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#2 But I love you - SS - VIRMAN - part - 25 to part 33 - THE END (Page 71)

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superb...its so good to read bilu after a long long time...i missed alot this with Addicted2...virman r planning fr a family...ahem ahem...cont soon

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*** PART 26 ***

Manvi's POV :

After celebrating a fabulous Anniversary, with just the two of us, me and Virat started back to India. There was a big welcoming party waiting for us. Dad was doing very well. Mom was in good spirits. Simmy was staying with them now. She seemed at peace with everything. We received a really big news at the party - Priya Bhabhi was pregnant. Rahul was ecstatic and soaring high in sky.

"Why are you always competing with me?" Virat asks him playfully, when only the four of us were around.

"Compete?" Rahul looks at him startled.

I nudge Virat and he shakes his head.

"Ohhh!" Priya Bhabhi exclaims, understandingly. "That's great! You guys are planning to have a baby !! Mannu!! This way we can crib and whine together about morning sickness. That would be awesome!! I am in!"

"In? In for what?" Rahul looks at her bewildered. "What can you do about that? That's Virat's job !!" he states matter-of-factually.

"Oh God!" I hide my face with my palm, embarrassed and Virat puts his hand around my waist, pulling me close, laughing. "We have got to get my bhai a speech-filter bhabhi..." he comments laughing.

"We are going to be Manvi Chachi and Virat Chachu." I tell Virat, beaming.
A big wave of happiness lights up his face. "Manvi Chachi and Virat Chachu.." he smiles back at me widely, and then at Rahul and Priya, raising his glass. 

Rahul's face splits in a bigger grin as all of us toast to that. He pulls Bhabhi closer and pecks her cheek.

"Aw! Look at you guys!! Future parents and all !" I hug them both.

"I am going to spoil your kid so much !" I warn them.

"Then you are not allowed to play with her." Rahul tells with me.

"Woah!."Her"?" Virat raises his brows.

"Ofcourse I am going to have a daughter. Me and Priya's kid has got to be a girl. She is the dominating gene." he explains.

"God! That's not how it works! Jeeez! Oh Rahul! Please don't talk genetics. They will take away my medical license if anybody knows that I married you."

"Good. That way you will stop working. I don't want you to work in this condition, Priya." Rahul starts.

"I am going to talk with mom." I tell the gang and leave them in their serious discussion on whether Priya Bhabhi should or shouldn't work while she is pregnant.


On the other side of the room, Simmy was attending to some of the guests. Manvi walks upto her.

"Hi Simmy." 

Simmy turns around and gives her a big smile.

"Hi Mannu. I never got a chance to say ' Welcome back'"

"Thanks. How are you doing?"

"I am good." she smiles. "Focusing on work these days. Its is nice. I am getting to spend a lot of time with mom and dad."

"Yeah...I can see that. I missed you, Simmy. Thanks for being with me when I was not well."

"Heeey..." Simmi hugged her. "I am just glad you are fine. I would not have forgiven myself if anything had happened to you that day, Mannu.  And...I missed you too." She told her heart-fully.

"Woah! Look at that." Priya Bhabhi looks at Manvi and Simmy, surprised from the other end of the room. 

Virat turns to look at Manvi and Simmy hugging, but does not react. 

"Well they have been speaking with each other, even while we were away." Virat tells Priya. 

"Oh Mannnu!!!" Priya shakes her head sympathetically.

"Its okay Bhabhi. Simmy is not like before." 

"I see she had tapped on your heart's soft corner too. " Priya snaps.

"No. It's not like that. It's fine. We all have moved on. That's it."

"I am telling this to you loud and clear Virat. I do not want a repetition of what happened. She is your ex and you have a history with her. Those things never go away.  And if anything goes wrong this time, because of that woman, it will only be your and Manvi's fault. You know what they say - It is human to get cheated once. But, you are idiot if you get cheated twice." 

"Yeah." Virat looks back at Manvi. She was still chatting with Simmy. As Manvi was facing towards him, she catches his eyes. 

But quickly enough she gets distracted by her parents. "Would you look at that?" Their dad and mom join them, smiling, looking at both their daughters all hugs and smiles.

"The invincible duo! God save us all." Manvi's dad comments.

"PAPA!" Simmy and Manvi roll their eyes.

"God bless you both with loads of happiness." her mom kisses both her foreheads affectionately.


