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Originally posted by hotdogg


some first impressions..

I checked the credits in the beginning when they were flashing still mentions SLB as creative head..but wonder if that's an oversight...

I felt that overall this has definitely moved into a fast forward mode ...either to wrap this up in sep or get saras-kumud together and move to conventional tracks..

- SLB can go out and channel would agree only if the channel does not want to continue his vision..and he's fed-up fighting everyday
- new PH has its own show to cater / nurture ...IPK2
- new PH is a stand by / surrogate...Why will it take the baggage of the past and which is a high cost item to maintain
- So maybe its mandate is to finish where SLB left (maybe in a huff) in Sep?

1) Why was BD pleading and getting all melodramatic?
- Was he hinting today that he's made a mistake and willing to free kumud from her marriage once she returns..."I thought it will make a difference if he married kumud, but I don't see any change" dialogue
- Has he come to know about saraswatichandra...the way he was pushing saras to go to RN?

2) I  remember saras folding the paper kumud wrote the poetry on in his pocket the night of the convo...I remember because my thought at that time was "thank kalika can't find that out"
- Is this some sort of creative license to build the case for Alak's sudden 'concern' on kumud's plight? And evenutally support BD?

3) Old characters written off making a convenient comeback (Umesh)...pramad coming to knw about saraswatichandra...wouldn't it be obvious now?...the way this character was found...the same type of names...the meaning of naveen...

4) Unrelenting DB...who still doesn't believe kumud...and will try to force a candid discussion out of her...and her earlier sudden awakening that if kumud is not happy she will not be sent back
5) Leading to...a potential explosion at Desai's courtesy 

6) Leading to the saras saving...and all is well...

I feel we are still moving towards a closure in Sep as has been reported..

...either the new PH will end it with same story with a happy twist...or it will close out all the novel shovel alignment ...and take it towards a saas-bahu travails...with a saras-kumud married off and facing earth shaking problems of 'what garba puja dress I will wear...and danny's wife who is a westernised b@*^h wants to wear the same dress' types'...Pinch

hgg bhai...great minds think alike!! Read my post and topic on the matter of the track going way too fast!! its just way too fishy isnt it! Daal mein kuch kaala hai! Potential hai but must be a lot of pressure too in order to ensure that the show is sustained! OR its just about how to give the audience an ending they want in 2 months!
"...either the new PH will end it with same story with a happy twist...or it will close out all the novel shovel alignment ...and take it towards a saas-bahu travails...with a saras-kumud married off and facing earth shaking problems of 'what garba puja dress I will wear...and danny's wife who is a westernised b@*^h wants to wear the same dress' types'...Pinch
If the saas bahu sagas happen...then I really feel for SLB and the author of the give it a happy ending is one thing but to completely kill the essence of the novel is another! Sheer insult to the author...Hope CVs have some sense!

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Originally posted by KK84

Before giving my penny thoughts on ydays epi I have just copy pasted a thread I opened about my concerns re the fate of the show.

What is the fate of the show?

I just want to say that so apparently SC has two months and if doesn't pick up then its shut shop? So is this the reason why they are rushing the story a bit? Some say SC is slow moving but all the suspense and thrills are revealed a lot more quicker than in any other shows.

First the confession, now Saras actually potentially coming face to face with Desai's and Pramaad finding out about Saras and Kumud..isnt this all happening way too fast? Is this because they want a wrap? I am worried.

So many loopholes too'They haven't even once shown LN,Gumaan and Danny. I mean is this cos there is no point of them coming back in the show since its ending? Where is Sunny now? He was madly looking for Saras and wanting to go see Kumud but he wasn't there when she came? OR is that because he doesn't live with the Desai's?

I am really worried. This is all going the wrong direction. The production changing'I hope the show picks up for the better and carries on. Usually all shows that have come under scanner'how long have they really lasted? Max 6 months?

Whatever the fate of the show, it will always have a very special place in my heart. This show gave me (us) Gautam Rode! I mean I briefly remember him in Baa bahu baby and then he was awesome in Nach but I feel he really has made his mark through SC! He has always been around but SC has in a way put him on the map and I am eternally grateful to SLB for this!!!

