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#2 But I love you - SS - VIRMAN - part - 25 to part 33 - THE END (Page 77)

Nandita217 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Another update!!! Wow...i love this pleasant surpriseBig smileBig smile
Coming back to the seriously killed it!!!!
In the previous updates i was thinking that manvi is taking this matter really very lightly & was actually afraid that she doen't get hurt after trusting virat so much...doesn't mean that i didn't trusted virat's love for this update anyways he proved it that really he is in love with manvi & will not leave her by any chance!!!!!Big smileBig smile

Now that outburst was really something...virat is not wrong over here...about simmi i don't trust that gal...once someone breaks your trust...its hard to trust again...i just hope she doesn't break manvi's trust this time!!!!!
This story is actually going through a critical point...just loving the track & everything!!!!!Big smileBig smile

Update soon...need not to mention this is my fav story...well honestly can't chose which one is my fav...all stories written by you are fab!!!!Big smile

P.S. This place is suddenly all lively!!!Big smileWink

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bluebolt Senior Member

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
***PART 32***

After that emotionally draining incident, Manvi tried to talk to him but he had disappeared back into his study with the lawyer and Rahul asking her to give Abhi company.

Manvi and Abhi both sit on the stairs outside the house. Manvi was looking into the sky. Abhi was trying to figure out what Manvi was doing.

"Why is everyone shouting?" Abhi asks her.

"Grown-ups are crazy." Manvi tells him.

"You look grown-up." he points out.

"That is an illusion. I never want to grow up." she shakes her head.

"What's an illusion?" he asks, pronouncing 'illusion' in a funny way.

"Well...anything that seems like a certain thing but is a completely different thing."

"You are weird." he observes.

"HEY!" she snaps.

Abhi rolled his eyes.

"You see the sun in the sky." she gathers her inner patience.

"Yeaaah?" he says highly doubting that she would make sense this time around.

"You see it rise everyday morning and set in the evening?"

"I am not blind!" he says in 'duh!' tone.

"You are a smartass though!" she objects.

"You talk a lot!" he says as if that were a bad thing.

"Sooo..." she starts again " see the sun go up and down the sky every day?"


"But, the truth is, it is not the sun but 'us'  going up and down the sun. It is an illusion. Similarly, I look like a grown-up but in reality, I have the brain of a little kid. Illusion!"

"You are really weird. I am going to the lady with ice cream." he runs inside.

Manvi looks at him running, offended. "I am boring to a 3 year old?" Manvi wonders aloud. "I need a personality change."

"Mannu, I got to rush to the office. Can you keep an eye on Abhi?" Virat runs down the stairs wearing a suit.

"You dress quick! Of course. I took a two day leave." she tells him proudly.

"That doesn't surprise me. Got to go." he pecks her and rushes out.

"BUT VIRAT!! I wanted to ..."

"Later baby...I got a really important meeting waiting in the office." 

Manvi looks at his car dejected. He cannot just leave after such a big break-down. What is wrong with him?? "You are the weird one!" she shouts at Virat.

"Bye Mannu..." Rahul runs out of the house; the lawyer guy follows him.

Manvi shakes her head and goes inside.

After that morning, Manvi was really torn in deciding whom to support. She knew Simmy was trying and needed a chance. But, she witnessed the fire in her husband. She realized that it would not be put out but her convincing or calming strategies. It is too huge for her to even understand the amount of trauma Virat had undergone in the last few days after getting to know about his son. That it had stirred inside him the memories of himself as a child after his parents had died in a car crash.

She was amazed at how cool he seemed outwardly up until that morning. 

Simmy withdrew from Manvi. She would not talk to her. She was destroyed and shaken out of her mortal soul by Virat's words. It was true that karma has a way of keeping tally of all the things you had done wrong. Today, she saw the face of it all. They all added up to become this ugly tornado that had come back to hit her in the gut. It was brutal. She had resigned to a corner in her room.

"Simmy?" Manvi tried to talk to her.

"Virat is right Manvi. It is better if you do not come in the line of fire. I will handle it. It's fine." she said.

