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#2 But I love you - SS - VIRMAN - part - 25 to part 33 - THE END (Page 39)

neetnia Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
ooommmggg how did u get this song yaar??? is just ammmeeezng... so apt.. i fall in luv with this song.. EmbarrassedClap

Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome..!!! OMG U Updated after a long time but liked it..but a very wrong point to stop..Waiting for next Anu!!
hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
have read your note on facebook,
but please dear dont stop writing...
i mean there are so many peoples who miss nishal/ virman but with your and some other great writers they feel happy ...

dont know how you can make it to write, mabe you can watch old episodes Unhappy dont know  just a thought...but please try to write...

we have lost our VIRMAN on tv dont let us lose virman in your ffs too, pleaseeeUnhappy

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niki795 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
plz don't stop writing
plz plz continue
bluebolt Senior Member

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 1:44am | IP Logged

PART 20-ii

That night, Virat got into a huge fight with Manvi about her changing behavior on  the way home. Priya and Rahul came along knowing fully well that Virat seldom gets angry but when he does, he is very scary.

Once at home, Virat told Manvi not to go to her parents house anymore. "I am sorry to say this Manvi but as long as your sister in at your parents house, I do not want you hanging out there." Virat told her in a no-arguments tone.

"THAT IS NOT FAIR!" Manvi cried.

"Haan Manvi, your folks will come over here to see you yaar. They live a block away. And I am sure once they get married they will move out." Rahul chimed in.

"You are asking her to be a coward. I toh fail to understand why this girl keeps quiet. She has become the victim here. Okay, she will not go to her parents house, what about at work? Woh bhi chod de? Is this your solution? geniuses? SHE NEEDS TO BE HERSELF. Ek bole toh char char jawab de. Jaise pehle karti thi." Priya yelled at her.

"Haan, scream at me more, everybody. Aur lagao rules and regulations. Mujhe baat hi nahi karni tumse." Manvi told Virat and Priya and sat on the couch hugging her legs and hiding her face.

Virat looked at her angrily. He didn't know how to protect her from all this. He wanted to bring the old Manvi out. The one who didn't take any nonsense from anyone. The one who didn't give a damn about what people around her thought. Rahul and Priya looked at them sitting in the opposite corners of the room and decided to ease the tension.

"Yaar, we haven't played pool in a long time. Anyone up for a game?" Rahul asked as he poured everyone a drink.

"Kyu? Harne ka maan kar raha hai?" Priya laughed.

Rahul started a wicked laugh."Riiight. Manvi and me, one team."

"Main aur mere devar ek team. Right Virat?"

Virat just smiled.

"Chalo Mannu, aajao.."

"Maan nai hai Rahul bhaiyya..."

"Arey mere izzat ka sawal hai, koi option nahi hai. They are going to lose and they are going to cry and die...Don't you want to beat Virat?" Rahul was his usual monkeying self.

Manvi looked at Virat who was shaking his head and smiling. "Ofcourse I do!!" she got up and walked to Rahul without even looking at Virat again.

" more thing. Whoever loses will do whatever...whatever the other team asks them to do."

"Arey, chal, chal..why are you digging your own grave? You are the ones losing. Yeh jo apki behen hai, usko cue stick pakada bhi nahi aata." Virat muttered sending Manvi over the edge.

"Excuse me! WHAT NONSENSE!!" Manvi put the stick down and went to Virat angrily.

"Excuse me! Abhi ho rahi ho bohot offend? Kyu, apni behen ko jawab nahi de sakti thi aaise? Badi banti ho sherni hamare samne, Simmi dikhthi hi billi ban jati hai, hain na? " Virat replied back, equally angry.

"Guys, relax. Let's just play." Priya told them.

"I just..I just hate you! I am not talking to you? DO NOT talk to me. And challenge hain, aaj main tume haraya nahi toh main apni naam change kardungi."

"Billi rakh lena..meow!!"

"Virat!! Cut it out yaar," Rahul scolded him.

Virat just rolled his eyes and stood indifferently as Manvi was trying to position her cue stick. He knew she hated playing pool and it was very funny to see her hold the stick in the most silly way with both her hands, while her face was red with anger. Rahul was trying to instruct her but she wasn't getting it. He immediately cooled off and now was trying hard not to laugh.

This continued and she lost three strikes in a row as she could not even position herself properly. Priya was ecstatic and taunting Rahul as he was losing because of Manvi. Virat was really good and he had emptied half the table.

It was Manvi's turn again and she was trying really hard to focus. Rahul was again patiently explaining her which ball to hit.

"Arey hit tab karege, jab stick teek se pakadeji." Virat went and stood behind Manvi shaking his head. He leaned over from behind to show her. Manvi felt the entire length of his body against hers. He moved her hands that were on the cue stick to the right position to her much reluctance. Manvi looked back at him but Virat was focused on the ball. She tried to wiggle out of his embrace but he just tightened his hold. He gently moved his hands over hers and aimed, making a strike. He looked at her and raised both his eye-brows with attitude. Manvi's face went red and she couldn't help smiling.

