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#2 But I love you - SS - VIRMAN - part - 25 to part 33 - THE END (Page 7)

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Congrts dear for 2nd thread thanks for pm dear
next update soon

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|| PART 16 ||

Somethings have a way of getting better with time and somethings just don't. Right now, all seems peachy with the life of our Virat and Manvi - they were like the two love birds in their own little happy love-nest. They were packing up to leave from Vegas that evening, but Virat kept getting distracted. They were cuddling with each other, under a blanket after a session of passion and love and all their shopping bags and other stuff were lying all over the room.

Manvi's POV:

"This heart looks so lovely on you. I cannot believe you got a 'V' in it?" he fondles the gold chain he got for me that morning. He wanted to get me a ring, but I already had a ring, so I had him buy me this charm locket - a heart had the letter V inscribed on it and a small key dangling with it. The key to his heart - Me - I grin. It is such a lovely chain. 

"Honestly, it looks nice when you wear just this..." he grins back.

I slip his shirt on and he tries to stop me. He is so shameless and he has broken all existing records of shamelessness. Seriously, how can I handle him?

"Virat, stop it. We were supposed to be on the road an hour ago." I try to move away from his arms. He is just uncontrollable. I am not complaining about all this attention I am getting from him, but I do not want him to whine that we are late and he hasn't prepared anything for his meeting tomorrow. But, who is going to drill this into his exceptionally thick skull? 

He pulls me back in one single fluid movement and I fall over - I under him and he over me. Last night, I guess we were drunk and I didn't notice how intense his gaze is. Oh my god! It just gives me the goosebumps and it warms up my whole body. I turn my head away shyly and he thinks I am giving him access to my neck. He leans down and starts placing soft little kisses that were driving me wild.

"Virat!!! Again?" I whisper, closing my eyes.

"ummm..." he groans and his hands travel down my body, slowly and sensuously. "again...and again...and again..and again..." he murmurs in between his kisses.

Woah! I stop him and stare at him bewildered. "You got to be kidding me!"

He laughs looking at my shocked face. He leans down and pecks my cheeks and nose and lips. "You started it - Now, deal with it..." he smiles into his kisses. He takes my lower lip with his teeth. "...and you keep biting your lip. Abhi koi control kare bhi toh kaise kare???"

What? "I started it?? How?" I push him off.

"You seduced me baby...with your sexy saree...your cute expressions and your rain dancing..." he holds my wrists down on either side of my head and comes right back into position.

"I DID NOT!!" I struggle under him, trying to wriggle myself out. God! He is so strong. He is amused and he is having fun.

"What do me mean, you did not? Why else did you wear that saree and come in front of me that night, huh? I lost my nuts and kissed you. That's how it all started."

This is the limit!

"That's because your nuts are VERY loose. And hellow! you kissed me before that - at the beach! And you carried me, and teased me, and flirted with me..."

"...about your sex dream!!" he chuckled. "The one in which you fantasized that I kissed you...on a beach, in the sand. What were we wearing by the way?"

Oh, for godsakes!

"Space suits with huge helmets!" I scream and manage to climb off the bed.

"Manvi, come back." He laughs and tries to catch my hand.

I clamber back and glare at him. "You poor have been seduced by me! I will make sure nothing like that ever happens between us again." I snap at him and he tries to look annoyed. 

He raises up on the bed and frowns like a small kid whose toy has been taken away. He climbs out and walks towards me coolly, like a tiger surrounding his prey.

Man, he is only in his pajamas and he looks so sexy. I am wearing his shirt and nothing else under it and unfortunately, he  knows it. "Gimme me my shirt back." he orders as he comes nearer, effectively limiting me to the corner of the room. He has both his hands extended out sideways, lest I run away. Why is this so hot?

"I will, let me grab something from the closet." My voice is so low and my face must be beet red. He knows what he is doing. The evil monster.

He shakes his head holding my gaze. "I don't think so, darling!"

"Virat please!!"  

"MY shirt..." He whispers slowly stressing on the word 'My'. His gaze travels down my neck and my chest, darting to my thighs and legs. I pull the shirt down with both my hands, I guess hoping that it will somehow grow longer and imaginaryly cover my legs that his eyes were feasting on. His gaze was getting darker and it is arousing as hell.

I bend and try to run. He grabs me with both his hands and I squeal and laugh. "Ow! Virat!" 

I am not going to give in... I am not going to give in, I chant.

He pins me to the wall by holding my waist, his gaze bores through me, deep. His hand skims through up upper body over my..umm..his shirt..down my thighs and then up again - this time under the shirt. I give up and I convulse under his burning touch. My body betrays me, yet again. I throw my head back and groan. And he says I seduced him? The bas***d. He has possessed my body and he is kissing me like there is no tomorrow.