Next day morning, Manvi was sitting in front of the mirror, looking at herself.

Virat comes out of the shower and looks at her curiously.  "Hey angel ! You okay?" he pecks her face from behind. 

"I don't think I can do it Virat."

"Mannu! What is wrong with you. You have to move on." he turns her around to face him.

"Everybody in the hospital knows what happened." She explains, looking down at her hands. "It is so embarrassing..and it has been a while that I have worked. I do not have as much focus as before. I will not be able to risk the lives of my patients. "

Virat sighs. He kneels in front of Manvi. He holds her hands while looking up at her fearful eyes. He cups her face. "You cannot give up. My Mannu will never give up. Now, I am not saying it is easy. It will take you a few days to get back into your old form. Bhabhi said she will be with you the whole day."


"Come on baby. You are stronger than this.."

Manvi pouts helplessly. "I don't want to."

"You know that is not true. Now get up and get dressed. I will drop you at the hospital." he tells her in a tone of finality.

"You are so mean !!!" she stomps her feet and goes inside leaving Virat shaking his head.

Once at the hospital, Manvi does not get out the car. She looks out of the window nervously. Virat was starting to get concerned. 

"What are really scared of Mannu?"

"That I am in operating room and my hands will shake while holding the scalpel. That I am with a patient doing a check-up and they will be like '...hey..aren't you that girl who got almost raped by that doctor.." That they will not have that confidence in me anymore."

"Why do you think your patient will not have the same confidence in you?"

"Because of the image a doctor projects. A doctor is a healer who fixes up broken things. She cannot herself be broken or healing."

"Hmpph..Mannu. You are over-thinking this."


"You need to get over this. The only way to do this is to face your fears."

"While working or patients? by endangering their lives?"

"God! You need to do this!" He says frustrated with her and then looks at her worried.  "I wish I can somehow help you on this."

Manvi looks at Virat's worried face. "Okay. I will do it. Only for you!" she warns.

"There you go. For me. Come here." he hugs her tightly. "Do you want me to come in?" he asks.

"No! What am I a kid going to the school for the first time?" she asks.

"You definitely sound like that."

"That was mean!" she flicks his shoulder. 

"You go and rock that hospital, now. You know I love you." he gives her a kiss leaves her at the hospital.


Two hours later, he calls her. Manvi answers at the first ring.

"Hey sweetheart. You doing okay?"

"I am doing okay." she tells him.

"Got to see any cool patients this morning?"

"Yeah...Listen I got to go."

"Ofcourse. I will pick you up in the evening. Bye." he smiles.

"Bye." she hangs up with a sigh. 

She felt guilty lying to him. She looks up at the hospital building sitting on the bench outside. She felt like crying. She did not feel like going in - facing those people again. Her confidence was at the bottom of the ocean. Images of the past flooded her mind and she could not get them out of her head. She had gone to Priya's cabin but she was dealing with a bunch of priority cases that morning while at the same time dealing with her morning sickness. She did not feel like unburdening her troubles on her too. She lied to her that she is fine and had clinic duty the whole day. 

But she sat outside the hospital as she did not even feel like stepping into the clinic. She felt like a loser. Two drops of tears rolled down her cheek. She felt so helpless. 

"Hey there." somebody stood in front of her. Manvi looked up and immediately wiped her face. "Oh..Hi Simmy.."

" okay?" Simmy kneeled in front of her, concerned.

"Manvi shook her head. "No. I am not okay. I cannot go inside. I cannot see a patient. I don't know what is wrong with me."

Simmy looked at her understandingly. She stood and pulled Manvi up. "That's okay. Let's go for a walk."

"I still wake up in the middle of the night, Simmy. I keep getting this same dream that they are going to come back for me. That what has almost happened will certainly happen this time. That is all I think all day. I am okay when Virat is with me. I feel safe. But, when I am alone...I keep..repeatedly..thinking the same thing. It is like a disease."

"You are not alone Mannu. I could not focus for some time too. But, then, I got some help and I am doing okay."

"Like counselling?"


"Well..I got to talk to mom then.."

"Yeah..." Simmy laughed.

"Listen. Why don't you come with me. Just shadow with me today. I have a ped case anyways. This can try to work by yourself and if you need back-up, I'd be right behind. And I will give you the number of my counselor - you can set up an appointment with her. There is nothing wrong with you. This is normal."

