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#2 But I love you - SS - VIRMAN - part - 25 to part 33 - THE END (Page 50)

-LumosMaxima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 11:31am | IP Logged
OMG I'm so late!! Tongue Sorry Anu! Embarrassed
Chapter 20 :- Awesome as usual! Big smile Loved Priya and her attitude Thumbs Up.. She knows how to handle girls like Simmi..  Simmi is such a witch! Now she is blaming Manvi as if she snatched Virat away from her.. How dare she insult her like that Angry.. Want to see the Sherni Mannu again! Loved the belly dance part and the game part also Embarrassed.. Manvi's dad caught them while they were dancing! LOL That was pretty embarrassing Tongue..
Chapter 21 :- Superb update!! StarStar Virman moments were lovely! HeartHeart Samir is so cheap AngryAngry.. No wonder Simmi is with him! Perfect match! Stern Smile Manvi's dilemma is well portrayed ClapClap.. Now Virat also noticed that Samir was staring at Manvi.. Hope he will teach him a proper lesson.. I so want Simmi to regret everything.. And this Samir drama is not boring at all.. BTW I saw your post on FB, Anu if possible please do finish all your stories and never stop writing.. Would really love to read more from you, so please take your time and come back soon.. Will be waiting for the next.. Take care Smile

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Hey anu I would like to
n teach sm lesson to that bas****d samir..
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|| PART 22-i ||

Virat was sitting in the car waiting for Manvi. He kept thinking about the way she freaked out in the kitchen. She is definitely hiding something from him. And on top of that Samir's weird behavior. He was highly disturbed and he didn't feel good about leaving Manvi by herself.

Manvi opened the door of the car and sat inside, buckling herself. She looked at Virat who seemed lost in his own thoughts.



"Are we waiting for someone?"

"No. Let's go.."

"While driving, he noticed that Manvi was very uncomfortable looking him in the eye."

"Why did you call Rahul, Mannu?"

"Got dialed accidentally." She lied, looking out of the window.

"Are you feeling okay? You were looking pale in there."

"I am fine. Just a bit tired."

"You are working with Samir now?"

"Yeah, just on this one case. My patient has a heart issue. Otherwise, he and I are in different wings."

"The kid who were talking about the other day, who pulls your hair? She is your patient?"

"Manvi looked at Virat, surprised."

"I do listen to you Manvi."

She smiled.

"Is Samir good at his work?"

"Why are you asking about Samir all of a sudden?"

"Do you have a problem talking about him?"


"Then answer me."

"Yes, he is good at what he does."

"Do you like working with him?"

"I haven't thought about it." She replied still looking out of the window.

"Look at me when you answer, Manvi." His voice was unusually rough.

"Why are you interrogating me?"

"I would like you to answer my questions honestly. Do you have a problem with that?"


"I think you do. Because you are a very bad liar."

Manvi looked down at her hands, unable to look at him.

"Where is your phone?"

She fetched it out of her handbag and gave it to him. He did something on her phone and gave it back to her at the hospital.

"I am still testing the app. Keep it on and if is not too inconvenient to you, try to snooze it every half hour."


He got out of the car and opened Manvi's door for her, something that he had never done before. He was watching her every move as she stepped out of the vehicle. Manvi looked at him with a heavy heart.

"I will pick you up in the evening."

"I love you, Virat."

"See you later."  Virat replied and left without turning back.

Manvi's eyes filled up. She was trying her level best to tolerate this cold and ruthless behavior from Virat. She knew that he knew that something was up and she knew that he is angry that she wasn't sharing it with him.

I am sorry Virat. I don't know what else to do.

Virat drove a few minutes in silence and then turned around and drove back to her hospital. He looked for Samir's office and went inside. He was turned away from him and jotting something down on a calendar. He silently bolted the door shut. He covered his face with a sheet from one of the beds in the exam room and punched him in his ribs until he dropped on his knees, screeching in pain.

"This is only a sampler, coz I have a small doubt. IF I am proved right, then god save you, you would not be able to call yourself a man tomorrow." he told him angrily, with clenched teeth.

He raised him up holding the blanket and tied it around his face, pushed him in a chair and banged it to the wall.