Suddenly...we hear a phone ring. He stops and looks at me. We were panting and breathing in each other. "You should get that...maybe it is your agent." I tell him. 

He shuts his eyes tightly as if cursing and he lets me go. 

I take this as my cue and run inside.

 Virat's POV:

Ughhh! I am going to kill this stupid good for nothing Sheela. I pick up my phone and to my surprise, it is Rahul. Why is he calling me at this hour?

"Rahul? At this hour?"

"Virat, is Manvi around? Can you get out?"

"Bhai? Everything alright?  Manvi isn't here."

"Dude, I have some bad news. It's Manvi's father."

My heart suddenly stops.

Dad ?

"He had a heart attack. I think he is going to be fine. He is stable right now. They are prepping him for a by-pass tomorrow morning. Priya thinks it can go either way.." his voices trails off, he is holding back and he choking on his words.

"Heart attack?"

"Yes. Manvi's mom said not to disturb you both since you are anyways scheduled to come back in a couple of days. But, Priya thinks you guys should know. Especially because uncle had been chanting Manvi's name. I think he wants to see her."



"Alright, it is good thing that you told me. We will take the next flight.."

"Yes. Ok."

"Rahul, can you stay with Mom and Dad..."

"Don't say don't have to say it. Me and Priya got it. Just come back as soon as you can"

"Yeah. Please keep me posted. Thanks Bhai."

f**k! f**k! f**k! Oh my good god! I look around. Everything is spilled over. My mind goes blank. Okay, FOCUS! -  tickets, cancelling meetings, winding up and airport. I call my travel agent.

Manvi's POV:

I walk back into the bedroom after a shower and Virat was packing everything up. "You are fast." I comment.

He doesnt reply.

"Manvi, get all your stuff together. We need to get going in another five minutes. Our flight is in three hours. Airport is an hour away. "

"Oh? We aren't driving back?"

"No. Fast, baby."


What is wrong with him?




We were at the airport and all the time he was quiet. I could tell he made a couple of phone calls and he was really grave and serious as he talked to them. What is going on?


"Virat, is everything okay? Any problem with your work?" I ask him as we enter the airport.

"No. Everything is fine baby." He squeezes my hand and we walk to the international terminal with our luggage.

"International terminal?" I ask him.

"We have to head back to India. It is urgent. Something happened at the company."

"Oh? What exactly?"

He doesn't answer.


He gets our boarding passes. I decide not to bother him. Clearly, he is tensed about something. I sit and start reading my novel, which I had with difficulty, completed two pages until now. The flight is delayed by a couple of hours and he was yelling at the personnel. What has gotten into him? I take and deep breath and let it go. He comes and sits beside me. He cups his mouth with his hands and lets out a deep sigh. His hands were shaking.

I take both his hands and turn him towards me. "Whatever it is, it is going to be alright. There isn't a problem on this earth that cannot be fixed." I tell him.

He looks at me and his eyes were getting filled.

 Oh my!

I raise up and I sit in his lap, put my hands around his neck, kiss his hair and hug him and he hugs me back tightly as if he is scared of something. He is really scaring me now!

Oh God, whatever it is, please make it all okay.




Our flight was ready to take off. "Virat,can I borrow your phone? My phone is out of charge. I should prolly let papa know that we are coming back. He called me yesterday saying he wanted to see me as soon as possible."

He looked at me and I could see him clenching his fists and gulping, trying to compose himself.

"I already told them we are coming, Manvi."  He tells me and looks away. His voice was so low.

What's the f**k is going on?


"What's wrong with dad, Virat?"


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Dhanya bhaag humare!!!! ajj iss story ka upd8 hua!!!lollzzLOL

Ok #BILU updated and am grinningBig smile ear to ear!!!! Damn shameless Virat rocksss and maanvi is facing difficulty in handling him!!!!LOL!!!!ufff and yeah this heart attack thingy something big gonna happen hurting maanvi!!!! my prediction!!!! BUt for now it's #BILUday for me!!!!!!! yayaya

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u didnt give addicted Ouch

love this besharam virat..he still get distracted when mannu bite her lower lip :-p.. he is not able to keep his hands off manvi but naughty him..he shamelessly put all the blame on manvi..that she is the one seducing him..but now real world await them..  Ouchmanvi's father.. shocking twist..hope he gets through..& all of a sudden this heart there something else connected with it , like simmi?? feeling sad & bad  for manvi..she just got the happiness she deserved!! update soon!!

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diii U are here!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS for the new thread of BILU!!!