For me 3 characters stood out the most yday..they were the highlight:

1.       Pramaad: Aanshul is good! My fav scene were when he was stuck between Kusum and Kumari and all the thoughts going through his head! It was hilarious! And when Badi Maa pulls his ear'you could see his blood boiling at that point! Really good expressions by Aanshul! I dunno yesterday  somewhere I saw a gleam of potential for Pramaad to become a good person'Though at the Desai's he is being nice not out of choice'I could see that something there'I feel perhaps Mrs B was right that he has a good heart! He is a good actor! And in a way for his sake I hope the show doesn't end so soon because he really has potential to do a lot more! Feels like abhi toh he hasn't even shown properly what he is capable of!


2.       Mr B: Infact my utmost fave scene..just cos it was soo beautiful was the confrontation between Mr B and Saras. The actor who plays Mr B is truly phenomenal!! I just love the dude! The way he talks is so nice'and how he explained to Saras about the whole situation of why he got Pramaad married to Kumud'The man has a pure heart and good intentions and I think after Yatin sir (he was def the cutest most loveable father!!) its Mr.B who takes the award for best dad! Not in terms of the way he is but in terms of acting and his aura! I loved the lines and the way he seeks help from Saras'I have always loved LN-Saras as father son Jodi even though they had their differences, they looked good together but now I feel that Mr B may have left LN behind! Saras and Mr B rock together!! He is definitely the son he could never have and vice versa for Saras.


3.       Badi Maa ' Again another Jodi which is really special is that of Badi maa and Kumud! Their scene was really amazing because it reminded me of the pre wedding episodes! Its true that you can really relax when you go back to your parents house and that's exactly how Kumud was! When she was on the terrace with badi maa, she was her old self again! No worry, no tension about what will happen next, no uneasiness..she was Kumudsundari Desai!


I am happy that Badi maa has got an inkling that aal iz not well!!! Hopefully she will eventually find out the entire truth!


Lots of twists are about to come and I cant get my head around how Saras will come infront of the Desais and how on earth would they react?!!! That is def something I cant wait to see!! BUT I wont be able to bear the cold treatment they will all give him and Sunny'he will be so happy to see Saras (I hope the CVs don't sideline him and actually make sure that he does meet Saras!)


Conclusion ' this show has immense potential! It really can go on for countless episodes but the CVs really need to move the focus on other people as well'as much as I would love to see Gautam all the time'I feel if they don't develop other character's storylines, the show won't last!


Good to see Inspector solanki back!! Though his case is more like good riddance to you but then it does add spice to the show!


ATTN CVS ' Bring Danny back! Start his love story with Kumari! Bring Gumaan and LN back! Show something more of Kusum! A car cannot be driven on two wheels'You just cant expect Gautam and Jenny to carry the entire burden of this show! I really think for this show to last they will have to develop more stories.



P.S. Gautam ' you will always be my star!! Yday too your scene with Mr B was incredible! Each expression so apt!! Jenny too is sooo good with expressions! She can switch just like that! I love it! From defending Pramaad to being scared of him! The switch in expressions is so natural and fast! She is def my most favourite actress!!

Agree with you on all the actors, Yatinji was my fav! I often cribbed about his OTT act, but the moment he was replaced I realized how great he was, and how much we identified with him as VC. 

And Aanshul - yes, he is really good as Pramaad, and he hasn't even been seen too much yet

BD - not my personal fav, but yes, he is impressive enough

LN - again really good, good looking and has done full justice to his role! 

And as for Gautam -

sar jhuka ke maante aapki yeh baat hum 

Jaante hain aapki iss baat main hai dum 

Jinke ishq main aap deewani hain Kat ji 

Unki adaaon ke Kayal hain yahan hum bhi! 

There's a lot of potential Kat, but a lot of confusing signs too. And agree with you on the sudden rush for disclosures. 

Lets see what route is SC going to take, I think this week and the next will sort things out. 