"Really? You'd do that for me?" 

"Are you kidding? It will be fun. Come on..."



That evening when Virat came to pick her up, the sulky version of Manvi has like disappeared from the face of the earth. She was exuberant.

"You had a good day at school, kiddo?" Virat teased.

"Shutup! You have no idea. I scrubbed in on a surgery."


"Simmy was with me." she said. As if that explains everything.

"Okay?" Virat looked at her for an explanation to follow. It did not come.

The truth was that the whole day Manvi watched Simmy. It was the same Simmy who inspired her when she was growing up. When Manvi was in school, she had visited her sister at the hospital where she was doing her residency. She was mesmerized by her proficiency and the whole idea of saving a life. That was what had eventually inspired Manvi to become a doctor.

Today, after all those years, she watched her sister flawlessly perform a complicated surgery on a spinal cord. It was a difficult case with a slim chance of success. But, Simmy finished it with flair and every doctor in the hospital congratulated her. Seeing all this, instilled in her the confidence and inspiration to get past her fears. Simmy's skills amazed her in the same way that they did eight years ago.

Later that day, she mustered up the courage to take on a case. Manvi's hands did shake in the operating room and she completely blanked out and froze like a statue. Simmy took over for her and started the procedure. She slowly pulled Manvi in, guiding her with each little detail patiently. And soon enough, Manvi picked up and finished successfully. Just that much was enough to boost her confidence that day. 

"Baby steps. You did a good job. A few more days and you will be sharper than ever." she told her. 

" are awesome. Today in the operating room, you just blew me away.." she told her awe-struck.

"Well, thank you." Simmy smiled.  


A few days passed and Manvi was enjoying her work again. Simmy had a big role in helping her back to her old self at work.  

"Why are you not taking Bhabhi's help?" Virat asked Manvi.

"You don't like that I take help from Simmy?"

"No. It's not that. I just thought you and Bhabhi are tighter after everything that  happened with Simmy."

"She has completely changed Virat. And Bhabhi has a lot on her plate. I should be helping her at this point, not taking her help. Hasn't she done enough for us?"

"Yes. I just don't..." Virat did not know how to react to Manvi and Simmy's emerging friendship. It was not just that. Things started changing rapidly. Simmy was more involved with their lives then ever. She was always there at Manvi's parents.  She was taking good care of Mom and Dad and he could not help but be okay with everything. Surprisingly enough, she stayed civil and nice to him. 

"What?" Manvi asked, breaking his reverie.

"Nothing sweetheart. Whatever makes you happy." he finally gave up. 

He remembered what Manvi's mom told him when he was watching Manvi and Simmy chatting at her parent's place excitedly. They were laughing about something like little girls, totally unaware of everyone around them.

"I think that the fact that both of they faced the same incident, bound them back. It usually happens. They connect with each other and they feel like only the other victim can can understand and talk about that had happened. But, whatever the circumstances, looking at them reminds me of a simpler time, Virat. Are you sure this is not awkward for you?" she asked Virat.

 "Well, honestly, it is a little awkward. But, I think that the fact that Manvi is happy is more important." he told Manvi's mom.

He was too busy to care about these things anyways, with his expanding company which was not a small one anymore. There were days when it was very stressful for both of them. And there was nothing more that he wanted than to move on. Let bygones be bygones - he rationalized. 

 Part 27 and 28 follow, scroll down.

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*** PART 27 ***

A couple of months passed and it was a very busy time for Virat. He was overwhelmed with work. He was working on a new software and he had a major client with an upcoming deadline. He never came home before midnight. Manvi was getting irritated with him. He had been spending very little time with her. 

He calls her at 10 PM, holding his head. He had promised her that he will take her out for dinner at 7. And he did not even realize when the clock struck 10. It was when his secretary knocked on his door nervously, asking for permission to go home that he realized what the time was. 

She said she was going to be dressed up and waiting for him by 6:30. There were three missed calls on his cell.

"Manvi...darling.." he called her in a cajoling voice, closing his eyes.

"I am NOT talking to you." Manvi snapped. 

"I am so sorry.."

"Are you?"

"Give me a break, baby. I am really stressed out. And with Rahul being away because of Bhabhi.."

"Aha?" she cut him short.

"Tell you what...Tomorrow..."

"Don't make promises you cannot keep...VIRATJI."

