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i wish.. Mayur ff..#2 updated LAST part 27 pg 33 (Page 22)

Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shafoo

i really want to mayank to know the truth of Rheaaa

hopefully he will cm to know

neha333 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Awesome curious to know whts update soon..thanx
Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neha333

Awesome curious to know whts update soon..thanx

Glad u liked it
Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 6:41am | IP Logged
          CHAPTER 25

"Han Samrat isliye mujhe jane do."

Nupur said with tension on her face.


"Nupur lagta hai kisi ne tumhare sath mazak kiya hai. "

Nupur gave him a strange look so Samrat continued

"Mera matlab hai ya to kisi aur Mayank ka accident hua hai ya koi tumhe pareshan kar raha tha.."


Nupur cutting him in between immediately placed her question in front of him

"Kya matlab hai tumhara?"


"Nupur peeche muro aur dekho Mayank sahi salamat khada hai waha canteen ke pas."

Nupur turned around in a fraction of a second and closed her eyes on seeing while a lone pair of tear made its way towards her cheeks.


Samrat saw the change in her and Mayank too noticed everything from the corner of his eyes. "Nupur tum ro kyu rahi ho?"

Nupur immediately wiped her tears and said

"Samrat mujhe jana hai."


"Nupur ek baat batati jao. Mayank ke liye itni tension kyu? Tumhe to usse aur uske jaise logon se nafrat hai na?"

Samrat very smartly placed his question in front of her.

"Samrat mujhe usse nafrat hai par mere ander Insaniyat zarur hai."

Saying this Nupur moved out from there.


Mayank was shocked he expected some reaction but the kind of reaction she gave was surely indicating something else. Meanwhile Samrat came and stood next to him


"Dude ab kya lagta hai?"


"Ab teri baat samajh ayi.Thanks dude."


"Its ok. Shukar hai tujhe samajh aya. May be Mayank tujhe use abhi thoda time dena chahye."


"You are right dude. Thoda time."

Saying this he smiled and then the moved towards the class.


Nupur was quiet terrified with what happened. She cursed the person who did it and finally after attending the class left the college.


--- At night, Mayank was sitting on the bed while thinking about Nupur's reaction.

"Nupur baat kya hai? Tumne mujhe bilkul confuse kar diya hai. Ek taraf tum itni karwi baatein karti ho aur ek taraf aisa reaction?"


"Kaisa reaction Mayu?" Shilpa asked who had overheard Mayank.


"Kuch nahi Maa acha ek baat puchun?"


"Do puch le"


"Maa agar koi apse kahe ki wo apko bilkul pasand nahi karta par ap ke chot lagne par wo bina kuch jane react kare to kya matlab hua?"


"Aisi question kyu kar raha?"

"Maa wo psychology ka question hai..."


"Acha to matlab ki wo bhi admi jhut keh raha hai. Actions speak more than words. Ye to tu janta hi hai. Matlab ki apki sacchi care karta hai wo admi.Kuch samajh aya?"

Shilpa asked softly.


"Haan Maa sab samajh agaya ab tum jao."

Mayank said in a hurry.


"Mayu tu humesha aise karta hai..."

Before she could complete he added

"Maa choro na ye kabhi aur discuss karenge."


"Theek hai theek hai jati hoon."

When Shilpa stepped out Mayank was about to turn when she again came back

"Waise mujhe nahi lagta ki Phsycology tera subject hai."

Smiling and understanding things she moved out of the room leaving a bit blushing Mayank.


"Dude why are you blushing? Waise Nupur tum jhut kyu keh rahi ho. Aisi kya majburi ho sakti hai? Tum bataogi to nahi mujhe hi pata lagana padega."

Mayank after thinking a bit went off to sleep.

Next morning Samrat was waiting for Mayank in the college as he had some plans. On seeing Mayank he immediately wished him

"Hey dude."


"Hi..koi kaam?"


"Yes actually main apne ghar pe party rakhne ki soch raha hoon. Saturday evening."


"Nahi dude kuch mood nahi hai."


"Come on main Nupur ko bhi convince kar raha hoon."


"Wo nahi ayegi."

Mayank said while smirking.