So Manvi spent the entire day with Abhi trying to make him understand that she was not weird. 

"You are so much more sensible then your mom and dad. You are content with playing with these leggos." she told him, lying flat on the ground watching him build a leggo house and smiling in triumph in the end, just before dismantling them all. 


Virat did not speak much on the phone other than mono word syllables.

"Whatchu doing?" She asked.


"Did you eat?"


"Is Rahul with you?"


"Will speak with you in the evening Mannu. Got to go." He brushed her off.

"I doubt it." she said hanging up.

She waited for him to come home. She was standing in the balcony of her bedroom when he did. 

"Hi!" she went to him. His face carried all the scars that she saw in the morning. She wanted him to talk. She wanted to calm him, take care of him, erase all the hurt from his heart. She had seen that day that there were many unhealed wounds in the man she loved. 

She removed his jacket and loosened his tie. 

"Umm..."  He looked at her raising his brows as she had never done that for him. She stood up on her toes and with her hands around his neck and kissed him softly. It took him a moment to kiss back. His kisses were not soft like always, they were urgent and aggressive. He removed his tie and holding the rim of her t-shirt, she pulled it over her head in a rushed manner. 

"Viraaat..." she inquired gasping. She did not expect this. He ignored her surprise. He turned her around in one swift moment so that her back crashed hard on his chest. He kissed her neck making her moan and  his arms went around her waist. He fiddled with the buttons on her jeans, opening them. She squirmed, letting herself lose in his arms.

Even before she realized that he wanted her, he got her out of her jeans and pressed her against the wall with his body. His kisses began to get more aggressive and violent. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. His hands moved up her curves and reached to cup her face. He lowered her face so that her eyes met his. 

She did not understand what he was feeling. There was desire, hurt and maybe pain. He stepped away a bit as he unbuttoned his shirt, he looked at her convulsing on the wall. His lips curved into a sexy smirk. "Take those off for me baby..." he asked her looking at the remains sheaths of garment on her. He gasped as he saw her remove them slowly. He lifted her up in one fluid wave of his hand, taking her by surprise yet again.  "Ow!" she squealed. He placed her on the bed and before she knew it, he was inside her groaning her name. 


He lay on top of her consumed and relaxed. "You okay?" he asked raising himself up and getting dressed.

"Virat?" she sat up the bed clutching the sheet around her, opening her arms for him. There were tears in her eyes. She had never seen him like this, so close, yet so distant.

"Heeey..Why are you crying?" he asked, sitting in front of her, putting him arms around her. "Was I rough?" he asked worried.

"No..I am worried about you." she says. "Talk to me. Please."

"There is nothing to talk, sweetheart. I just needed to take my mind of everything. Losing myself in you is the one thing that does that does the trick." he smiles, shyly.

"Okay. I know there is romance in there somewhere." she replies, sniffing.

He laughs loudly. "I am sorry about morning. I wish you hadn't heard all that." he passes his hand over her hair pushing some behind her ears, while looking down at her lovingly.

"I wish you talked to me about all that." she tells him, peeking up.

"I didn't think you would understand."

"You can atleast try."

"I will. I love you." he kisses her tenderly, holding her chin.

"Abhi thinks I am weird." she goes off on a tangent.

"I knew he was smart kid." he laughs.

"Shut up!"

"You are weird but you are also my love. Get dressed. I want to eat something." he tells her.

"Interesting priorities, you have." she blushes.

He laughs and disappears to freshen up.


"Why don't you get joint custody. That way both of you will be in control." She tells him later, while eating.

"Manvi, I really don't want to talk about this."

"But, Virat, if I were in Simmy's position, I would not have agreed to it either. Give her a chance. Please."

"I have given her enough chances for a lifetime. And baby, you would never be in her position, trust me. Joint custody is tedious, I do not want to fight her on every stupid decision she makes."

She looked at how firm he was and finally resigned herself from talking to him about it.

Later in the night, as he was searching for some of his files in their closet, he finds a familiar bottle of red pills that was recently filled from a day ago. 

"Manvi?" he shouts for her.