"Viraji?" he suddenly smiles.

"Yes Viratji..remember how you were when we just got married. Living under the same roof, married but not husband and wife. We are back there. We are there, all over again."

"Umm.." he listening to her patiently.

"Don't you 'umm..' me." she warned him.


"Save it..Like I said, I am NOT talking to you. Pick me up on your way home, I am with Mamma."

"Okay. I will be there in 30 min."

"You will not be here before midnight." she hung up angrily.


He pulled up on the drive way. He looked at his watch, it was almost 12 AM. He knew she would not sleep without him and would be waiting in the living room. She was usually by the door for him. But, today, she wasn't. He knocked on the door guiltily.

To his surprise, Simmy opened the door.  

"Sorry..did I wake you up?" Virat asked.

"No. um..Mannu fell asleep..." she told him, pointing to the curled up ball on the couch. "She had two glasses of wine..with papa.." 

Virat shakes his head, amused. He could totally picture Papa and Mannu sitting and complaining about each other's spouses, drinking wine.  

Simmy rolls her eyes. "Yep! That's my dad and bratty sister."

He walked in. He looked towards Simmy as she went inside to give them privacy.

He lifts her up in his arms, so that she would not wake up. She stirred in her sleep. "You don't like me anymore. You never have time for me.." she pouts, half-asleep.

He face splits into a wide smile. "Wake up sleepy head. Time to go home." he tries to put her down. But, she puts her arms around his neck, and nuzzles close to him. "I misssh you..." she tells him. "...a looot." her speech blurs.


"Don't umm me.." 


'PUT ME DOWN!" she orders, opening her eyes. When he puts her down, she walks out angrily.

"Mannuu !" he shakes his head and follows her, closing the door behind him.

"I said I miss you and you 'ummm' -ed" she accuses him.

"Baby...I am just tired. Ofcourse I miss you. Can we go home, please?"

"No..." Manvi folds her hands, pouting.

"Mannuu..please..." he moves towards her. 

She moves back. "You don't love me.." she whines. 

"Manvi, Come here. It is about to rain.."

"No!" she sits down on the lawn. A small thunder breaks in the sky and she looks up startled.

"You are drunk, wife!"

She doesn't reply. She continues to sulk sitting down, hugging her knees. Virat kneels in front of her, getting irritated.

"Do you want to wake up your dad and mom?" he tries to rationalize as drops of rain make their way down the sky. Virat looks up into the sky and despairs. He knows this will not have any affect on his stubborn wife.

"Papa is awake. He is also upset." she answers.

"Let me guess. He is upset that your Mom isn't giving him enough attention." he laughs. 

"It's NOT funny. A wife has the right to sulk when her husband doesn't have time for her."

"Absolutely." he tells her with a straight face.

"You haven't kissed me in three days." she murmurs looking down at her hands.

He looks at her cute, sad face affectionately "ohhh love..I am so sorry. " he drags her towards him and leans in to kiss her.

" don't even remember.." she pushes him away and starts crying, hiding her face. 

"Awww! Sweetheart! Please don't cry. Tell me what to do. I will do anything." he kneels closer and puts its arms around her.

"Anything?" she looks up. 

"Anything." he promises.

"Okay. I will think about it and tell you tomorrow morning."

"You will think about it? Ofcourse." he shakes his head.

"I am very organized." she explains, as he pulls her up and walks towards his car.

"I know."

"I will make a list."

"I know, you will. I have started filing your lists in a big folder, to keep track."

"Virat! Its raining." she exclaims as they reach the car, as if she just sensed it. She extends her hands out.

Virat smiles shyly looking at her drenched figure. He remembers the night on the beach when it rained - that was when they realized they were falling for each other. He had kissed her in the sand that night. And then the night when he made love to her for the first time, it had rained on that night too.

He pushes her on the door of the car and looks into her eyes with a mischievous smile. "You know the rules; we 'have' to kiss when it rains." he holds her by the waist and looks into her eyes; he slowly leans in to kiss her. It was a soft and tender kiss that quickly grew aggressive. All her anger washed away and she puts her hands on his chest, stopping him, realizing that she was standing on her parents drive-way. He released her and looked down at her flushed face. 

He opens the door and secures her with a seat belt on the passenger side of the car; pecking her on her lips again, before closing the door. "I will kill you if you say that I don't love you, again." 