Nupur who was passing by them heard it and stopped there and hid herself to know what they were talking about.


"Main use convince kar lunga dude."

Mayank had seen her so he immediately used his wit.


"Oh please woh nakchari ladki kabhi nahi ayegi. Gussa toh mano aj kal uske naak pe rehta hai. Rehne de mat bula use phaltu ka party spoil ho jayega leave her yaar."


"Ajeeb behki behki baatein kyu kar rahe ho?"


"Behki behki lagta hai uske tarah tumhara bhi dimag kharab ho chuka the way thanks for informing."

Saying this he left the place leaving Samrat in a state of shock.


"Mayank ko koi nahi samajh sakta ye sach hai."

Sighing he was about to leave the place when he saw Nupur.


"Hey Nupur mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi."


"Hi..haan kaho."


"Saturday evening mere ghar party hai mere cousin ke ane ki khushi me tum aur Gunjan ana ples..."


Nupur immediately replied even before he could complete "Haan hum zarur ayenge."


Samrat was  amazed at seeing Nupur like this.

"Ok then 7:30 sharp."

Nupur smiled and left the place.


"Aaj yeh sab ko kya hogaya hai?"

Wondering Samrat also left the place.

In the time being, all Mayank got to know was that Nupur liked him somewhere and one thing he realized was that he had started not just liking her but loving her. Her absence had surely made him known to his feelings. He only how he was longing for her but one thing he dint know was that Nupur was also in the same condition. He had some idea about it but he wasn't sure of it. The reaction Nupur gave was a clear hint but he wanted her to tell him.

Mayank had never taken anyone so seriously before and this is what made him a bit nervous.


On one side where Samrat was planning for his party Mayank had his own plans that he was going to execute in the party.

"Aaj toh tumhe baat karni hogi Nupur."

Saying this he entered Samrat's flat.

"Hi Mayank."

Samrat called out on seeing him.


"Hey Kahan hai tera cousin?"


"Kaisa cousin?"

"Jiske liye tune party rakhi hai."

"Wo to Nupur ko bulane ka ek bahana tha. Waise maine toh tujhe kisi cousin ke bare me nahi bataya tha."

Mayank was confused for a second as he dint know what to say. "Wo actually.."

Before Mayank could lie Samrat completed his sentence "Tum humari baat sun rahe the hain na?"


"Actually." Mayank said while making a sweet face.

"Ye ladkiyon par try kia kar mere pe nahi."

"Yes ofcourse."

"Dekh Nupur Agayi"

Samrat immediately said on seeing her and moved towards her while leaving Mayank behind. Mayank moved towards Gunjan

"Hey beautiful."

"Hi Mayank." Gunjan said hesitantly.

Nupur was watching them from the corner of her eyes while talking to Samrat.

"Waise aaj to tum bohot alag lag rahi ho. Aur bhi zada beautiful aur.."

"Thanks Mayank. Tum bohot ache lag rahe actually mujhe  Samrat se baat karni so can you excuse me please."



Mayank said while smiling.

Gunjan soon joined Samrat and Nupur was left alone. Mayank exactly wanted this so he immediately moved towards her. Nupur on seeing him coming towards her immediately tried moving away but she was stopped by him. He stood there in front of her and winked at her to which Nupur gasped.


Heyy beimaan, Dil bada beimaan

Hota nahi aasaan issey hai samjaana

Beimaan, Dil bada beimaan

Tere liye shaitaan Meri naa ek maana

Mayank sang while leaning towards her which made Nupur close her eyes.


Dil jeete yaa main jeetu

Dekhungi dekhega tu

Lo dil se sharat lag gayi

Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi,

lag gayi Zamaana kahe lat yeh ghalat lag gayi

Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi


Rhea interuppted in between while almost dragging him to the dance floor though Mayank cooperated but surely he dint like it as his plan was being interrupted.

Roku jitna utni bagawat ho

Lagta hai aisa

haal-e-dil ki tum zaroorat ho

Slowly Mayank moved towards Nupur once again. Nupur tried moving away but he stopped her by holding her by her wrist. Before Nupur could react Rhea came in between and again held him from his shoulder and continued the song


Mujhko bhi tu zaruri

Tu bhi nashein main poori

To kaisi yeh talap lag gayi

Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi

Zamaana kahe lat yeh ghalat lag gayi

Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi.

