhara sach la dena chahiye tha. Par uss din chup chap maine sab suna. Par ab main wo Nupur nahi hoon jo kisi ki bhi bakwas sun le. Main tumhari koi explanation nahi sunna chahti. Izzat se ye invitation de rahi hoon. Agar aye toh you will be welcomed nahi to tumhari marzi.aur haan koi tamasha karne ki zarurat nahi hai. "

She said while getting up and leaving the cabin.

"Nupur tum mujhe samjh nahi payi."

"Sahi kaha Mayank main tumhe samjh nahi payi kash pehle samjh jati to Yeh din nahi ata." Smiling sarcastically she left the office.Leaving a broken ,devasted Mayank.


Just after a while Samrat entered Mayank's cabin. Mayank was sitting on the table with his heads down .

"Mayank bohot hogaya sharafat nahi chalegi ab. Maar diya usne apni baaton se tujhe. Ek baar wo teri baat sun leti to kuch ho nahi jata na par wo sunna nahi chahti hai aur nahi tu sunna chahta hai shayad."

"Samrat tu nahi samjhega. I am shattered from inside bohot ho gaya ye sab wo nahi samjhegi aur na sunegi use meri har baat jhut lagegi Samrat aur zahir si baat hai kyu ki wo kuch sach nahi janti. Mujhe kahi bahar jana hai ab yahan  mera dam ghut raha hai."

"Ek kaam kar kuch dino ke liye tu bahar chala ja."

"hmm..filhal mujhe akela chor de Samrat."

"mayank tu ghar chala ja please i beg of you."

"Theek hai."


Samrat was angry. Meanwhile he made some plans. Samrat barged into Nupur's cabin where she was sitting with some books.

"Samrat tum yaha."

"Haan yahan Nupur. Kya kar kya rahi tum apne aur Mayank ke saath. Damn it. Batao?"

"Kya shadi kar rahi hoon life me ek naya phase ko experience karne ja rahi hoon."

"Mayank ka kya hoga?"

"Kyu Rhea to hai uski love interest ya Mayank ne use bhi dhoka de diya. Nahi nahi use dhoka kaise pyaar jo karta hai usse. Abhi bhi uski photo liye ghum raha hai. Mujhe laga tha shadke baadi ye sab to khatam hogaya hoga."

"Shadi ??Mayank is single."

"And ready to mingle. I know it Samrat. Koi nayi baat nahi hai."

"Nupur tumhe sab sachai nahi pata ."

"Oh aur bhi kuch reh gaya tha us din jo maine miss kardia bata sakte ho mujhe. Main kisi ko nahi batungi. Promise and i dont break my promises."

"Nupur stop behaving like a kid."

"Huh. To aur kaise behave karun please elaborate. "

"Nupur please i beg of you meri baat sun lo."

"Kya sunun maim samrat ek aur jhut nahi hoga mujhse sehan Samrat nahi hoga. Main bhi insaan hoon bohot galat hogaya mere saath. Bohot saza milgaya pyaar karne ka."

Samrat seeing her breaking down immediately held her face in his hands and said

"Nupur Mayank majboor tha. Wo kabhi tumhara saath nahi chorta. Wo Rhea ki is harqat se zara bhi wakif nahi tha. Wo usse pyar nahi karta tha wo sirf tumse pyaar karta tha karta hai karta rahega. Mr.Malhotra was like a saviour in his life. Mayank sirf do saal ka tha jab uske father expire kar gaye. Use to apne father yaad bhi nahi. Mr.Malhotra ne unki family ko support diya Shilpa aunty ko tough time me naukri di. Mayank ko padhaya likhaya apne bete jaisa rakha. Wo unki bohot respect karta tha aur pyaar because he was like a father figure to him. Mayank ka bachpan unki parchai me guzra tha aur Rhea bhi uske life ka ek bohot hi important hissa thi. Tabhi wo uss din unki khushi dekh kar react nahi kar paya. Usne apne pyaar ko kurbaan karna chaha unki khushi ke liye. Par Mayank se bardasht nai ho paya. He couldnt leave you he couldnt imagine anyone in your place. Rhea uske sath romantic hone lagi wo Mayank se wo bhi bardsht nahi hua. Mayank do din tak ye sab bear kia but jab tak usne realize kiya ki ye nahi ho sakta tab tak dair ho chuki thi tum city chor kar jaa chuki thi Nupur. Tumne tumhara number sab kuch change kar liya. Humne tumhe bohot dhunda fir Mayank ko laga shayad tum Kolkata me ho. Mayank Kolkata jana chahta tha par maine hi mana use mana kiya kyu ki wo kaha dhundta use kuch pata bhi to nahi tha. Usne dusre hi din sabko bata diya ki wo yeh shadi nahi kar sakta tha kyu ki wo Rhea se nahi pyaar karta hai. Usne bata diya ki wo tumhara naam lene wala tha. Usne sab kuch bata diya sab ko aur jab wo sabko sab kuch bata kar waha se nikla toh usi raat Rhea ne..Rhea ne..."

Samrat said almost crying..

"Rhea ne kya Samrat?"

Nupur asked with tension.

"We lost her for life time Nupur. Rhea ne sucide kar liya. She was mad about him she couldnt take it. Mayank lost a friend . She left us leaving Mayank responsible for all of it. Aaj tak sab Mayank ko responsible samjhte hai. Na wo khud ko maaf paya hai Nupur and two months later his only support Shilpa aunty died in a car accident. Mayank is all alone use tumhari zarurat hai. Uske baad usne apne apko kaam me itna engage kar liya Ki aaj wo one of the top bussinessman hai. Nupur his life is pathetic. Koi nahi hai uske paas. Bas tumhari,rhea aur Shilpa aunty ki photo apne wallet me liye ghumta. Jab zada apne apko akela mehsus karta hai to khol kar dekh leta hai." By the time Nupur was in tears. She was crying sobbing like a child and Samrat was consoling her.

"Nupur please ye shaadi mat karo Mayank needs you."

"Samrat tum mujhe Mayank ke paas lekar chaloge?"

Samrat smiled and immediately said

"Chalo nikalte hai."

"Mayank kahan ho sakta hai? "

"May be office.."

On reaching the office Nupur found that Mayank had left way before.

"Ab kahaan ho sakta hai?"

"Ghar aur kahaan. Chalo nikalte hai."

They both headed towards the house. 





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