"Well, you need to remind me that you do, everyday. I have a poor memory." she smiles, shyly.


Tears streamed down Simmy's face as she stood in her room, looking out through her window. She could see and listen to them clearly.  

Like a lightening bolt, the realization hit her. She remembered the numerous times Virat complained that she did not have time for him anymore and how wrongly she had interpreted his complains. How differently their fights ended. She now realized that he was only missing her - not pulling her down in her career or being jealous - like she thought, he was. 

He was only missing her - how could she not have understood such a simple fact? 

"Simmy, I know you have been very busy these last few months. But, this cannot go on. We need to spend time together too. God! I cannot remember the last time we sat down and had a proper conversation with each other. I miss you, Simmy."

"Oh Please Virat. I DO not have the energy for this. If you are bored, spend time with your friends or something."

"Spend time with my friends? Simmy? I know I can spend time with my friends. You don't have to tell me what to do. I am talking about us not spending time with each other. You are my wife, I'd like to know what's going on in your life and to share with you, my life. Is that too much to ask? Why are you weirding out on me?

"I can't talk to you when you are like this. Good night!" 

"Simmy!!!! " he banged on the door of the room, but she had just thrown herself on the bed and closed her eyes and slipped into sleep. Her ears went deaf to his words as he pleaded her to open the door.

She now realized what she really did was she had closed her eyes and heart to his love and affection. She was blinded by ambition. She had turned deaf to his care; numb to his expectations and desires. She had become immune by loving her career, immune to an amazing guy who heart-fully loved her and only wanted to be loved back.   

Now she had the career she desired. Every thing she had aspired for herself, she had achieved. But, she still felt something missing. 

She could not stop crying that night. How differently would her life have been right now. How could her baby sister understand this simple fact more than her - that you could have both love and career? 

Her father words ringing in her ears. "You are screwing up Virat's life, Simmy and more than that you royally screwing up your own life. You are throwing away a gem of a man. You will never find another person like him, who adores you to death, inspite of everything you do."   


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*** PART 28***
Next day afternoon, Manvi was riding up the elevator on Virat's new office. She walks by a conference room where there was a meeting going on. Virat's secretary tried to tell her that her husband was in an important meeting. But Manvi being Manvi, peeks in and waves to Virat. 

Rahul notices her and taps Virat's shoulder to alert him of a certain intruder. Virat puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head looking at her disapprovingly. 

She makes a sad face and retreats back and goes to his office. She presses the intercom and a female voice answers " Yes Sir?"

"Preity?" she calls her to his office. 

"So what's new in the technology circle?"

"Um..I have no idea. I am just a secretary Manvi." Preity replies.

"Yeah. But, you should pick up this stuff. Is Virat being nice to you?"

"Um. yeah. It is just that with the company growing so much, the hours have been extending everyday ma'm. My husband does not understand why I come late everyday. He thinks I am having an affair."

"Oh, you stay here, with Virat, while he is working?"

"Yes. I have to. I am his secretary."

"Who else stays with you both."

"Rahul Sir used to stay but now he leaves by 5 PM."

"So, it is only you and Virat, staying in the office till midnight, every day." Manvi summarizes.

"Um. Yes. Sometimes, I ask him permission and I leave at a few hours early."

"Interesting." she scratches her chin.

"What are you doing here Mannu?" Virat barges in the office.

"Lovely to see you too, husband. I brought Lunch." Manvi shows him a picnic basket, with childish excitement.

Virat squints at her and then looks at Priety. "What are you doing here?"

"Talking with Mrs. Vadera, Sir."

"Get out."

"Yes Sir." Preity leaves silently, with her head down.

Manvi looks at him curiously but opens her basket and puts up boxes in front of him.

He starts eating readily. "I got to go in a few min. Thanks for this. I was starving."

"Preity is nice." Manvi comments.

"She has work to do. She is not paid to chit chat with you." he scolds her.

"She has thrown light on some interesting issues. " she begins while Virat was gobbling up the food. 

"She told me that she gives you company every night while you are away from you legally wedded wife."

Virat raises his eye brows. 

Manvi gets up and walks up and down the room, like a lawyer in a courtroom. "Your honor, It is to be strongly noted that her husband thinks she is having an affair." She turns around and points her finger at Virat. " Is she?" she asks him dramatically.  "If she is, who are the probable men in her close circle?"