As he walked out of the room, he ran into Priya bhabhi. She saw him and immediately got scared. His eyes were red in anger and his hand was bleeding. "Please keep an eye on Manvi, bhabhi.." he told her and walked out of there silently before anybody could notice.

On the other side of the wing, Manvi was standing outside Simmi's office since the last half hour. This was the only reason why she came to work today. She had assigned her case to another doctor and he had no interest in seeing Samir again.

As Simmi's patient left, Manvi walked in and knocked on the door.

"How can I help you cricket?" Simmi smiled at Manvi.

Manvi smiled that she still remembered. When she was a kid everybody used to be scared of the big green bug that comes in during the rainy season but Manvi would be really fascinated by it and always was the first to notice them even though they were hidden in between leaves. She had even made friends with a couple of them. Simmi was the only one who called her by that name.

"I wanted to talk to you about something important Simmi."

"Come on in.."

Manvi didn't know how to start. She knew Simmi would be shattered. In her own twisted way, she did like the guy. "Di, I just want to tell you what happened. It is really upto you about what you decipher from it and what you choose to do with this information."

"What's going on Mannu?"

"This is really hard for me to say. It is about Samir."

"About Samir?"

"Yes. There is no easy way to say this Simmi. The truth is that he made a pass at me yesterday night and I wanted to tell you about it this morning. But, before I could do that, he hit on me again. It was really crude and bad Simmi. He is not a good guy for you."

Simmi just stared at her blankly. "Is that all?" she asked after a couple of minutes.

"Yes. That is all."

"Please leave."


"Get the f out Manvi!"

"Dr.Simmi, Dr.Samir is in the ICU. He has bad cuts and a broken rib."


"Somebody beat him up in his office."

Simmi glared at Manvi. "It is Virat, isn't it?"

"No Simmi. I did not tell anyone. You are the first person I am telling this information to."

"Oh please save me that melodrama!" Simmi rushed out to the ICU and Manvi followed her. Priya was standing there. Manvi looked at Priya when she nodded her head and shrugged, Manvi immediately knew it was Virat.

Manvi sat down and looked as the tornado called Simmi starting its tour down their family tree. Manvi parents arrived soon after.


She was running up the stairs of his office with a heavy heart and building rage. Why can't he let her handle things. What is the need for such a drastic action. She walked in and was greeted by the receptionist who knew her from before.

"Manvi ma'm, sir is in a meeting."

"Tell him that I need to see him ASAP."

"Yes ma'm. Would you like you sit in his cabin?"


When Virat entered his cabin, Manvi was pacing to and fro. She was angry and tears were dripping from her eyes.

"I am in a meeting Manvi."

"You beat him."



"Because he harassed you."

"How do you know that?"

"I just know."

"How the f do you know Virat?"

"Do not raise your voice with me Manvi."

"I was telling her. I had just told her. She was taking in the information and she would have taken the appropriate action. Now, all that she is thinking is that her ex-husband beat her fianc up. That guy is an asshole and she will not see him for the person he is, because of your recklessness."

"Do you think I care a damn about her or what she thinks/will think of that bas***d?"

"I DO."

"Oh, you do?"

"YES, I DO !"

"Well, that is news to me. It would have been very educational if you had opened your mouth and told that to me! Or better if you hadn't gotten involved with your loving sisters ex-husband!" he screamed at her.

Manvi looked at him utterly shocked. "I cannot believe you said that, Virat." be continued 21-ii

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sacchi u r on a roll..u gonna end it 2day itself?? :p
superb!! especially the part where virat was beating that useless kamina!! & according to virat that was a "trailor" only .. if this is the result for his small guess then he will definitely kill that bas***d on knowing the whole truth..but samir deserves this.. simmi not believing manvi..expected..& virat's harsh words at the end..he is just angry and cares too much for mannu im sure he didnt mean it ..he is just angry wiz her for not sharing things with him!! both wanted to handle things in their own way !! waiting for next!!

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Originally posted by roshreb

sacchi u r on a roll..r u gonna end it 2day itself?? :p --> nai it just keeps extending :/


u changed ur DP!!

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Originally posted by bluebolt

Originally posted by roshreb

sacchi u r on a roll..r u gonna end it 2day itself?? :p --> nai it just keeps extending :/


u changed ur DP!!

na i didnt..once u log off..u'l get to see the other one!!
u never listen to me then why should i ?? :p

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