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Originally posted by KK84

Originally posted by pasumarthisa

Arshi, you sure are a natural. Superb lines.
Desais are seeing what they want to see. But its the same with Dugbaa. Thats why she is partly able to see what she wants to see - 'the truth' as only she has that urge to see that. She guessed it but I think Kumud will cut short her stay and take Pramaad back a little sooner to avoid this grilling.
Gaaon mein bhi ghar pe log high heels vagaira pehen kar ghoomte hain?
Pramaad managed well so far in Desai house. Well, like you said if the onlookers are blind, his job becomes very easy. And Kumud's face was like a switched off tubelight. So lacklustre and dull. But, no one noticed.
Saras I think didnt put that Kavita in the file. May be Kalika did it? But, he covered it well. He used it to push his agenda. And BD came down many notches and atleast accepted that he was 'swaarthii'. And the whole act by Saras made BD acknowledge his responsibility towards Kumud. People like BD still exist? Who hide their son's truth and get him married and scuttle the bahu's aspirations?
Kalika saw Kumud and Saras in his room and heard him saying Kumud. She sure has a shaq. Kalika and Pramaad will definitely put them in a spot.
Whatever is going to happen, I liked how Saras used the letter to present Kumud's case.
Precap was interesting. But what does Kumud have to hide. If she was in love with her fiance and was about to get married, that shouldnt be tough to handle. Thats a fact she can easily state. 
Good analysis!! I think with the precap its more a case of Pramaad didnt even know that she was about to get married to someone else. Another point which Mr B conveniently forgot to mention! It must be a case of Mr B saying to Pramaad 'you are getting married to this girl and thats it!' He clearly didnt want to and so obviously he didnt even know she was about to marry someone else! I think then he wouldve never accepted it because he is way too arrogant to accept someone's (from his perspective) 'pheka hua maal!!'

Kat loved your 'pheka hua maal' comment, totally cheap, and something which someone like pramaad would come up with, tho he himself is the pheka hua maal. 

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Originally posted by arshicritic

Originally posted by hotdogg

not to be too cynical...but it definitely looks like that arshi..

Also even now a sep-end scenario is still on the table...the new PH could also do this for free / reduced charges...the infrastructure / set is ready and paid up for by SLB / SP..and which is like an empty airline seat which is useless for the airline once the plane's taken it / SP could simply pay a rental to SLB/ SP...and finish the story...

sort of a top-up..since it wants its show ...IPK2 ...with SP...remember our earlier discussions on TRPs...the PH has a product ready and wants a buyer...and SP is a big buyer with a legacy of IPK to boot!

...coz all said and done both SP &SLB had at one stage staked their
prestige on this show...from a legacy point of view they would want it
to at least end and not remain a noticeable failure which it would be if
it ended abruptly...

on obligations...there is no business like show business!!!...if obligations made at the start mattered to all parties responsible for this debacle we would not be in this state today!


Acc to khanrocks in the post above, its a 2 mth extension. That means till october end or so. So maybe the story moves in ff and is completed.

seems to be the way its heading which is such a shame as it def had potential! Not sure how and where it went wrong? Ouch

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@ Arshi..yaar i just feel such dissapointment...Like this show started with a bang! and it does have so much potential but not sure where it keeps faltering.
Who is to blame? PH? CVs? They have it ready on the plate for them..yes dont need to follow the novel to the T but atleast it gives you the direction to follow then add your own mirch masala! Some shows (without naming any) are so hideous and still going beyond 1000 episodes...I just feel dissapointed and disheartened because the cast is working so hard. Its sad to see that it perhaps has no future!
achaa chalo have to be positive!! 2 months is a lot of time to turn it around but please just to give the audience SAMUD dont kill the novel!!
p.s. love your lines on Gautam! Thank you very sweet! heheh!

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Plus they are putting meri bhabhi in an afternoon slot

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hmm so that may make way for IPK2?

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Well, CB never fails to provide interest and excitement!...Big smile

I have something to say that is not about yesterday or the recent rash of half-baked epis.

I dont know how many of you watch the re-run on Star Utsav at 9 p.m. I have that on record and I sometimes watch it as an antidote to the latest episode if it has left me feeling cheated.Tongue

Yesterday rerun showed one of the days just after Saras' trauma-at-the-lake scene... Saras in front of the idols at VC haveli, Kumud kneels and holds her ears asking for forgiveness, she comes close to stalking him, popping up in different places to say sorry! 

...Saras refuses to forgive saying "I have learned to live with my pain, and so will you..."   Also querying why she didnt forgive him for his act of rejection when she could see the regret in his eyes all the time?!!  Kumud being a woman of direct speech, points out that he never actually asked for forgiveness like she ws doing...Smile he doesnt even reply to that one, simply shakes his head in exasperation and moves away!
He Lives his Jazbaat and expects her to Read His Eyes, (read between the "phone" lines whatever...) even when she is being stubborn and ready to defend VC's hurt/pride. She believes in putting it out there in crystal clear Words and expects him to do the same even when verbalising is Not his Strong Point... And we all know where that got them.Cry

My point is, re-watching those ones after experiencing what we have seen later, makes it a different ball game, a bitter-sweet one you could bottle and market it as "Eau d'SC"...LOL 

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