Mayank was a bit irritated now as Rhea was ruining everything, which was being purposely done but he dint know about it. Finally he indicated Samrat to join Rhea and not let

her interrupt anymore and he again moved towards the table where Nupur was sitting in.

Ek tu, ek main,

ek baat huyi apni

Hairaan hai kyun saara jahaan

Jo raat hui apni


Nupur immediately stood up on seeing him and left the table but on hearing him she stopped and decided to add a few lines


Mujhse tu aake mila

Toh yeh hua hai sila

Ki sau tohmat lag gayi


Saying Nupur moved towards the washroom while Gunjan followed her.

Mayank was affected he was trying to find what she actually meant he wanted to follow her but he knew something was serious and it was going to take time to be healed so he decided to give her time. The song was over. Now everyone was on the floor except for Mayank who sat there quietly waiting for her. Nupur went inside the washroom as she was not able to bear all that was happening. She knew she needed him but she couldn't this was making her mad. She was crying like a child while leaving Gunjan completely shocked.


"Di kuch to batao mujhe kuch samajh nahi araha."


Nupur slowly wiped her tears and finally decided to speak to Gunjan



"Haan bolo di."

"Gunjan it's very difficult for me."

"Di mujhe samajh me nahi araha itna difficult kyu hai ye tumhare liye?"

"Kyu ki."

"Kyu ki kya di?"

"Because I love him Gunjan I love him. "

"Kya?Kab se di?"

Gunjan asked while making Nupur face her.

"Fresher's ke din Gunjan maine apne feelings ko samjha aur usi raat sab kuch Gunjan sab kuch bikhar gaya."

Nupur said with tears flowing continously.

"Di mujhe yeh pata hi nahi tha.Tumne mujhe bataya kyu nahi?"

"Kya batati apni tuti hui kahani jo kabhi shuru hi nahi ho payi.

Gunjan sab se dukh dene wali baat toh Mayank ka behaviour hai. Wo mere itne kuch kehne ke baat bhi mujhse  baat  karne kaise aa sakta hai kaise mujhe dekh ke smile kar sakta hai? " Gunjan kept wondering for a minute and then replied

"Di shayad wo bhi tumse pyaar karta hai."

"Kya faida Gunjan hum kabhi saath nahi ho payenge."

"Nahi di yeh galat jab tum dono hi ek dusre se pyaar karte ho fir ye doori kyu di?"


"Gunjan tu janti hai fir kyu puch rahi hai? Wo phone.."


"Haan di wo phone tum Mayank se uss phone ke baare me kaho."


"Gunjan tujhe kya lagta wo kabhi manega ki wo Rhea hai."


"Di nahi tum bus use phone ke bare me baatao. Aur fir hume to khud nahi pata ki wo Rhea hai ya koi aur."


"Gunjan rehne de Mayank ke saath kuch bhi main bardasth nahi kar sakungi."


"Di tumhari khushi uss bakwas ke phone se zada zaruri hai hamare liye. Di samjho.."


"Isme kuch samajhne aur samjhane ka nahi hai Gunjan. Mujhe Mayank se door rehna hi hoga. Mujhe is baare mein abhi baat nahi karni." Nupur wiping her tears moved out of the washroom while leaving Gunjan behind. "Di tumhe koi nahi samjh sakta abhi tum bilkul tooth jati ho aur abhi strong behave kar rahi ho."

Wiping a little tears that had formed in her eyes she also moved out. Nupur came and stood while watching everyone dance. Suddenly the lights went off and it became pitch dark. Someone caught hold of her hand and mouth and dragged her out and before she could shout or react her eyes were closed by a blindfold and her mouth was held tightly.




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ShivIka..Ketaki IF-Sizzlerz

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nice part
hasiniangel Senior Member

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superb update...
hope mayank knows evrythng soon
neha333 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Awesome part..hope mayank ko sab jaldi pata chal jaaye...

PS- Ur execution of story is very nice dear,,ur an awesome writer..keep it up
Roses-khushi IF-Stunnerz

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nice part

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