I am the last one to tell this right???
ermm i missed this!! missed the chances to comment then and there and now am struggling! 

BILU is something that caught me tight since the first chapter.. the freaking plot or the astonishing characters,, i dont kow which one is best in this but as a whole this piece of work is rocking!!! u know it very well if not this wudnt have landed in the second thread this quick!!

so a hearty congrats for the secong great thread!!

coming to BILU
i was amazed the way the chapter began.. i mean i went to the flashback mode,, to the first chapter of BILU.. is this the same virat who once banged the door chasing manvi away at her proposal?? is this the same virat who vowed once to never get back to the love track again?? is this the same virat who told manvi that they have to take things slow?? now what happened to Virat ji??? he's cuddling manvi, getting distracted by her, is all naughty around her and has become an extremely romantic and passionate person!!!
wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! what a change in character!!!
credit solely goes to manvi (which obviously means to U)!!
this change and his new avatar tells me that this is the old virat,, the virat before the entry of simmi in his life,, he wud have remained all jovial if simmi had loved him equally and had cherished his bond..
i am so amazed at how much he has fallen for manvi, for her innocence, for her cuteness, for her childish nature and for her matured acts... this girl is really an angel who has brought light and life back into virat's life
she has made him to face the world and has brought a different shade in his business field, she has made him to overcome his memories of simmi and the past and to accept the future,, now finally she has made him a man of satisfaction and confidence by providing all love for him alone..

i never expected such a quick turn of events!! but u proved that this manvi is capable in bringing the change in their life that is much needed
her every step either intentionally or unintentionally -giving a list to get rid of simmi's stuff -being herself and making him to adore and understand her character -showing bliss thru the newly born lives in the pediatrics ward -giving her opinions about his hardwork and his plan vt his project -getting drunk, biting her lips dat without her intention seduced him to death -her naughty act that made him to again loose control -her jealousy that made him to confess -her open confession of how he was forced to this marriage -her excitement for their second marriage -her excitement to begin a new journey together as husband and wife... all these acts of her has made virat to leave back each of his past memories, his hidden insecurities, his lack of self esteem.. her acts has made him to discover the real himself in him, he got confidence, he got love and more than everything he has got a lesson of what life is.. like u shared vt me,, 'u shud not only concentrate on carrier (like simmi) and shud not only concentrate on love(like virat),, u shud concentrate in both equally and vt limit which wud make ur life bliss (like adorable manvi)'
this is such a true fact and has played the plot so far

now that manvi's mission to bring virat out of the shell is successful,, are u planning to show their new life to simmi??
i mean i got the feeling that once u gave manvi's dad's heart problem, there are possibilities of the entry of simmi into the story.. i may be completely wrong but if it happened so, i cant wait to see her reaction and the bond virman sharing strengthening.. Simmi's words that were ringing in manvi's ears has finally died but isnt this the time to show simmi that what effect manvi has on virat??
looking forward for whatever u are planning

the moments the couple shared at teh beginning of this chapter are romantic and magical!!

it was a moment to mock wen u gave the picture of manvi hugging virat to console after witnessing his state,, it wud have been the other way around if manvi had known the real happenings!!

i loved manvi sensing that something's wrong vt her dad just by studying virat's change in expression & nervousness at her mention of her dad.. she's brilliant in understanding virat and his actions in such a short span of time!!

grinning like a fool at virat and manvi's convo!! OMG the dialogues!!! i have gained a lot of wierd looks from all my family members by grinning like a fool recalling their naughty moments!! viratt such a teasing soul he is!! poor manvi,, how will she prove the others that he's not a fentle man like everybody thinks??? OMG flying again in virman moments!!!

totally BILU rocks with interesting turn of events!!
i am looking forward for what is on hold in the story
till then kisses, hugs and love for u from me
hats off to your talent of excellent character sketching!
get going my soul sissy!!

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.jai. Goldie

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Superb updateSmile .. loved it... Heart..  VirMan scene Heart naughty Viratji..  Want more Wink
 Hope Manvi's father is fine.. I cant c my VirMan in pain ..  Update Soon

Edited by .jai. - 03 September 2013 at 6:32am
shaalivirman Senior Member

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Posted: 02 September 2013 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Yaaayyy...Big smile
Bilu updated...:D
And the update...awesome Clap
omg...virat naughty ahaaanWink
And manvi dadShocked

Edited by shaalivirman - 02 September 2013 at 8:42am
Faria12345 Senior Member

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Omg don't tell me her dad died :(((( that will be the worst case scenario :/ gosh... Phewww ok virat being naughty do I have to mention how well u describe each screen? I guess no? Gosh flat dead... Bows down again... Im speechless again. Please update sooon

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