Virat stops eating and looks at her making a funny face. 

But Manvi continues without paying him any attention "Is it her boss, who for the same amount of time as she is, is missing from his wife's side."

Virat opens his mouth to say something then closes it. "What is wrong with your brain?" he finally asks.

"I am bored." she goes and sits in Virat's chair at his desk.

"Manvi, incidentally, my ex-wife was a doctor too. She did not even have 10 free minutes in her day. I do not understand how you have so much time to make up all this crappy stories." he puts away his food, gulps down a glass of water and walks to Manvi, pecking her cheek. "Thanks for lunch, got to go."

"Wait Virat...I have to ask you something.."


" know my friend Rohan?"

"Yes. Met him at our anniversary party. What about him?"

"Well, what do you think of him? Nice guy?"

"He is okay. Where is this going?" he looks at her suspiciously.

"I am thinking of setting up Simmy with him. What do you think?"

"I think you have way too much free time on your hands and you are not taking your job seriously."

"Come on."

"Mannuu. I got to go. And I would really appreciate it if you can keep matters related to Simmy to yourself. I have nothing against your sister but I don't want to be a part of her life either."

"Oh..I am sorry." she looks down guiltily.

"It's okay." he walks to her and leans on the desk in front of her. "I got the tickets to Fiji. We can go as soon as can I can set aside a week. It will probably be about two months from now."

"Okay." Manvi replies, still looking down.

He leans forward with both his hands on the arms of the chair and kisses her forehead. "Mannu, me and Simmy have history. I had loved her at a point. Please understand that it is weird for me to hear about her love troubles and anything about her, for that matter. I only tolerate her in my life, for you and Mom, Dad. I do not want anything more."

"Okay..." Manvi looks up at him. "I did not realize, she still affects you."

"She doesn't. I do not want to see or hear about her. As simple as that."

"She is my sister. I want her to be in my life."

"And that is fine with me." 

She looks at him and senses that this is a really touchy subject for him. "Okay. This is stupid." "How about that affair with your secretary?" she raises her voice, accusingly. 

"Affair?" he looks down at her shaking his head. "It is like you want me to have an affair so that you can fight with me." 


"Yes, I am having an affair with her. Do what you want. " he tickles her.


"Teri affair ki toh main..." he continues to tickle her and she curls in his chair, laughing.

"Virat?" Rahul opens the door. He sees Virat huddling over Manvi and Manvi holding her tummy laughing. "You guys have weird fetishes."

Virat moves away and makes a face. "Look who is talking. Mr. Rub your wife's feet all night husband." 

"You are needed in the conference room Virat Vadhera." Rahul tells Virat angrily.

"Aw! You rub Bhabhi's feet all night?" Manvi asks Rahul.

"Feet hurt during pregnancy."

"Awww!!" Manvi teases.

"Shut up!" Rahul bangs the door close behind him.


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Part 25
Awesome update
Finally u r back
Loved the update

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Wow yaar 3 updates...
Loved it..
Love how Manvi and Simmy bonding is growing again...
Awww Priya is pregnent...
Simmy is realishing now what she has lost... She now realish that Virat really LOVED her...
Awww Poor Manvi... Virat didnt have Kiss her for 3 days...
Loved Manvi and preity part...
Loved the Virman part...
Pleassseee update soon...
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amazing updates

thanks for giving 3 updates back to back...

update soon
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Part 26
Awesome part
Manvi and simmi became close again
Hope simmi doesn't create any probs 

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Author: tintin_ruble   Replies: 190   Views: 41995

tintin_ruble 190 41995 15 March 2016 at 5:54am by Fairy...
SS: Anything Goes PART 11 *Last Part* (PAGE 15)

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Author: LuvArnavKhushi   Replies: 175   Views: 115888

LuvArnavKhushi 175 115888 18 November 2015 at 2:04pm by ..Prii1994..
To New Endings - UPDATED [Part 2 FINAL PART]


Author: ohmygrabvoski   Replies: 10   Views: 2021

ohmygrabvoski 10 2021 10 August 2014 at 11:16am by pup03
love love love(ar,rm,aa)part 5 pg 21updt

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Author: mithilalovesksg   Replies: 179   Views: 112546

mithilalovesksg 179 112546 07 December 2013 at 10:24am by ksgandjsg21

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