"I didnt ask for your help." she said


"Traitor!!" Priya yelled. Rahul just smiled knowing that their tiff was over.

This continued and with Virat's help Manvi cleared the whole table and even the black one. Priya was screaming curses, pissed off, as they had lost to Rahul and Manvi.

"I am officially disowning you as my devar." Priya told Virat.

"Arey, bhabhi..I was just showing her."

"Baat hi math kar mujse.."

"So... for the punishment." Rahul was rubbing his hands super excited.

"Bhai, let it game" Virat tells Rahul.

"Game cancel.." Priya announced.

"Since Virat has helped his Paro, I am letting Virat go. But my darling wife, Priya is going to display her newly acquired skill which she has been learning very studiously..."

"Rahul, you are dead meat." Priya threatened.

"Kya?" Virat asked curiously.

"Oh no!!" Manvi held her head with his hand.

"What?" Virat asked her.

"By the way, Manvi is her partner in crime...they both have been learning the middle eastern artistic dance form..of.."

"Rahul bhaiyya pleaaase" Manvi stops him.

Rahul goes and started playing a song on the speakers - Bananza(belly dancer)

Hey ladies drop it down

Just want to see you touch the ground

Don't be shy girl go Bananza

Shake ya body like a belly dancer 

"Really?" Virat turns Manvi around holding her elbow. His face was initially filled with shock and they he cracked up laughing.

Manvi overcame her initial embarrassment and got ticked off at his reaction. "Why are you laughing?"

"Tum aur belly dancing??"

"Kyu? Main nai kar sakti?"

"nai baba...its just not really your type."

"Simmi ko bulakar lao? Woh bhi bol rahi thi ke main tumhari type ki nahi hu."


On the other side of the room, Rahul was teasing Priya and she toh anyways is always angry. SO, both the girls, decided to give it back to them. Priya went started another song.

Please listen - Mashallah

Mashallah Maashallah woh hoo ho...

Mashallah Maashallah Chehra hai Masha'Allah

Naino pe naino ka pehra hai mashallah

Tujhko churaya hai, paaya hai ye jahaan

Virat couldn't not turn his eyes away. He was looking at Manvi - initally shocked but then knowing that this was Manvi - capable of anything. He looked away smiling and shaking his head as the ladies completely turned their living room into a dancing ground. They were just amazing and most importantly, they were having so much fun dancing together, creating a havoc within them.

Jalta hai jal jaaye
Jalta hai jal jaaye pighal jaaye zamaana
Main tujhse, tu mujhse bas itna fasaana
Teri yaariyan dildariyaan sun jaaniyan
Mili mila mujhe milana

Virat held both his ears apologizing for laughing and Manvi pulled him onto the stage and they danced together, forgetting everything. Priya was also for once being a sweet wife.

"I haven't touched you for two weeks and you are not making it easy for me to stay decent." Virat whispered in her ear.

"Virat !!" Manvi pushed him off and as the song was about to end, Virat saw Manvi's dad walking in the lawn, towards the house through the window. "Shit!"

"Rahul, kill the music!" Virat yelled. But, Rahul was busy dancing with Priya and Manvi was in her own world. The remote was with Rahul and by the time Virat pulled him off the dance floor and explained him the situation, Manvi's dad was at the front door.

Manvi complained as the music stopped. Virat took her hand and grabbed her to him signaling that they had company. As soon as Manvi saw her dad, she hid behind Virat. Virat was surprised to see Samir there with him.

"What's going on Manvi?" her dad asked amused.

"Virat, I am going to kill you." Manvi muttered.

"We were just practicing; we have a small celebration at my office tomorrow." Virat covered for her.

"And she is going to dance like that."

"Priya is also dancing." Manvi told him in a low voice, still behind Virat.

"Shut up Mannu." Priya murmured, as even she was embarrassed.

"Well anyways, Samir's car tire is dead. Do you have a spare Virat? We were on our evening walk and so though we will stop by and ask you."

"Yeah sure. I have one in my car." Virat went to get his car keys. Manvi held him, holding his hand back but he left anyways. Her dad was looking at her, shaking his head.

"Iske liye toh main apna car main se ek tissue paper bhi na do.." Priya muttered going inside as Rahul and Virat had gone out with his dad.

"That was really hot. Didn't know you could dance so well." Samir told Manvi.


Manvi didn't reply, completely shocked with his inappropriate comment.

Samir winked and left with a smug and disgusting expression.


So, I am going to end this before I leave. I know it is whatever, but I wanted to complete it anyways. I actually read BILU from the start yesterday as I was feeling bad I couldnt write like before and decided that I have to complete this story. Please read and enjoy. Luv, Anu 

Edited by bluebolt - 29 September 2013 at 1:46am

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ragzp Newbie

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 2:02am | IP Logged
its not whatever...its beautiful...just don't end this one so soon...i'm living on dis 1...pls
Udaya2 Groupbie

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Another amazing update...nd y are u ending it :( I love this stry veryy much plzz dnt end it yaar :(
And update soon
iamanaida Goldie

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 2:11am | IP Logged
lovely update...thx for 2 updates in 2 days..

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