"I am right here." she yells back, walking to him. "Why are you shouting?"

"I thought we decided you will get off the pill?" he showed her the bottle. 

Manvi bites her finger nervously. She turns away not wanting to be confronted. He pulls her back by her elbow, and looks at her demanding an answer.

"You don't want to have a baby anymore?" he asks.

"Erm..we already have a brand new baby at home." she murmurs in a low voice.

He looks at her disbelievingly. He finally understands what she is implying. He shakes his head.  " don't have to do that."

She shrugs. "All I am saying is he needs our complete attention now. We can wait an year or two for the next one."

"Manvi, I am not comfortable with you making that sacrifice. I promised that..."

"Why do you have to call it a sacrifice. I want to know him better. And make sure he be a good big brother. Shake off that grumpiness a little bit."

He sighs looking at her face. "Oh God!" He closes his eyes and pulls her closer, leaning his forehead on hers. "What did I ever do to deserve you, angel?" he wonders out aloud looking into her eyes.

"Probably same thing I did to deserve you." she smiles shyly.

"We will have a truck-load of kids. Soon." he tells her in a tone of guilt but also full of promise.

"Woah! Truck-load? Slow down, tiger." Manvi looks at him shocked. "I thought you wanted a boy and a girl. You got to marry more than two people to make you a truck load of kids."

Virat moves back and stares at her offended. 

"Joke." she giggles.

"No jokes about my failed marriage and resulting off-springs please. They are not funny."

"Aw, Sorry." she laughs, hugging him back.


The next day morning, Abhi was on the bed playing with Virat. Abhi did not get used to Virat, but he did get used to his laptop and the videos on it. Manvi was in the front of the mirror in the bathroom, getting ready.

"Were you quiet as a kid?" Manvi pops her head out and asks Virat.

"Umm.." he says showing Abhi how to burst balloons on the screen.

"You are still quiet. You only talk when I make you talk. He is like you. What do I do with two 'you-s?" she complains.

"He talks fine with me." Virat tells her distractedly.

"You wouldn't know the difference between talking and not talking." she snapped. 

"I have you for reference." he turns to her with a grin.

"What does that mean?" she folds her hands.

Simmy walks in, knocking. 

"Can I speak with you for a second?"
Virat sighs and walks out of the room saying "Stay with him." 

Downstairs, at the dining table were seated Mom and Dad. Simmy sat down beside them and signaled Virat to do the same.

"I signed the papers." she gave him the file.

"Wonderful." he takes the file and looks through it.

"I have one condition."

"Ofcourse." he looks up at her knowingly, after checking if all the relevant papers were signed.

"An year from now, if mom, dad and you feel that I am being a responsible mother, you will think about joint custody."

He looked at Mom and Dad and Manvi who was watching them from above.
"You will think about it. That is all I am asking."

He looked at her sternly without replying for a few moments. Her eyes are bulged out from crying and her face pale. She seemed like a very weak patient trying to fight for her life.

"Okay. I will think about it." he said getting up from the table.

After walking a few steps, he stops and turns around with a question mark face. "Even if you were a responsible mother, why do you trust me to give you joint custody at that point. I will have no reason to." he asks her.

"Coz you are a good guy Virat. I know you will do the right thing for Abhi." she said confidently.


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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
right now im tooo happy
at first because of the update and secondly im the firstDancingfor this great update...

ohh god i just love it too see virat & manvi together, but dont know why but im still not relieved, i still have this indescribable emotion about simmy...
 and  i think im little worried about manvi & abhi bond...just hope that their bond grows...

and it would be even a pleasure to see virat sharing his real emotions with manvi, as like when he wanted from manvi to tell about  her feelings after their marriage...

just love the way you write.. great workClap

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
its been soo damn long tht i roam on IF for reading a update this actually feels nostalgic Big smileBig smile
thats aton for these amazing and awesome bke to bke updates am soo damn much enjoying it ...happy to see that virat is taking everything in his hands and abhi seriously is carbon copy of virat soo silent ...liking manvi all over again soo much she is just sooo damn adorable Big smile

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chandiniebinda Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
Loved part 31...
It was really awesome...
Love Virat...
Thank you sooo much for all your updates..

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chandiniebinda Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
Part 32 was awesome...
Loved the Virman part...
But i am still confused about Simmy...
Hope that Virat, Manvi and Abhi bonding will grow stronger...
Hope you will update soon...

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bluebolt Senior Member

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 6:57pm | IP Logged

*** PART 33 ***

----------------------------The ending--------------------------

In pursuit of Happiness

Simmy's POV: 

To me happiness is the feeling that fills my heart with a warm feeling - a sense of satisfaction.

As a kid I was very competitive: I always had to get the top grade in the class. I had to win every medal in every academic challenge there was. I had to be a leader in every team we were asked to work in. 

Apart from the joy of being the best, staying at the top meant that I was going to go to the next game, next challenge - something new, something refreshing and something invigorating. That was my driving force. That was my happiness.

Some doctors are happy by the look on the face of a patient they had saved. That look of: Thank you, you are an angel who saved my life. 

For some doctors, the laurels and applauds they get from their peers and community make them happy. 

None of those two had any appeal to me.

What was appealing to me was to know the art of saving the patient. Every case was unique and every patient had different characteristics. In short it was process of saving that was more satisfying to me, not the actual saving; even though both are interdependent on each other. 

Virat - the worst mistake of my life - as I have been realizing since the last one year we have been raising a son together. The mistake is not that I have left him but it is that I had married him. Even when we were marrying, I was sure that it was a mistake. 

We were young. I wanted the world. He wanted me and did not want to share me with the world. You could see the error in that equation. I wanted to fly and he was the anchor. We just wanted different things.

Contrary to what people think, I was not involved with Samir when I was with Virat. I had a wide-eyed appreciation for the talent and skills he possessed as a doctor. My attraction for him was on an intellectual level. 

He taught me new things in the operating room, every single day. I got to experience happiness of a kind that I had never shared with Virat. I was protective about that mentor I saw in Samir at that point. As time passed, that was what would attract me to him. The was what would make me blind to the kind of psychopath he is. 

People come into this world, they get married, they have kids and then the kids get married and have more kids, then they die - that cycle of life did not interest me in anyway. I realize that some people are capable of springing out unbound happiness from the cycle.That was not where my happiness lay. I wanted to experience life, explore the frontiers of medicine, make and leave my mark in the field.

Virat is man of love and affection, a man who puts love and family above everything. When I saw him with my sister, I felt like I could have been in her place. Something inside me pricked, painfully. I could have still been the person I wanted to be, with the person I wanted to be with. I felt guilty that I did not have what Manvi had in her life - stability and support, love and affection. 

But, the truth is, I had all that and I did care for it. I had thrown all that away. If I got it back. I would throw it, all over again.

Virat knows me well to realize that. He did not trust me with Abhi. Because he knew that I get an interesting job offer, and I will leave everything and fly away. It was what I had done with him. I regret having done that to him. It felt like he stabbed me when he took custody of Abhi, but as early as a few weeks down the line, I realized that I could never had been able to give Abhi the support system Manvi and Virat were providing.

Manvi - I could never figure how that little girl could have both career and family and balance it so well. It enraged me that she could. It enraged me that she could provide to Virat, what I could not. But, then I realized her drive - the kind of happiness she searches for - She is the kind of doctor who is happy just by the fact that you are healthy and smiling again. She feeds off that happiness.

In a way, I have to be thankful to her for undoing the damage I did to an amazing guy like Virat. He deserves to be happy. They both do.

I do not hide what I want from life anymore. This society places undue stress upon girls about the concept of love, love for this perfect guy that you will cherish for the rest of your life. What if the love that you cherish for the rest of the life is not a 'person.' What if that person actually stands as a barrier from you and 'love that you will cherish for the rest of your life.' 

How ever much amazing that "person" is, will not matter,  you will NEVER be able to cherish him, never be able to reciprocate his affection heart-fully. Seeing that the person still unconditionally loves you, inspite of you making very apparent that you need something else, something more, something different - you will invariably hurt him. 

It will hurt you to see him hurting, but you will not be able to keep yourself from hurting him, again, and again, and again. You wish and not wish that he just stops loving you, stops showering all this trust and affection on you.

I wish I had the courage and sensibility to tell him that "Virat, this is not about you. I just want different things from life." Maybe the damage could have been mitigated. But instead, I chose to take the easier path. I blamed it all on him. That he did not want the same things I wanted. That he is different than I am. 

Then, I as ran far away from him as I could, because I could not see him hurting. 

I loved the way he took my hurt away inspite of how hurting he himself was. That was why I kept going back to him whenever I felt like a bad person; kept calling him every now and then, ignoring the fact that it was preventing him from moving on in his life. He always managed to make me feel like a good person. It disgusts me that I did that to him. 

Again, I wish I did not hurt him. I wish I wanted the same thing as him. I wish I did not want the things I had wanted from life. But, what you want is simply what you want. You cannot do anything about it. 

But now, I have accepted the fact of life. This is how I am. I gave Virat and Manvi all rights towards Abhi. I know he will grow up to be an amazing guy like his father. I visit him and spend time with him when I am in the town. But, that is how much I am able to do. That is fine. There are things that make me more happy in my life than taking my kid around to karate and swimming classes all day - I know it has its own joys to some. I have made my peace with it.


Virat's POV:

I had heart-fully loved Simmy at a point in my life. But, now I heart-fully love the fact that she is out of my life. Loving her was the same as banging my head against a wall. She never responded the way that I wanted her to. 

You may ask why I had fell for her at all. I was young and I was fatally attracted to her. I could even go so far as to say that I found her spirit towards life very refreshing. She always wanted to experience "new" things. Of course, I did not realize that I would become "old" to her in due time. 

But when she started drifting away from me, I felt cheated. I felt like I owned her and it was her duty to be with me - That she was mine. What I did not realize was that she was an independent individual with a set of dreams and aspirations of her own, from life. And that these could be incompatible with my own. 

It is like I wanted to buy a house and she wanted to buy a ship. There is no middle ground. 

That is what happens when you commit to a person when you are young - you do not know what you want from life and by the time you know, the person you have committed to does not want that 'very' thing. Tragic, but true!

It was wrong of me to put the entire blame on Simmy. I had no way to share her happiness and this is just a sad truth that I could do nothing about. In the same way that she did not find any interest in the things that made me happy. 

The only person responsible for my life going haywire after Simmy left is 'ME.'
I should have been adult enough to not let a girl affect my entire life. Shit happens! Her loss! - should have been my response. Instead, I chose the path of self-pity. I assigned all my failures to her and did nothing to reverse the situation other than get-by.

She did not handle the situation in a mature way. But neither did I. What can anyone do - we were immature! 

I needed a wake-up call and I got that in the form of Manvi. With her, I share a different kind of bond. We can make each other happy. We both do things we love with our career. But, we both put family above career. She is the love of my life and she is part of my life in a way that enriches and brightens it. We compliment each other perfectly. Every joy is greater and every sorrow is deeper with her. She is my life-partner and my soul-mate. 

Marrying Simmy, going thorough a life-altering and heart-breaking divorce was totally worth it because it allowed me to meet her. My happiness.


Manvi POV:

You expect me to write a half-page about what I did right and what I did wrong? 

You must be crazy! 

Just do what makes you happy. And don't hurt anyone. Life will take care of itself! WEIRDOS!

Abhi's POV:

Mannu Masi rocks!


Note to reader : It has been a wonderful experience writing this story. Thanks for reading and providing feed-back. <3 Anu.

As per the request below - I will do an epilogue in a week or so. 

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Aenna IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 August 2014 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
Omggg amazing updates...
I was trying to comment on wattpad
But it was failing. Try to update there too..
Anyways, I just want u to update.. wherever u like, just update :p
Seriously its a new turn..
I want a bit emotional manvis breakdown then virat
Getting her back.. plzzz nd I want him to ask her for there own baby plzz
Nd lots of romance. XP
Update asap...

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